Rumors About Allison Mack Include Nervous Breakdown

Convicted racketeer and former actress Allison Mack has had a nervous breakdown, a Nxivm source told Frank Report.

“She had a meltdown,” the source said. “She was babbling and incoherent and needed psychiatric treatment.”

Mack lives at her parent’s home in Los Alamitos, California, and is subject to home arrest. She wears an ankle monitor so that authorities can track her whereabouts 24/7.

“Her episode was so severe, and her lack of cognition of her surroundings caused alarm for family and friends and necessitated medical attention,” the source said.

Mack was not called as a witness to testify against Keith Alan Raniere, her former slave master.  On June 19 [Vangone Day], Raniere was convicted on seven felony counts including sex trafficking and racketeering.

During the final weeks of Raniere’s trial, two of Mack’s former slaves gave damning testimony about Mack before the jury, and Judge Nicholas G Garaufis, who will sentence Mack.

Mack was described as controlling, sadistic and extremely salacious.

Her sentencing is scheduled for September 11.  While sentencing guidelines suggest a prison sentence in the range of 3-5 years, the judge, if he thinks she deserves it, can sentence her to up to 40 years.

Mack took a plea deal, admitting to two felony counts of racketeering and racketeering conspiracy. Each carries a 20-year maximum sentence.

There are some who think Mack was a victim and forced to obey orders from her slave master, Raniere, who held blackmail material on her.  Others say Mack truly believed she was helping her own slaves become empowered through Raniere’s tough-love discipline and sexual healing techniques.

Nancy Grace Disagrees

One person who is not buying that Mack should be held less culpable than her master is Nancy Grace, a former prosecutor and famous TV journalist.

Radar Online reports:

“Nancy Grace believes Allison Mack should not be given any leniency when it comes to her prison sentence for her involvement in the NXIVM sex cult, exclusively learned.

“In an interview with Radar, the veteran prosecutor told Radar that Mack, 36, deserves to be locked up behind bars for the same amount of time as the … Keith Raniere

“’I don’t care if she’s a famous actress or not,’ Grace fumed to Radar. ‘She did this. She stood by him and watched it and took part in it. She should get the same sentence as [Keith Raniere]…

“’We’re talking about an actual sex pervert who actually took a hot iron and branded human flesh of his victims,’ Grace said. ‘He’s criminally liable for all of that.’”

Another Rumor

Meantime, Crazy Days and Nights reports that Mack is having sex with at least two men.

“Those close to this disgraced former A-list mostly television actress from a long-running hit show know the identity of the person footing the bill for legal services in exchange for sex. He has got some very big pockets and is close to some other people who also are in need of legal services for the same issue.

“What people didn’t know is who is the second person she has been hooking up with. The guy she says she wants to be with forever. No one has seen him. It is a jaw dropper. Apparently, it is one of the people that was investigating her. Not sure if the person is local or federal. It seems like a huge conflict of interest regardless of their jurisdiction.”

Any serious relationship Mack is contemplating might have a long cooldown period. She almost certainly will be sentenced to prison time. Federal prisons do not permit conjugal visits.


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  • Someone mentioned Allison and Lauren getting the same sentence likely. Wouldn’t Lauren get less since she testified at the actual trial? I know Allison wouldn’t planned on it, but who knows what the hell she would’ve said on the stand. Saying you’ll take the stand and actually testifying are two different things.

  • Where to start…oh yeah ! the source!

    Thou it’s probably true she is suffering a mental breakdown (from all the pressure while sentencing is getting close and the fact she was willingly blocked from defending her position) , Who from Nxivm would have that kind of info? she is out, like it or not.

    “Nancy Grace believes Allison Mack should not be given any leniency when it comes to her prison sentence for her involvement in the NXIVM sex cult, exclusively learned.

