Bangkok Chastises Fool Notion of Non-Medical Branding

By Bangkok

I think Kevin is missing out on one of Frank’s true gems of an article.

We need to travel back in time to around A.D. September 2020, when Frank Parlato was still open to reporting the facts about ex-NXIANS.

It’s a recorded prison conversation between Keith Raniere and Mr. Isaac Edwards —- which has GEMS that pertain to Danielle’s claims about her branding.

MK10ARTIn this recorded conversation, Keith Raniere, the GRANDMASTER of DOS, openly mocks the alleged danger of branding these slaves BECAUSE he notes Danielle was a DOCTOR using a SURGICAL device which she was EXPERIENCED at using.

A cautery pen is used for medical purposes. It can also be used to brand people with Keith Raniere’s initials.

That’s right.

The GRANDMASTER of DOS believed Danielle was acting as a DOCTOR using a SURGICAL instrument, which she was EXPERIENCED at using, due to her status as a doctor.


This contradicts Danielle’s claims that nobody in DOS ever believed she was acting as a ‘doctor’ in any way, shape, or form.

MK10ART –The Grandmaster of DOS, Keith Alan Raniere

Therefore, if the GRANDMASTER of DOS believed that Danielle’s ‘doctor’ status was relevant for the branding —– then it’s logical to assume that every SLAVE probably assumed the same thing.

If the GRANDMASTER of DOS believed the slaves were in the hands of a trusted ‘doctor’ while being branded — and therefore safer than people being branded by non-doctors — then it’s logical to assume that every SLAVE also believed they were ‘safer’ due to her doctor status.

That’s the alleged violation.

It doesn’t matter what she believes now.

It matters what the people being branded were led to believe.

Will Frank say something here, or is he too chickenshit?

Chickenshit has nutrients. However, do not eat it. Instead, use it as fertilizer and eat it secondhand in your vegetables.

Here are a few quotes from Keith Raniere’s conversation below (pay attention to capitalized words):

Quote 1) “There have been, uh, at least two men involved in the branding. The, uh, man who branded the first eight women gave them that symbol, uh, and then another man, I think, who did a few other women to demonstrate how to do it, uh, and then, uh, the rest were done by a DOCTOR with (chuckles) a SURGICAL instrument.”

Quote 2) “It’s always been a SURGICAL instrument, so there are no hot irons, no coat hangers, no putting them in a fireplace, getting, uh, you know, white-hot or anything like that. It’s done with a DOCTOR, with a SURGICAL type of instrument.”

MK10ART painting of the Grandmaster of DOS.

Quote 3) “Uh, I think a guy from, I won’t say what state to keep his anonymity, came and did the branding with them and taught them, uh, about it and how to do it and things like that, and then there was a woman in the sorority who is a DOCTOR, (Dr. Danielle Roberts) who… it’s a, a type of a light cauterizing pen, they use it in SURGERIES, um, and she was EXPERIENCED with that and that’s what was used.”

The real question is this…

Will Frank, or anybody from his staff, alert the board that’s hearing her ‘appeal’ —- about these quotes, which are probably relevant because if Danielle’s GRANDMASTER believed she was acting as a doctor during the branding then it’s logical to believe that every slave also believed that.

Will Kevin look at these facts or bury his head like an ostrich?

Keith Raniere disputes the idea of the DOS branding as depicted by MK10ART.

Alanzo? Ostrich time, bro? Bury that head.

Marie White’s painting of the branding.

Marie White’s painting of the Grandmaster of DOS. “The brighter the light, the more the bugs.” 

Have a good day. 🙂

PS — I don’t hate Danielle Roberts. I couldn’t care less if she wins or loses her appeal.

If she wins her appeal, that’s fine with me. I don’t care either way. I don’t think she’s an evil person at heart. I think she probably meant to do good.

But I also believe that she’d never disobey a direct order from Keith —- which is scary since she’s a doctor under the sway of an unhinged man (who made a lifetime vow that’s ‘unbreakable’ in her view).

MK10 ART’s Danielle Roberts

According to the recently published ‘DOS rules’ —— her VOW means her Grandmaster’s wishes take precedence over her family and everything else, including her job duties.


