Breaking News From Court Hearing! Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman & Kathy Russell in Plea Deal Negotiations – likely leaving Clare and Keith to stand trial

As has pretty much become the norm for every hearing in the case of the U.S. v. Raniere Et Al, today’s Status Conference saw much posturing and complaining from the defense attorneys representing Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman – and not much of anything from the attorneys representing Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman, and Kathy Russell.

Oh – and it also included another bombshell announcement from the lead prosecution attorney, Moira Kim Penza, who seems to enjoy using these sessions to disclose major developments in the case.

Today’s bombshell: The prosecution is in plea deal discussions with three other defendants.


Assuming the current discussions result in plea deals, this means that two-thirds of the original defendants will have chosen to plead guilty to at least one felony charge rather than go to trial.

And it means the remaining two defendants will likely be facing some pretty devastating testimony from at least some of their former co-defendants.

So, let’s try to figure out which of the remaining defendants are in negotiations with the prosecution.

Based on the body language at today’s Status Conference – and the demeanor of Marc Agnifilo, Keith’s lead attorney and Mark Geragos, Clare’s lead attorney – it seems quite clear that none of them are involved in the current plea discussions.

It’s also been reported that upon hearing about the new plea deal negotiations, Mark Geragos muttered: “Well, I guess that leaves my client and Raniere”.

So, what happens if Allison, Lauren, and Kathy all take plea deals?

Well, nothing very good if you’re Keith or Clare.


Much of today’s hearing involved arguments regarding a variety of pending motions in the case. These include the following:
• The motions for separate trials that have been filed on behalf of Clare, Allison, Lauren, and Kathy;
• The motion for the release of discovery materials that has been filed on behalf of all the defendants;
• The various motions to suppress evidence that have been filed on behalf of all the remaining defendants; and
• The motion to exclude the prosecution from utilizing new expert witnesses.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis indicated that he wanted to deal with the severance issue first – and gave the defense attorneys until Friday, March 22nd, to submit their final arguments on that topic. Thereafter, the prosecution will have a week to submit its response to the defense filings.

The Magistrate Judge, Vera M. Scanlon, has apparently submitted a 40-page report and recommendations to Judge Garaufis regarding some of the evidentiary issues. Presumably, Judge Garaufis will be issuing his decision on those issues sometime in the next couple of weeks.

One other major battle that erupted today had to do with the new charge of Possession of Child Pornography against Raniere that was included in the second superseding indictment.

Not surprisingly, the existence of that charge was cited by Allison, Clare, Lauren, and Kathy as another reason they want separate trials from Raniere.

Agnifilo pointed out to the court that he has not yet had a chance to forensically examine the child pornography evidence. Given that’s apparently only one or two videos, that shouldn’t take very long to do.

Agnifilo also raised the question of whether the child pornography charge should be severed from the EDNY case and tried separately in the Northern District of New York (NDNY) – which would seem to make sense from a jurisdictional standpoint.

Although the prosecution pointed out that the child pornography charge was also cited as one of the predicate acts for the Racketeering count, it acknowledged that it could also be tried in the NDNY.


For now, Judge Garaufis is holding to April 29th as the “start date” for the trial – and he’s already lined up a prospective jury pool of 500from which to select the jury that will likely determine the fates of at least Raniere and Bronfman.

But given all the unresolved issues – and the current plea deal negotiations – no one should be shocked if the trial gets postponed.

Given the judge’s preference for not holding trial during the summer months – and/or during holiday periods – the next possible “start date” might be right after Labor Day.


We’ll have a later post on how each of the defendants looked at today’s hearing – and the outcome of the Curcio hearings that were held for Keith and Clare.

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  • “Nutjob” recently made the following comment to another poster who said that Toni Natalie is no angel:

    Will you kindly explain the no angel comment?
    I don’t think her being a smoker in her 20s counts, but that’s all I’ve got.

    My reply to “Nutjob” is below…

    Nice try dipshit, but ‘smoking’ was not her sin.

    Toni lived with Keith and was his able Lieutenant during his Consumer Buyline Ponzi Scam.

    Toni appeared on video ‘praising’ Consumer Buyline and helping Keith to sucker more victims into that Ponzi scam.

    Is that considered a ‘moral’ activity, sir?

