Guest View: Leave Sultan of Six alone and Kristin Kreuk too!

Kristin Kreuk started a group called Girls By Design {GBD] which sought to recruit teen girls into a sexy fun club and gather information about them. The group was at its heyday during the time Kreuk was being widely used by Nxivm to recruit members. Kreuk did not disband the group even after it was reported in the Albany Times Union that her mentor Keith Raniere had raped teen girls.

By SultanOfSevenEleven

Dear Everyone,

Leave Sultan of Six alone and Kristin Kreuk too!

Do you weep uncontrollably every time it’s announced Kristin Kreuk has a new amour?

Have you ever been arrested for stealing Kristin Kreuk’s garbage at 4am on a rainy night?

Have you ever spend $5000 dollars on customized wallpaper made from Kristin Kreuk’s autographed photos to decorate your bedroom?

Have you been barred from attending comic cons?

Have you ever used up all your vacation days and sick days at work because you travel to Kristin Kreuk celebrity appearances?

Sultan of Six has done it all and so much more.

Sultan of Six’s deep spiritual connection to Kristin Kreuk transcends the normal boundaries of commonsense and sanity.

Let love conquer all!

Damn you Frank Parlato !

Leave Kristin Kreuk & Sultan of Six alone!

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Frank Parlato


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  • Yeah Im still not sure how republishing shitpost comments like this adds any credibility to the site

    This site does some good reporting on the cult and did since 2016. But since Raniere’s arrest, its oddly devolved into just reposting comments in the comments section that wouldnt be fit to publish on any investigation site.

    Maybe cause theres not much there on Kreuk but we gotta take a chance on anything cause thats how Mack and Raniere got arrested but theres really not a lot here except posting content like this that kinda hurts the page in terms of being taken as a serious source

    • For fuck sake 😂. You are the idiot SultanOfLowQualitySpunk STILL using aliases. This one is already known to be you, along with “Scarrom” and “Karl Basset”. Do you think people won’t notice? Your little brain is so fried with low quality jizz and chronic spanking, along with being somewhere on the autism spectrum that you just can’t help yourself. You would be better off with a heroin addiction. I hope everyone you know finds out how gross you are. What a sad pathetic loser c*** you must be in real life.

      Cry some more spanky.

    • Running an informational news website like TheFrankReport requires Frank Parlato to post multiple articles every day to retain viewers and attract new viewers.

      In today’s s world all modern informational type websites such as news sites or sports sites publish an incredible number of fluff pieces. The nature of news with the advent of the internet and 24 hour news means new content has to be continually added.

      The Frankreport website has to generate at least 3 articles a day or lose viewership.

      Wasabi you should “boiler plate” your comment and post it on every news website in the world because 99% of articles are fluff.

      CNN being the prime example

        • Nope.

          You just like to persistently lie through your teeth. You just repeat the lies like a broken record. You do it with me. You do when it comes to Kristin. And you likely do it with whoever the flavor of the day or days is for you in real life.

          You engage in typical sociopathic behavior. Normal people quit lying shortly after they do so because they feel bad about it due to having a conscience. And when they’re caught in a lie they feel shame, admit to it, and stop. Sociopaths just keep on living their lie in delusion as if no one noticed. They even buckle down and lie harder. Like you. This is probably the 100th time you’ve said I’m all of these people.

          Sociopaths will just keep on lying until death comes to them and they end up in Hell.

  • “Kruek’s” company, GBD, is absolutely relevant to investigators and prosecutors. I know this for a fact. I also know Kruek lied with her ludicrous public claim that GBD was not connected to NX or DOS. And, I am rather certain investigators are aware of all this. The proof and truth is in the pudding.

    • Well Heidi, if there is any connection with kreuk and her company GBD to nxeuim, and if a crime was committed, for sure there gonna charge her, it won’t be long now , no one is above the law.

      • IDK who committed what crime and don’t pretend to. I know GBD was one of many recruitment tools for young girls for Keith for the reasons I mention.

    • Heidi, please clarify—do you “know” GBD is a relevant area the feds SHOULD investigate, or “know” that the feds are ALREADY investigating GBD and Kreuk?

      • Compare the hearing transcripts and filings to the GBD “Sexy 7” web pages I believe are still online.

        I KNOW it “right down to my heels” to quote both AUSA Moira Penza from an early maybe the first hearing and a line straight from the Sexy 7 stories about feeling it straight down to your heels.

        Also fairly certain KAR wrote those sexy 7 stories because everything Gina loved from E.E. Cummings to Kerouac to tushy burning hot sauce (her sense of humor) is there in black & white. KK may have added the “tee, hees.”

        Not to be presumptuous but I don’t believe in coincidence when it comes to KAR and his girl trap playbook. There’s plenty more comparisons and, finally, there’s FR’s Jane.

