Bangkok: Best Doctors Get Disclaimers When Branding Non Patients

Bangkok wrote a story the other day. Its title was Bangkok Chastises Fool Notion of Non-Medical Branding.

Since he wrote it, he had more brilliant thoughts. He wants Kevin, our defender of Allison Mack, and her slave, Dr. Danielle Roberts, to consider. 

Kevin [artist’s depiction above] tries to defend Allison Mack and Danielle Roberts against the callous and callow howling of the carping, careless, contumacious, and ungenerous scoffers of moral decency in their decadently degenerate and unsublime turpitude, insobriety, and devolutionary ineptness.

Dr. Roberts is Allison Mack’s slave, because Danielle took a lifetime vow of slavery to her. The DOS Manual does not allow a slave to quit, because her master renounced DOS to avoid a mere decade of prison. No, the slave is stuck, and they’re going to pay through the nose, and they know it.  If they lose their medical license because they will not renounce their grandmaster, it is only a sacrifice made out of passion for DOS. Their first duty is to DOS and it is more important than any license or medical duty. The first consideration is to obey their master.

But may I pose a question? Suppose Allison Mack is your master. What if she told you to quit DOS and stop supporting Keith Raniere from prison? Do you obey your master? If you do not, did you not violate your vow of lifetime obedience to Miss Allison, your master? 

While we await thoughtful replies, let us, without further ado, get onto the precocious thoughts of the man they now call the smartest man not inside a prison… Bangkok.

 By Bangkok

I just wanted to add something Kevin might be missing…

Attorneys and doctors are taught to be careful not to ever give the slightest illusion that a ‘client/professional’ relationship might exist, when it doesn’t.

For example, on various Legal aid websites (where strangers can ask general questions and get them answered by an attorney) — EVERY ATTORNEY always includes a disclaimer at the end of their comments, to make sure that people realize they are not acting as their attorney and that they should always consult their own attorney before making any serious legal decisions.

The same is true for medical aid websites (where strangers can ask doctors general questions) — where EVERY SINGLE DOCTOR always includes a disclaimer, telling people that they’re not acting as their doctor and that people should always consult their local doctor before making serious decisions about their body.

Maybe Kevin should try this task below…

Visit any online medical aid website (which allows questions) —- and ask them a hypothetical question about ‘branding’ and how to treat possible infections afterwards.

Guess what? I can promise you that EVERY ONLINE DOCTOR (who answers your question) will include a disclaimer that encourages you to consult your own doctor before making a decision to get branded, just to ensure your immune system is healthy enough to heal any wounds quickly (immune system problems can slow down the healing of wounds, which could lead to an infection if a person is not 100% healthy).

Therefore, any intelligent doctor (who was branding people in real life with a surgical instrument) would have required each woman to sign a disclaimer — agreeing that she’s not acting as their doctor and that she’s not responsible for adhering to any anti-infection medical procedures which might normally be followed by a doctor in a professional setting.

Or, at least, she should have VERBALLY gotten such ‘consent’ from each woman (agreeing that she’s not acting as their doctor) —— on the same video where she branded them.

But the naysayers will say:

“Then why don’t non-doctors need to do this before branding their friends?”

Well, because every woman (being branded by Danielle) had KNOWLEDGE that she was a DOCTOR as her main profession (that’s the difference between her and other casual branding artists).

If there’s ‘confusion’ — doctors are taught to end that confusion by giving disclaimers. Period.

End of discussion. I win. Kevin loses. 🙂

As an aside… In reality, even simple tattoo parlors will require you to sign a waiver (for liability reasons).

If you can find a single tattoo parlor that won’t require you to sign a waiver/disclaimer just for a simple tattoo (not even a brand) — then you’ve probably made history.

They’ll all require waivers for liability reasons.

Thankfully, nobody did get an infection in DOS.

But that doesn’t change the fact that NO INTELLIGENT DOCTOR would have proceeded without reminding these women that she’s not acting as a doctor in any way, shape, or form —- and that she’s not responsible if things go south or for verifying their immune system health.

I don’t expect Kevin to agree here, since he seems to fancy himself as the ‘savior’ of these NXIVM women (he’s their hero, in his own mind, lol).

Kevin and Alonzo both want to protect these women at all costs — even at the cost of failing to acknowledge BASIC COMMON SENSE. lol.

It’s “ofishhole” Keith Raniere is the world’s smartest US federal inmate with a sentence greater than 100 years.

If Keith Raniere regarded Danielle as a doctor during the brandings (a man who Nxians regard as the 3rd smartest man in the world) — then how can Kevin honestly not see the obvious confusion?

Have a good day! 🙂

MK10ART’s painting of the branding of a woman, with Allison Mack, Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman looking on.
MK10ART’s depiction of Allison Mack and Dr. Danielle Roberts branding a DOS slave.
The branding caused Dr. Roberts to lose her medical license.

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  • “Thankfully, nobody did get an infection in DOS.”

    That’s speculative. A DOS member seeking treatment for an infection caused by cauterization would be highly unlikely to disclose the exact circumstances to her physician.

  • This is the proper way to perform body branding or scarification:

    Much of a scarification procedure is similar to that of a tattooing. Once a design is put on the skin using thermopaper, the design is lightly scratched with a scalpel to open the skin. A gel that slightly numbs the surface is rubbed into the wounds. The artist then goes back in and widens the lines with the scalpel.

  • If there was ever any doubt about the humiliating practices and punishments and forced rituals of the blackmailed slaves of Keith’s demented fantasies working out for the slaves in any kind of positive way, simply View the photos of people like India and even squeaky now, versus how they looked back then.