I’m not sure I’d want my family members to use such a doctor, no matter how good her own heart is, since what if she gets ordered to do something unethical by Keith? (whom she refuses to disavow)

Whether you like her or not, only ONE THING matters in this case.

It only matters what the women who got branded were led to assume by their masters (regarding Danielle’s status). It doesn’t matter what ANYBODY ELSE thinks about her.

IMO, Keith’s conversations cannot be dismissed as meaningless. He was her Grandmaster.


As the Grandmaster —– Keith obviously chose Danielle to brand these women after he dismissed the other men who did the first few brandings (he knew the identities of those men, by his own admission, which means he obviously controlled them and wasn’t in the dark about who was doing the branding).

And Keith is on the record, in a recorded phone call, saying he viewed her as a ‘doctor’ experienced with surgical devices.


By the way, whether she was actually experienced with surgical devices isn’t important.

I suspect she wasn’t, as she wasn’t a surgeon.

What’s important is that her Grandmaster believed she was, according to his phone recordings.

It’s possible she never intended to be viewed as a ‘doctor’ —- but if Keith viewed her that way, the slaves likely believed they were ‘safer’ because she was a doctor (which is still likely a violation, since she did nothing to dissuade them from believing that).

This isn’t a case of a doctor teaching people how to surf the North Shore of Hawaii as a side hobby, which clearly isn’t related to her job as a doctor.

This is a case where her doctor skills lend themselves to make people feel safer, especially when a surgical instrument is used, and infections are possible.

MK10ART.  Raniere said a doctor who used a surgical instrument handled the branding.  He is the Grandmaster. He cannot be wrong.

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    • Nice Guy is having a very tough time. Alanzo hates him. But he’s not what Alanzo says at all. He just had bad luck. He was doing pre-med at U.S.C. and working nights as an usher in a theater downtown. He got behind in his credits and flunked out. Then he lost his job for talking back. He’s so hot-headed. I guess Alanzo thinks nobody’s good enough to troll him, except maybe the guy that owns Amazon.

      But Nice Guy can’t give Alanzo up.

      • Frank-

        Alonzo is an total asshole. I enjoy shitting on him[assholes]I’m not “trolling” him, I don’t need a response. He’s defending a convicted rapist child molester.
        He’s a sack of useless shit.
        Ask him about his old lady.
        End of Story

        • “NiceGuy” wrote:

          “He’s defending a convicted rapist child molester.”

          This is a lie you tell yourself about me.

          It props up the crazy, abusive trolling you fill up most of the comment sections with here on the Frank Report. This lie you tell yourself gives you that self-righteous feeling you have, that feeling you’re saving the world by being the cruelest piece of shit you can be to Alanzo.

          So much of your emotional life is wrapped up in this lie that you can’t possibly afford to see if this lie you tell yourself about me is real.

          You can’t possibly ask yourself, “Hey wait a minute. Does Alanzo actually defend a convicted rapist child molester? What has Alanzo actually written about this?

          If you discover you’re lying, you’ll be forced to confront what a piece of shit you have been, and what a piece of shit you are. And that’ll kill off the whole self-righteous spooge you get from your crusade against Alanzo, giving your meaningless life meaning right now.

          So shine on you drunken piece of shit – keep lying about me.

          I love it.

          What about my Ex-Wife?


          • Alanzo wrote:

            He’s defending a convicted rapist child molester.’ This is a lie you tell yourself about me.”

            ‘This’ Alanzo is the TRUTH. You’re defending Kieth Raniere who happens to collect Kiddie porn and had sex with a 15 year old girl.

      • Frank-

        Lastly I find it entertaining. I guess you weren’t a fan of Don Rickles.

        He was the King of “savage insults.”

        There are other stand ups I like, but I hold a special affinity for Don.

        Have a great weekend!

        • Don Rickles was funny. You defame the name of Don Rickles with your drunken ego.

          Don Rickles stood up in front of all of Hollywood – the people who hired him throughout his career – and hilariously insulted each actor, director and multi-millionaire producer in the crowd. And he somehow did it with respect and love.

          Don Rickles was a fucking genius.

          You’re just a cruel, and cowardly, anonymous troll who spams the Frank Report with crazy and abusive bullshit.

          I could see how you’d tell yourself this, though – that you were Don Rickles.

          You’ve got to tell yourself something to prop-up your drunken, shit-stained depravity.


