Mexican timeline shows Raniere likely lied on his bail package application

By Frank Parlato

In Raniere’s bail package, his attorneys painted a blessed picture of an ethical man obsessed with honoring his child’s mother, Mariana Fernandez, and mourning his longtime “significant other’ Pam Cafritz’s death.  Nowhere do they mention that Raniere lived menage a trois with Cafritz and Fernandez for years. Maybe they thought the judge wouldn’t understand.

But there are other troubling things about Raniere’s bail package as it relates to the timeline and Mexico. Because there is an expected modified bail package soon to be submitted to the court, it’s time to bring this up now.



October 13th

According to his bail package, Raniere and his beloved Mariana and child had to leave the US because Mariana’s visa expired [That never bothered him before as he had numerous Mexicans with expired visas working within his cult]:

“Wanting to be close to his home and business, Raniere and the mother of his child rented an Airbnb in Canada for the family to live in while they resolved the immigration issues.”

What business? He has no business in his name, according to his Financial Affidavit for Pretrial Services.  The Airbnb was rented in the name of Clare Bronfman. Mariana was allegedly refused at the border so they went back to Albany.

October 14th

Raniere, Mariana and their child fly to San Diego, to drive to Mexico. [Mariana’s visa was set to expire at midnight.]

Mariana Fernandez and Keith Raniere – he is pushing the stroller of their son. What a great papa. Sad too, since junior is not likely to see much of his dad – thankfully for the child.

It’s a 30-hour drive from San Diego to Monterrey – where Mariana was to be stationed. If his final destiny was Monterrey – why not fly to a nearby city in Texas? Why fly to the other corner of the country?

Map from San Diego, California to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

October 17th

Raniere flew back to Albany from Monterrey. That same evening, the New York Times article was published online exposing the branding practices of DOS [previously reported in Frank Report four months earlier.] This sparks an interest in Raniere by the Eastern District of New York Department of Justice.


November 7th

Raniere, his bail application package tells us, spent the day in the Clifton Park home that he, Mariana and Pam Cafritz lived as a threesome [when he was not staying overnight at his sex lair] – ‘to celebrate her life” on the one-year anniversary of Cafritz’s death.  It is important to note that Raniere impregnated Fernandez on or about the same time Cafritz died or was dying. The baby was born nine months after Cafritz died.

November 10th

Raniere flew back to Monterrey “to join his family and to celebrate the mother of his child’s birthday.” [very touching, but is that really why he flew back – just to be with her on her birthday? If you believe that one, I have a Vanguard to sell you in Brooklyn.]

November 15th

Mariana’s birthday.

November 27th

Frank Report breaks story that Raniere fled USA and is in Monterrey.


Raniere walking with DOS slave Jimena Garza in Monterrey area.

November: Date unknown:

Agents with the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation visited the NXIVM Center in Monterrey, Mexico and asked to speak with Raniere. They were told he was unavailable. The agents’ telephone numbers were left for Raniere but neither he nor an attorney ever contacted them.


December 20th

Raniere appears before Notario Publico Jose Guillermo Meza Garcia to sign a document renouncing his role as executor of the estate of Pamela Anne Cafritz, “his deceased long-time significant other.”

The Notario indicated his address  is in Guadalajara – 500 miles from Monterrey. His lawyers claimed this proved that “Raniere was not hiding in Mexico. He was openly appearing before a Mexican legal official and [later] openly filing a document in the courts of New York.”


December 21st

NY Times reports that the Eastern District of NY DOJ is investigating Raniere.

“Federal Officials Reportedly Investigating Group here Women were Branded”,

December 22nd

Frank Report reveals Clare Bronfman reached out to a PR firm to offset NY Times stories.


Late December:

Raniere sat for a multi-day interview with New York Times Magazine contributor Vanessa Grigoriadis. He agreed to meetings on condition his location not be revealed. That location was in the Monterrey area.. Bronfman was staying with Raniere at the time.

He already knew [or should have known] that the same newspaper had recently reported he is under investigation in the Eastern District of NY.



January 17th

Raniere’s renunciation of his role as executor of Cafritz’s trust was scanned into the Surrogate’s Court file in Saratoga County.  Raniere did not renounce the money, just renounced being the executor [He is a renunciate – or so he says]. The money, however, was still to be his – all his.

