DOS Lesson #5: Always Contemplate: What Would Jesus and Your Master Do?

This lesson speaks for itself. It needs not introduction. From the DOS manual. For the blank spaces, you must fill in your master or grandmaster’s name. It is never wrong to fill in Keith Raniere, if you do not yet have a master.

Lesson 5 – What does it mean to honor something?

What does honor mean? What does it mean to honor something? How do you honor something?

Earlier, we have described what it means to honor something and what it means to hold something. And there are practices of honoring something, and practices of holding something, and keeping it in every decision.

So every little decision you make, you ask yourself:

What would Jesus do?

What would                                            do?


To “honor” is “to know the nature of” and factor that nature of the thing in your existence, as you’re walking around. For example, if I honor the dead, I’m thinking about them. I am thinking about their nature and what they were like.

Keith Alan Raniere 

In everything I’m doing, it’s there, and it’s factored into my decisions. If I dishonor it, I push it away. To honor something is to have it in your mind at all times. You must know its nature, potency, and motivations, and hold it in your mind at all points.


Become aware of the different decisions you have to make throughout your day, and ask yourself

What would Jesus do?

Keith Raniere 

What would….  [Master Raniere] do?”

When creating your schedule for the day, directly expose how each action you take relates to honoring your Master and your devotion to your Master.

Affirm and connect your life; every choice you make is a conduit for expressing your highest values and principles. Therefore, be precise in evaluating your time. Make it part of your morning practice to connect your actions with the greatest honor you have chosen to take on: Being a slave to your Master.

Master Raniere 

Choose a practice of devotion you will uphold without fail daily that perpetuates the highest principles of your life.

Keith Alan Raniere:

Contemplate this practice deeply, and ask permission from your Master before committing to a practice. Take on a strong penance if you fail to uphold this practice, so you will never transgress again.

End of Lesson #5

By Frank

That’s it, short and sweet.

Just compare Raniere and your master to Jesus. And remember to think of your master every second.  It is the “greatest honor you have chosen to take on: Being a slave to your Master.”

Lucky slave.

We will constantly strive to leverage data-driven data for today’s data-driven slaves.

Keith Raniere:

Humankind is approaching a tipping point toward a more noble civilization. If you have never experienced this harmonization of unification, devoid of disintegrations, it can be difficult to vibrate. You must take a stand against stagnation. Desire is born in the gap where faith has been excluded. 


Special DOS dinner: Sizzling Peanut and Death Cap Soup tossed with Home-grown Carrot.


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  • “I wanna 2 say after wachin’ dis guy 4 weeks an jus observin. Dis PG guy pretty funny! I aint gonna lie! Imma black dude myself and if I aint offended nobody shuld be. Ya feel me?“

    So you’re telling me that you’re not morally outraged that he calls you “N-word”, is connected to the KKK, calls your people “subspecies”, and many other horrible and evil things that he and the rest of the 1,000’s and STILL GROWING members of his political cult promotes and says?!

    You obviously don’t know the Patriot God that I know to think that he’s “pretty funny” and to “not be offended” and to encourage that of other people!

    You do realize that if he ever got what he wanted that you and all other races outside of white people would be forced out of America and many of you even brutally killed, right?! HE PROMOTES GENOCIDE!

    Do you honestly think that’s “pretty funny”, Darrell?!

    • Bruh I don no y u still b trippin?

      He wont evr get wat he wantz..

      I don thnk dis dude b rollin wit kkk. He probs juss talkin shit an actin like a badass dat he aint.

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        • I will stop printing all comments you make using the word “nigger.” I have gotten word that you are of African American descent and were adopted by a Polish couple. Please look in the mirror and verify this yourself. Be proud of your heritage.

          • ‘I will stop printing all comments you make using the word “nigger.”’

            Yeah of course you will, Ginzo! Because this is what happened when we let foreigners into this country that don’t respect our American traditions and U.S. Constitution!

            Don’t ever say that you support free speech again! Because your comment just showed that you’re a lair and a fraud!

            All you do is lie about your support of the traditions of this country and then shit all over our U.S. Constitution while you claim to be the biggest patriot of them all! You’re one of the biggest jokes I’ve ever seen in my life!

            And then you’re going to lie and say,

            ‘I have gotten word that you are of African American descent and were adopted by a Polish couple. Please look in the mirror and verify this yourself. Be proud of your heritage.’

            Ok then why is bad if I say the “N-word” by your logic then?! The blacks say it to each other all the time! Matter of fact society has now made it that THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO GET TO SAY IT NOW!

            All you do is contradict yourself and then when confronted you hide like the pussy that you are and remain in solvency because you know that you’re a fraud and can’t say anything!