        • You keep conflating the paid for services and influence of a purported executive success company and its leadership and the alleged hidden intentions and motivations of a particular part of that leadership, i.e., Keith Alan Raniere (KAR), with corporate association and the intentions and motivations of the founders of GBD, i.e., Kristin and Kendra.

          My educated guess is the authorities already looked into the connection and found no nefarious connection at all. Being the educated and intelligent people they must be to be hired for such legal authority positions, they would have turned over every stone, fully understood how an organization that they were currently investigating for criminal activity could have worked to conceal such activity and deceive others in the process, asked the right questions to those involved – which means I believe they already must have talked to Kristin and Kendra either directly or through their legal representation, etc.

          You should know better if you really are Gina’s sister because you repeatedly assert here that Gina was allegedly conned and forced into suicide by KAR. That a similar type of deception occurred to Kristin and Kendra is not only a possibility but quite likely IN RETROSPECT now that his obscure history has become well known – the historian’s fallacy – something that they likely may not have known about UNLIKE YOU as they lived on the other side of the continent and either didn’t have access to such information, or were detracted from it by believing in what the group presented to them about it via their techniques, e.g., NLP, thought reform, love-bombing, etc., the latter only being reinforced by type of people who brought them into the group, i.e., friends or co-workers, and those who already existed within it, all of whom appeared to be good people.

          Where was your public outcry and warning to everyone about the evil KAR during this time? I read quite a bit about NXIVM and I never even heard of you until the 2012 TU article written by James Odato came out and told the story of your sister. Or were you also (understandably) fearful of KAR and the litigation machine of NXIVM?

          “Jane” is no one of consequence. Anyone who still has a functioning intellect can tell her story is made up. I highly doubt any competent member of the authorities would give it even the slightest bit of credence after they read and analyzed it. What really should be answered is the question as to why someone would make up such an obviously bogus story in the first place.

    • Girls by Design was 100% a NXIVM affiliate. Jane the DOS slave revealed some disturbing things that definitely need investigating. If just one girl joined NXIVM, then DOS after Kreuks public lie that GBD was not NXIVM, that is game over. A “feminist approach to BDSM” is gross.

      Have the authorities even bothered to look into Kreuk, what she did, knew about and GBD? If she has spoken to them, she would of lied through her teeth. Pretending she was just a student/coach of “self help” bullshit. It is certain she would of spoken to the higher ups at CBC, CW and eOne too when she was publicly linked to NXIVM and lied through her teeth to them too. CW is shielding her from scrutiny. If you were in the public eye and were named in a pedophile/rape expose, surely you would shit yourself. Not Kreuk. She didn’t abandon her dear pedophile leader. She continued coaching the psycho babble of this little prick, having students thank “Vanguard” for said psycho babble with their hand clapping ritual bullshit and telling them on day 1 to ignore all the critics… and victims of rape and pedophilia.

    • I don’t recall her making a “public” claim whatever that means. I know she and Kendra had sent a response which they signed to concerned fans through an admin of a Smallville fan site called Sweet way back around 2010 or so claiming no such association.

      Also, how do you know it was a lie? It’s likely that the investigators did look into a connection due to the number of hidden shell corporations NXIVM had – any thorough investigation would – but found absolutely nothing to connect it except superficially with NXIVM and certainly nothing to DOS. Even a Vice article asserted that “insiders” said there was no association.

      If you think the “proof is in the pudding”, it must be made with some very thin ingredients because you offered nothing that could be considered such.

      • You posted the denial, Sultan. Thank you for putting it into context for us. Interesting fans were warning her back in 2010 yet to this day GBD persists. That’s a whole lot of arrogance.

        • Did the Spank Maestro post the GBD/NXIVM denial? I posted it on Frank Report a while back. It was both a public statement and a lie from Kreuk.

          “That’s a whole lot of arrogance”.

          From both Kreuk and her soy boy white knight who wont even get to hump her leg. Teehee!

      • 14 years of excessive ejaculation has led to you jizzing out 3.70 POUNDS of jungle book semen thinking about Kristin Kook. And you are still at it trying to shield this hoe who wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire, from criticism. Are you ashamed? You are absolutely pathetic.

        – “I don’t recall her making a “public” claim whatever that means.”

        You absolute retard. Releasing a statement for the PUBLIC to read is a PUBLIC statement.

        “I know she and Kendra had sent a response which they signed to concerned fans through an admin of a Smallville fan site called Sweet way back around 2010 or so claiming no such association.”

        – So a public statement you moron 🤔. A grown adult “man” on a Smallville fan site like a little girl. Pathetic.

        “Also, how do you know it was a lie? It’s likely that the investigators did look into a connection due to the number of hidden shell corporations NXIVM had – any thorough investigation would – but found absolutely nothing to connect it except superficially with NXIVM and certainly nothing to DOS.”

