Bangkok: Vanguard won’t testify at his trial, but if he does he is a highly impeachable witness

By Bangkok

I don’t think Vanguard will testify on his own behalf.

I’m sure his defense team will bring in an outside attorney to play the role of a ‘mock’ prosecutor (just like OJ Simpson’s team did) in order to TEAR HIM APART in a ‘mock’ cross examination from prison.

This will be done to show Keith just how bad he’ll look (in front of a jury) when certain questions are asked by prosecutors.

Using an outside attorney is necessary since he’ll hate that person after they tear him apart.

However, assuming Claviger is correct and Keith does testify, then I’m wondering what types of ‘impeachment’ witnesses will be allowed afterward?

Seeing that I’m not an attorney and don’t know the rules for admissible impeachment witnesses, maybe Claviger could write an article telling us what types of impeachment witnesses could be called IF Keith decided to testify.

For instance… Can the prosecutor attempt to impeach his veracity or character by asking him if he’s ever had sex with underage girls as an adult (just to force Keith to deny it under cross examination) — so they can later bring forth witnesses like Rhiannon (or other people with firsthand knowledge that he’s lying) to ‘impeach’ his credibility on this issue?

Or is that not admissible because he’s not being charged with that particular crime?

If Keith chooses to go on the witness stand, wouldn’t that open him up to lots of extra ‘impeachment’ witnesses that otherwise wouldn’t be allowed to testify?

Convictions for previous crimes aren’t necessary for merely ‘impeaching’ a witness statement as either true or false, right?

If I’m mistaken, please tell us how that would work.

Even if prosecutors are forbidden from asking Keith about his fondness for underage sex, there’s still a TON of unflattering questions they can ask him to make him look very bad in front of the jury.

And when Keith lies in his answers to those questions, the prosecutor will be able to impeach his testimony by calling other witnesses.

Thus, I don’t see how Keith can realistically testify.

Narcissism isn’t enough to make him commit judicial suicide.

OJ Simpson was the ultimate narcissist who thought he could outsmart a jury by testifying on his own behalf. However, his own defense team used a ‘mock’ cross examination to prove it was a bad idea.

And it worked too, since OJ changed his mind and didn’t testify.

I believe the same will happen for Keith.

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  • He won’t be able to help himself. Which will be GREAT. The prosecution might actually make him cry like the softy he is.

  • I agree with Bangkok that OJ and and Keith Raniere share almost the exact personality traits.

    Bangkok if you want to truly understand people and what motivates and controls human behavior within the context of social groups, the book Moral Animal gives an excellent explanation. I wish such a book existed when I was younger. I have read the book. It explains all aspects of human behavior. The book is a great tool for navigating all of the complex social interactions one will have throughout life.

    The book gives the reader insight into all human behavior and thought.

    The only downside of the book is after you read it you will start to view everyone including yourself as an organic preprogrammed robot. 🙂

    • Bangkok,
      Partial book summary for Man the Moral Animal.
      Chapter 2: Male and Female
      Chapter 7: Family
      Chapter 8: Darwin and the Savages
      Chapter 9: Friends
      Chapter 10: Darwin’s Conscience
      Chapter 11: Darwin’s Delay
      Chapter 12: Social Status
      Chapter 13: Deception and Self Deception
      Chapter 14: Darwin’s Triumph
      Chapter 15: Darwinian (and Freudian) Cynicism
      Chapter 16: Evolutionary Ethics
      Chapter 17: Blaming the Victim

    • Except Bangkok didn’t say that. Just because both OJ and Raniere think they can fool the jury doesn’t mean they have the same personality traits. The human personality is much more complex than that. Read the book again. Read other books as well, because you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

      • Tex2,

        I apologize I did not give an articulate opinion/explanation. Both OJ and Keith Raniere check most of the boxes on any Sociopath/Psychopath test.

        Bangkok is correct.

        Scott you claim to be trying to help people scammed by Amway, however you have never shown any empathy for even one person that I am aware of; on the Frankreport website forum You are so incapable of feeling empathy or even understanding empathy that you do not even realize it. Empathy is an alien abstract concept to you.

        Scott you do not even attempt to feign empathy and that is why I labeled you a low functioning sociopath/psychopath.

        Scott you would appear on about the same end of the spectrum of a sociopath test as OJ or Raniere. It’s sad because you do not even understand it or see your deep character flaw. Unfortunately there is no cure for you. Most psychiatrists feel that is a waste of time to try and treat sociopath/psychopath.

        • The good news is just because someone is labeled sociopath/psychopath doesn’t mean they’re going to become become a murder or rapist.

        • Actually, I show true empathy, because I don’t go around throwing my hands up in the air like you and other commenters do. I get down to the facts, rather than all of the emotional diatribes that you and others impose on the rest of us. Being a PC crybaby snowflake isn’t empathy, it’s just plain disgusting.

  • KAR will testify. His ego and arrogance and his tendency to overrule others’ advice means that he won’t be able to resist.

  • I’ve said all along to everyone I know if oj Simpson got away keith will probably will to is there Juctice in. This world

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