OCD: Keith would try for insanity defense

By Orange County Dreams [OCD]

I am in the minority here:

Keith wants out of the prison system, badly. If his attorneys told him he had a good chance of beating the charges by pleading insanity, I think he would do it, “reputation” be damned. I believe that his remaining followers would “understand” that he had been forced to raise this defense to answer false charges (persecution) against him.

I don’t believe Clare Bronfman would ever, ever desert him. If he were acquitted, she could have more of him to herself (due to a smaller, if any, organization), and he would be even more dependent on her largess.

If he is acquitted, while he could never again be the Vanguard he once was, he could live in the lap of luxury (courtesy of Clare), without having to work for a living. This has been his goal all along; hence his get rich quick schemes such as MLMs, gambling, and commodities trading.

Pussy? I’m sure he could still get some. If acquitted, he might attract groupies based on his notoriety.

Power? He could satisfy his obsessive need for power and domination through countless civil suits, including some for defamation.

Keith wants OUT, badly. He would do whatever it takes to once again sleep in late, order pizza with hot sauce, and have others foot the bills for his needs and comfort.

Fortunately, I doubt KR’s attorneys would ever suggest such a defense, as they would be laughed out of Court plus opening themselves up to a malpractice lawsuit. (Either way, if KR is convicted he will definitely sue them.

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  • OCD, I agree KAR hates being incarcerated and would, most likely, stop at nothing to get himself out and into the sunlight but mounting a not criminally responsible case comes with other consequences and he could find himself somewhere worse!

    I really think he’s arrogant enough to believe he’s going to be found not guilty and keeps fantasizing about that day. It could be that belief that keeps him going.

  • Sorry OCD, but I disagree with you.

    Clare and Sara Bronfman would have NO CHOICE but to abandon Vanguard IF he announces to the world that he’s insane and bonkers.


    …because Clare and Sara will need to repair & protect what’s left of their own tattered reputations going forward, as best they can.

    They’ll need to salvage some kind of normal life for themselves in the future.

    Sara has kids. Clare has nieces and nephews who will grow up. Sara’s husband has a reputation that he wants to protect too. They have a mom in England too.

    Do you honestly think Sara and Clare will want their kids/nephews/nieces/family to view them as women who follow a self admitted “loon” who openly admitted (in court) to blackmailing women into becoming sexual slaves simply because he didn’t know right from wrong?

    Here’s the straight skinny:

    Up until now, Clare has financially supported Keith only because her STATUS within NXIVM has been continually elevated by Keith over the years, until she finally got her desired rank of “Legatus”.

    However, with NXIVM’s reputation forever in tatters she’ll likely never go back to supporting Keith financially like she did before, regardless of what happens at trial.


    …Because there’s no more “STATUS” associated with being “Legatus”. That ‘carrot’ is gone.

    Being “Legatus” after March 2018 is akin to being the Executive Vice President of Enron after it’s collapse. It’s now a position of DISGRACE.

    Why pour what remains of her life savings into a guy who’s already sunk what used to be a thriving organization?

    Why throw good money after bad?

    Those days are gone because there’s no more STATUS for Clare if she associates with Keith, especially if he admits to being bonkers.

    Clare will NOT want “more of Keith to herself” if Keith’s reputation becomes one of a “crazy loon”.


    …Because in my own opinion, Clare does not love Keith nor does she find him particularly attractive (i.e. he’s a fat, short and ugly midget with a head the size of a pumpkin). No woman could find him attractive.

    She merely loves the IDEA of being intimately associated with the most brilliant man in the world.

    She loves the IDEA of being associated with a brilliant man who heads a “respectable worldwide organization” that has followers such as the son of the former president of Mexico, along with other TV stars.

    That’s what Clare loves.

    Once that “respectability” and “status” is gone Clare will NOT want to acquire more of that worthless stock in a falling market.

    In fact, Clare and Sara will probably abandon him quietly anyway no matter what happens after the trial, since Keith’s reputation is already gone forever and they can’t salvage it by throwing more money into a burning pit of disgrace.

    In my own opinion, she must continue paying for his defense until after the verdict because crossing Keith would not be in her self interests until after the trial is over and she’s no longer in legal jeopardy. Keith knows enough to bury everybody in NXIVM ten times over, if they cross him or abandon him before the trial is over.

    But I do expect — after the trial — that the Bronfmans will QUIETLY abandon him and try to salvage their own reputations just like rats fleeing the Titanic.

  • You could be right OCD, but wouldn’t he have to accept an insanity diagnosis from whomsoever? Isn’t there a catch 22 situation with someone claiming insanity for themselves ?

  • Great post, Orange. Keith may have been stockpiling for an insanity defense all along. He may think it easier for Clare to free him from a mental institution, that his life would be more comfortable there than in prison. I agree Clare will have less competition and more opportunity for KAR’s affections in a looney bin. Go for it, Aggie! As God is your witness!

    Aggie reminds me, anybody spot Heather Anne around, incognito? She would have appreciated this I think.

    • Unfortunately, I do think you are correct. It would be a lot easier for Clare to pay a few doctors to say Raniere has been rehabilitated and is ready to be released from a mental institution after a short time.
      I just think he still thinks he can beat the system.
      I definitely agree with OCR, they will sue to get fees back even if they win, so every lawyer involved was likely screwed the minute they signed up, no matter the outcome.
      Hope Heather Anne is doing well.

  • Unfortunately…. MR. Mouse he is
    …. as sure as the sun sets and rises. I bet any amount of money on it. Even John Wayne Gacy a gay serial killer had female admirers.

  • I wonder if Keith is getting any groupies sending letters to their new prison penpal?

    I remember there were a lot of teens/women writing loving letters and photos to the Parkland Shooter, Nik Cruz.

    Just curious.

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