        – Literally what the fuck do you know? What qualifies you to make such a statement? Nothing. You don’t know what the investigators have looked at or will look at. Nothing. You always shit on people’s comments with your arrogant smug aspergers meltdowns, then say something you want to be true is “likely”. You don’t know shit. Created any more aliases to agree with yourself today spanky? Sad. 👎

        • Poor guy. You’re one to talk about someone else having a “meltdown”.

          P.S. Stop delaying my comments.

          • Poor Spanky, the freak who has ejaculated over a 1.68 litres of semen wanking to Kristin Kreuk, thinks he gets to talk back to people.

            He is on Artvoice as “anonymous for Kristin” where he pretends he is someone else and he has conversations with himself. An IP address check can confirm this. What a fucking loser.

            1.68 litres of jizz!!! 7.1 CUPS of jizz!!!

            Unlike Superman, he cums faster than the speed of light. He has narrowed down his quick spanks to about thirty seconds. Those are his Power Spanks. He does them at work during his piss/spank/call to prayer breaks.

            Keep cryin’ spanky. You send more traffic to Frank Report and more people will know your dream spank is a NXIVM cult liar. Teehee!!!

          • LOL. What’s funny to me is the fact that you think what you say actually affects me in the slightest.

            I find it interesting to analyze sociopathic comments like yours on the Internet for the standard techniques, e.g., projection, gas-lighting, attempts at self-esteem denigration, etc.

          • Nobody on Earth would look at the Spank Maestro who has jizzed out 3.70 pounds of third world jizz masturbating to Kristin Kook for fourteen+ years and not see a crazy lunatic. The Spankin’ Stalker doesn’t get any punani, so spank spank spank… Plug his spank hand into a generator and he could power up a small town. The sociopathic creep creates aliases online to “agree” with him.

            Cry some more Spanky. Call the whambulance!

    • @Heidi : I’m not telling that you’re wrong. But I would say that it’s her job to pretend… She surely was very happy to be a part, or even the face, of a “teen girls empowerment” initiative. Because it was and it is so much in the “zeitgeist” !.. But I would be surprised that she really put any effort into it… Maybe she has done some logistics (like *cough* money smuggling), but I bet one coffee that she just did all the stuff she did for the cameras. That’s pretty ironical as well: Like all the people they wanted to be photographed next to Adolf Hitler in the early 30ies…

      It would be hard for her to pretend she was spying NXIVM for the FBI or the RCMP ! The best she could do was to tell (*cough* pretend) that she didn’t know about DOS… And one said for her account that she lived NXIVM before the things have gone batshit…

      But maybe I should have begun with a question: Was she really that important in NXIVM? Even if she gave herself to Raniere as an asswipe, did she really have an important role in ESP/NXIVM ? That’s an open question, actually…

    • A new alias?

      – “I agree with sharp”.

      “Mekhan” may be Sultan Of Spank. He does this on Artvoice, creating aliases and agreeing with himself.

  • Did any of the KK haters ever think that she’s maybe irrelevant to the NXIVM trial, for both the prosecution or the defense?
    Or that she may even be irrelevant to the investigators?
    Even for the suspected money smuggling part?

    Sex crimes are taken really seriously in the US, and much more of it involves minors !..

    So, if there was a single little piece of a clue, you would have heard of it so much that you would want the press/media to stop to talk about it, and you would even complain about it here…

    And did any of the SOS haters ever think that possibly he’s really mentally challenged? Just leave him alone, or ignore him !..

    Coming here from time to time, I think that there is no more ex-ESPian/NXIan they dare commenting in this blog…

    This is all about Mack or Kreuk and/or about pro/cons battles…

    Frank, you should split your blog in two parts : “Serious matters” and “Sandbox”.

    “Serious matters” would be an ex-ESP/NXI-an space only.

    And, of course, the “Sandbox” would be dedicated to “experts” and to (ex-)TV-stars bashers…

    • Long essay: check.
      Aspergers-y: check.
      Trying to defend Kristin Crook: check.

      I smell a brown beetle with 3.70 pounds of low quality ejaculate post 14 years of spanking it to Crook.

    • I believe that if there are some that dislike KK it is most likley due to her creepy defender, who seems to attract haters here like dung draws flies. The more I hear this slurpee sultan defend her, the more I doubt her innocence.

      • @7-11 Defender : How ironical ! I’m pretty sure she never heard about him.

        Don’t enter his fantasy, he doesn’t know that girl that much. Even if he stalked her the criminal way (24/7 spying, cracked wifi data collection, garbage diving in spite of a restraining order, etc.).