          • Alanzo, I gotta tell you, with all the nonsense and all the jokes, I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart: L. Ron Hubbard told me he never liked you.

          • “Alanzo, I gotta tell you, with all the nonsense and all the jokes, I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart: L. Ron Hubbard told me he never liked you.

            Frank – I have to break it to you.

            L Ron Hubbard was actually L Ron Hoover, of the First Church of Appliantology:


            I disavowed all of this 22 years ago.

            But I’ll never disavow Frank Zappa.


          • Frank –

            I hate to break it to ya, but L Ron Hubbard was actually L Ron Hoover, of the First Church of Appliantology.

            It’s incredible, as an intrepid anticult investigative reporter, you’ve not seen the proof of this.

            Here’s the proof:


          • Aloozer says:

            Something prop-up your drunken, shit-stained depravity.

            I say to Aloozer three things:

            1. Drunk…..Yes! I’m Irish you F’ing numbskull. You forgot.

            2. Depravity? It’s true!
            Off-course I’m depraved. I’m arguing with a delusional shitbird who happens to live with his mommy.

            3. Shit-stained? The only things shit-stained are your skid marked tighty-whities and your bedsheets looking like they hosted a tractor-pull competition.

            Now go back to eating your Nutella!

          • “I disavowed all of this 22 years ago.”

            BUT as many ex-scientologists have noted you still follow their teachings….


          • —You’re just a cruel, and cowardly, anonymous troll who spams the Frank Report with crazy and abusive bullshit.

            STFU you bitch! You dish it out, but you can’t take it.

          • There’s a widespread feeling that just because a man is a troll with a pompous moniker, he must be an idiot.

          • Alanzo,

            Fact 99.5 % of the people who are asked to join Scientology or a similar cult say “NO!”.

            Why are you one of the ones who joined a Scientology?

            You claim to be a intelligent, wise, philosopher/neology, and ardent individualist. It does not make logical sense. You’ve never explained why.

            Amongst some men a woman played a part. Are you one of these men?

    • Thanks for that. I now realize the over exaggeration being thrown at this!
      Much faster and easier than I anticipated. I may consider one now.
      I had permanent makeup tattoo on my eyelids that didn’t last
      . Initial heal 2 to 4 weeks, not bad.
      The other guy had flat and raised in the middle. Intersting!
      A safer process due to constant heat temperature.

      • Lol. There is a big difference between you watching a YouTube video and deciding to get a branding where you want of whatever you want. And having your friends lie to you hold you down naked and brand you with their shared boyfriends initials near your vagina good try dead Ender good try!

        • No, really I kinda like the Omm sign!
          I’m sorry if a couple of select people in your upline lied to you.
          Just think, ” What can I replace it with for $2500.00?”
          I’ll bet it there’s dozens of nicer choices you might what to consider. 😉
          I truly do appreciate the upload.

          • Will you give life damaging collateral and be blackmailed before someone decides for you that you must be branded on your pussy with their boyfriend’s initials?

            Will you be naked and recorded for more blackmail material during the branding?

            Will your branding tape be released to the media in Mexico?

  • Branding takes at least four months to heal. Branding, unlike tattooing can not be taken off with a laser. It is PERMANENT.
    That smell of burning flesh must be unforgettable.
    What a horror show.

    • Burning human flesh smells kinda like barbecue. It’s not a joke.

      It can actually cause flashbacks for military personnel and first responders. In some circles, these type of flashbacks are called the
      “barbecue effect.”

      I’m not kidding.

      • Yes I saw the above video.
        They looked repulsed by the smell.
        I’ve also fried my arm accidentally when cooking more than once.

      • It was 7 lines, Not a body or bodies burning like our brave firefighters who have witnessed and pulled bodies out of burning buildings deal with on a daily basis.Get a grip on the difference, you might feel better with that knowledge.

        • So smart, I mean how can these people be talking about ‘barbeque’, people need to get a grip! when one of our brave fire fighters might see the word and have a total meltdown relapse?
          I think the word should be CANCELLED.

  • Agreed I would never want her as my doctor since she is so easily influenced by seeming authority

    She might not have the typical Dr God complex
    But sure does have complexes

    It’s a sad story

  • “Alanzo? Ostrich time, bro? Bury that head.”

