It’s a ‘Shit Show’ at Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center and Likely to Get Much Worse With Huge Coronavirus Outbreak Expected

MDC Prisoners

There is the potential of a serious COVID-19 outbreak inside that medieval-style chamber of horrors, better known as the Metropolitan Detention Center [MDC], in Brooklyn NY.

The MDC is a federal jail used largely to house defendants awaiting trial or sentencing. It also serves as a hub for inmates being transported among facilities in the northeast.  The jail holds 1,700 inmates, with 150 to 200 inmates coming or going from the facility per week.

It is also a place notorious for being too cold in summer [the air conditioning never stops], too hot in winter [the heat never stops], and where also, sometimes, the heat does not work at all and inmates remain shivering in the cold; where inmates never see sunlight, or get a breath of fresh air because there is no outside recreation area in this dungeon.

Typical MDC meal

Known also for its ubiquitous mold and sickeningly unsanitary conditions, with inmates dieting on what you would not feed your dog – an almost, seemingly, deliberately low-nutrition, unpalatable, unhealthy prison food.

Consequently, almost all of the inmates are in poor health [which the Orwellian named Department of Justice must love since most of the 1,700 inmates are facing trial and are technically innocent until proven guilty; what better way to ensure victory at trial than take steps to make sure the defendant is sickly?].

The MDC Is the Perfect Breeding Ground for the Spread of Coronavirus

The MDC became the first federal prison to report an inmate tested positive for the virus on March 21.

The recommendations of the CDC and other health organizations is to wash your hands frequently to prevent becoming infected with coronavirus. But at MDC, there is no soap for prisoners or correctional officers.
The staff is prohibited from bringing alcohol-based hand sanitizer or even their own face masks to work.

Four housing units are already in quarantine [solitary confinement and[24/7 lockdown, where cold meals are served to inmates in their cells] and staff goes in and out without adequate protective gear.  Correctional Officers working in quarantined units received one mask per shift.
Staff responding to emergencies in those units enter without masks.
The problem is further exacerbated by the way guards work. Most guards depend on overtime – much like police do – to make an annual salary sufficient to live somewhere near middle-class in expensive New York City.  Correctional Officers routinely work 16-hour days, three or four days in a row.
If they want to take a day off, BOP policy requires them to use sick leave and not administrative leave. This encourages guards and others on the staff to come into work despite being unwell, despite – in some cases having COVID-19 – because they need the money.
On top of that, because of anticipated staff shortages, guards and other staffers, who are exhibiting flu-like [possible coronavirus] symptoms are routinely called back to work well short of the CDC-recommended 14-day quarantine period.

No One Knows Extent of Infection; There Has Been Little to No Testing

MDC Warden Derek Edge reported Friday that only seven inmates at MDC had been tested for coronavirus; two tested positive.

Considering all of the inmates who are feeling ill [maybe more than 1,000 because of the bleak, unsanitary and unhealthy conditions always present], it would be reasonable to suggest that more than 100 already have COVID -19, and not all of them are in quarantine.

This means the spread is inevitable.

On top of that, seven staff members tested positive for coronavirus. The number is likely higher. Staff have to get tested on their own time and many are unlikely to get tested – even if they suspect they have the virus.

It’s a shit show at MDC, as usual, with the added specter of highly contagious coronavirus running amok among a weakened, compromised population. Deaths are very likely to occur, though reporting of true conditions at MDC is not usually transparent and the public may not find out the true conditions until much later than they occur if they find out at all.

As many readers know, Keith Alan Raniere, the leader of Nxivm, is housed at MDC while he awaits sentencing.  He is reportedly in lockdown. His chances of getting infected from the coronavirus is, based on conditions there, fairly high.

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  • While Cuomo is out putting on a show and using this situation to bash Trump, prisoners awaiting trial
    are treated like animals.
    The reality with the Tammany Hall party is that they close hospitals and open us all up to
    Cuomo might well have been in this jail had the investigation which put 8 of his friends behind bars
    not been stopped.
    Time to reopen the investigation. Put Cuomo inside the MDC and then we might see an improvement in
    conditions as he uses his clout to improve things.
    And de Blasio, and his wife – after a real investigation into some missing funds.

    • Ken,
      The situation you describe is true wherever the Democrats control a city or state.
      In Chicago the top dog is Alderman Ed Burke who has been on the City Council for over 50 years.
      He became an Alderman when LBJ was President.
      Burke’s father had been an Alderman for 20 years or more when he died and Eddie inherited the seat.
      Burke’s wife Anne is the Chief Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court.

      About a year ago the Feds indicted Burke for shaking down restaurant owners.
      The Feds discovered that Eddie Burke was buying new burner phones every week just as if Burke were a dope dealer.

      If you want to read an amusing blog about how the Democrats rule California with an Iron Fist try The People’s Republic of California blog.

  • Is this a ‘highly contagious virus” or a global conspiracy against Trump? Make your mind up, Parlato.

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