Shadow: How long did Allison Mack live in Brooklyn? What did she do there?

“WTG, Shadow! Hmm, wonder if there might not be some security camera data still available, maybe for sale, on certain dates where a blindfolded girl was allegedly led out of the building, where a NYT reporter set up for an interview, etc. May be already sold to a Sylvie Lloyd type. Pssst. If I were a gossip columnist worth dick these days, I’d be on my way to that security office in a bikini with a wad of cash before I finished reading this. But wear a fur over the bikini, hear it’s chilly there.”

Shadow State responded to Heidi as follows:

By Shadow State 1958


I doubt that anyone wants to see me in a bikini. Even I don’t want to see myself in a bikini. And I will pass on the option of hacking into computers.

I will note. however. that when Allison Mack was arrested, it was early in the morning and India Oxenberg was with her. So you can draw your own conclusions on how they spent the previous night.

Because of Mack’s obsession with Joan of Arc, Catherine Oxenberg was understandably worried about her daughter’s safety.

The Saint George Tower was designed by Emery Roth, the architect who designed the San Remo, a residential structure overlooking Central Park.  The fact that the building was designed by a prominent architect ups the price of the condo and apartment units.

Here is the Wikipedia entry on Saint George Tower.

The St. George is a collection of surviving buildings constructed predominantly from 1885 to 1929; the St. George occupied a full city block bounded by Clark Street, Pineapple Street, Hicks Street, and Henry Street. The main building, St. George Tower, stands over 30 stories tall and is now a residential cooperative building. It once drew celebrities, athletes, and every presidential hopeful flocking to its many ballrooms (the Colorama Ballroom being the largest banquet room in the world) and the largest indoor salt-water pool in the United States.
Part of The Godfather was filmed in the St. George.

Saint George Tower has an outdoor balcony level called the Promenade with stunning views of the East River and Manhattan. Saint George Tower is within walking distance of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood is now quite trendy with artists and actors who can’t afford Manhattan real estate prices.

How long did Allison Mack live in Brooklyn?

She drove a Jane Doe from Brooklyn to Clifton Park in January 2016.

She was arrested in Brooklyn in April 2018.

At least two years.

Perhaps a view of the 2017 fireworks from Allison Mack’s apartment.


“God shed his grace on thee.” I’ve always identified with fireworks… it’s how I feel most of the time… #proudandprivileged #missingyoupammy

Note the hashtag #missingyoupammy.
Pammy Cafritz?

Pam Cafritz was Allison Mack’s predecessor as top wing woman for Keith Raniere. While Pam’s specialty was grooming underage girls, it was Allison who introduced branding women on their pubic region – or at least that is what she claims. Some think it was all Keith Raniere’s idea.

Painting by MK10ART

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  • Actually, having an older building designed by a noted architect probably lowers its value, as it is more likely to have landmark designation or preservation covenants that would prevent an owner from freely altering or demolishing it.

    • I actually met her in Albany at restaurant in Dec 2012. I asked why she was up upstate and she had said she took the train up from the city. I know she had a smaller studio at that time in Brooklyn.

  • Heidi, I don’t know where Anon got their information. Possibly Anon’s info is accurate, but there is nothing in the indictment about Jane Doe 1 being driven from Brooklyn. Here are some quotes from the indictment:

    “Throughout her time in DOS, Jane Doe 1 was living in Brooklyn, New York. CC-1 ordered Jane Doe 1 to travel to Clifton Park nearly every week from Brooklyn. When Jane Doe 1 was in Clifton Park, she stayed with CC-1 and CC-2, another of CC-1 ‘s slaves.”


    “At one point, Jane Doe l expressed to RANIERE that she was having difficulty affording the frequent trips to Clifton Park. RANIERE was frustrated with her
    and took a bag with $ 10,000 in cash from a drawer in the Library and asked her if that would make her happy. Jane Doe l began using the cash to pay for her trips, only taking enough for the ticket each time she visited.”

    Even the description of the night in question contains no indication that Jane Doe 1 was driven from Brooklyn for the blindfold assignation.

    • Yes, thanks for that. I need to review the indictment. Anon’s comment strikes me as someone in-the-know or the right impression based on the travel history pattern. Keith didn’t drive, hated leaving his “realm” of dominion and control, so it makes sense the NYC slavemasters trafficked their fresh prey to him Upstate.

  • the mexicans operating with the arizona mafia peeps made some of the ladies from nxivm available to eric schmidt in nyc. this was done in the time when the ties were established and solidified between schmidt, the democratic party and jim messina.

    it is a fact not speculation, eric schmidt banged allison mack at his n.y. pad. i can’t believe no one has provided this tip yet so I am sending it in. it is verifiable.

    • I will verify your statements.There is sooo much more to what is going on then the simpletons that post here can comprehend.

  • It should be noted that the picture of the fireworks is from Downtown Albany. The park to the left is the Capital and the buildings in the distance are Agency buildings, the very ones Catherine went to, to meet with top NYS officials to turn over proof.