    Don’t bother me. I’m sniffing around for chicken shit in this sand.

    I hear it has nutrients!


    • ….Of course you’re sniffing around eating chicken shit, you’re a freak and a loser. If you’re a good boy, I’ll let you eat my shit.

      • Maybe Alanzo had stopped thinking about it, but Nice Guy hadn’t. He couldn’t. Because it all tied up with something he had been thinking about for years, since long before he ever ran into Alanzo.

        Because, in this trolling business you can’t sleep for trying to figure out the tricks other trolls could pull on you.

        You’re like the guy behind the roulette wheel, watching the customers to make sure they don’t crook the house. And then one night, you get to thinking how you could crook the house yourself. And do it smart. Because you’ve got that wheel right under your hands. And you know every notch in it by heart. And you figure all you need is a troll to buy your bullshit, a troll out in front, a shill to put down the bet. And suddenly Alanzo appears, and the whole set-up is right there on Frank Report for you.

        Look, I’m not trying to whitewash it. I think Nice Guy fought it, only maybe he didn’t fight it hard enough. The stakes were pure comedy gold, but they were also the happiness of a man, too, a man who’d never him any dirt other than insult him, his wife and unborn children.

        • Frank-

          You’re truly an *adroit writer.

          Sometimes my word retrieval is excellent and at other times not…Rare neurological disorders always have crazy symptoms. LOL

          “Ain’t life a mother fucker”
          (An innocent Man circa 1987)

  • Currently, Flowers is driving along the interstate highway, throwing her latest litter of dead cats out her car window.

  • Another masterful work by the wunderkind writer. Wordsmpthery!

    Who is this Johnny come lately? Could it truly be Bangkok…..

    Once again, true genius is on display for all to read.

  • I just wanted to add something that Kevin might be missing…

    Attorneys and doctors are taught to be very careful not to ever give the slightest illusion that a ‘client/professional’ relationship might exist, when it doesn’t.

    For example, on various legal aid websites (where strangers can ask general questions and get them answered by an attorney) — EVERY ATTORNEY always includes a disclaimer at the end of their comments, to make sure that people realize they are not acting as their attorney and that they should always consult their own attorney before making any serious legal decisions.

    The same is true for medical aid websites (where strangers can ask doctors general questions) — where EVERY SINGLE DOCTOR always includes a disclaimer, telling people that they’re not acting as their doctor and that they should always consult their local doctor before making any serious decisions about their body.

    Maybe Kevin should try this task below…

    Visit any online medical aid website (which allows questions) —- and ask them a hypothetical question about ‘branding’ and how to treat possible infections afterward.

    Guess what? I can promise you that EVERY ONLINE DOCTOR (who answers your question) will include a disclaimer that encourages you to consult your own doctor before making a decision to get branded, just to make sure that your immune system is healthy enough to heal any wounds quickly (immune system problems can slow down the healing of wounds, which could lead to an infection if a person is not 100% healthy).

    Therefore, any intelligent doctor (who was branding people in real life with a surgical instrument) would have required each woman to sign a disclaimer —— agreeing that she’s not acting as their doctor and that she’s not responsible for adhering to any anti-infection medical procedures which might normally be followed by a doctor in a professional setting.

    Or, at the very least, she should have VERBALLY gotten such ‘consent’ from each woman (agreeing that she’s not acting as their doctor) —— on the same video where she branded them.

    But the naysayers will say:

    “Then why don’t non-doctors need to do this before branding their friends?”

    Well, because every woman (being branded by Danielle) had KNOWLEDGE that she was a DOCTOR as her main profession (that’s the difference between her and other casual branding artists).

    If there’s ‘confusion’ — doctors are taught to end that confusion by giving disclaimers. Period.

    End of discussion. I win. Kevin loses. 🙂

    As an aside… In reality, even simple tattoo parlors will require you to sign a waiver (for liability reasons).

    If you can find a single tattoo parlor that won’t require you to sign a waiver/disclaimer just for a simple tattoo (not even a brand) —- then you’ve probably made history.

    They’ll all require waivers for liability reasons.

    Thankfully, nobody did get an infection in DOS.