    Even with the stress of going through the trial and accounting for natural aging, pretty much all of the former slave women look better and healthier now. After getting away from Vanguard Keith in both physical proximity and constant coercive control through his minions in the bowels of the community , generally most of the women look a lot healthier and happier.

  • For the people who are determined to have a go at the late Queen Elizabeth II, can’t you at least wait until she has been interred? Bear in mind that she had relatives and was loved.

    At my side of the pond, many people have been deeply affected by her loss. To some she was a Granny figure.

    Prime Ministers, like Presidents, come and go but most over here have only lived with one Monarch on the throne. In the end, the UK has had to deal with mass immigration, Covid, Brexit, economic crisis and the cult of woke trying to destroy our culture and traditions. The Queen was our one constant so I, like many others grieve.

  • How Queen Elizabeth’s government made Pedophile Jimmy Savile the head of Broadmoor mental hospital.
    Broadmoor: Savile was ‘a lunatic in charge of the asylum’

    • Fortune
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      12) The Queen’s personal assets will now be passed down to Charles III, once he official takes the throne.
      Due to a special legal clause (that aims to avoid erosion of the royal family’s wealth), he won’t pay the 40% inheritance tax.

    • People giving Charles grief for dating 16 year old Diana Spencer need to remember, she was already far too old for Andrew at the time.

    • King Charles has explained he thinks it’s perfectly fine that he met Princess Diana when she was 16 and he was 29 and dating her older sister, before switching girlfriends. His brother Andrew has offered his full support.

  • “Kevin and Alonzo both want to protect these women at all costs — even at the cost of failing to acknowledge BASIC COMMON SENSE. lol.

    Since the first ruling by the medical board was to throw out Sarah’s complaint because the branding had nothing to do with the practice of medicine, I guess what you see as BASIC COMMON SENSE is not so common.

    Or basic.

    Sane, rational, and well-meaning people can disagree on this – the NYS licensing board even disagrees with itself on this.


    • Their first decision was based in cursory information and didn’t take into context all of the details of the environment and milieu in which the branding took place.

      This idea that they first made one decision and then another doesn’t necessarily imply that the rulings are of equal weight and it is just a matter of simple disagreement of opinions.

    • Alonzo? Gloves off. You continue to push ideas of human slavery. I don’t like it.

      Why should a medical board agree that Danielle is justified in using an unlicensed medical/cauterizing pen to brand the initials of someone’s boyfriend into her pelvis be an okay activity to do in her “free time”?

      • “You continue to push ideas of human slavery. I don’t like it.


        You’ve gotten yourself into a bit of an hysterical lather here, haven’t you?

        Please provide the quotes where I’ve “pushed ideas of human slavery”.


    • I wonder what gets more schlong: Alonzo’s blowhole or his bunghole.

      …..I believe Scott Johnson may know the ‘carnal’ answer.

      • Marvin. You ought to take a look at the statistics on sex sometime. You might learn a little something about the trolling business. You never read an actuarial table on trolling in your life. I’ve got ten volumes on trolling about sex alone.

        Sex by race, by gender, by occupation, by orientation, by seasons of the year, by time of day.

        Sex, how committed: by coitus, by sodomy, subdivided by types of sodomy, such as oral, anal, bestiality, by drowning, zoophilia, necrophilia, eproctophilia and so forth. Sex by onanism, with love dolls, with sex toys, on phones, subdivided by phone calls made from trains, trucks, on horses, on steamboats. But Mr. Gaye, of all the cases on record, there’s not one single case of sex that involves Scott Johnson being a witness or participant.

        • LMFAO! Comedy 🎖

          Uncle Frank,

          Aren’t all men who practice monogamy, in 35 year marriages, into onanism?

          I’m a high priest of Onanism; Scott Johnson is a bishop; NutJob is the Ayatollah; and the Grand Swami is Alanzo.

          Frank’s dropping some knowledge, never, ever, heard of eproctophilia. It actually is a thing.

          • Marvin, you have to be very careful from now on. You can’t let anybody smell you and her practicing eproctophilia.

            You can’t even talk to her on the telephone. Not from her house or at your office, anyway. So you can meet her in the supermarket every morning about 11.00, buying stuff. And you could sort of run into her there
            any day you want to. Sort of accidentally on purpose.

    • This point that keeps being made by Cult apologists that one decision to throw something out means that any decision after that is null and void must be applicable to Keith as well. Keith was found guilty. So there should be no re-examining that case either? Right? That’s the logic here? Everything should just get one look and one decision?

    • Alonzo , so bleeping true!!
      They also made it public and then tried to hide that..saying she can’t use public knowledge wth.

  • “Suppose Allison Mack is your master. What if she told you to quit DOS and stop supporting Keith Raniere from prison?”

    I am guessing the grandmaster supersedes the master? And so if Allison is no longer accountable to her master Keith, her authority over “her” slaves is invalid. ??

    I can’t recall, were there induction ceremonies apart from the branding ceremonies? Like would Keith say to the 1st-line women: you are now my slave but I now imbue the power in you to be the master to your slaves… contingent on you upholding your role as my slave. ?? I.e “the chain shall not be broken”

    • What you see as BASIC COMMON SENSE… is not so common….”

      Alonzo is wrong!

      Common sense is common….

      ……It’s why 99% of the people who are asked to join Scientology say NO!

      It’s the elite 1% who say “yes” that have no common sense

      Alonzo is elite!

      LMFAO @ Alonzo’s idiocy!

  • Didn’t the Dr question why she was branding initials of the ring leaders of NXVIUM on the members public region ?
    Who wants to have their name “ stamped “ on such a misogynistic practice? She weaponized her power.
    Coward. Just disgusting.

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