    Thus, Toni was likely benefiting from the ‘fruits’ of that Ponzi scam. If Keith supported Toni or paid any of her expenses EVER, then she was benefiting from his Ponzi Scam.

    I’m guessing that the home or condo she lived in (back in the 90’s) was probably bought or rented with money from Consumer Buyline at some point.

    Plus, her food and entertainment expenses were likely paid for from the fruits of that Ponzi scheme.

    When Keith took her out to dinner or on vacation (or simply bought her weekly groceries), where the fuck do you think that money came from?

    …She wasn’t an ‘innocent’ girlfriend, she was seen on FUCKING VIDEO praising Consumer Buyline.

    Did Toni ever attempt to make amends with the victims of that Ponzi scam and pay some of that money back? I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing NOT. 🙂

    Get a clue sir.

    Say what you want about me, but I’ve never aided a Ponzi scheme. I have too many principles for that. But hey, that’s just me.

    She’s not the worst person in the world, but she’s no angel. That’s simply a fact.

    • I replied to Nutjob up top — because multiple ‘nested’ replies get placed between thinner margins, making them difficult to read. 🙂

    • Actually, Consumers’ Buyline was an illegal pyramid MLM. Most people can’t define what that means, including the former FTC lead attorney in the recent lawsuit against Herbalife.

      • Scott,
        Wow now your correcting yourself (Bangcock), you are one delusional f*ck.

        Thanks to Barbara Bouchey Scott you have been outed. The game is over Scott you are not fooling anyone. Heidi was actually right all along.

        Scott you actually are mentality ill.

        The fact that you behave the way you do on the Frankreport with your actual real name and not an alias is deeply disturbing.

        • Hey, seriously, Niceguy, I doubt Scott and Bangkok are one and the same. Scott is blunt and rude at times (sorry, Scott), but he does have very good input on the subtle structures of MLMs and their variations.

          Maybe just bear with his bluntness, as he offers up excellent observations here and there. I am sure he will slam me down for this comment!

          • Orange County Dreams,

            Scott likes to attack people, without any provocation, who have suffered through great personal tragedy and pain. Scott likes to be bully people, I like to bully bullies. I always have.
            if by chance Scott you read this comment above …. let me dispel any fantasies you have of what would happen if we met.

            I am 6’1 and a fit 204. Do the math.

          • “I am 6’1 and a fit 204”

            You’ve intimidated the men, niceguy, now please tell us your dick size and make the ladies swoon.

          • When Scott stops bullying innocent people without provocation, I will stop bullying Scott. It’s that simple…

        • Great comment, except I’m not posting as the other guy, or any other guy for that matter. How did Barb “out” me? What was Heidi “right” about? The fact that I’m authentic is deeply disturbing? If I was stupid and consistently wrong, plus I used a fake name, all of which apply to you, I would not be mentally ill? LOL

          • Scott,

            You joined a large class action lawsuit. You are no hero. You are no different than the tool bags (plaintiffs) that joined the infamous Whirlpool lawsuit and won a $42 rebate check.

            Scott, you did nothing more than watch a commercial on tv or received a letter in the mail. Scott, you are no hero. The guy the class action lawsuit is named for is the hero.

            Scott, you’re just a tool. You bully people; now I am bullying you. “Your a badass Texan so I am sure I do not even bother” you.

            LOL loser!!!!!!!

            I noticed you stoped commenting late night during the work week, after I mentioned it, I guess you want people to think you have a job or maybe you found a job.

    • In the day, many people praised Consumers Buyline. This was in the early 90s before the wide availability of the internet. CBI was hailed as an innovative, exciting and novel concept at the time – a “win-win” for everyone. These days, we can all read and learn from Scott’s views on the subject – and he does have specialized knowledge about the various forms of MLM.

      The people I met involved with CBI in the 90s were positive, jazzed, enthusiastic, and trusting of Keith. It is so easy now to cast stones. So those of us who now cast stones, in retrospect are no angels, either. Please have a wee bit of compassion or understanding, Bangkok. And it would help if you would quit calling people “dipshits.”

      • CBI had the same problems most MLM scams like Amway have, overpriced products that lead to little to no retail sales to non-distributors – the exact definition of an illegal pyramid on the FTC website, and proven by several court decisions and out of court settlements over the years. Throw in the even more abusive tool scams that Amway and many other MLM scams have, and you also get RICO fraudulent business practices.

