Dr. Danielle Roberts Under Investigation – May Be The Start Of Legal Actions In The NDNY

MK10ART's depiction of Allison Mack and Dr. Danielle Roberts branding a DOS slave. The branding caused Dr. Roberts to lose her medical license.

Brendan Lyons, the Editor of the Time Union’s State Bureau and its Investigations Editor, has unearthed the fact that Dr. Danielle D. Roberts, the women who branded a reported 150 women with the initials of NXIVM cult leader Keith A. Raniere, is under investigation for “allegations of professional medical misconduct”.

As recently reported on the Frank Report, Dr. Roberts is apparently now serving on the medical staff at the Plainview Hospital in Plainview, NY. Her office address there is listed as 888 Old Country Road, Plainview, NY 11803 – and her listed telephone number is (516) 719-2546.


Because the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) chooses to shield such investigations from public scrutiny, many had assumed that Dr. Roberts had been given a “pass” in terms of the complaint that had been lodged against her by several of her many branding victims, including Sarah Edmondson.

But according to new information that Brendan was able to obtain, it appears that the NYSDOH is still actively investigating Dr. Roberts.

The NYSDOH originally subpoenaed eight “Jane Doe” victims of Dr. Roberts’s now infamous cauterizing pen back in January 2018.

A 10-month battle ensued as all eight women tried to have the subpoenas quashed.

But in September 2018, Acting State Supreme Court Justice Kimberly A. O’Connor issued an order that allowed the NYSDOH investigation to move forward.

“The complaint alleged that the subject physician participated in an initiation ceremony for a secret society, which involved the branding of female initiates with a cautery pen without anesthesia and under duress”, the court order stated.

The pending NYSDOH charges against Dr. Roberts include the following:
• That she practiced medicine with negligence on more than one occasion;

• That she practiced medicine on one occasion with gross negligence;

• That she is morally unfit to practice medicine; and

• That she failed to use scientifically accepted precautions and infection-control practices during the branding procedures.

The NYSDOH had originally dismissed Edmondson’s complaint on the basis that the brandings “did not occur with the doctor-patient relationship and should be reported to law enforcement ….”.

Although the NYSDOH would not confirm the status of its investigation concerning Dr. Roberts, it seems likely that the spotlight created by the ongoing prosecution of NXIVM-related parties in the Eastern District of New York (EDNY) will likely force the agency to see the investigation to its conclusion.

Roberts had worked at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany, NY from 2012 – 2015. She also had a private practice at 7 Grant Hill Road in Clifton Park, NY during that same time period.


In 2017, the NYSDOH also opened an investigation into Dr. Brandon B. Porter, a physician who conducted unauthorized “fright experiments” for NXIVM and its affiliated Ethical Science Foundation.

The status of that investigation is still pending.

Porter had also worked at St. Peters but abruptly resigned from there in 2017 after his role in the “fright experiments” became public.

Although he and his family used to live in a house in Upstate New York, his current location is unknown.


Michael S. Kelton, a New York City attorney who specializes in medical malpractice, is representing both Dr. Roberts and Dr. Porter.

As reported by Brendan Lyons, Kelton indicated that he had “no comment with respect to either physician” when asked about them earlier today.


The revelation of the ongoing NYSDOH investigations – and the recent guilty pleas in the EDNY prosecution – focuses new attention on the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of New York (NDNY).

Despite receiving numerous complaints and a significant amount of documentation and evidence, the NDNY turned a blind-eye to the NXIVMN criminal enterprise for almost two decades.

Recently, however, the EDNY withdrew four pending charges against Keith Raniere— and one against Clare Bronfman – and referred them to the NDNY for prosecution because of jurisdictional issues.

Whether the NDNY will actually prosecute those alleged crimes – and whether it will ever undertake a comprehensive investigation into the numerous other crimes that Raniere and his cohorts committed in their jurisdiction – remains to be seen.

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  • After our 3rd child was born, she needed to spend the first week in the NICU due to meconium aspiration. Even after such intense medical care, not one of the physicians discovered the tiny hole in her heart. But, upon her first pediatric checkup, a fantastic young doctor heard the little murmur. We followed up with a special exam and it was determined to be functional, no surgery needed! WOW! That was some doctor! As the years passed, I chose him to examine our children when he was available. One night I was watching the local news and there he was – charged with illegal drug possession. All of those years of school, those many sleepless shifts as a resident, the God-given ability to detect such a minute heart defect – all washed away. Sadly, doctors are just people – capable of so much, yet some decide to go the wrong way.

    • Branding a woman who is being held down and begging to be let go is hardly a faux pas that’s common among doctors. Dr Danielle harmed and hurt women, several of these brandings became infected, she didn’t help these women.

    • Some of them also get a “God complex” making life or death decisions, enabled by patients and a God-less society which conveys that power and responsibility to them. So sorry for your trauma, Mama.

