Raniere Tosses Word Salad with Wild Hand Dressing in Rare Video

This post is dedicated to my friends, who still believe Keith Raniere is a man of remarkable intelligence and great humanity who has their best interests at heart.
Those who already know Raniere is an unethical idiot need not waste their time reading further.
In a little known video, originally made for a purported website called “theplanetpride.com,” an unseen person interviews Raniere about education and why he’s proud to be from this planet.
This is evidence that Raniere claimed to be human.
Throughout the video, Raniere speaks in a language that sounds like English, and emphasizes words with hand gestures.  These gestures, one must assume, are fraught with significance, perhaps having deep meaning on the planet of his birth.

Feet Not Human

Before we get to the video, one evidence often cited of his being an alien, that Raniere not only lacks human sympathy,  he also does not have human feet. Raniere’s feet are as wide as they are long. His shoe size is reportedly 6 1/2 by 6 1/4.
Keith Raniere’s feet.

But it is possible, as some suggest, that through some quirk of nature, he maintained the feet or paws of one of his upline on the long evolutionary trail. Happily, with the dismantling of NXIVM and the failure to find a virgin successor, he has only a small downline, for whom this post is written.

Now back to the aforementioned video.
A transcript follows with screenshots from the video:

Unseen Interviewer: Could you tell us about your ideas for this education for a new Earth?

Raniere: Oh that’s interesting. Children need to become adults. That is, in our bodies, they’re mature.

We can bring. We can go out and produce. We can sustain ourselves.


But then there’s another stage of upbringing, of education, that must happen: Taking adults to become humanitarian adults, ecological adults, adults that can understand the nature of being on a planet, being in an environment with many, many people and many, many different types and the basic practices of how to do that.

So, one of the most important things I believe in the upbringing of children is that children need to be exposed and have deep relationships: teacher-adult relationships, where the child is brought up by people from different cultures, so that the child does not feel, first and foremost, “I am of such-and-such a culture,” and then secondmost, “I am human,” and I translate all these cultures as I did when I was a child, translating the French culture into American, translating German culture into American, translating Chinese culture into American.

That subjugates those cultures. But I think our children could have a much better time if they were brought up with three or five different cultures, and that they see themselves as something that is beyond those cultures that is human, that is common to all of those cultures.

And that every individual that participates in these different cultures is not that culture first, human second, but human first that happens to have this flavor or that flavor, or that culture, or that culture.

There’s a common cultural-ness and if you are a child, and as you said, and you are brought up in multiple cultures, those cultures become family to you, become part of, you become part of your memories, your upbringing.

You can’t go against that culture because going against that culture is going against yourself. And that’s the actual point, to have a recognition that going against another culture, going against another human, is going against ourselves.

The Interviewer asks Raniere something he can’t quite hear. 

Raniere: Am I proud to be…?

Interviewer: … from this planet?

Raniere: Oh, very!

Interviewer: Why?


Raniere: I think it is the most awesome gift to exist. So, to have the opportunity to have a body, to live and to grow, and to have all of these moments through which we experience joy, is the most awesome, incredible experience. And this is all a gift to us.

And if you enjoy your moments, how could you not be overjoyed, over grateful, to be given that opportunity?


A few comments explained

Two comments Raniere makes have significance. One is “Children need to be exposed and have deep relationships: teacher-adult relationships.”

Raniere certainly had teacher-adult relationships with female children, and used various manual and bulb mode exposures, setting the shutter speed and aperture values personally on his Canon EOS 20d camera.

Canon Camera

He refers to concepts he brought forth in Rainbow Cultural Garden, where parents were encouraged not to raise their children, or even speak to them, but to have a series of low paid nannies raise them, speaking to them in a different language every day, so that the children might grow up speaking their native language as poorly as Raniere speaks English.

His second comment, “going against another human is going against ourselves.”

He went hard against his enemies, such as this writer, suing them or trying to land them in prison. He went against me, and I returned the compliment.   I wonder if you will admit that to yourselves?

 Hand Gestures are Important

We have a guest interpreter joining us today to illustrate some of the most meaningful Raniere hand gestures:
























Hitler rehearsing his public speeches in front of the mirror 13

























Adolf Hitler (35)


OK, you guys. I know it is sarcastic. But the hand gestures are a little wild. Isn’t it embarrassing to continue to follow your Fuerhrer Vanguard?

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  • Tbh, I feel a little bit bad for this guy. How his friends stood by watching this madness grow and did nothing?