    “In an interview with Radar, the veteran prosecutor told Radar that Mack, 36, deserves to be locked up behind bars for the same amount of time as the … Keith Raniere…”

    Once again, the source is Radaronline, this garbage news as been doing Nothing but going against Allison, even when someone was defending her, they were twisting what was said.
    And i advice to this “veteran prosecutor” to
    1. get information about this case…Why should Allison pay as much as Raniere when it was clearly demonstrated that she had no power,she was Under the same coercive system and she didn’t commit any of Raniere crimes.

    2. 3-5 is far to be lenient…She lost her whole life (30 years of career, Reputation, all her money and possession) and she could have been killed by the excess Raniere was putting her through (extreme diet)

    “’We’re talking about an actual sex pervert who actually took a hot iron and branded human flesh of his victims,’ Grace said. ‘He’s criminally liable for all of that.’”
    That is actually showing how little she knows (or understand) about this whole case… He is a sex pervert and he is the one behind the branding…Why should she pay for that?

    “Meantime, Crazy Days and Nights reports that Mack is having sex with at least two men.”

    Seriously? source again!
    CDaN is a self recognized bullshiter…back in the days, he had a disclaimer about this but people are so stupid and gullible that they Always believed his BS.

    He was wrong on 99% of his stories but people say “but he was right with weinstein”…Was he? or did he just repeated what was said by people before him?
    A lot of people heard the “rumors” before the case was up.

    He was right once so that makes everything this “lawyer” true, right?

    What a pathetic Week it must have been for frank to post those click bait news.

    • “Once again, the source is Radaronline, this garbage news as been doing Nothing but going against Allison, even when someone was defending her, they were twisting what was said.”

      So you would trust Allison Mack, an actress who fabricated stories about her nephews being molested by a relative, over a veteran prosecutor?

      Yes, Allison Mack is always the victim isn’t she?
      Even when she lies to women about empowering them through sexual slavery, Allison Mack is always the victim.
      She is a 36, going on 37 year old woman who bears absolutely no responsibility for her actions.

      America’s women’s soccer team can win its fourth world championship but Allison Mack will always be a hapless, helpless victim as long as it suits her purposes.

      Allison Mack is so helpless she probably needs help wiping her own bottom.
      Allison Mack is and always will be the eternal child and the eternal victim as long as there are gullible people who will let her get away with it.

  • I’m actually surprised the local media where Allison Mack’s lives is not going after her when she appears in public [going to school, errands].

    • I live in Calif Mojave Desert, and I too find it strange that you hear very little about this in Southern Cal…

  • AnonyMaker wrote:

    “Oxenberg was just another slave in Mack’s “pod,” one of over a hundred in all of DOS from reports. Authorities have been going after the conspirators and facilitators, like Mack and the Salzmans, not the people who are much more victims.

    I think that if more people are charged, it may include some in DOS but who were involved in other activities like illicit cash dealings.”

    India wasn’t just another slave. She was identified as CC-2 in the original complaint against Raniere. She recruited other slaves, had a NXIVM “business” using teens and illegals and worked for Rainbow which was grooming children for Keith according to Frank. She stayed loyal to Keith after he was identified as a pedophile and rapist, even after her mother slunk away because of Keith’s rape and pedophilia, and wouldn’t leave the cult even after Keith and Allison had been arrested. Frank listed some of her criminal activities in this article.

  • I think Allison Mack, like her accomplice Keith Raniere, is a poker player type,
    just like she learned and experienced it at Raniere. Risk and excitement play
    a big role. That is to say, taking full risks with high stakes, even if you have a
    very bad hand and bluff and make the other players give up. That gives you a
    certain thrill and if you win a great sense of luck. It’s not intended to lose.

    • …And i think you know Nothing of this case.

      The only Reason Raniere did it is for his own pleasure (or maybe to convince him of Something…not gonna do what shadow do and go wild with false allegation but some of the behavior he had (raniere) make me Believe that this monster was doing it for some other Reason than some might think)

      Allison gained Nothing in being one of his victims…she never had any power and she arrived really late (mid/end of 2015)…was in until her arrest and that’s it
      The crime she is accused of are happening on a really short period…

  • I’ve seen the crazy bitch at my school (Long Beach City College), motherfucker why is she even around college students?!!?