  • This Danielle D. Roberts, the brander of human flesh, needs lots of publicity and exposure. Imagine being a patient of such a repugnant, demoralized individual! Imagine the filthy hands of Dr. Danielle D. Roberts all over the Plainview Hospital in Plainview, N. Y. and laying her hands upon patients who have come for help.

    She does not belong in any healing profession. The investigation of Danielle D. Roberts by the New York State Dep’t. of Health is more than enough reason to place her on leave. For crying out loud, I protest her employment as a physician. I wouldn’t let her near anyone I love who is in need of a doctor. Not our kitties. Never touch my children! Never touch our grandchildren, our parents, our sisters and brothers.

    And what about her private practice? A “family doctor” who has worked to do HARM has already abandoned the principles of medicine, and that is obvious. Enough already. More than enough.

    She certainly appears to have inflicted unnecessary, invasive and cruel pain upon many others, according to multiple, direct sources, many of whom were branded by her inhumane cauterizing skills. She has been witnessed proselytizing for Raniere’s interests during the same time when she was enthusiastic enough to also be branding human flesh, without any conscience.

    Yet while branding people, most likely she never mentioned that vicious little side practice of hers – while publicly recommending Raniere’s business interests as fruitful for “self help.” That could be because she knew it was wrong, even as she did it.

    A doctor acting minus integrity and minus a conscience is worse than no doctor at all. This foulness must be cleaned away from the healing arts. Roberts needs to be held accountable, far and wide, for her dirty secrets. Not so secret after all.

    • Also, if the photos that Navel Expo are using for their upcoming event are any indication, Roberts is still flogging the exo|eso NXIVM front. She hasn’t disavowed anything, so for all we know she is still a loyal DOS slave, looking to recruit “fuck toys” for her Master including the underage girls he likes.

      • still a loyal DOS slave? Perhaps, in her own mind. But, nothing more than that. How can anyone be a slave when so many tiers of the pyramid have been broken. Get a grip dude.

        • While things are indeed falling apart, we don’t actually know just what structures and ties remain; there was certainly an effort made to hold DOS together even after Raniere was arrested.

          Some of the Manson girls remained loyal to Charlie for decades. Those who maintain unrealistic beliefs and loyalties, like Manson’s “Squeaky” Fromme who tried to shoot President Ford in service of Charlie’s ATWA philosophy, can even be the most dangerous.

          • Please stop with the Manson crap and other comparisons. There are too many things that we’ll never know. Okay?

          • I agree there’s a lot that we don’t know at this point. Some of it may eventually come out, though, either at trials, or through journalists interviewing insiders. It’s precisely because we know such details of previous cases, that we have an understanding of the dynamics at work in groups like this, and some basis for analysis and prediction.

            I do think that Manson and his mostly female followers are a fairly fitting example to look to, though obviously even a bit more extreme. I refer to it as a sort of touchstone that people are likely to be familiar with. Have you read about that group and their court cases, and is there some specific reason you disagree with use of them as a comparison?

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CO8NND9zGCE

    FYI, ABC News You Tube channel is starting upcoming trial coverage with reports like this linked above.

    I’m inundated with media requests already and will be sure to mention this reopened investigation into Dr. Roberts and the need for NDNY and NYS to investigate the crimes and perpetrators within their jurisdiction that EDNY cannot prosecute.

    I agree this effort to investigate NX crimes and perpetrators such as Dr. Roberts and Porter outside of EDNY’s jurisdiction must be undertaken to put an end to DOS / ESP / NXIVM’s criminal activities in the U.S., if not world wide.

    Yes, major media outlets that are already interested in this trial, especially — and which aren’t —do need to know this NX madness likely won’t end with this round of pleas or convictions unless and until the crimes and perpetrators in the Northern District, where most of these crimes including the most heinous — such as the child sex exploitation and, possibly murders — took place.

    Anyone else being contacted for media statements needs to mention this as well, as I know many of you are already doing.

    Thanks Claviger and FR for your on-going investigating, updating and letting us know where Dr. Roberts is hiding in Plainview.

    Others hiding in plain view or not — you will not get away with your crimes, your part in these crimes, your perpetration or perpetuation of this evil. You will be found and found guilty along with the corrupt powers you believe will continue to protect you no matter where you are or who you are.

    The law has a long arm and your scarred victims have long memories.

  • ‘Kangaroo court’? Kangaroo courts are sham legal proceedings which are set-up in order to give the impression of a fair legal process. In fact, they offer no impartial justice as the verdict, invariably to the detriment of the accused, is decided in advance.

  • Just wanted to say that I’m tired of Frank Parlato waiting nearly 24 fucking hours before finally approving my posts.

    He waited nearly 24 hours to approve my longer post below (made yesterday morning) yet he approves everybody else’s posts almost instantly.

    He has a history of doing this to my posts. He sometimes waits days.

    Kindly eat shit, Frank.

    If my post violates your guidelines then fucking delete it immediately. Otherwise, why not approve it immediately?