    But that doesn’t change the fact that NO INTELLIGENT DOCTOR would have proceeded without reminding these women that she’s not acting as a doctor in any way, shape, or form —- and that she’s not responsible if things go south or for verifying their immune system health.

    I don’t expect Kevin to agree here, since he seems to fancy himself as the ‘savior’ of these NXIVM women (he’s their hero, in his own mind, lol).

    Kevin and Alonzo both want to protect these women at all costs —- even at the cost of failing to acknowledge BASIC COMMON SENSE. lol.

    If Keith Raniere regarded her as a doctor during these brandings (a man who Nexians regard as the 3rd smartest man in the world) — then how can Kevin honestly not see the obvious confusion?

    Have a good day! 🙂

  • I’m not weighing in for Danielle Roberts; anyone who is still firmly entrenched in adoration of Raniere after all the information that is out there – well, they’re just going to have to wake up in their own good time.

    The one caveat I’d add to all this – Raniere is a habitual liar and manipulator. He will say whatever he must to achieve his goals. Given his need to convince Suneel that all was legit with the DOS branding situation, I could easily see him touting her medical expertise and the validity of a “surgical instrument” as a way to manipulate Suneel. He was covering all potential doubts with a veneer of respectability and making sure Suneel continued to believe and work hard on finding Raniere a loophole.

    How Danielle saw her role in the branding and the perceptions of those who received brands? I think those questions would have to be answered by the parties themselves. Raniere is in constant manipulation mode – anything he says is suspect depending on his motives and his audience.

    • Important points.

      “Raniere is a habitual liar and manipulator.” IMO this is crucial to remember as we decide how to treat those straglers who have not yet woken up “in their own good time.”

      • How long does it take to realize this?

        The remaining deadenders are morons. They REFUSE to believe that he is such.

        I believe in the notion that you eventually become the company you keep. If that company is good or bad, then they rub off on you in the same way.

        So, if the straglers continue to buy his lies and and persist in propagating them, then they too become habitual liars and manipulators.

        Enough time has passed for excusing their behavior. After all, it’s their own philosophy to accept responsibility for their choices.

        • I get your exasperation, but it is a fact that people learn stuff at different rates, for all sorts of reasons. You can read something or be told something think you get it, but be not yet fit to see.

          Its even worse when you have been drilled or coerced into an ‘understanding’, buttressed by fear.
          That might never lift. They might need everyones sympathy and understanding for the rest of their days. Would it really hurt to give it? After all, they have been and so still are – effectively, blackmailed.

          • Nope.

            There’s no excuse for it now. The man is prison for the rest of his life and will never get out. There have literally been dozens of negative articles written for over decade, plenty of defectors speaking out, loads of evidence presented in the rigorous standards of a trial, etc., all supporting the now obvious fact that they were conned by a conman.

            They are in braindead territory now with no excuses free from the at least physical shackles of the cult, especially when they don’t believe in “brainwashing” and supposedly support the principles of responsibility and agency and continue to criticize the victims.

            People who continuously excuse bad behavior promote it. It destroys people’s lives.

        • Giving context and making excuses are different things that share a cloudy middle line. I know I toe that line and stumble over each side of it. Don’t look at me for the answers. I’m just thinking aloud.

          • Nutjob wrote:

            “Giving context and making excuses are different things that share a cloudy middle line. I know I toe that line and stumble over each side of it. Don’t look at me for the answers. I’m just thinking aloud.”

            That cloudy middle line is where the truth most often resides.

            I don’t see you stumbling. I see you killing it at the Bolshoi Ballet.


  • Astute observations. When dead Enders want to Tout the amazing qualities of Danielle they frequently talk about her working for free as a doctor to Aid a member of the Nexium community. It is absolutely true as stated in the post that Danielle was known as a doctor throughout the community. And on numerous occasions consulted as a medical professional.

    So in addition to Keith laying that credential out as a justification for why the brand were done correctly with medical supervision by Danielle a doctor. it is absolutely true that amongst themselves in the cult community Danielle’s qualifications as a doctor for both known and respected.

    It is also true that throughout all of the Dos slave manual materials Frank has posted it is stated over and over again that each and every slave should be working at their highest use.