  • I learned decades ago from a psychiatrist that there is no such thing as a nervous breakdown.
    He said it’s called a vacation from life and lasts approx a year.
    Allison thinks this charade is her “get out of jail free” card.
    Do not pass go, go to jail, go directly to jail and do not collect $200.

  • Shall I weep?
    Here is where I shrug.
    Think not.

    We must husband empathy for those truly deserving of it. Allison is not deserving.
    Those she victimized, groomed for Keith…those have my empathy.

  • All I know is that if I followed someone for several years believing him to be a guiding light of the human race and found out I was suborned into committing Rico level criminal acts, for which I was not only humiliated publicly, arrested, charged, convicted and for which I would spend possibly many years in jail, with a ruined career, and waisted years of effort, – well I might be a bit upset too.

    • Anonymous,

      You make some very good points.

      Only Allison Mack and God know the truth…..

      …..And God is not talking…

      • God IS talking to me.
        And she says “I am the only bad ass bitch around here.”

        • I am fairly certain God is a man….

          ……That’s why we live in a world punctuated by violence where only the strong and those that possess the will to power prosper……

          …..Then again maybe God is a female deity.

          What do I know.

    • Allison made her bed and now she must sleep in it.
      When people like Frank Parlato, Catherine Oxenberg and commenter Actaeon tried to warn Allison she just blew them off.

      • Doubt Actaeon tried to warn Allison. Act is one of those slobbering, obnoxious Erica Durance stans who thinks her shit don’t stink. Overlooks the fact that Durance had so little talent, she only got hired cuz she was willing to take her clothes off and expose her titties. Heard she first showed Allison her pussy during one of her infamous nude parties and would gladly have shared it with Raniere.

    • I find it hard to care what happens to Allison Mack, given her level of involvement in punishing others. Be careful who you fall in love with.

  • If she’s getting legitimate psychiatric attention, then good. It’s long over due for her. India was in therapy for awhile after leaving right?

    Curious if Frank can get more info on this

  • speaking of crazy and demeaning. did frank object to the way he was portrayed in Oxenberg’s upcoming Lifetime movie and demand changes?

  • Way too late in the game for a legit breakdown and very convenient that it happens when sentencing is two months away. looks like someone’s trying to set up a “I can’t go to prison I’m not mentally well” excuse. Hopefully the judge sees through it.

  • A brief skim-view of the Smallville oevre, courtesy of clips on youtube, indicates that Chloe, certainly had many quivering ‘break-down go ahead give it to me..’ type scenes. It’s a fact that she possesses the skill and technique to emulate a range of emotional dilemmas. I don’t care to judge how well or badly she acts, that she convinces and even lures her audience is what it is.

    However, if she’s had an actual Full English Nervous, as my mate D calls it, then that can only be a good thing for the human formerly known as Alison Mack, hard working entertainer, possible victim of exploitative Parents, – before she became Alison Mack, victim of creepy master KAR aka DOS mistress: the complex role she ended by possibly co-creating with raniere and that she prepared hardest for in her entire career. A genuine breakdown would be the rude awakening she needs to face her error of judgement full-on. Perhaps she craved an authentic challenge to prove her worth to humanity, actors think sh*t like that, and then they go off to work with Grotowski, or Peter Brook, or..

    Is it no longer the case that stars of the screen, put effort and commitment into Shakespeare Summer Stock, to fulfil a need for authentic craft? Her co- directed Smallville episode is somewhat revealing, as to her limitations, when it comes to a visionary quest. IMO self-realisation was not an option in the Mack household, where, my guess is, manipulation and emotional blackmail, were very likely used to keep the little goose laying the golden eggs.

  • Regarding Allison Mack: I think she’s trying to get her sentence reduced or avoid real prison altogether.