        NXIVM is the size of a pimple on a gnat compared to the rest of the MLM scam “industry,” yet people here are so focused on Raniere & Co. that the rest of the MLM scams are literally laughing all of the way to the bank. In fact, NXIVM may be the only MLM I’ve come across that had lots of retail sales to non-distributor (real) customers, it’s just that everything else about it was f*cked up.

        Toni probably wasn’t a dipsh!t, she was ignorant, and I don’t mean that in a negative way. She simply didn’t know what an illegal pyramid is. Most people are ignorant and can’t define what an illegal pyramid is -, most don’t get involved in MLM scams because they lack the self-confidence. Most don’t speak up against MLM scams because they don’t care about others being scammed and lack the self-confidence to speak up. The MLM scams know all of this and take advantage of it. You get the scams your silence has earned.

        • Gee whiz Scott thanks for summarizing MLMs so succinctly. You really no how to paraphrase and cut & paste articles.

          Scott, you’re awesome!!!!!!!

    • To Bangcock – After ignoring the multiple questions I’ve asked you, you finally acknowledge my existence when you see a chance to pounce on another victim blaming opportunity. Not surprising in the least. I originally assumed you had some NXIVM connection due to the hot air you spewed. After reading this pathetic post, it’s clear you are clueless. Not sure if anything you typed is accurate. Since you’re throwing darts while blindfolded, you might as well save your response and move on to your next instigating opportunity.

      Here are some facts:
      – Toni came to the Keith relationship with her own money.
      – Toni was a successful business person and had also become very successful at CBI BEFORE meeting Keith. (anyone see a pattern in the women Keith preyed on?)
      – When CBI was shut down, Keith was supposedly broke after paying his fines. He lived off of Toni and her money.
      – Toni used her own money to start the next MLM idea that Keith came up with. That idea was shit. Toni lost her investment and was left broke.
      – Toni left Keith during the first 6 months of ESP, and was dead broke as she somehow managed to get away.

      As to your specific questions…they are all basically the exact same question: “Toni had a boyfriend that ran an MLM and Toni was a part of the MLM. That makes her bad, right?” Thanks to the great Scott Johnson, the world is now aware of the evilness of MLMs. The 80s and 90s were different. Toni being a part of an MLM does not make her any worse than half the population. And the fact that she was good at selling memberships to a buying club makes her a good salesman. Saying she knew it was a ponzi scheme as she sold the memberships is an example of you throwing shit at the fan and is patently false.

      You are trying to make us believe that because she dated Keith, he told her all about the shady back-office shit with CBI. If you pay any attention to Frank Report, you know that is also false.

      Toni doing a video praising CBI is no different than when Scott Johnson did that video with his Mom in the 90s that praised Amway soap. Toni and Scott were both clearly drinking the MLM Kool-aid when they made the videos, and they both came out with guns blazing once they realized the ugly truth. We all have lots of reasons to call out Scott, but I doubt any of us honestly fault him because he was once a member of Amway. He’s earned his stripes on that front – just as Toni has earned hers.

      Keith doesn’t pay for his women and he didn’t pay for Toni. His women support him, and Toni supported Keith for much of their time together. Think Toni is happy about her part in CBI? Hell no. Think she would take back her support of Keith and CBI? Hell yes. Is Toni an angel? Nah. But if you want to cut somebody off at the knee by saying “they’re no angel”, then be able to come to the table with something better than “they were a girlfriend of Keith.” or ” they were part of an MLM.”

    • You keep posting mystic allegations without backing anything up with evidence or anything. That in itself is discrediting is it not? If you think otherwise explain.

      • Seriously, Inception. It sounds like Jim has a lot to get off his chest. Maybe he would happy to share what is bothering him about BB?

          • Nutjob , still living up to your chosen name, I see…
            Inception- that’s an odd word choice in this situation. How do you find the allegations against Barb to be MYSTIC?

          • Inception, the word “mystery” does not have the same definition as the word “mystic”. They have very different meanings.

      • Read the article. Some say Toni introduced Raniere to Salzman. Toni reads this blog and hates Barb, so what’s the story, Toni? Did YOU introduce them? And if so, WHEN? Same question to YOU, Barb.