    My guess is the picture was taking from the top of a parking garage located off of State St.

    • The main importance of the picture is that it establishes a relationship between Pam Cafritz and
      Allison Mack, Raniere’s first and second Pimps.

      What did Cafritz tell Allison Mack about Raniere’s pedophilia?

      Did Pamela Cafritz tell Mack about Rhiannon, the twelve year old girl who was molested by Raniere some 60 times?

      Was Mack being exiled from NXIVM Village until the branding story cooled off?

  • I don’t ever comment bu it should be noted that the picture of the fireworks is from Downtown Albany. The park to the left is the Capital and the buildings in the distance are Agency buildings, the very ones Catherine went to, to meet with top NYS officials to turn over proof.

    My guess is the picture was taking from the top of a parking garage located off of State St.

  • Allison Mack: Follow the Money
    Some more information on Allison Mack’s Brooklyn neighborhood and her real estate activities.

    Young actors and actresses used to go to Manhattan to learn their craft.
    Because of high real estate prices in Manhattan itself young actors and artists now head to Brooklyn across the East River.
    Brooklyn is still expensive but not by New York City standards.

    The Brooklyn neighborhoods that are most popular with the artistic set are Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO
    Dumbo (or DUMBO, short for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn.
    DUMBO also has lots of tech start ups.

    Allison Mack lived in Brooklyn Heights.
    The Saint George complex Mack lived in also had a building serving as a dormitory for college students housing 1400 college students.
    (Think of all those coeds recruited into NXIVM)

    The historic building is now being used as student housing for surrounding colleges such as NYU, Pace, New York Law School and The New York Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts. It houses over 1,400 students, and occupancy will increase with the building continuing to being refurbished and repaired.

    NXIVM has a small contingent of members who are located in Brooklyn and Allison Mack was the most prominent member of that contingent.
    Mack was the spearhead of NXIVM’s invasion of Brooklyn.

    As for when Allison .Mack first moved to New York City the earliest date I can establish is January 2015.
    And she kept a residence in New York City and another residence in Clifton Park until April 2018
    when she was arrested.
    allisonmack729 Home again home again

    Moreover Allison Mack rented the Clifton Park townhouse where the brandings occurred from a
    local pediatrician
    Allison Mack either owned or rented at least three properties in Brooklyn and Clifton Park.

    The Brooklyn apartment rental

    A Clifton Park townhouse owned (7 Generals Way)
    7 Generals Way
    This town home is now for rent for $2,350 /mo. It is owned by Allison Mack. She bought the town home in 2011 not long after she “retired” from TV.

    A Clifton Park townhouse rental
    Feds error- Allison Mack did not own property they are trying to seize; landlord who rented to Mack claims ‘I did not know anything illegal was going on’!

    Plus Allison Mack co-signed the mortgage on “Doctor Brandon Porter’s house.
    “It was mentioned previously that 1) Allison Mack co-signed on the mortgage 2) The Porters couldn’t pay their bills even before Brandon Porter wound up in deep doo-doo.”

    Who helped Allison Mack pay for all that real estate?

  • Meanwhile this pathetic NXIVM enabler make this farcical announcement in the appropriate place for such a sleazy clown.

    Kirsten Gillibrand announces 2020 presidential run on Colbert

    • The Senator has some unfunished business to attend to in her district and ought note that having a vagina — branded or no — will not get her any automatic #metoovotes if she doesn’t change her track record on “empowering” pedophile, sex trafficker, money laundering, extortionist, killer cults for campaign donations, fast. But congrats, Ms. Gillibrand, on fracturing your party’s Presidential ticket and highlighting such hypocrisies as you and many of your branded female constituents embody so far ahead of the election.

    • Thanks for reposting that link Diane. On another post a comment to her further clarified:

      Anon said:
      My understanding is that Jane Doe 1 was driven from Brooklyn to the Halfmoon area for her blindfold adventures. Even with little traffic it’s a few hours.
      Eastern District has jurisdiction because she was taken from Brooklyn, which is why they could get involved when Northern would never touch NXIVM. Then, because it is a RICO case, they can have jurisdiction from all the other crimes found in the process of investigating this crime regardless of their geographic location.

  • Because of Mack’s obsession with Joan of Arc, Catherine Oxenberg was understandably worried about her daughter’s safety.

    I’m unsure what you are trying to say here–Joan of Arc is one of the Roman Catholic Church’s bravest and most heroic saints and she was burned at the stake for being a heretic by the English. So are you saying that AM would have tried to burn India at the stake? Or that AM was trying to lead people into battle? Your point in unclear.

    • Lena, It sounds like AM had a martyr complex, and Catherine Oxenberg did not want her daughter dragged along. I can see how that would terrify a mother. In corroboration, we now have Allison’s “Take one for the team” remark in the courthouse restroom.