    He was ruining lives yet people treated him as if he was god-like.

  • “In a 1985 interview with NME, Young praisingly said: “I can see these things in other people. You can see it and feel it. Manson would sing a song and just make it up as he went along, for three or four minutes, and he never would repeat one word, and it all made perfect sense, and it shook you up to listen to it. It was so good that it scared you.” …


    • “… When Cunin first visited the estate, he couldn’t tell you why, but something felt imbalanced. “In kabbalah,” said Cunin, “there’s both positive and negative energy working together.” So he conducted a spiritual “exorcism” on the property: carried a Torah around the grounds, affixed mezuzahs on the doorposts, and cleansed the space. …”

      Neil Young: “Spooky times. I knew Charlie Manson. A few people were at this house on Sunset Boulevard and the people were different. I didn’t know what it was; I was meeting them and he was not a happy guy but he seemed to have a hold on girls. It was the ugly side of the Maharishi. You know, there’s one side of the light, nice flowers and white robes and everything, and then there’s something that looks a lot like it but just isn’t it at all. …”

      Revolution Blues
      By Neil Young

      Well, we live in a trailer at the edge of town
      You never see us ’cause we don’t come around
      We got twenty five rifles just to keep the population down

      But we need you now
      That’s why I’m hangin’ ’round

      So you be good to me and I’ll be good to you
      And in this land of conditions I’m not above suspicion
      I won’t attack you, but I won’t back you

      Well, it’s so good to be here, asleep on your lawn
      Remember your guard dog?
      Well, I’m afraid that he’s gone
      It was such a drag to hear him whining all night long

      Yes, that was me with the doves, setting them free near the factory
      Where you built your computer, love
      I hope you get the connection, ’cause I can’t take the rejection
      I won’t deceive you, I just don’t believe you

      Well, I’m a barrel of laughs, with my carbine on
      I keep ’em hoppin’, till my ammunition’s gone
      But I’m still not happy
      I feel like there’s something wrong

      I got the revolution blues, I see bloody fountains
      And ten million dune buggies comin’ down the mountains
      Well, I hear that Laurel Canyon is full of famous stars
      But I hate them worse than lepers and I’ll kill them in their cars

  • common cultureness?! wtf is that? Be thankful you can’t smell the stench when he lifted is arms.

  • That video is decades old, from his Hippy-Dippy days. It could be found when searching”Keith Raniere, Idiot.” Keith is a bit Italian, hence the hand gestures. (But another poster’s idea of landing planes is better.) But cut the guy some slack – if you are asked on camera, “Are you proud to be from this planet?” whatcha gonna say? “No”?

  • That video captures the brilliance, insanity, and illogical narcissist sales pitch, so clearly to me.

    Planet proud member. Human kind. Learn and recognize how to serve me. And breed and live as I say.

    Does help us non NXIVM see how he got a harem.

    Maybe we could get a lesson on how to pickup woke girls in a bar for us regular mortals,


    Your the best Frank !

  • “Good evening. This is May Brussell. It’s October 16, 1977. … I received a long letter from a woman who’s a regular listener to Dialogue Conspiracy in Sacramento. She listens to K-ZAP up there. And she asked me a question which I get sometimes on other radio shows and in the mail. She asked me why worry about the murder of John Kennedy that I dwell upon so much that people assume that there’s a conspiracy there and go on to other important problems. She said in fact, John Kennedy is dead. You can get into a rut and you can go into other matters. And the answer that I want to give her on the air expresses my feelings about why I go into the John Kennedy assassination so much.

    As far as I’m concerned, it epitomizes the transference in the United States of power in a way that obviously implicates all the major agencies of the federal and state government.

    This came out at the time of Watergate, but it was very obvious at the time John Kennedy was killed that the CIA is involved; the FBI is involved; the State Department; the Internal Revenue Service; Immigration Department; the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; the new president of the United States; the chiefs of police; the governor of Texas; District Attorney in Texas; the Sheriff’s department; the attorney general — all agencies that touched the matter were part of a cover-up. And when our system breaks down that way it’s impossible to get back on your feet and get to the matters that this person would like to be delving into.

    The entire news media; the press; the national media; the Associated Press; United Press; CBS; NBC; Reuters; Radio Free Europe; US Information Service — have all been the tools of the CIA and nothing was more flagrant or obvious than at the time John Kennedy was killed.

    The Washington Post, The New York Times, Saturday Evening Post — these newspapers have been named in Rolling Stone’s and new CIA articles – – documents – – as being part of a large branch of the Central Intelligence Agency. All the major media of the United States starting in 1947.