January 21st

Frank Report – declaring Raniere will soon be arrested – reveals Raniere retained Paul DerOhanessian as his criminal attorney.

We also taught people how to pronounce the name [Dare-a-Nxian}


February 14th

A criminal complaint is filed against Raniere for sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit sex trafficking and forced labor.  The warrant is not revealed publicly.

February 18th

Frank Report breaks story that Raniere left Monterrey and may be near Puerto Vallarta.

“Multiple sources have informed Frank Report that Keith Raniere left Monterrey and headed for the coast of Mexico. He may be at a beach resort and may attempt to leave Mexico by sea.”

Raniere was indeed staying at a luxury beach resort in Puerto Vallarta, a gated community with armed guards on the outside perimeters. But Raniere did not bring his precious Mariana and his beloved baby with him. Instead, he was staying with half a dozen sex slaves.

He left more than a month before he was arrested. He stopped using his phone, turned to encrypted email. He left his “family” in Monterrey, Mexico.


March 6th

He sat for a New York Times photograph shoot and got some pretty handsome shots. But that was to be expected for his clothes he said rather magically appeared.

March 15th

One of Raniere’s attorneys, former United States Attorney Michael Sullivan, contacts Northern District New York [NDNY], United States Attorney Grant Jaquith, according to the bail package: “[Sullivan] understood based on that call, that there was not a criminal investigation being conducted by the NDNY, nor did it appear that the NDNY was aware of a criminal investigation by another District.  Mr. Sullivan understood the NDNY would attempt to determine if another District had opened a matter related to Raniere and if it had, would make that District aware of Mr. Sullivan’s interest in speaking with them on behalf of Raniere.”

So why – and this is the $10 million bail question – did Raniere’s attorney not contact the FBI and Homeland Security that left cards for Raniere in Monterrey in November? And why didn’t his attorney contact the EDNY? It was reported in the NY Times and elsewhere that the EDNY was investigating?

This is puzzling – and makes Raniere appear to be a liar. He must have known it was not the NDNY but the EDNY. Why didn’t he tell his attorney that?

March 25th

The Mexican Government seized Raniere as a deportable person and handed him to the United States so he could be arrested upon his appearance in Texas in a matter of a few hours.

Raniere inside the police vehicle which took him from Mexico to Texas where he was arraigned.

March 26th

Raniere makes his initial appearance in Federal Court in Fort Worth Texas. He is denied bail.

A sketch of Keith Raniere in federal court in Texas. Raniere faces charges of sex trafficking.

March 27th

Raniere completed a financial affidavit in the Northern District of Texas for Pretrial Services in which he reported that he has a $0 monthly income, no cash, nothing in the bank and no assets aside from partial ownership of a home with an estimated value of approximately $60,000.


April 1st

On or about April 1, the fool arrives in Brooklyn. He can meet with people in jail for brief periods under intense screening and scrutiny in a room set apart for visitors. He had no visitors other than his lawyers.

April 13th

The United States Pretrial Services Department for the Eastern District New York issued a report in which it concluded that there were no conditions or combination of conditions that would reasonably assure the defendant’s appearance in court and the safety of the community.

April 20th

Allison Mack was arrested.

April 24th

Mack and Raniere are arraigned.


May 30th

NY Times Magazine story comes out – Allison tries to take the fall for branding women. Keith cries a lot when he speaks of Pam Cafritz.  [I don’t blame him. Pam was a great pimp woman and could always get him young girls without having to go out and brand them. Allison was a poor substitute for Cafritz.]


June 12th

Bail hearing: Raniere’s lawyers had proposed pre-trial release on an unsecured bond of $10 million, with home detention to be supervised by a private team of 24-hour armed guards. Raniere’s attorneys informed the government that the proposed private security guards would be paid by an irrevocable trust funded by third-party contributors [Bronfmans]. The purpose of the trust is to pay for defense costs in connection with the prosecution.