            So go ahead, you scared little bitch! Go hide and not give a sound answer to your anti- patriotism!



          • OK, when you called me Nigger, you complimented me on our brotherhood. I am flattered and honored. Thank you my brother.

          • “OK, when you called me Nigger, you complimented me on our brotherhood. I am flattered and honored. Thank you my brother.”

            Then why censor me and the other patriots, you stupid clusterfuck of a train of thought?!

          • Yeah that’s what I thought! Nothing but pure fearful silence! You ain’t jack shit, Ginzo! So just go back to running and hiding, you ball-less scared little pussy!

  • Thanks for publishing all this great DOS info, Frank! I’ve been laying some of Keith’s philosophy on my girlfriend, and I’m getting great results so far!

  • Jesus loves you. It seems so does Vangaurd. Take this data in please.

    I am new to this websight and never heard of Vanguard. His data rings true.

  • To me what Jesus would do is tell me to follow a living Master.

    The master of Galilee gave us good advice but he is no longer with us. There is no substitute for a living guru or master.

    Keith Raniere fils this void for us. He provides us with the living data

  • “Desire is born in the gap where faith has been excluded.”

    WTF does that even mean? The women of DOS put their faith into Fortune Cookie logic
    They’re dumber than a box of pubic hair Alanzo’s dingleberries.

    • Desire is a streetcar that can take you where you want to go, but if you get off on the wrong stop you might depend on the kindness of strangers to save you from wanton desires.

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          • Was actually complimenting you. But now realize that you probably don’t have a dick. That must have been triggering for you. My apologies.

            Keep working on your jokes and observations. You have a career as the “uncomfortable to be around guy” who works in the warehouse in your future!

            And now like most people you encounter the need to not communicate with you further has become overwhelming. Have a great life!

          • Mama July 22, 2022 at 10:59 am!!!

            Relax it’s all good. I was purposely coming up with trailer-park offensive shit. Emphasizing SHIT.

            I’ve slowly rewritten the Truly Tasteless Joke book. It’s twice as offensive as the original. I’m not kidding.

            By standard deduction you’ve concluded I have no life.

    • They’re dumber than a box of pubic hair OR Alanzo’s dingleberries.

      The Frank Report editorial board sucks!

  • Mr. Parlato,

    Would you kindly please post Patriot God’s articles so that I can finally read them?

    Please and thank you.

      • With all due respect, Mr. Parlato,

        I don’t know why you have to “try”. If Patriot God made them and edited them already, then why can’t you just publish them? It doesn’t seem like that much effort to do so to me.

        Outside of that I was going to ask you why do you always censor Patriot God and the other guys if you claim to be such a supporter of the 1st amendment?

        I also thought that you thought that they were “funny” and “clever”? If all of that is the case, then why do you continue to censor them?

        I mean what’s the point? Alos, if you believe that they are truly “liberals trying to making racism look stupid and insane” (like you have said before), then why not let them continue to do so? I would think that you’d be all for that?

        If you think that they are actually serious, then how do you think that you will ever change their minds about it if you don’t allow public debate and discussion to triumph?

        If you truly think they are insane, then wouldn’t allowing them to say what they want without censorship and addressing everything they say point by point in an intelligent manner be the best medicine to cure them? I mean with all due respect, Mr. Parlato, you claim that you want Patriot God and the rest of them to “take their meds”, but you constantly refuse to prescribe them the best medication of all; truth to what they all say.

        How are they truly going to be “treated” if you don’t act like the psychologist that you claim to be and let them talk and then address their thoughts? That’s what true psychologists do. They are very quiet let them air out everything that they fell without censorship and then address them when they are done. If you are the psychologist/psychiatrist that you claim to be, why are you not implementing your training properly?

        As a psychologist you should know that isolation only Insulates the disorder. That’s psychology 101. If you don’t understand that, then you must have never truly gotten a degree because you’ve failed the first few weeks of your education.

        I would think one way or another you wouldn’t do that to them. And I also see that every single time one of them addresses you about it, you never seem to answer this making them look right in their own eyes. With all due respect, Mr. Parlato, perhaps it’s time to renew and refresh your mind on the very basics of your self-proclaimed education and occupation interest.

        Don’t you think one way or another no matter what you actually believe about them that you should do what I’m saying instead because it’s the much wiser decision?

        That would be the smarter route than making yourself look like a coward to them.

        Please think about this if you’re not going to reply to it (which I hope that you will).

        Thank you.

          • Mr. Parlato,

            With all due respect, I don’t know why you assume that I have any power to control Patriot God and/or any affiliation with him outside of a bystander on this website?

