Sultan: My arguments may be too difficult for anti-Kreukers to grasp

Sultan of Six has chosen to defend Kristin Kreuk consistently since at least 2011.  He responds here to two different posts, directly rebutting anti-Kreuk comments [in bold] – with his own defense of the actress he follows.  It is not known if Sultan and Kreuk know each other.

By Sultan of Six

– Sultan, I understand you not wanting KK’s name dragged through the mud without proof but the troubling thing is you won’t even entertain the thought she may have a deeper involvement.

LOL. It is now “troubling” that I don’t want a particular person’s name to be dragged through the mud without proof.

I don’t know what you mean by “deeper involvement”. If you mean  she was a willful participant in bringing teen girls into NXIVM for the satisfaction of KAR’s sexual proclivities, why should I “entertain” these thoughts if I don’t believe them to be congruous with what I know of her character?

Why wouldn’t I wait for concrete evidence for such a character damaging claim and willfully rebut impotent arguments and malevolent speculation?

– The whole GBD is very suspicious and it has been reported KAR prefers young girls.

It is only suspicious in the minds of certain people because of what happened several years after its inception. It was not suspicious at the time and for several years after that.

ET Canada did a two to three minute segment on it and multiple articles were published about it and no one thought there was anything remotely nefarious about its intentions and goals. This was around 2009. The only people who showed some suspicion were her some of her fans and that was only due to NXIVM’s “cult” label.

To judge a person’s decision in light of new information that they didn’t have at the time is precisely the Historian’s fallacy. Look it up.

– Heidi’s sister was a young girl who fell under his spell and she’s dead. She isn’t the only person who is dead.

I’m not sure how that is relevant. That some girl A fell under KAR’s spell doesn’t necessitate that some girl B will do or did so. Even one of the Fernandez sisters did not and as a result she was locked in a room for almost two years for not doing so. I find it ironic that “Heidi Hutchinson” is supposed to be so anti-KAR because she allegedly dealt him many times, supposedly knows how he manipulates and cons, and knows firsthand what she did to her sister, and yet, instead of being someone who you would think would be empathetic to someone who was likely fooled by KAR because of this, she frequently engages in maligning her character through injurious speculation. Why is that?

– You take a lot of heat for your viewpoint and it could be because you are being just as willfully blind as KAR’s followers. Please give that more than a passing thought.

Maybe I take a lot of heat because some people are just dicks.

– Here is Kristin Kook’s public lie that Girls By Design had nothing to do with NXIVM when people started correctly expressing concern.

Just because this individual asserts it is a lie does not make it a lie, and no matter how many times he repeats it as such, will never make it a lie. Kristin and Kendra have put their credibility on the line by publicly making such a statement. This anonymous poster has done no such thing in calling them both liars. That makes his opinion less credible and therefore should be ignored.

– Note how she mentions the College Project, Juicy Peach and Acapella Innovations.

Yeah, so? If she didn’t mention them, would he have said, “Note how she DOESN’T even mention…” and then say she’s hiding something and/or find something else to gripe about?

– The fact that at least one teen girl was recruited into NXIVM by Kristin Kook from Girls By Design and later became a branded sex slave is disgusting.

This isn’t a “fact”. This is merely an unsubstantiated assumption based upon an unreliable story made by someone behind an alias.

Mr. Parlato only said something similar to the following about “Jane”: ‘I have verified that this person claims to be who she says she is’.

This statement is not in any way, shape, or form a validation by him to any claim detailed in her story. He’s not stupid to open himself up as a target for libel.

I’m sorry that this notion is too difficult for anti-Kreukers to grasp.

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  • Nice distraction attempt.
    “Hey everybody, don’t look at Kreuk.
    Look at Heidi, who got away from Raniere, lost her sister, and continuously acknowledges her involvement, continuously speaks out against Raniere, and has been involved in doing everything possible to stop him for YEARS !
    And if you don’t fall for this, it just means you are dumb !”
    Somehow falls flat.