Raniere’s lawyers claimed that Raniere’s use of encrypted mail and eliminating his old cell phone was not to hide from the government but to hide from  “a group of critics of Nxivm and Raniere who located him in Mexico and took photographs of him and others. His activities in Mexico were reported on and photographed by detractors. Indeed, the members of Nxivm had, and continue to have, reason to be afraid of this group, which has utilized aggressive methods to intimidate Nxivm members and has engaged in significant criminal conduct.

“On this point, it bears mentioning that if Raniere and others utilized different phones and email addresses on occasion, it was not to evade law enforcement but rather this well-organized anti-Nxivm group which has harassed Raniere and others for several years.

“Moreover, his attorney left a phone number with the Department of Justice on two occasions by which he could be reached.”

The judge denied his bail motion and Raniere remains in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.


Sadly for Raniere his bail package didn’t work – quite possibly because it was a lie. An ethical lie, but a lie nonetheless.


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For You 1000 times
For You 1000 times
5 years ago

Isn’t it odd how Former NXIVM claimed she/he was going to take a vacation, but then posted again? I only mention it because JJJS keeps mentioning an upcoming vacation as well.
Hey…who think Former NXIVM and JJJS are the same person and they screwed up and forgot which ID they were posting under?
Sure wouldnt be the first time, would it?

I bet you used to be that No Regrets guy, too. Right?

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)

No, it isn’t odd. Summer is the common vacation time. What is odd is how you won’t put your name on your posts, at least a consistent fake name. VERY odd. Probably a Hellary THE Horrible voter, right? LOL

For You 1000 times
For You 1000 times
5 years ago

What makes you think I use an inconsistent “fake” name? Lol
Obviously I am the only one using a fake name, I see. I guess Shadowstate1958 and John jingle whatever are real names?
And why would I use my real name here? Would knowing my real name change your perception of my comments?

I still think Former Nexian is probably JJJS as well. This has been a consistant pattern with you “people”…..abusive comments , bullying , writing under various names and then replying to your own comments.
Keep it up, more evidence for LE.

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)

Perhaps you don’t post here often, so I haven’t noticed your name. But you still haven’t addressed the “odd” question or the question regarding who you voted for. I couldn’t care less whether you use your real name or not, but it does help to use the same one. Former Nexian is a criminal lawyer who has been heavily fined and not allowed to practice law for 3 years, wrote a book about NXIVM to pay the bills, his name is Omar Rosales. I very much doubt JJJS and him are the same person, but there’s a way to find out if JJJS is willing to talk on the phone.

5 years ago

How do you know the person posting as Former Nexian is this criminal lawyer you say he is?
Just because you say something doesn’t mean it’s true.

Your opinion and your so-called facts mean absolutely nothing. You have no inside knowledge , moron…..just an oversized ego. Lol!!

George Henderson
George Henderson
5 years ago

Nearly all the people posting here now are sociopaths and criminals who have a political agenda , which they are trying to disguise with bullshit.
*John Jacob shit-for-brains
*Shadow fucker
*Scott Tex Johnson
*Sultan of 6
*Ion white poetry

Lol……Gypsies, tramps and thieves.

I know how much you all love Gypsies.

Have a nice day, JJ shit-for-brains☺😉

5 years ago

Go away NXIVM turd.

Typical black and white thinking groupthink you cult idiots try to indoctrinate. Group everyone together not seeing each person for their individual self.

F.D.C. Willard
F.D.C. Willard
5 years ago
Reply to  Haha

He is not completely wrong about that. After this think started there were a lot of conspiracy theorists trying to connect Raniere with their political enemy. At first it was the alt-right attacking Hillary and now there have been some Republicans as well who came under fire.
I personally believe it is bad that there are so many politicians who rely on money from shady sources to finance their campaigns. They are all just smoke grenades that should cover up the stuff that is wrong in the US at the moment.
Stuff Trump likes to call a witch-hunt. The funny thing is that a few witches admitted to be guilty.

5 years ago
Reply to  F.D.C. Willard

What he said was garbage. He linked me and ion with right wingers.

I couldn’t give two shits about the conspiracies that have popped up ever since DOS was revealed to the public. In fact, I think it just damages and drowns out the conversation in NXIVM”s favor. I’ve always thought it was just a cult of one man who conned two rich girls and others for control and sex which unsurprisingly found its natural conclusion in a master/slave sex cult. I never thought it was tied to the Clintons, Pizza Gate or whatever conspiracy theory is the flavor of the day.