      • In your mind yes but not in mind and I would have just Googled it. I have been very courteous to you Flowers and I also thank you for the input. It has been an absolute pleasure.

        • The very mystic pleasure is all mine, Inception.
          If you’re unsure of the meaning, please feel free to Google away. Just do it quietly, you don’t want to wake up anyone, do you?

    • I hope justice is served. There are women walking around with her initials burned into their skin. She is a piece of work and will play the victim but she has a lot to answer for

  • It is incredibly convenient for these defence lawyers to have a superseding indictment drop just as the trust fund is running out of money to pay them. They made great profits on this deal, and if they push their client into pleading, now they don’t even have to waste time at a trial working for free. Nancy, being the least brainwashed of all, was smart to grab the first deal, and can pay herself for what little she needs the lawyers to do for sentencing, as they usher her into custody.

    • Salzman was probably the most brainwashed of all of them, the rest are just plain stupid. It took Salzman “only” about a year to come to this decision. You call that smart?

  • This is an excellent development in the case and it will be interesting to see the deals these people have made for themselves. I was one of the people who believed Allison Mack would stand with KAR until the end and I am very glad to say I was wrong. I hope this change of heart does signal a change in the mindset of these women and the spell has been broken. I am also watching, with great interest, to see what path Clare Bronfman takes now.

    • Leon,

      I thought Mack would stick it out longer as well. I think Nancy and the porn video brought Mack to the reality that beating the DOJ in court is now impossible.

      Leon, how shocked were you that Nancy Salzman flipped? I was completely shocked myself. How much do you think her cancer played a role?

      I know it’s is all conjecture but I am interested in your opinion.


      • You’re right, niceguy, it is all conjecture but I’m not surprised to see Nancy taking a deal, especially now that child pornography charges were handed down. I think Nancy looks out for Nancy above all else and she knew it was time to cut the best deal possible. Others here have stated the person who makes the first deal gets the best deal and I’m sure Nancy was well aware of this and has had this deal in the works for some time. I don’t think having cancer has anything to do with her guilty plea. I think her guilty plea is an attempt to get the least amount of prison time possible. Nancy is, most likely, aware of what the documents found in storage locker contain and she’s also aware of how it links back to her. She had studied people and knows a jury isn’t going to look kindly at this group of people before them trying to argue they did nothing wrong as the prosecution parades witnesses up to the stand to tell harrowing tales.

        It is my view Nancy is sorry they got caught and Nancy is smart enough to know when the game is over.

    • We have yet to see who actually pleads, though.

      I think that Raniere and his female followers, have a lot of parallels to the case of Manson and his girls. And in the Manson case, Susan “Sexy Sadie” Atkins made a deal with the prosecution, and yet decided to go back on it and lie at the trial, effectively condemning herself to death (though with capital punishment overturned, she ended up dying in prison).

      Strange things can happen in these sorts of cases.

  • Clare finally won the grand prize and for even just a brief, eternal shining moment now has her grandmaster Vanguard all to herself! His fate rests in her mercy. Their true romance can be consummated behind bars if KAR lands in the right prison.

    …17 years, several hundred million dollars, dozens of lives, thousands of fortunes, hundreds of families destroyed and countless sexually exploited children later. Clare gets her man.


  • Everyone get ready to place your bets!!!!!

    Will Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman and Clare Bronfman now claim they never knew about the 15 year old girl that Keith Raniere had sexual relations with until this week?

    Will they be claim Ignorance or will they tell the truth…..

    I am guessing everyone will bet on claiming ignorance……Anybody want to cover the tell truth bet?

    The sad truth is that once the trial is over many of those that are culpable and never came forward until the pre trial or post trial will attempt to rewrite history.

    • It is very simple what they will all say – THE TRUTH. They will say, “Vanguard taught us sex was like playing tennis and age is just a number. We knew he did it but he taught us it was ok.” They will say, “Yes we did (insert any of the charged crimes) but we did it because Vanguard said it was to serve the greater good.”

      And everything they say – THE TRUTH – will backed up in the courses and videos. There is no need to lie when the truth is on your side. Better to roll the dice on the sentencing than make up random bullshit that will do nothing but prove you a liar or dunce.

      The only defense of Allison, Lauren, Nancy, AND Clare should be, “Vanguard said to do it.”

        • G,

          The difference being millions of people died in one scenario and in the other no actual murders. It makes perfect sense to me…….