            But I would greatly appreciate if you please kindly respond to my previous message and address the things that I said there.

            Please and thank you.

          • Mr. Mclack you are a prince of a man. I will look into Patriot God’s articles as soon as possible.

          • “Mr. Mclack you are a prince of a man. I will look into Patriot God’s articles as soon as possible.”

            Thank you kindly, Mr. Parlato.

            However, could you also please address what I also said in that message about the censorship?

            Would you please go back and read it if you don’t remember?

            I would greatly appreciate it if you would and address it.

            Please and thank you.

          • Mr. Parlato.

            I have seen that you never replied to my longer message about censorship.

            I plead with you and implore you to kindly please address the things that I said in my longer text and thrill me with your acumen on these very important points. Please and thank you.

            I look forward to hearing from you.

          • — you never replied to my longer message about censorship —

            George, take the hint

          • “— you never replied to my longer message about censorship —“

            “George, take the hint”

            After you “take the hint” of social etiquette and not jumping into where you were not invited.

            This is something very important that needs to be discussed even if you hate our 1st amendment!

          • “I don’t hate the 1st Amendment and you don’t understand it.”

            – Anonymous July 23rd, 2022 at 11:56pm

            I’ll handle this one for you, George.

            Let me guess, by you saying that you’re going to spew off some crony capitalist argument of “private companies can do whatever they want”?!

            And you think that’s what the founding fathers wanted?

            You know nothing of our 1st Amendment!

            Regardless of what you say that statement a line shows that you have no clue of the 1st Amendment.

            So you can say, “I don’t hate the 1st Amendment” until you’re blue in the face!

            The fact of the matter is that you know nothing of our 1st Amendment!

            You’ve made up your own interpretation of the 1st Amendment (or have been spoon-fed one) and if you the understood *TRUE* interpretation of the 1st Amendment, *YOU WOULD HATE IT*!

            So in the end, you DO IN FACT hate our 1st Amendment and so does Frank Niggerlato! Otherwise you wouldn’t have said something so stupid and then project your lack of understanding onto me!

            Since you don’t like our 1st Amendment so much, then perhaps Frank can banish you since you “understand” it so much and can’t mind your own fucking business, you goddamn marxist commie!

            Perhaps you can “understand” that! Unless of course, you’re a nigger that can’t read of course! 😉

            ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻

            ✊🏻 THERE’S A BETTER WAY!!!!!!! ✊🏻

          • Patriot God.

            Thank you, but I could’ve answered him myself.

            Yes you pretty much got it right with crony capitalism.

            But you made a typo when you said,

            “Otherwise you wouldn’t have said something so stupid and then project your lack of understanding onto me!”

            He was talking to me not you.

            I’m sure that was a simple mistake.

            Let’s be clear that I am my own person and I am not affiliated with you guys in any way shape form or manner (though I find you all hilarious, entertaining, and say many true things in regards to politics. Perhaps not being so sensational would help you all better to prove your point if you’re serious and not trying to perform comedy.)

            Thanks anyways,

            Now to you, Mr. Parlato.

            Can you please post up this man’s articles? I’m sure he worked very hard on them and he has been waiting long enough. Please make their publishing a top priority instead of all the repetitive things that you post (with all due respect).

            You still haven’t responded to what I said about censorship, but you respond to Patriot God saying “Niggerlato”?

            Surely you can do better than this?

            Would you kindly please do what I asked by responding?

            Please and thank you.

          • Sir, I scanned Patriot God’s submissions. None of them are time sensitive. I will review them as soon as I have the opportunity and hope to do so shortly. I appreciate your courtesy, sir.

          • I wanna 2 say after wachin’ dis guy 4 weeks an jus observin. Dis PG guy pretty funny! I aint gonna lie! Imma black dude myself and if I aint offended nobody shuld be. Ya feel me?

          • “Sir, I scanned Patriot God’s submissions. None of them are time sensitive. I will review them as soon as I have the opportunity and hope to do so shortly. I appreciate your courtesy, sir.”

            Mr. Parlato,

            I don’t know what you mean by “time sensitive”? But I would most certainly have to respectfully disagree that they are overdue because it has been almost a month and half since you released the Michele Hatchette article that he is replying to. He he responded within 3 weeks and, with all due respect and courtesy, you still keep procrastinating to publish it.

            I would kindly ask you, sir, to please come to your senses by reconsidering your statement about “time sensitivity” and make the publication of his articles a top priority over the other obnoxiously repetitive ones that you are prioritizing and choosing to release instead.

            Also please stop ignoring my message about censorship as well as my following messages pleading with you to reply to them.