And as far as I know, ion showed only a similar distaste for the cult prior to all this excess conspiracy baggage.

NC Girl
NC Girl
5 years ago
Reply to  SultanOfSix

Sultan of Six, thank you! I have had enough of the manchildren on this site, specifically Tex. Sick of his sad name calling. It’s not even imaginative name calling. I mean “libtard”? YAWN. That is so 2014.
I came here to follow the story of a cult that has taken over and ruined peoples’ lives, not to be subjected to childish behavior from tinfoil hat wearing manboys.

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)
Reply to  SultanOfSix

NC Girl, did you vote for Hellary THE Horrible? LOL

George Henderson
George Henderson
5 years ago
Reply to  SultanOfSix

Sultan of 6
How do you know Ion white poetry is NOT a right winger?Unless, of course, you were also Ion white….
But nahhhh, you couldn’t be.

5 years ago
Reply to  F.D.C. Willard

Some of us are just here because we have family involved. I’m here because my relative, Christine Collins, has been involved in this shitshow since she was 20.. and since she alienated her family, we have no other means to know. I wade through the bullshit to look for former people involved and their information, not the bullshit in between.

5 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Wow. Sorry to hear that.

Christine was always nice to me. There are some ppl that didn’t like her. But, I never had any problems with her.

She was so far down the rabbit hole with NXIVM. I hope she was able to get out and rebuild her life.
5 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I am sorry to hear that. I hope you get useful information here.

5 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

She never got out. Family tried. Now were just waiting to see how this will work out and be there assuming she wants people back in her life. She married an NXIVM guy.. and her child is in their programs, so, now much hope. But again.. I’m here to hear from the formers.. if I wanted political shit, I’d just hop on facebook. Thank you for your sincerity, Former.

5 years ago

It must be agonizing for you to see your hero Vanguard and his delusional followers finally face their Day of Reckoning.

George Henderson
George Henderson
5 years ago

Exactly who are you talking to, Shadow state? If it’s me, you are way off the mark, dude . I have no connections to Keith or Nxivm. No “agonizing ” here 😀😁😂
But I notice that all you mother fuckers seem to be losing it lately… kinda like your hero, Donnie Dickhead. He seems to be unravelling at the seams. Lol!!!

This is what happens when you build a house of Cards, morons. Especially one built on lies , crime and hate.

5 years ago

Talk about having a Political Agenda!
Look in the Mirror.

Regardless of whether Trump is guilty or innocent, the ass clowns of NXIVM are the sorriest bunch of grifters in New York State history.

Keith Raniere is a pervert.
Cruella Bronfman is a greedy witch and her stupid sister Sara is laughable.
Whoever heard of a Jewish liquor heiress marrying a Muslim would be politician?

The mother/daughter Salzman team has turned deviousness into an art form.

Allison Mack is a pathetic washed up actress who demonstrates her insanity by torturing the very women she wants to “empower.
Mack demonstrates her “wisdom” and acting talents by sobbing over Raniere’s explanation of the word “authenticity.”
Allison Mack gives insanity a bad name.
Allison’s wife Nicki Clyne is at best as naïve as Bambi and has a “Deer in the headlights” look.

And India Oxenberg is the most gullible woman alive.

NXIVM is living proof that female criminals can be as goofy as male criminals.

5 years ago

You make no sense Shadow State. The only people here who display any political agenda are the ones promoting this sociopathic moron and his obviously fake story… a moron who popped up out of nowhere and is suddenly featured here. What other people besides those few are using this site to push a personal agenda? I can’t see it.

Just because you say something doesn’t make it real ,Shadow.

5 years ago

Response to Flowers:

Just because you say something doesn’t make it real ,Shadow.

After the indictment it is clear that the prosecutors regard Raniere as a pervert and Mack as cruel.
Wait until AUSA Penza presents her full case.

5 years ago

My comment did not refer to the charges against Keith or Allison. I think that they are probably both guilty.

