Emails to Frank seek help, offer info – some claim to be DOS/NXIVM victims and beg for help – I respond to each

Since breaking the Nxivm branding story in June 2017, I have been getting a steady stream of emails.  Some want help.  Some offer tips and info. Some are suspicious. Some threaten. Some seem a little confused.
Some write that they are true victims undergoing real threats. It is hard to tell how real the threats actually are.
Note: For those who are being threatened and face immediate and grave danger, feel free to contact me by phone [716-990-5740], or, of course, contact law enforcement [but NOT law enforcement in the Albany area].
Here are a few emails which I received in the last few days.  I am posting them for two purposes – to reveal a little of what people write me that often does not make the Frank Report and to remind people in trouble that they can reach out to me, if they think I might be able to assist them.
At all times, I keep the identity of my sources and correspondents confidential unless they agree otherwise.
Nancy Salzman

Muhlenberg Hospital

Nancy did not attend nursing school in Pennsylvania. She got her RN training at the now defunct Muhlenberg Hospital in Plainfield New Jersey.
Again you have to keep me secret as your source. Thank you,
I replied
Thanks T
I will of course keep your identity confidential. I appreciate the info. Maybe Nancy will cooperate with the feds and help them put away the true criminal, Keith Raniere.


Ben Szemkus


Hi, I am a high school student researching the economics of sex trafficking. Through my research, I found out about NXIVM and I am attempting to use NXIVM as a case study in my research report. Through some deep digging, an unnamed source gave me information on Ben Szemkus as well as information about Keith and the Bronfmans. I was then directed to contact you. I believe you have information that is imperative to establishing credible evidence in my research, which makes you an extremely valuable asset to me. Please write back with any information you can give me regarding your time spent at NXIVM. I know there are NXIVM connects who are still roaming around unpunished and only you can bring them justice. Please write me back with any help you can give me I would greatly appreciate it.


I replied 

Hi DA–

Read Frank Report – the info is there.

If you have more questions – after reading Frank Report – let me know.


Here is one that could be a phishing email:

NXIVM Donor Mystery – 14 years of spying

If you know the people to find the people who can find the information to make these people meet a cold justice, please let them know.  The FBI is slow with tips.

[It then included a link which I did not click on and I am not going to share here in case it is malicious]. 
I replied:
Don’t know what you are talking about.

Watch These Documentaries

From L

Hi Frank. I just watched this documentary on Netflix about a cult. It was excellent.

Preview YouTube video Holy Hell Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Documentary HD


Thank You – For All Women

From A–
I have been closely following the Nxivm case in the Albany Times Union, but more recently have searched online reading the FrankReport, with all its excellent links.  It has taken me way down a very disturbing rabbit hole and my mind keeps coming up with more questions.  I live in […redacted] now, but previously lived in […redacted].  My [… redacted] knew who Kristanna Loken was in school ….  and now her name is associated with Keith, as possibly having his child?????  WTF??
Those silly girls that got involved with that LOSER, are most likely the very gullible type needing affirmation through their looks and being “loved” by some man.
And they thought he was their Vanguard … a frigging ORACLE that will make them successful and a wonderful human being!!  It was good that their ESP attracted those who could spend/waste that amount of money for some sketchy classes.  The classes were the way to begin the brainwashing/collateral collecting that was so necessary to compromise wealthier women that they could financially drain/use.  I cannot relate as I am not wealthy and not gullible!
[…. Important info redacted because it offered possible leads on Nxivm -Raniere connections with public figures in the USA and Mexico which I wish to further investigate.]
Please, if you do read this, let me know.  I will have some more thoughts on this…  it has been giving me nightmares and I wanted to share my feelings with you.  If I can be of further help, please let me know.
Thanks for realizing that what you were seeing was something that “had to be stopped” and you persevered.  You and Catherine Oxenberg (excellent book she wrote) are my HEROES.  For me, and all my friends who have been raped and assaulted, thanks from the bottom of my heart!
I replied

Dear J —

I read your email and I thank you for your thoughts.  I don’t know if there is a connection to NXIVM and [Redacted]….


Can I get your advice about something?

From J-D

Hi Frank,

I’ve been reading your column for much of the past year. I’m very impressed with the job you did at breaking down NXIVM. Very impressed indeed. I also like the caustic edge in the writing in your articles. I regularly contribute to your comments section also.
So, would you be so kind as to give me your feedback about […redacted] … I’d like to know if you smell anything fishy with […redacted]…..
I replied
If you wish, you can call me at (716) 990-5740 and we can discuss this matter ….


Image result for jness

Help Us Frank … victims – need advice

I know you are probably incredibly busy with everything you do, but any advice you can give would be helpful. Does NXIVM employ ritual abuse-torture techniques? Is there a list of local […redacted]  members or maybe a history of Jness meetings or other NXIVM meetings around here over the last 5 or so years? …  Thanks again. I appreciate your time and help.
I replied
I have had others tell me the same things you described as happening to your wife.  If you want to call me to discuss, my phone number is (716) 990-5740

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Leon Festinger
Leon Festinger
4 years ago

The last email from the man concerned about his wife gives evidence this is not just some kinky sex club where everyone is a willing participant. I hope everyone gets the help they need.

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)

Frank – How many of the people who you recommend to call you actually do that?

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)
Reply to  Frank Parlato

That’s good to know. Often, I’ve found people don’t follow up on their communications, especially when it involves the telephone. This is too bad, because the written word often is far inferior to the phone, where emphasis, checking for understanding, etc., come in very handy.

4 years ago

That last email makes me think that what we currently know about NXIVM is just the tip of the iceberg.

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