    • Of course it was unclear. When a person carries out an obsession as long as this guy has, it basically become the rantings of a madman. No matter what happens to Mack she has cuckolded this guy to his grave.

    • I hate to burst any bubbles on France’s closest claim to any virtue apart from its cuisine, however, in many revisionist accounts, Joan of Arc got royally fucked over by the King or monarchy who used a poor, schizophrenic girl’s militant visions as a poster child to wage war in the name of God himself, after which Joan was abandoned in such a manner as to be “captured,” coerced into a witchcraft confession, burned at the stake and canonized, of course, as a Saint.

      So, let’s all hope Allison Mack doesn’t meet a similar fate whether genuine or coercively canonized, as Saint Joan of Arc — the girl burned at the stake. Who died “for her beliefs.”

      Btw, Keith crafted Gina’s death in part by convincing her she was a reincarnate Buddhist Goddess. I believe they had, have Allison Mack on the same martyrdom NLP track. Kristen Snyder wrote “I didn’t know I was already dead.” Kristin was convinced she caused crises and death in her reincarnate form.


        A link for further reflection on the possible fate of Joan of Arc reincarnate, Allison Mack.

        Good research on the locale, Shadow but seems you’re still skewing factoids away from Mack’s favor and bent on skewing Allie harder than the others just as if not more guilty such as Lauren & Nancy Salzman.

      • Heidi – do you know if Keith had this reincarnation thing going pre-Nancy? I’d guess he got it from Nancy and her “past life” snake oil. He then used it on her and others.

        • Yes, Nutjob! Gina was “recognized” by KAR as Lady Yeshe Tsogyel — a Buddhist consort and student written of in a book called “Sky Dancer” Keith gifted to Gina very early in their relationship. Gina carried the book with her everywhere for years and developed a kind of alter-ego as the Buddhist Goddess, Samayatara. Keith proclaimed he was, among other power fantasies, a reincarnate of a Buddhist God whom Yeshe Tsogyel consorted with and who was her spiritual master. According to Keith, they’d miraculously been reborn together in this incarnation for Keith to continue leading Gina to enlightenment and becoming a rare Buddhist goddess. IF she overcame her disintegrations and Luciferian ways. Later, Kristin Keefe, a number of the girls had reincarnate roles — Keith used the same playbook that worked on Gina — Keefe was a Goddess of Justice; Juno, I think, among other past life identities Keith “recognized.” Juno became their legal liaison, where Gina remained the consort in training to become an enlightened Goddess. The similarities with some of the current victim’s stories frighten me and I pray the ending of their stories will be far happier than that of some of their predecessors.

  • I don’t care, either, except that I thank God every day that she and KAR originated some crimes in Brooklyn. This allowed the Eastern District of New York to get involved and finally DO something about these assholes, when no one in or around Albany would.

    • Who the hell cares.

      The US Department of Justice cares.

      Because some of the sex trafficking operations occurred in Brooklyn in Allison Mack’s apartment, including some brandings of sex slaves, the whole case can be brought in the Eastern District of New York, whose prosecutors appear eager to destroy NXIVM.

      Moreover, if Clare Bronfman financed that apartment, then she is more deeply involved in the sex trafficking case than she wants to be.

      What you think is irrelevant is actually extremely relevant.

      • Here is the teaser SS58 she lived within walking distance to the MDC some time beforehand so did they know it was going to happen way before it did? Does her contract include living within x paces of said leader? Hmm…

        • The later it was Clare leased the NYC apartment, if she did, the more likely it is NX knew and prepared Ally for full, final martyrdom, IMO. Plus, wasn’t Pam Caffritz already long dead in July 2017.

          (Unless, Allison was preparing to meet Pam in spirit? I heard KAR was doing some kind of Buddhist type recognition thing where spirits of the dead are reborn in the body of a newborn baby. Such as Kemar was conceived near the time of Pam’s death.)

          Back to the drawing board, please, Shadow. What do you make of Ally in Albany tweeting to a dead Pam? And, with NX, can’t rule out faking an alibi on twitter.

          • The NYT interview took place roughly 6 months before it was published so that would make it circa November 2017. So based on the timeline, I agree she was set up well in advance to take the fall.

          • The later it was Clare leased the NYC apartment, if she did, the more likely it is NX knew and prepared Ally for full, final martyrdom, IMO. Plus, wasn’t Pam Caffritz already long dead in July 2017.

            Beware .of Bronfmans bearing gifts.
            Pam Cafritz died in November 2016 right around election day.

      • The picture above is from Downtown Albany. The buildings in the background are NYS Agency buildings as well as Capital Park.

        That picture was defitely taken from a parking garage off of State St.

      • You don’t know that. The Justice Department has a job to do. They get paid good money to do their jobs. Now if any of them are obsessed with celebrity like you are and basically a cuckold to a woman you were thrown out of NXIVM over, than they should be shitcanned immediately if not sooner. You are not Tom Welling little fella. There is no such thing as Superman as much as you fantasize to be.

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