    She’s not dumb she didn’t murder anyone …… she knows if there’s a high probability that the judge won’t sentence her to a prison term if he thinks she’s gonna commit suicide, because then he’ll be blamed for her death.

    There was Investment banker who stole millions upon millions and conveniently came down with mental illness and avoided doing prison time.

    Allison Mack after all is a television actress 😉

    • There was the gangster Vincent Gigante who walked around Manhattan in his bed clothes pretending to be crazy only to be exposed for being “as crazy as a fox.”

      Feigning legal insanity

      FBI surveillance photo of Vincent Gigante strolling through Greenwich Village, being led by his close associate and bodyguard Dominick Canterino.
      In 1969, Gigante started feigning mental illness to escape criminal prosecution. He escaped conviction on bribery charges by producing a number of prominent psychiatrists who testified that he was legally insane. The doctors said Gigante had schizophrenia, dementia, psychosis, and other disorders. Gigante allegedly enlisted his mother, and wife to help him in these deceptions. The government had many psychiatrists examine Gigante, including Thomas Gutheil from Harvard University, Donald Klein from Columbia University, William Reid from University of Texas, Wilford Van Gorp from Cornell University, Stanley Portnow from New York University, and Abraham Halpern from New York Medical College. These psychiatrists said that Gigante was neither competent to stand trial nor to be sentenced.[citation needed]

      Even when not under indictment, he prepared for inevitable charges (knowing the FBI was watching him). Almost every day he would return from his residence to his mother’s apartment at 225 Sullivan Street in Greenwich Village and emerge dressed in a bathrobe and pajamas or a windbreaker and shabby trousers. Accompanied by one or two bodyguards, he crossed the street to the Triangle Civic Improvement Association — a dingy storefront club that served as his headquarters—where he played pinochle and held whispered conversations with his associates

    • Allison Mack is qualified and capable to seduce a 77 year old judge. However, this case is too high profile for the judge to allow it. Mack and Lauren Salzman will likely get the same sentence. Despite the protestations of another professional TV actress aka Nancy Grace, it will be in the 3 to 5 year range suggested by the prosecution.

      Mack has not murdered anyone, she’s as much a victim as she is a criminal. She deserves no mercy or favors but she shouldn’t be demonized either. She’s an idiot who thought she was helping humanity by serving Raniere. She should have known better, that’s why she deserves prison time.

      • Anonymous July 6, 2019 at 5:42 pm :
        “Despite the protestations of another professional TV actress aka Nancy Grace, it will be in the 3 to 5 year range suggested by the prosecution. ”
        True, the reality is that grace knows Nothing of this case (you can see that from what she said…)
        If the prosection aimed at 3 to 5 , it’s because it’s the best they could prove and that would have been , at best, the sentence.

        This isn’t a matter of a deal with prosecution but a matter of how much they can “prove”…except the collection of collateral (which fits-ish the extorsion part) , there is Nothing else criminal proved…

        3year is already WAY TOO MUCH seeing what she really did compared to the crime she was accused of.

        But i Don’t agree with victim as she is a criminal…
        Thou she did commit the crime (same as India but she isn’t seen as a criminal) , the circumstances are important.
        The diet, the sleep deprivation and the collateral are quite a good excuse for committing the crime she committed.

        Like you said, she didn’t murdered anyone.
        She didn’t either (despite what some try to say) used sexually any of the victims (they clearly said they had no sex with her)
        She didn’t asked anyone to have sex with Raniere either.

        She was in the same position but unfortunately, due to the situation she was in, she tried to “rationalize” this…you can see it in her comments/messages
        Especially the one where she thanks Raniere (like the victims did too, i remind you) , it’s obvious she was not willingly doing it at first but tried to rationalize the whole thing as she was stuck (collateral and clouded judgement)

  • Devils advocate POV here…
    Imagine if the EDNY had done their job years earlier, prior to mack’s major indoctrination. Maybe she would still be considered victim to most….
    Conversely, if KAR wasn’t stopped when he was, would some of the victims left under his influence be considered criminals instead? Victim first. Blame lies with law enforcement who didn’t do their jobs while KAR got to work doing his job on people’s minds/lives.