    There are examples that if someone is a lawyer you want them to utilize their skills as a lawyer. Likewise if someone is a doctor you’re supposed to be getting free labor from them as a doctor. That’s the entire basis of the pyramid scheme. The Masters are supposed to get hours of Free Labor every week from their slaves. And the slaves are meant to be utilized in their areas of training education and expertise. That is clearly laid out. There is no question that Danielle was chosen to do the brand because she was a doctor. And there is no question that the slave women trusted her more than they would have say just an actress burning there Grind With A cauterizing pen.

  • Dear George McBlack,

    I still haven’t seen your interview Q/A posted up on here.

    I assume Ol’ Ginzo is still playing games like he has with my articles.

    Just email it to me at

    It would be easier that way then we can actually have a back and forth.

    ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻


      • Dear poor confused faggot,

        Please shut the fuck up and mind your own business!

        You’re the only douché bag here seeing the fact that my name isn’t “Scott” and neither am I a “sock puppet” of anybody!

        The only thing that we need to “get over with” is you pieces of shit who have the nerve to butt into a conversation only to say this kind of asinine bullshit without any proof or real logical reason!

        You idiots propelling this shit are so dumb and have ZERO evidence to prove it! So go get yourself “free” of your own stupidity before you yap about letting some “sock puppet” made up by your own confused imagination free, you mentally retarded twit!

        Oh! The gullibility of the internet! Where idiots can make up anything and other idiots will believe it!

        But don’t worry! The patriots believe too! But not in your stupid conspiracy theory! We believe in we believe in something FAR MORE IMPORTANT! We believe in…….

        ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻

        ✊🏻 THERE’S A BETTER WAY! ✊🏻

        • —Oh! The gullibility of the internet! Where idiots can make up anything and other idiots will believe it!

          Et tu? What are you?

          You’re a lonely sap.

    • Mr. Patriot God,

      Mr. Parlato did post it up already on another article but if you want it done this way then I will do so and then we can have an actual conversation. So this works even better.

    • Frank-

      Something tells me Patriot God is either G. Gordon Liddy‘s ghost or Roger Stone’s alter ego.

      Which is it?

        • “I now have a Marie White painting of Patriot God.“


          I’m warning you right now, boy! So help me God if you dare post up any of that dumb wannabe painter bitch’s worthless and classless hideous and pathetically immature kindergarten level finger paintings that reek of an uncreative inartistic failure of a mentally arrested tenth rate amateur shit smear garbage that you imbecilely call “art” onto any of my ingenious articles or interview that I’ve worked my ass off on only for you to soil it like a toddler does his diapers when I’ve waited this long for it’s publication, then I will personally hunt your reckless guido nigger ass down and beat the ever living shit out of you and snap all the bones in every one of your fat guido fingers so that your dumbass can never type on a computer again!

          Post it on your own articles! NOT MINE!

          I’m not playing with you!

          • Patriot God, I think the likeness is outstanding. She portrayed you just like I picture you. But if you want, submit a photo of yourself so I can use it instead.

          • “Patriot God, I think the likeness is outstanding. She portrayed you just like I picture you. But if you want, submit a photo of yourself so I can use it instead.”

            Oh I’m sure she did! A vulgar hyperbolic mediocre finger-painted insult! That’s all that wannabe painter can ever do! Tell that dumb kindergarten level of a wannabe painter that shitted better art!

            Of course your tasteless and stunted niggered brain would find that similar to your mind! Just like a nigger thinks a making jailhouse brick is “fine cuisine” when he’s in prison and talking fast in with a 4 time beat is “music”!

            I put up all the of pictures in my articles that I want to put in to describe my real looks! The interview will be no pictures! Do not add anything to any of my work or you’re dead!

            You know nothing of what I truly look like! Stop pretending that you do!

          • I saw you talking to Heidi’s pool guy, remember? I went up to you and introduced myself. I was the dark skinned dago and you hid behind Nice Guy and told him, “he wouldn’t hit a man with glasses, would he?”

          • ‘I saw you talking to Heidi’s pool guy, remember? I went up to you and introduced myself. I was the dark skinned dago and you hid behind Nice Guy and told him, “he wouldn’t hit a man with glasses, would he?”’

            Yeah, you wish! My family has fought bigger nigher than you all throughout history!

  • Point well made. Repeatedly. Learning outcome checked.

    Even if Kevin is entitled to his own opinion – he (or anyone) is not entitled to his own ‘facts’.