My comment meant that I think you are totally off base in claiming that anyone here is pushing a political agenda besides those few people who are all worked up over this ridiculous Szemkus story. Those people are you, Scott Tex2, and this John Jingle idiot.

Apparently Szemkus started posting his story online around the end of May. I wonder when you and Tex2 showed up here? I think it was probably pretty close to that time, wasn’t it?

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)

Libtard snowflake Flowers, I showed up well before the end of May. I have spoken with Frank on the phone several times. I forwarded the Ben story to Frank and he added the story to this website. Your kooky conspiracy mind is in overdrive, but I’ve come to expect that from a Hellary THE Horrible lover. LOL

5 years ago

My second reply to “Flowers”

“Apparently Szemkus started posting his story online around the end of May. I wonder when you and Tex2 showed up here? I think it was probably pretty close to that time, wasn’t it?”

Let’s set the record straight.

I was commenting on NXIVM on the Frank Report long before Ben Szemkus showed up.

Here is one of my earlier comments with the date and time posted.

April 26, 2018 at 11:50 am

And I have comments earlier than this one.

5 years ago

Shadow, that link does little to convince me of anything. If you started posting here the end of April, and Ben started to spread his BULLSHIT story sometime in May (I haven’t confirmed exactly when in May he started this nonsense) those dates still suggest that you are connected to Szemkus and his crazy shit. Especially since you are so invested in proving he’s right. Lol!
It’s hilarious to me, because I can so easily see that Ben is a lying sociopath. I have watched this morons videos, and his “duping delight ” smirk is clearly evident . Like all sociopaths, he’s really an idiot and he can’t fool people who are aware of what he really is.

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)

“Flowers” is obviously a Libtard snowflake, still suffering from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), as she won’t answer the question whether she voted for Hellary THE Horrible. All Ben’s story does is further bury a bunch of Dems that we already know are crazy. In fact, liberalism itself is a mental disease. LOL

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)

George, thank you for your Libtard snowflake input. LOL

Omar Rosales Is A Low Level Attack Rat For the Clintonistas

Oh, but not FormerNXIVM apologist, Ben Rosales? He has spewed more hatred than anyone I’ve seen on this board. I wonder why you left him off the list? You know Rosales has been sanctioned twice for being an unethical, scummy lawyer, right? One was overturned. The other is on his permanent record. Plus Rosales the RatBag is currently being sued by the State of Texas for being a lowlife dirtbag. So why isn’t he on your list?

Omar Rosales Is An Unethical Lawyer

“Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.” Joseph Goebells & Ben Rosales

5 years ago

Mr Parlato, I don’t know if you have seen this story in the Daily Mail yet – but it discusses Keith’s baby who was born a few months before he was arrested and it places the child in Mexico The story also accepts as his son the older boy (11 years old, whom he isn’t allowed to have custody or visitation rights) . Here’s the link (PAM is also discussed briefly in the article) –

5 years ago

Vanguard was living in a menage a trois because He is so full of love.
You don’t believe me?
Just ask Monte Blu!

Its not Vanguard’s first menage a trois.
Years ago Vanguard was possibly in a threesome with Kristen Kreuk and Allison Mack.

This actress is not just someone you have never heard of. This actress
is a B- list actress who has done movies and television. She was on a
huge hit for an almost network. Anyway, the actress ended up meeting
this guy, and despite him already sleeping with several women each day,
she fell in love with him. Now, she is one of the several women he
sleeps with everyday. The problem is the guy just doesn’t love women, he
also loves teens. As in underage teens. As in 16 and 17 year old teens
and the actress knows about it, but refuses to leave him despite this.
She also refuses to leave him despite his insistence that the couple
have threesomes as much as possible. Our actress defends the actions of
her boyfriend and thinks that people who don’t understand him or his
needs, are just wrong. The crazy thing is, our actress has got her best
friend, a foreign born B+ list movie and television actress from the
same show also thinking this guy is incredible. No word on whether the
pair were involved in a threesome with the boyfriend since our second
actress claims to have a boyfriend, but if they did, Comic-Con probably
would have exploded. Oh, and I’m about to give you your favorite words.
This will be revealed.

Allison Mack
Kristin Kreuk
Keith Raniere

What do you call it when a guy has 57 different lovers simultaneously?