  • Allison Mack ran the human trafficking arm of NXIVM where girls as young as 13 were sold into sex slavery. Mack deserves 40 years because she used her fame to draw girls into this sex trafficking ring. The mainstream media has way sugar coated what #NXIVM was really about. Mack and Raniere had sex with cult members’ children as young as six. She deserves the Death Penalty.

    • I don’t justify her actions that came out in court. But I understand her behaviour, as would any person who has ever been immersed in a cult-like organization.

      I do believe she was suckered into a series of behaviours which she has admitted in court and will be held to account for by the laws of the country.

      Mr. Raniere created and ran an organization that was a wolf in sheeps clothing, and once someone was incrementally trapped, there was no getting away.

      Trapped animals function to survive.

    • That is right. She needs to be publicly stoned to death. Sucking up taxpayer money just so this pile of shit can waste more oxygen is the real crime.

    • ? I’ve never heard this before. Is this true? Sounds “Enquirer” ish. “Selling13yr olds for sex” and “having sex with 6 year olds” didn’t come up in any of the trial as far as I’ve read…

      • Mary: It’s not true…She didn’t even had sex with any of the victims…that is coming from a real good source, the victims themselves!

        It’s just another sicko that roam around this website…

        The fact about Allison is :
        She was collecting collateral….period!

        And that is Something that several other seen as victim did too.
        Allison was coerced the same way they were and was Under a strict diet (clouding her judgment)

        The reality of this case is showing that Raniere is a the top, Nancy by his side(and she could be getting no time)…

        Lauren committed a lot of crimes but is a victim herself (in a way)

        TO the original poster of this abomination, Be careful, Defamation per se is a crime, a real one (contrary to what you accuse Allison of).
        Stop blowing false allegation like this or i’ll gladly transmit the info to the authority so they can “investigate” you.

          • I can’t imagine someone with Alison’s reputation or moral fibre suing anyone for slander. Come on.

            i’m sympathetic to her situation, but this screeching special pleading and ridiculous threats (cult racketeer – threatening others for defamation?) makes me doubt my empathetic position.

    • WTF? really? it’s the Week of the morons?

      The court case showed how little she was implicated and how she was used and abused as ALL THE VICTIMS…
      Low lifer!

      “Mack and Raniere had sex with cult members’ children as young as six. She deserves the Death Penalty.”

      Now show us your stupidity by blowing something that was proved false!

  • All of the women in Raniere’s circle functioned at his control and approval.

    Previous articles have described how Allison was targeted and manipulated into joining the group.
    as companion Chloe for secret philosopher/healer/master/ideologue Keith, during a vulnerable time in her life.

    The process was gradual. The seduction measured, and incremental. To the point where the world into which she was drawn, seemed so normal and noble.

    Read Susan Dones description of her seduction on the FrankReport.

    And what she saw, when the veil was lifted:

    Dones states that she is still suffering from and receiving counselling for PTSD.

    The shock of seeing someone you loved and revered, convicted on 7 felony counts, by a jury of his peers,
    or realizing the man you served was not worthy of your trust or obedience, has got to be taking a terrible toll
    on all the women of his inner circle.

    They all have my most profound sympathy.

    Allison Mack most of all.

    • The man she served?
      Be careful what you worship. Allison should have been.
      Her parents failed her. They were on board with NXIVM.

      There is an old adage “If you stand for nothing you will fall for anything.”

      Ms. Mack’s parents were more invested in having their little girl an actress almost from the moment of her birth when she should have been allowed to live a normal childhood, skinning her knees, riding her bike, etc.

      • SO what about YOUR parent, they failed you too? I mean , you pretend you were in a cult!