    You weenie. Kindly eat a fresh bowl of hot dicks.

  • A NIVM hunter is a private individual who tracks down and gathers information on alleged former NXIVM, DOS members, and NXIVM collaborators who were involved in this sex slaving cult typically for use at trial on charges of sex crimes and crimes against humanity.

  • There’s a variation of an ancient proverb, applied to law, that the wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine. Maybe that applies to NY state regulators – I’m not so sure that the NY state justice mill isn’t out of order, but we’ll see.

    Actually, the original proverb refers to divine justice, or one might say, karma. Karma at least seems to be catching up with the NXians, especially considering that criminal justice aside, they’re likely to be tied up in civil suits for the better part of a decade, and Clare Bronfman in particular stands to lose a lot of whatever money she still has left once the feds including the IRS are done with her.

  • The NDNY is going to take on the charges from the EDNY that were past along to them.

    There is too much publicity and focus on them now. The hard cold-hard evidence of crimes committed can no longer be swept under the NDDOJ rug.

    The NXIVM members who were not arrested in the EDNY should be nervous at this point.

    With another investigation taking place, three defendants taking plea deals and some ex-members going to the DOJ voluntarily, spilling the beans, more information about who did and what they did, is coming out daily.

    In order to get the best deal from the Judge, those who have taken a plea will have a better report to be judged on their sentencing based on how they work with the DOJ to take down the rest of the NXIVM Mafia.

    NXIVM might continue in Mexico, but that is a Mexican issue and theirs to fight. By the time all the criminal and civil cases are finished in the United States, NXIVM should not have one ember left to fan the fire to rise up again.

    The survivors left from this long fought war will be keeping a watchful eye to make sure those left behind will not and cannot rebuild. You will be exposed if you try.

  • Frank is no hero here.

    I blame Frank Parlato for Danielle’s ability to keep her medical practice going.

    Frank has largely ignored this bitch, barely giving her any coverage.

    Also, Frank has not coordinated any negative picket lines to be staged in front of her medical practice offices and hospitals which employ her.

    Yeah, it takes effort to coordinate such things. It’s not easy. But so what?

    Why is Frank so FUCKEN LAZY that he does almost nothing to shut down Dr. Danielle?

    Eat shit Frank, you lazy asshole!

    What about Heidi? Or Toni?

    Heidi complains all day long about how evil NXIVM is, but what has she PERSONALLY done to bring negative press coverage towards Dr. Danielle Roberts?

    Answer us, Heidi.

    Just because Heidi lives in California doesn’t mean she can’t actively organize people to bring negative press coverage to Danielle.

    Heidi’s always complaining about how the state of NY is too lazy to do anything about NXIVM — yet why the fuck won’t she get off her lazy ass to help shut down Dr. Danielle’s medical practice?

    What about Toni?

    I’m pretty sure that Toni still lives in NY since she reportedly attends NXIVM court hearings.

    Yet why hasn’t she gotten off her lazy ass to organize some negative picket lines against Danielle and her employers?

    Why not help to bring negative news coverage against this witch who branded women?

    I guess Toni has better things to do all day —- like sitting around while making snow angels in the horrible Albany weather while letting Danielle skate away.

    Stop complaining about Dr. Danielle if you won’t get off your lazy asses to do something.

    Action speaks louder than words.

    • What will you do when this is all over and you don’t have the indulgence of decent people to tolerate your low mentality diatribes?

    • Bangkook. I blame you for Danielle’s ability to keep practicing medicine. You have wrote several bogus articles on Frank report yet you have not written any about Danielle’s crimes. Using your own wisdom, you are to blame for Danielle’s ability to continue practicing medicine.

    • I agree with most of your post. However, it’s not Frank’s job to do everything. The others have demonstrated their laziness for as long as they’ve been anti-NXIVM. There was even somebody who said they would get involved in picketing, but they live in CA. I told them they could still organize the demonstration, but haven’t heard a peep from them on that topic.

    • So.. you’ve done what, exactly? Some sharp words from someone who hasn’t provided any examples of holding themself to a higher standard and going forward with said actions. Just playing captain obvious here

  • Are DOS members only ones who commited crimes or are some of the lesser ranked NXIVM members needing to worry about possible investigations into all their side projects inspired by KR or ESP?

  • SARA BRONFMAN…Oh sweet sweet Sara!!! Hello hello hello

    Knock knock.
    Who’s there?
    Your past, you tax evading Bitch.

    Oh Sara. Sweet Sara. How does one explain 150 shell companies, bribing the Dalai Lama, creating fake trusts to funnel cash, and then claiming that bribe money was a tax write-off?

    OH SARA. SARA. Why exactly does one run to France? And not visit your only sibling as she is getting ready for the trial of her life.

    SARA. OH Sara. Your ghosts and chickens have come home to Roost!

  • Thanks for the update! I hope that neither of these two have licenses to practice medicine for much longer. They are sociopaths, and a danger to patients.

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