Letter leaked: Del Negro to men who leave SOP: “People generate fear and hate against us”

Head of the Society of Protectors James Del Negro

James Del Negro, the longtime beta male under Keith Raniere and putative leader of the Society of Protectors (SOP), sent this letter to the men who quit SOP.

SOP is the beta male and cuckold group that studies under the tutelage of Keith Raniere in order to understand how they’re supposed to interact with women. One of the first things they learned is that Raniere gets to bed their girlfriends and wives whenever he wants.  Later, they learned that Raniere likes to have those same women branded with his initials in their public area.

Some members did not wish to participate in submitting their wives and girlfriends to pubic branding and blackmail and themselves to the role of cuckold for Mr. Raniere’s sexual pleasures. So they quit.

Here is the Del Negro letter. It reveals a lot about what is happening inside the  organization led by Keith Raniere who prefers that others call him by his self-given title of ‘”Vanguard”.

Dear [name redacted]

What is going on with our community is dishonorable and is the reason SOP exists. This is obviously not evident to a number of people who have resigned, and for this I am sorry. We teach all our members how to handle someone who is lying about them. We teach that you don’t respond and contribute to the gossip and dishonor. Instead, you keep doing good work and uphold your honor. That is the position we are taking as people generate fear and hate against us. Getting data from one side of an argument is never honorable. That is why we have a judicial system. It’s to protect the rights of the accused. I would ask you to consider, “how are you protecting the rights of the accused in this situation?”

If you care to gather more data I am available to discuss the situation with you. So far only two men from Vancouver have reached out to me, and both have decided to stand next to their brothers of SOP and Mr. Raniere.

I am sad for your resignation, but I understand the confusion.

Jim Del Negro

James Del Negro of the Society of Protectors is saddened by the fact that many men are resigning from the group.  Rainier is even sadder because that means he’s losing some of his sexual partners.

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  • Withholding data is equally dishonourable. A call for transparency instead of hiding behind a judicial system that can be manipulated by plaintiffs only obfuscates the truth and is even more dishonourable. Come clean. Full transparency is you’re only hope of salvaging any vestige of truth in you and your own honour. It’s a shame that will never happen, because if it did, and there is truly nothing to hide, then all this drama will quietly disappear. Think about that.

  • Jim you know in your heart something is seriously wrong. But you refuse to question Keith Raniere. Why? Yes it’s shameful to recognize you were had by the world’s hairiest con-man who’s fucking your wife Esther, but isn’t it worse to keep ‘buying back the dollar’ and allowing this evil vampire to suck you dry? You’re broke. You’re looking more and more tired and unhealthy by the day and things will not get better. Save yourself while you still can. I believe in you.

  • Note To Jim: I saw the Feds list last week – and you’re #5 on it. Not a good list to be on, Jimmy boy – and definitely not at #5!

  • Someone needs to ask Jimmy why his company did or still does pay part of NXIVM commissions?
    Could it be the cash coming across the Mexican borders?
    Ask Wendy Rosen Brooks the same question while your at it?
    Why you an Ethical company set up shell company’s to pay part of their commissions?

  • Jim you dirty little pansy ass bitch clown loser needle dick creep loser scumbag pervert shit stain cunt douche wanker choad asshole fuckhead. Grow a set of balls why don’t you? I guess because you never had any. You could play a hero but are too much of a loser to. You write off lame ass bitch. Yours truly, Keith Raniere.

  • Jim couldn’t even bother to personally answer the men that actually cared to tell him why they were leaving, and instead sent this junk form email along. Its very easy and clear to see what the organization stands for, and it certainly isn’t honour.

  • “We should take care not to make the intellect our God; it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality.” –Albert Einstein

    I often wonder how Einstein, Adams, Schweitzer, or Gandhi would feel about their quotes being associated with Keith Raniere.

    Perhaps they would find his self interest and myopic views as abhorrent as I do?

    What has NXIVM done to better humanity? If sleeping with young, vulnerable women is its chief aim, then I guess it’s succeeding. If stealing money from vulnerable students through NLP, hypnosis, and cult brainwashing techniques is success, then Raniere is at the top of the heap.

    The saddest part to me is students refusing to look into the background of this group. The data, as Jim Del Negro suggests, is available for all to view. I challenge all the remaining ESP students to read Margaret Singer’s thought reform and ask themselves if NXIVM and related groups use these techniques.

    The Knife Media is a joke! No furthering humanity there.

    Jness is a joke! Nothing but repressing womens’ rights and allowing a misogynistic, cult like, leader to abuse those he hypnotized.

    DOS is criminal! There is nothing redeeming about branding and enslaving women for your sexual pleasure.

    Rainbow Cultural Garden is a dangerous experiment on children.

    Society of Protectors is pathetic! How can real men stand by and watch the women they love be subjected to the abuses endured under Keith.

    Who gives themselves the name Vanguard? Many cult leaders have done similar name changes. Vanguard is doing nothing ethical. Most of his material was stolen from Scientology.

    I have to laugh at an organization that so conspicuously preps students for the parts of their courses (cult) that the students will find alarming; tribute to Vanguard, sashes, group values, special handshakes, long hours, readiness drills, daily phone calls, and weekly events to name a few. These are all thought reform techniques.

    The Turrets thing is bullshit too. NLP, with ongoing group fellowship and hypnosis, would likely have the same results in any skilled organization. Try it and I bet it works; no magic here.

    Please come back to the real world where you might actually make an ethical difference. We have better tools in the real world for Vanguard to steal and patent for his own false reality.

    FU Vanguard

  • The men who left made commitments to stay in and are reprehensible. Personally sharing your woman with Vanguard is not the same as cheating. I’m not a man but if I were I’d be proud iit my wife was selected by Vanguard. It would make her a better wife.

    • I think you don’t understand men… they don’t feel that way about “sharing” the woman they love. These men left because they considered what it would feel like to have a woman that they cherish feel like she is imprisoned and have the physical & emotional pain of having another man’s initials craved into her vagina, OR they found out that had already happened to a woman they love (as a friend or as a wife) and that was enough for them to see where their loyalty should be. Not with Keith or anyone like Jim who has been numbed to this atrocity.

      Call these men reprehensible, but really that just puts you into the same sad situation as Jim and the other people who have stayed – you’ve been duped and are too proud (or maybe dumb) to see it. I’m sorry for you.

  • “I don’t care whether you think I’m integrated or not.”

    “This is not a request for response.”

    “I’m not even going to bring up the controverting data.”

    ~ VanDouche

  • What are you protecting, Jim?

    Women are being socially pressured and psychologically manipulated into sexual slavery to Raniere, enforced by blackmail, and being branded on their genitals.

    Yeah, I get it that Raniere has recently claimed that SOP insiders are allowed to ask the Vanguard, pretty please, if they could maybe have sex with their own wife or girlfriend. Has that actually happened, by the way, or is it just an empty promise?

    The only thing you appear to be protecting is Raniere’s penis.

    Either man up and denounce Raniere and all he stands for, or just shut up and slink away.

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