            With all due respect and courtesy, Mr. Parlato, it makes you look EXTREMELY GUILTY when you keep ignoring them when you have been given dozens of chances to reply already.

            Please take this all into consideration and answer all of this *THOROUGHLY* this time.

            Please and thank you as well as kind regards,

  • What would Jesus do if Keith The Grandmaster asked him constantly for a close-up spread snatch photo with his face in the frame?

    Just don’t think the answer is what Vanguard is implying that it would be…

    What would Jesus do if Keith sexually blackmailed him?

    Or if Keith asked Jesus for fake incest and abuse stories about his father?

    That would be God, right?

    What would Jesus do? Blackmail his own father as an incestuous pedophile because Keith asked him?

    What would Jesus do if Keith Raniere wanted him to give his friends, the Apostles a “seduction assignment” to fuck him?

    Would Jesus do as his master/grandmaster said?

    Would Jesus have a master?

    No. No. Probably not, Keith.

    • Vanguard had hundreds of male followers in SOP, but Jesus only had 12 apostles.

      Vanguard had dozens of sex slaves, but Jesus only had Mary Magdalene.

      Vanguard was given a life sentence, but Jesus was sentenced to death (though only served 3 days).

    • Omg. I found this hilariously funny. It was probably not intended that way but I really laughed hard. Posing Keith’s crimes with these questions this way. Thank you!

  • It’s a whole other level of pervert that invokes the name of Jesus Christ in the machinations of his Master Slave BDSM group.

  • What would Jesus Do?

    Set fires all across London.

    For the record London burned down in 1666 long before so called Global warming
    Great Fire of London: September 1666 – Children’s song with words by Al Start

  • I find it remarkable that nobody ever raised their hand and questioned any of these hare-brained assumptions this clown spouted.

    “To “honor” is “to know the nature of” “

    “Excuse me, Vanguard Sir? um, that’s not true. I know the nature of my uncle and he’s a drunken no-good layabout. I don’t honor him.”

    These dummies never questioned anything they were told. No wonder their lives got fucked up. And this started way before DOS and blackmail. These dipshits believed everything they were told from their first day as willing dues-paying cult members. They were like that on their first day of Nxivm.

    Like the philosopher said, There ain’t no cure for stupid.

    • I’m sure they rationalized away those questions in their meetings. Like how Sara Edmondson said “oh master/slave is just metaphorical.” Etc.

      But yeah, if I’d joined DOS, I’d be like, uh-oh! When I got to this part:

      “Make it part of your morning practice to connect your actions with the greatest honor you have chosen to take on: Being a slave to your Master.”


    • Likewise, to “dishonor” a person does not mean to not hold them in your thoughts (constantly) above all others and yourself.

      A good post would be all of the DOS handbook vocabulary that is made up new word definitions. Word misuse. Terms and concepts that are not the commonly agreed upon understanding…


      If you are going to call yourself a “master” or a “grandmaster,” write better.

      This is your manifesto of sorts? No way any thinking person follows a master who writes so poorly.

      It reads like it was dictated.

      Guessing that Vanguard thinks everything that comes out of his mouth is so precious that he had his slaves leave in any repetition or vague sentences that he uttered exactly as he said them. Verbatim.

      That’s really the only thing that makes sense (for something that was going to be widely distributed to people who were supposed to look up to and emulate the leaders of this organization) as to why it is absolutely so horribly written.

      It also reads as if the expected reader has a limited vocabulary and reading comprehension level.

      It’s insulting to the reader. On a basic level

      Have honestly read treehouse manifestos for clubs of grade school children that had a better writing style, flow and grammar.

      Also, those treehouse rules and principles were more groundbreaking in their point of view than this DOS handbook.

      It’s super dull, but very odious writing for a “bad ass sorority” or a “master slave ring”.

      That would be a first take away on reading most of these handbook snippets. This is ridiculous, insidious evil, but also really boring and stupid. Insipid. Funny. If not for the fact that it has such malevolent intent.

      But surprisingly boring. No exciting language or concepts. Nothing new except for making up definitions for existing words. Just boring, boring, boring – and really poorly written.

      • I thought this, now I am wondering if Keith told Lauren to dumb it all down so they didn’t suspect he had anything to do with the writing of this manual considering he was hiding his involvement in a women’s empowerment group.

      • Anonymous @ 11:31pm

        Did you write the DOS handbook? Because your comment is so poorly written it is unclear what the f*** you are talking about

  • The Pultizer Board says two reviews found no problems in the Russiagate coverage that won a 2018 award for the NYTimes and WPost for their flawed Russiagate coverage. The Board indicated that it did not intend to release the reports.