        You are just as ridiculous as the comment you make…get a life

  • Gave up reading. May they all rot in hell! Knowing how the US is so corrupt, they’ll all be out in a year to do it all again!

    Now, what is Frank going to write about next once this lot is behind bars as you say!

  • She’s very good at playing the sweet little blonde, and flashing her gums for the camera, but she’s really a sadist who enjoyed punishing her slaves. She isn’t insane, but she isn’t sane either. She’s just twisted and sadistic.

  • I agree with Nancy Grace completely.
    “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.”

    As for Ms. Mack’s mental health Catherine Oxenberg’s book “Captive” describes behavior that indicates Mack might have Borderline Personality Disorder.
    I have described the strong possibility that Mack suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
    Either way Ms. Mack has serious mental health issues.

    As for who the deep pocketed sugar daddy is, most legitimate business people want nothing to do with pimps and cultists.
    The only major celebrity business person who leads a wild life style is Elon Musk, a man who goes on Joe Rogan’s podcast and smokes a blunt.
    Even a rap star warned Musk not to talk to the press while high on marijuana, and Musk was almost ousted by his Board of Directors over his behavior.
    Because Musk heads SpaceX, a company with National Security business, it would be very unwise for him to consort with a convicted felon.
    Crazy Days and Nights likes to run stories about Elon Musk.

    As for the second person it would be extremely unwise for a government investigator to get involved with the target of an investigation.
    It would be a career ending move.

    For anyone to have a relationship with Ms. Mack would be dangerous.
    She has a history of fabricating false stories about child abuse where she falsely accused family members of criminal behavior.

    • Still in you BS theories ? what about the fact?

      What the “bible” you have (i’m refering to ox’s book) is saying, is that Allison was in such an terrible condition (abused and destroyed) that she had night terror…Something that usually happens because of serious trauma .
      You are just a low life, no excuse for you behavior, she does.

      “I have described the strong possibility that Mack suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
      Either way Ms. Mack has serious mental health issues.”
      And you’ve been disproved everytime…what is your credential to analyze who she is? none! And to analyze someone, you must know Something about that person…not make up stories based on your crazy theories.

      As for HER mental issues, i’d be more worried about YOURS…

      And here we go, another stupid Rumor based on your BS assumption.
      You know? i’m not surprised you actually Believe what CDaN say…you are the kind of public he is aiming for!

      How about you look at your own life before judging anyone else? hum?
      Lowlife old man!

  • If Keith Raniere hasn’t managed to break Allison Mack in his many years of trying, does that mean that Allison is much more resilient than you think, or that Raniere’s
    abilities have been greatly overrated in his regard? Did Raniere did take this goal seriously, or was that not his goal at all?

    If Allison has a nervous breakdown or something, why is it only now and not much earlier? One could have assumed that Allison was facing a nervous breakdown earlier. But was she ever in psychological/ psychiatric treatment?

    Did NXIVM have her treated by Dr. Brendan Porter or Dr. Danielle Roberts or self-proclaimed therapist Nancy Salzman?

    • Raniere did break Mack, that’s why she transitioned from victim to perp. Mack is (reportedly) breaking down now because she is experiencing the reality of time in prison, and is concerned about her cankles growing even larger. All three NXIVM people you mentioned treated her in one way or another.

    • By “breaking Allison Mack”, I don’t think Raniere was referring to leading her to a “breakdown “ more likely he was referring to “breaking” her down as one would a dog they were training to be obedient and submissive. And it would appear that he did accomplish that.

      • Mary: because to break down a dog, you beat them, cage them and starve them? you also sleep deprive them?

        Have you seen her shape before she was arrested? He was trying to destroy her.

        • Anonymous: To clarify: my Comment was in response to J. Lanzke’s comment above:

          “If Keith Raniere hasn’t managed to break Allison Mack in his many years of trying, does that mean that Allison is much more resilient than you think, or that Raniere’s
          abilities have been greatly overrated in his regard? Did Raniere did take this goal seriously, or was that not his goal at all?