          • Now here is where we disagree.
            Robbing someone of their free will, their soul, their worldly goods, ability to form an independant thought outside of group think, sexual abuse and rape of underage girls, held against one’s will…..need I go on?
            Which is worse? The abuse or quick death? Both rob you of your life. So, yes, the analogy of the Nuremberg trials is most appropriate.
            I would wager one or more of them will offer up the defense “I was following orders.”

            Evudently, niceguy, you have never been in a cult.
            I have.
            Switch NXIVM for the Way and you got the same schmucks doing the sane thing. Only VPW said God spoke to him whereas Keith used the smartedt man in the world schtick.

            PT Barnum was right. A sucker is born every minute.

            So, nice guy, I pit my actual ecperience against your lack of.

            PS: At no time was vulgarity used to make my point. Some of the posters on here should take note of that and mend their ways. Filth flatters no one and reduces your argument.

    • With all of Pea Onyu’s creepy attempts to justify sex with minors on Frank Report, it would be almost impossible for these women to claim they knew nothing about KR having sex with an underage girl.

      • NC: No one has ever proven to me in any way, shape or form that “Pea Onyu” is a real person as opposed to a fiction writing, imposter pot-stirrer. She (or he) has never provided any specifics or answered any direct questions. The posts are basically a broken record of, “Keith is God and can do no wrong.” A bona fide believer would have something more astute to say.

        If you think you’re getting sincere commentary from Nikki Clyne (or however you spell it), you’re wrong.

        I think it’s a waste to respond outside of the entertainment value.

        • I’m not unloading on you, NC – Pea Onyu has long been a sore subject of mine – a ridiculous fake, distracting and diluting this website. I would be so much more interested to hear what REAL people have to say, whatever their viewpoint.

  • I wonder if Raniere will take the stand? Will Toni Natalie testify ? She and Raniere were love birds for a while … she’s no angel either ..

  • Forget Pea Onyou. I am fairly certain when Vantard got this news he pissed himself without any help…

    • Allison will have to admit and testify that her marriage was fake. Nicki Clyne will be implicated in Visa fraud, to allow her to stay in the USA.

      Nicki will never be allowed to return. Oops!

      All bc of an InstaHo picture of Clicky Nine climbing a sculpture in Puerto Vallarta.

      Smh, smh, smh. We should all hope that criminals are this stupid.

    • Looks like this picture is from today. She was definitely crying.

      Allison Mack still loves Raniere.
      That said, the prosecutors will expect her to plead guilty and admit to her criminal behavior.
      And they will expect her to testify against Raniere and Bronfman.
      And a guilty plea will end her career as an actress in movies and TV.
      And it will even end her Comic Con career.

      • Warning….Don’t think you have seen the last of Ally Wack.
        Disgraced Tonya Harding later became a professional boxer and appeared on Dancing With The Stars.

      • Allison Mack’s career ended a long time ago. Reality has hit her hard in the face these past few weeks. A superseding indictment and Nancy Salzman taking a plea deal.

        The house of cards is falling hard and Mack can no longer deny she has been a fool. Her entire family, her, her friends and what is left of her circle of fans now know the entire truth.

        Allison Mack’s lawyers have most likely painted a picture for her of what sticking by her Master will look like for her.

        Since she wasn’t first on the Plea Bus, she’s not going to get the best seat.

      • Shadow. I’ve a feeling that when she has served her sentence she will reinvent herself as a campaigner for womens rights. “Look at what happened to me because I was in a cult, brainwashed by this guy and influenced to commit crimes.I was a victim too and I want to stop this from happening to anyone else.”

    • Geragos is just going to be one more lawyer to sue when he can’t get Clare off without serving any time. He seems like he deserves it, anyhow, profiting from the dregs of society.

  • Thank God that Barbara Bouchey took down the cult. Where would we be without her super powers

    Bahahahahahaha, she was so full of shit today at the Times Union Pre-Trial Forum.

    Come on Barbara Bouchey do you really believe people don’t have historical facts?

      • Scott,

        Not sure if either will be available. There were film crews there.

        I’ve followed this case for decades, read several court transcripts, news articles and watched media coverage.

        Bouchey story is forever changing and her story doesn’t match up with the facts.

        There will come a time when the truth will be exposed.