5 years ago

This is old news and wrong, a least partially. This is taken from Enty’s “Crazy Days and NIghts” gossip website. Some of what he posts there is true, some of it is false, and some of the stories are taken from elsewhere and just rehashed there. This is an example of one of the latter taken from speculation of people who commented on John Tighe’s old blog. It mixes up Allison and Kristin – although both are foreign born – since it is Allison who thinks VanFraud is “just amazeballs” and refused to leave him even after knowing he slept with teen girls whereas Kristin took off, and it was Kristin who recruited/referred Allison, and Kristin who had a boyfriend at the time – Mark Hildreth.

5 years ago
Reply to  SultanOfSix

So obvious that you are obsessed with Kristen.
Bet she could have conned you into joining nexivm in a heartbeat where you would have been just another cuckold
like Hilldreth. Maybe Keith would have let you watch as he did Ally and Kristen at the same time.
On second thought he probably wouldn’t as your constant drooling would have zapped his positive sexual energy.
Get real.

5 years ago
Reply to  Obsessed?

Yawn. What do you care if I am “obsessed” or not? How does it affect *you*? I’ve dealt with people like you before and the more you say, the more it only reveals your own motivations.

But is ironic what you said, since you’re right in a way. She could’ve made me easily join NXIVM if…

…I didn’t have my own will and saw through the facade many years ago.

Although I’m not certain, I’m probably one of her fans along with some others on her various fan websites who showed enough care and concern about her situation within the group to help change her mind about it. And it looks like we turned out to be right.

Like I previously posted in a comment in response to another blog post on this site, I could’ve easily taken a few NXIVM courses since I have the money just to get a chance to be with Kristin. But being original from the Indian subcontinent, frugality seems to be in my blood, and I would be no different than the VanFraud.

But continue to cry more and pretend like you don’t care.

Get real.

P.S. LOL at “positive” sexual energy. I guess we know where you stand. Refer back to my second statement in this very post.

5 years ago
Reply to  Obsessed?

So obvious that you’re a NXIVM turd. How is the VanFake’s fake blabbing of positive spiritual sexual energy guru rubbish doing in prison? How’s the little man’s little man feeling not being able to con women with self-esteem issues into servicing it?

5 years ago
Reply to  SultanOfSix

The point of this story is that with Vanguard’s harem of approximately 57 women and his history of maintaining multiple love affairs at the same time, why would anyone believe that he was in Mexico to attend to the needs of his son.
Raniere was in Mexico to escape the “long arm of the law.”
Forget whatever fairy tales Raniere concocted for a court motion.

Like the lyrics of Christopher Cross’ song “Ride like the Wind” Raniere “rode like the wind to make it to the border of Mexico”.

And I’ve got such a long way to go (such a long way to go)
To make it to the border of Mexico
So I’ll ride like the wind
Ride like the wind

Frank Rocks!
Frank Rocks!
5 years ago

Thanks for the timeline, Frank. Keep up the good work!

5 years ago

“An ethical lie, but a lie nonetheless.”

I know this was said tongue-in-cheek, but there is no such thing as an “ethical lie”. Not even a white lie.

They are all wrong in varying degrees with few being neutral. White lies are the least wrong and they are at least understandable as to why they are told so as to be ignored, e.g., telling your wife or girlfriend that her jeans don’t make her ass look big. Then there are lies told to avoid or escape some real and truly imagined fear, such as physical harm (like bullying) or a threat to your life. The vast majority of lies aren’t like the latter, but are told to ultimately save yourself from some shame, embarrassment, or negative consequences because you know you’ve done something wrong or what may be perceived to be wrong.

5 years ago
Reply to  SultanOfSix

That should be “they are *almost* all wrong” otherwise the immediately following stated exception case wouldn’t make sense.

The point being lies aren’t ethical or virtuous. They are at most neutral, like those told to keep the peace between spouses as in the jeans example, or perhaps said because you want to hide a surprise party from the person you want to be surprised by it and something has slipped that might reveal it to them (which doesn’t even have to occur in such a circumstance).

Lies are almost always said to willfully deceive or be malicious, or to hide something shameful or perceived to be so.

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Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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