          If Allison has a nervous breakdown or something, why is it only now and not much earlier? ”

          I’m saying, he DID manage to break her. I agree with you. But we can’t assume that Keith’s measure of successfully “breaking” of a person was not necessarily that they have a nervous breakdown, but that they would just be obedient and not question him and lose their personality to him and sense of self.

          I agree that she was quite broken. And now that she is having a nervous breakdown now and not before, is no indication that “Raniere’s abilities ( to break someone) have been greatly overrated”.

  • Mack isn’t upset about going to prison, she’s upset that she’s the only actress who was indicted and then wasn’t asked to testify, which would have been the performance of her lifetime. She had been practicing her schtick for months and got the hook before the curtain was raised.

    Nancy is well known for supporting jay-walkers getting the electric chair. Ignore her.

    The “Crazy Days” rumor is fake news. It always has obscure claims that, by design, can’t be confirmed. Pay no attention to the man behind that Enquirer curtain.

  • By the same token, you would cut Principessa Bronfman a break. Clare has no loving mother, nay, even a sister, Sara, to rescue her. No Prefect. There are no loving mothers in Nxivm. Poor Lauren.

  • I am saying this here not to give these d-list actresses any credibility. No one, short of people watching made-for-TV movies and the people involved cares in the long run. But! Principessa Oxenberg gets a pass bc she is, literally, royalty? D-list royalty slave owner, mind you. Sorry. Well, you give her a pass, then the need to think about how you decide a victim comes around. Oh, wait. Principessa was a nice slave owner? From what I understand, Lauren was kind of nice, too. Complicated?

    • Scraping the bottom of the lard barrel, isn’t it? trying to draw a comparison between Forlorn and India. Also, neither Forlon nor India chose the families they were born into.

      Although, one of them was certainly guilty of putting on an awful lot of airs and graces.

    • Oxenberg was just another slave in Mack’s “pod,” one of over a hundred in all of DOS from reports. Authorities have been going after the conspirators and facilitators, like Mack and the Salzmans, not the people who are much more victims.

      I think that if more people are charged, it may include some in DOS but who were involved in other activities like illicit cash dealings.

      Is there anyone else whose activities in DOS stand out as anywhere near as central and abusive as those of Mack and Lauren Salzman? Danielle Roberts seems to me the one prime candidate, because she carried out the branding.

      • Exactly right. Krisen Kruek should also be looked at for supplying young girls through her website.

      • We haven’t been hearing the same testimonies then…
        Because it seem to me that India did EXACTLY WHAT ALLISON DID!

  • Add this Mr Parlato: The regular social scene up here is pretty low key, and especially so in the late 70s/80s/90s/early 2000s.Edith Wharton it was not. Saratoga *was* really in decline. And that is exactly why a shyster bs thing like NXIVM could prosper with all if their so-called businesses. And how embarrassing for the Saratoga Waldorf School.

  • A- list. Lol. Allison is…like who even cared about or knew her? The joke was D-listed. It is why she had such low self-esteem in the first place.

  • So what is the deal where Buffy and Topper Cafritz just have no idea about their daughter, Pam? It must be so embarrassing.

  • Poor Madam Mack,
    She is having a meltdown over the fact that she got exposed (somewhat) for the bitch she really is.
    Only two women testified, what would others have to say about her?
    She needs to pay for her crimes and pay in full

    Allison Mack had her chances
    She could have gone to the Feds when her Wacko Master was arrested
    She could have gone to the Feds when she returned from Mexico
    She could have made a deal right away when she was arrested
    She could have been first of the PLEA BUS
    Hell No, Mack waited until the very last minute to make a deal and it was only when she knew she didn’t stand a chance sitting next to her Wacko and wouldn’t be found GUILTY on all counts that she took a deal.

    Now she’s going to play the I’m mentally sick and need to go to a prison that deals with my mental disorder BS game.