    And this flagrant abuse of truth and honesty or giving you the facts in the case is so flagrant in the John Kennedy assassination — that if they could do this over the murder of a president they will distort any other news whether it’s kidnappings or stock market affairs or regarding our health or pollution or any other matter.

    It matters to me that the investigation should pursue because the same people that were involved in the killing of John Kennedy and covering it up such as Alan Dulles who was director of the CIA and then on the Warren Commission also were part of forming our news media after World War II that became the tool of the Central Intelligence Agency and didn’t belong to the people.

    The same people are involved in altering our minds surgically, electronically, through drugs. They’re polluting our rivers, our oceans. They’re making people impotent and sterile through their chemicals — importing massive narcotics into the cities and into the schools. They stockpile gas, water, electricity from the masses and increase their huge profits and give us a few commercial public broadcasting ballet shows or opera to justify the grab for the profit of these things — and many people will feel the effects as the winter goes on in the next few years and the shortage of the fuel that you need to keep warmer or get your car going or for transportation. They have the capability of causing famines and floods. They can cause strikes to tap the entire country. They can kill off political opponents all over the world and they’re doing it every week. The head of Yemen and his brother were killed this week. When they’re making overtures somewhat to the left in their country, they can arm Africa and Middle East and turn into a bloodbath like they did in Vietnam. And, when it was over they said Vietnam was an error — and then escalate these wars to other continents and begin to arm these poor people shooting each other, not knowing why.

    They’re going to deprive citizens of retirement of security their savings, low-cost housing. And I believe that the culprits into all of these things have names and that they are linked over and over again to the John Kennedy assassination …

    … So, the answer to why do I keep pursuing the killing of John Kennedy: Because there are many people alive who are still overthrowing governments; lying; polluting and stealing from us. And when we investigate this assassination thoroughly and then go to the murder of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy and into the Chappaquiddick affair or the shooting of George Wallace and further into Watergate, maybe we can purge ourselves of these people so that we can get on to the business of doing the things that we should be doing and enjoying on planet earth.”

    • Would Mark Vicente know if the Bronfman sisters wanted to work with the LeBaron Mormon community for any particular reason? The Mormon LeBaron community also happens to be Mitt Romney’s community.

      Did those who controlled NXIVM want the LeBaron political connections and/or the polygamous practices?

      At the 11:00 minute mark in the above video, Mae Brussell says: “There also is a new article out … October 1977… “The Latter Day Intrigue of The Mormon Church … the highlight of that article uh, written by Jim Kostman, J.C. Lewis and Harvey Yazijian is the forming of the secret army organization in San Diego and the links of the Mormons to the secret army organization because that is the group that was going to plan to kill Richard Nixon at the time of the conventions in 1972 …”

      The article from Kostman, Lewis and Yazijian says: “… Jerald Tanner, a Mormon apostate who has written several works refuting the theological and historical claims of Mormonism, is one who has recently turned his attention to the church’s CIA connection. “There are definitely relationships between the church and the CIA,” he says. “It’s just difficult to get information on the subject.” Nevertheless Tanner has gathered such new evidence as a letter from a current CIA employee who wrote that “the Agency has been very fruitful in hiring Mormons, especially former missionaries …”

  • Paintings by Erick Ingraham. Animal tracks not to scale.
    Looking at that diagram, it makes me think. How interesting life would have been, if evolution had chosen mice to be the size of moose.

  • All this time I thought his clothes just magically appeared, now I know Hitler brang them. That Hitler is a great man.

  • God, Raniere is a fucking tool-bag. I never have, even a single time, heard him say anything that was even remotely interesting, intelligent or profound. It’s just horseshit bubble-wrapped in gobbledygook. His whole harum and gaggle of Dead-Enders are fucking rejects. And not cool rejects either. Not like the unpopular, yet misunderstood, reject who people picked on but was super awesome in the end. They the ultra popular, parents were uber wealthy, athletic, underachieving assholes who did nothing but look good in a bathing suit yet thought they were Gods gift to the world. Fuck Nippy, fuck Vicente, fuck Sarah, fuck Allison, fuck India, fuck Nicki, fuck etc. etc. None of them are special in even the most obscure way. They are boring, ordinary, average assholes who suffered from an inferiority complex so they joined NXIVM.

  • OMG how could any woman let this slimy creep touch her, he makes me want to throw up. It’s so sad that there are still women willing to follow him, makes me wonder what could have happened to them in there lives to end up with someone like Keith.