        Ms. Bouchey has help to expose part of NXIVM but now is attempting to take credit for single handedly taking down the entire cult.

        • I didn’t know anything about NXIVM and Raniere until someone I cared about became involved with this group. I gave the group the benefit of the doubt at the time despite some of the rumors. This was around 2009 or 2010. Despite this, my gut told me there was something wrong, I could not go along with it, and it negatively affected my life.

          So I asked God to expose Raniere for all the world to see if he was a fraud.

          Well I believe the proof is in the pudding. You and others may think nothing of this. It doesn’t matter.

          I’m not taking the credit. I’m just saying that many people were involved in bringing down Raniere, everyone played their part, and it wouldn’t have happened without all of them – some more so than others, some better in their means.

        • The TU has indicated they will make the panel video available, and you can judge for yourself how the panel discussion went. It’ll also prove that at the end of the panel, contrary to what Jim Smith says, that I said:

          “I want to thank all those that helped to make this day happen, and that it took a “village” to take down Keith. I first thanked Toni Natali saying how she fought for many years, next Joe O’Hara who was a consultant never backing down to bring Keith down, then Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente in 2017 taking risks causing hundreds to leave, Frank Parlato’s blog for creating a platform for information, Catherine Oxenberg’s love of her daughter using her passion and influence to have media shine a light on this, Michael Grygiel for slaying the dragon NXIVM by successfully getting the lawsuit dismissed due to their fraud, and Chet Harding who was there for his many stories with Metroland. At that point, Brendan wanted to conclude things, and I was unable to thank Susan Dones for her bravery in taking a stand successfully beating NXIVM as well, and then the NXIVM 9 who addressed and confronted Keith, then immediately resigning which resulted the first revolution out of NXIVM.

  • I know that typically defendants are punished for 1. taking a long time to cooperate and 2. not being the first one to take a deal, but I think they should make an exception for these three women. When Nancy took the plea on Wednesday, people suggested rather seriously that she might need witness protection. In a case like this, despite the gravity of the charges, I can understand not wanting to be the first to go up against Raniere and Bronfman, and whoever else may be involved behind the scenes. There is safety in numbers.

    Pure speculation here, but maybe Nancy took the risk first because she is sick and might not have as long to live?

          • Scott Johnson’s insight into human behavior is most incredible.

            “No doubt about her lack of mom skills. She didn’t have mom instincts, either”,
            Scott Johnson commenting on Nancy Salzman.

            Call me crazy, but my guess is Scott Johnson is a worse parent than even Nancy Salzman. I base my belief solely on Scott’s commenting on Frankreport.
            Maybe Scott Johnson is a completely different person in the real world…….
            ………and maybe monkeys will fly out of my ass…….

    • My pure speculation – The first part of your post and Nancy decided to lead the way.

      Bottom line is this – Raniere ran the show. He got people (that joined a self improvement group) to buy into his fake view of changing/saving the world. He then trained them to do illegal things and sleep with him. This is his ship, and he needs to go down with it. I have no problem with his minions scattering and getting off easy.

      • I have a problem with “minions” getting off easy. They are adults and should be punished as adults. Otherwise, “followers” in other scams will not expect to be punished. This is the wrong message to send.

      • I would be shocked if Ally Whack could get out of this without being a sex offender for life. Maybe she could have if she had taken a deal when it was offered in the beginning, but waiting until the child porn charges arrive…

      • Who do you consider to be the “minions”?

        It seems to me that at least the inner circle of people who enabled, and even helped make, Raniere and NXIVM – those currently indicted – are guilty of serious enough crimes that they should not be allowed to get off too easy.

        Beyond that, at least some of those further down and not (yet) indicted committed serious crimes, and likely harmed others, such as those who helped coerce and even imprison DOS “slaves,” or harassed and possibly even helped frame ex-members and whistleblowers. Do you really think the people involved in crimes like that, who caused or helped cause significant harm to others, should get off easy?

        • To Peacemaker – That’s the million dollar question. I know I’m probably in the minority, but I don’t mind seeing the Kristin Keefes, Indias, Kathy Russells, Sara Bronfmans, and others get off all together. I don’t mind seeing Nancy, Lauren, Allison, Karen U, and I guess even Clare get off with waaaaaayyyyyyy less of a sentence than Keith – as long as they plea and help the prosecution by telling all. Keith was the driving force to it all. Keith is the only one who would continue causing misery if he was out of prison. I’ll let the judge decide the sentence but I won’t be shedding a tear either way.