        Maybe what he knows, the average fan wouldn’t know, is that she’s buying that typical neo-hipster japanese mayonnaise with that weird mutant baby label and that her antivirus software is outdated…

        So, don’t judge her for a tiny percentile of her fans !

        [BTW : Allow me, please, to give a small advice to any female celebrity garbage diver : Don’t suck the used condoms, as you don’t know if they were put inside out ! Small babies may grow inside of your mouth the South Park way !]

        • Yes irony can be pretty ironic sometimes. I would bet that she HAS heard of him. And if she ever uses any kind of security detail for any reason, He is at the top of their list of people to watch out for due to …..Admitting to have been following her for over a decade,…..Admitting to hunting down her father and contacting him at work,…admitting to have been interacting with young girls on the GBD and other KK sites while probably using alias young girl names just like the many aliases he uses on Franks sites. .. and because of the way he flips out when he doesn’t get his way pushing his narrative onto others. The type of fan a security detail looks out for.

          • Do you really believe I’m the said “Sultan of Spank” ? What did I tell that could make you believe I actually am, seriously ?

            I don’t agree with the guy but I must admit I feel for him ! Don’t you feel for him ? I do…

            And about Kreuk, isn’t she just a distraction after all ? If you believe that Kreuk will comme here to explain and to apologize, you’re really naïve dude !

            Even if she’s still deep in : Have you ever seen Tom Cruise apologizing for all the harm Scientology has done since decades ? Nope !

            Whatever, I don’t think she’s a “big fish”, at all. Being associated with NXIVM is already a sufficiently heavy anvil at her neck.

            Frank’s IP check will be quickly done as I changed my nickname numerous times, but my external IP remains the same for month… So he perfectly knows who I am and even where I live. He will confirm that I ain’t SoS aka Sultan of Six.

        • –And if she ever uses any kind of security detail for any reason, He is at the top of their list of people to watch out for

          Major LOL at this. Regardless, I’ve never concurrently been in the same state as her – let alone within talking distance such that I could touch her – and I would pose absolutely no harmful threat to her even if I was.

          You people are living in bizarro land, as if she would consider someone who supported her for years and currently defends her against malicious claims is equivalent to people who constantly rag on her and sully her character.

          If she even knew of me.

          –You are sultan of spank. IP check please Frank.

          LOL at this too. You’re like a blind guy throwing darts from five feet away at the broad side of a barn and still missing.

          • Sultan the entire article was intended to be satirical and highlight the ridiculous of both sides of the debate. I definitely failed.

            Kristin Kreuk is definitely not as culpable as her attackers allege on the other hand she should have been more honest and forthright about her involvement in recruiting woman. Kristin was an instructor. In that respect Kristin has been somewhat disingenuous.

            Kristin made a mistake and is in the public eye and so she will now have to endure public scrutiny for some time. It’s the price of fame.

            I wish you the best Sultan. I hope you one day find companionship.

            I look forward to reading your future comment battles with Kristin Kreuk attackers here on the Frankreport!

        • “Do you really believe I’m the said “Sultan of Spank” ? What did I tell that could make you believe I actually am, seriously ?”

          Your llllooonnngg ass reply, robotic aspergers speech and the smell of explosives and diesel fuel. You post from home and work, two different IP addresses so you can continue with your halal bullshiting.

  • Okay first of all, saying that a prophet is a pedophile, you’re a piece of shit anonymous, and second of all, don’t you think the police have already investigated this, trust me there are smarter minds than us who have combed every inch of this investigation, and if they had proof, they would lay charges, so just leave kristen kreuk alone, innocent until proven guilty..

    • Muhhamed-Spank 1) getting an erection over a little girl and 2) putting said erection inside a little girl, his child bride Aisha makes him a pedophile, like Keith Raniere, you “piece of shit”.

      Kristin Crook won’t be left alone because she is not some virgin fairy naive victim and she has not answered questions.

      Cry some more “Mekhan”.

  • Sultan follows the pedophile prophet muhammed and the pedophile supporter/enabler Kristin Kreuk. Sad. Teehee!

  • – “Kristin Kreuk started a group called Girls By Design {GBD] which sought to recruit teen girls into a sexy fun club and gather information about them. The group was at its heyday during the time Kreuk was being widely used by Nxivm to recruit members. Kreuk did not disband the group even after it came out in the Times Union that her mentor Keith Raniere had raped numerous teen girls.”

    Nor did she leave the cult in 2013.

  • That old spunker is estimated to have stroked out 3.70 pounds of low quality semen over the thought of Kristin Kook’s mosquitos bite boobs, over the space of 14 years. 😂

    3.70 POUNDS!!!

    He probably has a picture of Kristin Crook in a picture frame on his bedside table that he kisses every night before bed.

    He probably day dreams about Kreuk at work, scribbling down in a notebook:

    “Sultan luvs Kristin 4 eva”.


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