    The Pulitzer Prizes

    News July 18, 2022
    A Statement from the Pulitzer Prize Board
    The Pulitzer Prize Board has an established, formal process by which complaints against winning entries are carefully reviewed. In the last three years, the Pulitzer Board has received inquiries, including from former President Donald Trump, about submissions from The New York Times and The Washington Post on Russian interference in the U.S. election and its connections to the Trump campaign–submissions that jointly won the 2018 National Reporting prize.

    These inquiries prompted the Pulitzer Board to commission two independent reviews of the work submitted by those organizations to our National Reporting competition. Both reviews were conducted by individuals with no connection to the institutions whose work was under examination, nor any connection to each other. The separate reviews converged in their conclusions: that no passages or headlines, contentions or assertions in any of the winning submissions were discredited by facts that emerged subsequent to the conferral of the prizes.

    The 2018 Pulitzer Prizes in National Reporting stand.

  • If there was any doubt this is a cult…
    Sacrifice yourself, your thoughts and beliefs and do as your master would want. Disturbing.

  • Just wondering – did Raniere actually consider himself a Christian?

    There’s an old joke where I’m from (not even sure if it’s a joke). Two threatening looking men accost a guy in the street.

    “Hey, are you a protestant or a catholic?”

    “I’m an atheist,” replies the man.

    “Aye, but are you a catholic or a protestant atheist?”

  • How can you go wrong if you think what would Jesus do ? This seems like sound data to me.

    • What would Jesus do when Keith demanded close up photography spread snatch shots? Do not recall that Passage in the Bible. Nor do I remember the part in the Bible about getting a f*** toy slave like Keith the Grand Master requested of his slaves. What would Jesus do then?

      • You’re upsetting the Nxium Faiv and Alanzo, my friend. Do not fool around with such ideas especially at the address of the latter!

  • Ooh, I don’t fancy peanut and death cap soup for dinner tonight.

    What would my master (grandmaster) do? Pizza with hot sauce it is. As stated in lesson 1, if you dedicate your life to the Vanguard and ‘take him in’, you’ll never have to make dinner (or dating) decisions ever again.

    Frank, vade retro, don’t lead us into temptation with your creative menus.

    Must remember to ask a slave to grow organic carrots though, as an act of service to honour me.

  • I have no problem with the idea of honoring something or someone but I take strong issue with requiring permission from anyone in order to do it.

    Got my own jam going on, thanks.

  • When you’re a sincere slave only to God, you not only don’t fall for these ridiculous charlatans, you have the perspicacity and wherewithal to not even go near them.

  • Wow. Lots of questionable definitions for Words yet again. And slippery usage of terms. The Jesus thing has me really thrown.

    Was this a Christian organization? Wait I can answer that obviously it wasn’t a Christian organization. But did it pretend to be one? What if you believed in God but you were of a religion that did not believe in Jesus what then?

    And all this talk about living an edgy life and being a badass and the point was just a copy of other people and do whatever they would do? This just gets more and more f***** up.

    • No. It wasn’t a Christian organization nor did it pretended to be.

      All religions were welcome into the organization (which is ridiculous because anybody of the three Abrahamic religions who truly followed their doctrines would’ve never go to somewhere like this).

      He used a hodgepodge of religions (a shit ton of Hinduism and Buddhism as well as a little bit of Judaism and Christianity, etc) and extracted the so-called “ethical” principles out of of it to follow in order to make a more “ethical” world, but did it under a secular/agnostic paradigm.

      It was a “self-help” organization. They utilized religious things and texts but in essence they were not preaching religion.

      But Keith was inspired by Hinduism and Buddhism and wanted to be like a spiritual prophetic figure and the higher ups were made to believe he was “called by the gods” to “save the world”, the lower level students were led to believe that he was a “scientist” and was divorced from mysticism.

      It’s very complicated. But Keith is a very complicated person.

      • — very complicated. But Keith is a very complicated person.

        No he’s not. He’s a simpleton. Lazy. Likes to hear himself talk. Needy for attention. Emotionally stunted. Sex obsessed. Controlling. Manipulative. Boring. In a constant state of internal agitation. No real inner belief. I’d feel sorry for him if he wasn’t such a prick.

      • This shit works on bog-standard western paradigm atheists. ie: you stand for nothing but your own vanity yet call that something chin strokey like “humanity’ or even keith’s fav. “honour”.

        Who cares when you can define commonplace words however you want because your quarry doesn’t read? – no philosophy, not the bible, hell, not even the f*cking dictionary.

  • Wow! Contempt for the Raniere’s %$@& suckers has just reached a new unthinkable high!!!

    They currently sit below dry rocks on the utility scale. Animals are way above that.

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Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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