  • Well argued, Bangkok. Raniere set it up from the very beginning and, in true narcissistic manner, set up patsies to take the fall should things ever go wrong.
    The first patsy in the ‘branding saga’ was actually Allison Mack. The transcript of the conversation between KR and AM shows him ‘leading’ her along: (R): what can you do to show loyalty, something may be like a tattoo … something you could wear permanently in secret … (M): hmmm. good idea. tattoo is so … how about a brand? (R) YOU come up with such great ideas (praise, pat on the back, making sure that AM will ‘claim’ the idea should things not pan out as expected) …
    Then, further along, poor AM falling into the trap again: (R): they should show they’re willing to do anything, show they’re badass. (M): hmm. (R): maybe they should ask to be given the brand (so desirable …) (M) Yes. They should ask for it. Show their loyalty .. (R – planting the idea in AM’s head): it would be such an honour .. (M): They should say: ‘Master, it is such an honour …
    And so the branding is recorded, not only as blackmail material, for KR’s delight and to satisfy his secret sadism, but MAINLY to ensure that if things fall apart, he can claim, hand on heart, that ‘look at the evidence. Nothing to do with me, the women asked for it. AM came up with the idea on her own. Here’s the proof. Women know their mind – waffle, waffle, word salad to deflect, strong women – more word salad to appeal to the women’s badassery – while internally laughing at how gullible they are. From his teachings, etc, KR is nothing but a misogynist.
    AM was set up to take the fall for the branding from the very beginning. Hence KR’s subsequent passive-aggressive rant about ‘I did not control AM well enough … it’s all my fault’.
    Dr Danielle Roberts was another patsy, designed to take the fall as well. Bangkok made a good argument above, so no need to repeat.
    No, the patsies are not innocent victims. They collaborated willingly, for their own personal reasons (power, fear, love, wanting to impress, whatever … it is for them to examine their own ‘shadow’ if they ever hope to ‘heal’).
    In the narcissist’s world, setting others up so nothing sticks to you is called ‘plausible deniability’. ‘No, I didn’t do it, I’m a victim, they did it, they’re haters and I have the receipts.’

  • There’s no doubt she was acting in the capacity of a doctor. They didn’t give Nicki Clyne the cauterizing pen. If they had I don’t think the women would have proceeded without question.

    Robert’s was their doctor. She was branding women under false pretense. That alone is an ethical issue. She follows psychopath Raniere. Her vow is to him above all others. For that reason alone she is unfit to be a doctor.

    Don’t give money to her appeal. Let her stick to pure yoga and fitness and stop using nxivm for fame and profit.

    Girls were raped. That should be enough cause to abandon nxivm.

    • All great comments.and thank you Bangkok for addressing this to Kevin.
      And Patsies. Yes I was also going to mention that tape recording of Allison/Keith. He set Danielle up as the trusted Doctor.

      Anyone ever wonder why Ms Mack had those tapes and kept them far away from NXIVM headquarters in NYC? I dont think this was ever addressed.

      • Jenny @ 4:25

        Amazing video, I had read in the NYT that branding was more painful than childbirth.
        I had 3 children including twins and
        after watching the video I’m considering a family tree with their sweet silhouettes.
        Definitely faster and NO pushing!

        • Wow you are that person on the internet who is convinced of something after they watch a YouTube video. Never understood who those people were and sort of didn’t believe they existed. Make sure that before you get the branding, you are blackmailed you mentioned three children maybe you could give incriminating evidence that could ruin all of your lives. Keith’s slave masters particularly liked false accusations that someone else in the family molested the children.

          Allison wrote such a letter about her own brother. Make sure there’s stuff like that hanging over your head before someone tells you what your branding design will be because you don’t get to choose and then have them hold you down naked and record it so the next YouTube video you see of a vagina Branding can be your own when they release your blackmail. The key point you make in your dead and your comment is that you would decide to be branded and you would decide what the design of the brand is and presumably you would decide where to have the brand done on your body. Those are some key differences thanks for pointing that out!

          • Allison is responsible for Allison
            Sarah did similar lies ( truth?)

            Maybe the naked pics were all some women offered, so as NOT to bring their family into a process of something they were trying out that they thought might be freeing?

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