    Pull up your big Madam Pants Sweetheart, you’re going to big girls prison

    • Mark V. definitely made reference to the cult of Allison Mack and the strange thing about it.. Omg, a D-list actress who gets a major welcome after a big night at Apropos *at the Mobile Mini Mart* lol, *the Mobile Mart.* Seriously, if you didn’t live in Halfmoon and witness how these people were all like local celebrities at Mocha Lisas Caffe, Uncommon Grounds, etc. *The Mobile Mini Mart.* lol

  • I concur with Nancy Grace. I meant to comment on this yesterday when I got the news of Grace’s opinion. The waste of space that is Allison Mack should receive the same prison sentence of Keith Raniere. If she is having a ‘mental breakdown’ then she’s simply putting her subpar acting skills to use. She has no regrets whatsoever.

    Allison Mack is an abhorrent, degenerate person that should never see the light of day again. Ever. I sincerely hope she rots away behind bars as long as the justice system will permit. There is no room for special treatment here despite her former celebrity status. She always knew what she was doing. She can only blame herself and nobody else.

    p.s. Frank I love your blog. You recently stated you would soon update us with more depth on the current status of: Society of Protectors along with an updated list of existing members of NXIVM. What is your eta?


    What is the situation with Emiliano Salinas? I may be dropping a bomb here when I say this but…what about his sister? The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. She is a high ranking member and was entranced in NXIVM. Why doesn’t she get some more attention? What’s the deal on her? She shouldn’t get away so easily.

    Whether a notice is put out on Interpol, etc. we need to extradite these two so they may face justice. One more bit…has Clyne been approached by immigration yet? Everyone already knows her BK address from this site. That’s it, I’m reporting her tomorrow. She has got to go to court or back to Canada.

    • Clyne has been very quiet since her Brooklyn address was posted on FR.

      If the FBI wants her, then fleeing to Canada will not help.

      Except in cases involving the death penalty, Canada regularly extradites criminal defendants to the US.

      Clyne might have cooperated with the FBI in fingering where Raniere was in Mexico but cooperating informants sometimes play both sides of the game and continue with their activities.
      Witness the example of confidential informant Whitey Bulger who continued to commit crimes while providing information to the FBI.
      That is a dangerous way to play the game.

      As for the Salinas family, the Patriarch Carlos has an estimated fortune of 17.4 billion dollars and six children.

      Dividing it equally leaves about 2.9 billion dollars per child.

      If two of Carlos’ spawn are devoted to NXIVM then that is about 6 billion dollars, more than enough money to rebuild the cult.

      And that is not counting the 70 billion dollars of family friend Carlos Slim.

      According to Wikipedia, Forbes & Various Online resource, Carlos Salinas de Gortari’s estimated net worth $17.4 Billion. You may check previous years net worth, salary & much more from below.

        • Clickynine now goes by the name clickysix.
          She changed her moniker about three weeks ago.


          126 posts
          384 following
          for fiends + framily
          in the absence of ego, there is only alter

    • You are the only waste of space and time here…
      You talk about a story you know Nothing about and judge a person you know Nothing about.

      You are ” an abhorrent, degenerate person “.

      What a pathetic loser you must be to wish someone you know Nothing about that kind of treatments..Court proved that she was not the monster some of you lowlife try to show…get a life instead of commenting stupid things like you did.

  • I believe this is just the tip of the filthy iceberg.
    How deep does it go?
    Check out the photos from UNICEF’s Masquerade Ball 2018. They’re creepy as hell.
    How many children go missing each year? It’s something like one every 40 seconds in the U.S….
    FBI says 424,066 in 2018.
    How many “helping” are really trafficking?

    • Sorry, this doesn’t really make sense here. Was meant to be a comment on the Epstein article by Shadow.

    • according to what google allows us to see in a search over 800,000 children go missing a year …. <===so double it because google is broken and shades deceivers {pedos and trannies} but silences TRUTH!

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