  • I don’t think it does Kreuk any favors to try and whitewash her involvement in NXIVM or to downplay her role in the organization or the plan behind Girls by Design. It can’t be denied that she was a recruiter and a coach, there is evidence showing how far along the stripe she was, and denying that she hurt anyone is equally false. Everybody involved in this has been hurt, either financially, spiritually or psychologically and I truly hope Kreuk sees how much damage has been caused and that she’s telling the authorities everything she knows.

  • A sultan of six quote about Kristen Kruek from the Frank Report on Oct 15 2018 at 3:54 pm reads…”She started Girls by Design with Kendra in 2008″ and also says “I also knew a few of the Girls from one of her fan sites who took part in it and they said neither of the K’s tried to recruit them into Nxivm” According to sultan logic this means that there were a FEW young girls that they DID NOT try to recruit. It also shows that the sultan has pedophile tendencies, interacting with young 12 year old’s on the internet.(parents beware) The sultans internet activities should be looked into, and would probably make JT’s computer files look lame. Please sultan, post your Sexy 7 video ! We all could use a laugh.

  • I was left dumbfounded after reading Sultan’s rebuttal yesterday and needed some time to digest before replying. I know he has said, again, he has stopped reading the blog but I doubt he can do that. The article containing comments he made years ago shows he can’t stop reading and defending. He has a ‘relationship’ with KK; albeit it’s probably one-sided and does smack of unhealthy obsession.

    Sultan writes:

    I don’t know what you mean by “deeper involvement”. If you mean she was a willful participant in bringing teen girls into NXIVM for the satisfaction of KAR’s sexual proclivities, why should I “entertain” these thoughts if I don’t believe them to be congruous with what I know of her character?

    With what he knows of her character? You can’t know someone’s character by watching them on television or reading interviews, or following their social media accounts. That is the face presented to the world and not the true person. Sultan, you don’t know her and neither do I. I am not saying, absolutely, she knew what was going on throughout NXIVM but I am saying you can’t be 100 per cent certain she did not. She was part of the organization for a number of years and the person she brought into the group rose to one of the top positions.

    To your point about Gina being but one who was mesmerized and greatly influenced by KAR. She was not the only one. What about the successful people who joined, gave in their successful careers and paid for classes until the bank balance was zero and were then indebted to KAR and the gang? That doesn’t appear to be normal behavior.

  • I am empathetic to most if not all the girls who fell under this spell, as you put it Sultan. Covering for her as you do is not necessarily empathetic to KK — who looks good covered in bullshit?

  • Creepy + Cringe = sultanofstalk. It’s sad how a male can be this much of a pussy whipped little wimp. What happened in your life “sultan” to make you this way? Why do you post these sad low testosterone ramblings? Is it aspergers? Are you even embarrassed? Do you have an ounce of masculine pride?

    I attempted a brief skim read but I just couldn’t make it to the end. Your weak, emasculated, low testosterone, aspergers, robotic bullshit is as ridiculous as the quran. What a waste of life. You won’t get any sex from your ramblings, yet you brown knight this NXIVM cult member like its a personal jihad. You won’t get any pussy juice on your old slug, nor will you get 72 virgins. Just stop and get a life. Why are you like this?

  • I am sure everyone surmises Sultan is either a NXIVM member probing for information, a Kristin groupie/stalker or just a lonely internet troll.

    Sultan what Kristin should worry about is if the prosecution will release additional information after the trial or reporters will through court filings or someone leaks the information publicly.

  • Gee. Thanks for putting my comments up two days after I posted them. And I never said or implied that my arguments are too difficult for certain elements to grasp in the content I posted. I clearly said one particular notion was too difficult for those elements to grasp.


  • Okay, Jesse, plz explain why you felt the need to communicate with a 12-year old girl on the GBD website to get more information about KK.

    Do you not understand how inappropriate your behavior is?

    Grow up dude. Nobody wants to hear from a 50 year old obsessed guy. Get a life.

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