    • You have no room to talk bigmouth. You said Mack was going down with Raniere to the bitter end. All the wasted space Parlato gave to you to pitch your obsessive bullshit

    • If she’s really Nicky Cline, then I’m so sorry for her ! No one desserves tu be fucked up that way, I’m really sad about it ! So many lives ruined… Hopefully there is still a hope !..

    • Were these three women really and truly shocked that Raniere is a pedophile?

      He lectured these women that sex with a 12 year old girl was appropriate.
      These women knew the story of Rhiannon.
      It was published in the Albany Times Union in 2012.
      There were rumors of sex with Gina H. and a 15 year old Mexican girl.
      Eleven Mexican girls were imported to Clifton Park as recently as 2016 presumably to serve Raniere.

      What shocked these women?
      That Raniere was stupid enough to video tape his pedophilia?
      That they were implicated in his massive criminality?
      That the Feds had the goods on them and Raniere?

      These three women certainly did not have a religious conversion.
      They are as evil as they’ve always been.
      They just realized that they got caught.

      • Totally agree. I think they would have been onboard to the bitter end, then the child porn charges happened. I liked your comment about Keith making his own collateral. I just hope there is some decent form of punishment for these ladies.

        • I liked your comment about Keith making his own collateral.
          Thank you.

          Mack will probably get some prison time.
          For someone who enjoyed the limelight and public attention, she will now be known for her horrible behavior.
          It will be the opening statement in her obituary.

          Lauren Salzman might also get some prison time.
          The two decades of abuse by Raniere and Lauren’s own mother is already a form of punishment.

          Kathy Russell is the only person I feel any sympathy for.
          She committed some minor crimes and served as a factotum, signing the necessary documents without any real idea what she was doing.
          With better legal advice, Kathy Russell would never have been indicted.

    • Kinda looks like it. Mack pretended she was going to plea to get bail… Hope she doesn’t skate without the permanent label of sex offender that she deserves.

  • And Pea, your comments are funny. As someone said, you are stuck at denial. Or, as I suspect you were never in NXIVM, and will just continue to troll on. IF you were in fact in NXIVM and know Keith, Allison, etc. like you say you do – your comments are proof of how brainwashed you are; I mean, absolutely crazy! And that’s enlightening for someone like me with no cult experience. Your comments just shine a light on how fucking insane this cult has made you. But I don’t think you have any NXIVM ties and are just a simple troll. I am actually hoping you aren’t a troll, because that would be truly revealing of how NXIVM has lobotomized and scrambled your brain. Keith will be acquitted and walk scot free and go back to being the Vanguard at V week??!! 😂🤣😂

  • Allison has some pretty hefty charges alongside Keith. If she takes a plea deal, how much will it help her?

  • Clare Bronfman,

    I think it’s is so wonderful that you are such benevolent human being and are now still funding the legal fees of the defendants who are about to flip on you. I know you have no choice in the matter but still it must make you feel good being so magnanimous.

    Clare, now when people accuse you of frugality… can tell them that you are so generous that you paid the legal fees of your best friends that double crossed you….

    Have a nice day. 😉

  • If Allison and Lauren make plea deals there won’t be anybody else on trial — except Keith.

    Here’s my math:

    Having Lauren, Allison and Nancy taking plea deals will provide Clare with the psychological ‘justification’ for cutting her own plea deal.

    She’ll have too many high level witnesses testifying against her at that point, leaving her no choice but to join them.

    Clare may be dumb but she’s not retarded.

    She’s not going down with the KAR Titanic with nobody else left on the ship (I’m not counting hapless Kathy Russell as a ‘person’ in this example, since she’s more like a servant).

    Clare is gonna jump onto that final lifeboat and join the other women as they float away to safety.

    It’s true that misery loves company. Experiments have been done to prove this fact. For instance, if people are placed in a stressful or life threatening situation but have several other people joining them to share that experience, they feel less scared and less hopeless.

    Clare can mentally face danger if she’s got lots of her closest NXIVM allies alongside her, to face that danger together.