  • Who is the guy with the funny little mustache who is clearly keiths mentor in hand gestures? Keith was a damn good student.

  • What kind of background did Keith have in early childhood education that made him so certain that he knew what was best for ALL children?

    It sounds like Keith’s only qualification for knowing what’s best for all children on the planet, is the fact that Keith was once a child.

    Which really doesn’t set Raniere apart from any other adult. Every adult has that exact same amount of knowledge and experience. lol

    Apparently when Keith was a child he was trying to fit French and Chinese cultures into his view of the world as an American? Is there any evidence that Keith really was exposed to so many different cultures growing up as a child in any kind of significant way?

    How can anybody be proud to be an earthling? It’s just something that you are, like moss, a bear, a lobster. There’s nothing you did, to be proud of existing on a planet. That is a strange point of view. Grateful? Sure that makes some sense. But proud?

    Keith sounds like a pedophile who’s found what he believes is a high faluting way of justifying grooming, exploiting and abusing minors, thru creating a “school” that is unaccredited and unregulated and in which Keith has the sole ultimate power to mold children into servitude thru his sexual feeder pond.

    • Children do not need to have five cultures. One is totally ok. Children do not need to have “deep relationships” with teachers. Don’t get me wrong, appreciation of other cultures is great. Teachers being able to connect with students is great.

      You are right. He sounds like a pedo.

    • ‘I am very religious but Huxley and Darwin had done away with the simple religion of my youth’ – WB Yeats

      Raniere, Manson, Huxley, Darwin and “Rainbow Cultural Gardens” didn’t teach. They indoctrinated children for “The New World Order”. Havelock Ellis wrote in 1912: “Eventually, it seems evident, ➡️ a general system, whether private or public, whereby all personal facts, biological and mental, normal and morbid, are duly and systematically registered, must become inevitable ⬅️ If we are to have a real guide as to those persons who are most fit, or most unfit to carry on the race.

      The superficially sympathetic man flings a coin to the beggar; the more deeply sympathetic man builds an almshouse for him so he need no longer beg; but ➡️ perhaps the most radically sympathetic of all is the man who arranges that the beggar shall not be born ⬅️.“ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Havelock_Ellis

      “Ellis securely linked women’s sexual liberation and pleasure to social stability, a belief that Sanger heralded, and an equation that she recognized would necessarily require birth control. Clearly inspired by Ellis, Sanger sought him out in 1914 while in exile in England. They quickly became intimate friends and probably lovers, and began a rich correspondence that spanned twenty-five years without a prolonged interruption.” https://sanger.hosting.nyu.edu/articles/king_and_i/

      Wikipedia: “The Fabian Society, established on 4 January 1884, was a branch of Thomas Davidson’s Fellowship of the New Life. The Society was named after Fabius Cunctator, a suggestion by Frank Podmore, because of Fabius’ successful policy of gradual change that the society favored.”

      Wikipedia: “The Fabian strategy is a military strategy where pitched battles and frontal assaults are avoided in favor of wearing down an opponent through a war of attrition and indirection. While avoiding decisive battles, the side employing this strategy harasses its enemy through skirmishes to cause attrition, disrupt supply and affect morale. Employment of this strategy implies that the side adopting this strategy believes time is on its side …“

  • “Hey guys, just working on my fake martial arts, chop some invisible veggies and pretend I am holding something my hallucinations produced, while I spit bullshit on you tripping on acid. Give me all your money and let me molest and brand you.”

    What a slimey little furball. I guarantee scamming girls was the only way he got them. That is how he became this person. If you asked his schoolmates they would probably tell you this is the guy they avoided because he always said creepy shit.

    • I think the hand gestures lend more to Mr Miyagi from Karate Kid.
      Wax on wax off. Thong on thong off.

  • I wonder if Raniere still thinks existing is “the most awesome gift” now that he’s stuck in prison for the rest of his life?

  • That’s how Kamala Harris is going to talk at us when she’s president after Mr. Biden retires.

    • Take your political comments and fetishes over to Parler, 4chan and Breitbart, where people might give a rat’s ass.

  • 1st Josh Gates from Explorers Club on the History Channel, is not looking for a little foot. Disney already did that. 2nd those hand jives remind me of the movie Grease. Olivia Newton John can get it. John Travolta would be my new movie pick as Frank’s leading man and Yes, Davi, Pacino’s is super but now, I’m thinking Travolta. Pilgrim, what say you?

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