    Therefore, when Clare’s list of co-defendants gets whittled down to just Keith —- her emotional attachment to NXIVM will be severed because there will be more people LEAVING danger than remaining to face it.

    Nobody wants to commit legal suicide alone, or nearly alone.

    …and where Clare goes, so does hapless Kathy Russell.

    Once Clare makes that plea deal, Kathy will follow.

    That’ll leave only Keith to fight these charges, all by his lonesome.

    If the prosecution gets Lauren and Allison, Keith will finally be alone in the world.

    • Lots of others words in the English language to use, please refrain from using the “r” word. The only people who really use it now are uneducated and based on your post I’d say you seem smart.

    • That’s a possible scenario.

      However, given Bronfman’s well-established pattern of spending whatever it takes to have the most dogged mob-type lawyers spend years and years on end carrying out her legal strategies, I think there is a good chance that she will fight it out to the end. She stands a good chance of being able to have her attorneys tie the case up for years in maneuverings and appeals while she remains out on bail, hoping that eventually some technicality or error would allow her to get off the hook, for which there is plenty of precedent, most infamously in mobster trials. And she may figure that as a backup, she could use her money to get away to somewhere beyond the reach of US law. She may well have come to believe that she’s untouchable.

      • I don’t think Bronfman has much of a chance at all to postpone the trial, and I doubt the judge will let her exist outside of a prison while the appeals are taking place.

  • I knew the rats would run from the burning ship (KAR) eventually.

    It’s only a matter of time before Clare Bear takes a deal. Hopefully, she’s gotten some sleep, ate a few steaks, and what brain cells she was born with are starting to rub together again.

    If she decides to stand by her man, she’s dumber than a wheelbarrow of horse poop. The DOJ got ya by your short hairs Clare.

    You all have a huge BREACH to heal to all those you’ve plotted against for years/decades to destroy.

    • Snorlax,

      It will be a disgrace to the Justice system……

      ……..Unfortunately the the reality of the US Justice system is that courts are backed logged and the DOJ has a limited amount of resources i.e. time and money.

  • Krclaviger,

    Thank you for delivering one of the greatest pieces of news for 2019!!!!!!!!!

    Keith Raniere will now beyond all doubt be brought to Justice!!!!!!!!
    Toni,Barbara,Catherine Oxenberg, Heidi, Sarah Edmonson, Frank Parlato , and all the other people,

    I would like to congratulate all of you at this time, who stood up to and fought Keith Raniere and Nxivm.

    I am so happy for all of you. I could not get justice in my own life and I am so very happy to learn that all of you will be able to see some justice in your lives.

    All the people that stood up are brave woman and men.

    Taking a stand against such adversity is never easy. You all chose the most difficult path to choose……..Knowing that you will be sued, that baseless criminal charges will be filed against you and that your names will be dragged through the mud is a daunting path to choose. Most people would have walked away. All of you met the challenge head on and won.

    All of you deserve to be called heroes!!!!!!!

    You are all heros to me. Congratulations!!!!!!!

    • Well, you can already fap on some deepfake porn stuff !
      Go get some lube, a jumbo tissue roll and go search “kreuk” on xhamster ! LOL
      Maybe you’ll need some antidepressants if you search in the titjob category !

  • I think this is wonderful news, especially because Raniere and Bronfman are clearly the masterminds behind NXIVM and the most responsible for all of the criminal activities. I also like that the women Raniere was convinced he had under his thumb–Lauren, Allison and Kathy–are all showing that they still have minds of their own and are capable of looking out for their best interests. I think Nancy’s actions really inspired them to a realization that they aren’t going to beat the charges–take the plea deal and run :):)

    krclaviger, thanks for sharing this info.

      • Nancy was the mastermind teacher. When Barbara Bouchey says that there was good stuff in the courses, much of that was Nancy. Other than being a good teacher, Nancy was a follower and figurehead. She was great at nodding, and checked her backbone at the door the moment she decided to go into business with the psychopath.

      • Gotta give you props on that, Scott.

        Money does not equal intelligence.

        All Clare will have left is her sister, Sara and, perhaps her mother.

        Who would have thought child porn would be the straw that is now the cause of multiple plea deals.

        I never saw that coming.

        • The child porn is very predictable and par for the life of a pedophile. I think we’re all a little surprised and thankful that the smartest man in the world decided to so nicely document it for the feds.

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