Sources: Raniere left Monterrey; may be near Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta
Keith Raniere with slave-and-baby-mama Mariana Fernandez.

Multiple sources have informed Frank Report that Keith Raniere left Monterrey and headed for the coast of Mexico. He may be at a beach resort and may attempt to leave Mexico by sea.

Raniere was staying in a gated community in San Pedro Garza Garcia. He was caught on camera several times there. Residents of the gated community were said to be aware of the cult leader’s presence and were unhappy about it.

Sources claim he was under too much scrutiny in Monterrey. Whether he chose to leave because of that – or whether he has some deeper plan involving his ultimate escape from US authorities is unknown.

While in Monterrey, Raniere was staying at the home of Carola Garza, one of his DOS branded slaves and a married woman.

Sources say Raniere is now living at a private resort on a beach. Leaks within the organization indicate that may be Puerto Vallarta, where few are aware of his existence or what he looks like. 

Meantime, gossip is red hot in Monterrey. 

“All high society read Frank Report and are aware of Keith Raniere and his slave women,” said one Monterrey source. “Everyone is talking about NXIVM and ESP and the cult and what they’re doing to the women. They say Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman, Rosa Laura Junco, the Garzas and the Boones are going to get in serious trouble with the FBI and it’s going to be a long fight.”

The red marker points to Puerto Vallarta

Before reportedly leaving for the coast, Raniere left Carola Garza’s house, possibly because her father or some elder male member of her notorious family [i.e., the Garzas are said to be connected to organized crime] got flack about letting the villainous pervert stay in the family house of a married woman. [Carola’s husband is known as a spineless cuckold with no authority to speak for himself.] 

Still, some find it hard to believe that Carola Garza sports Keith Raniere’s initials on her vagina, despite being a married woman.

She is not the only Garza branded either. Her sisters, Loreta and Jimena [who is married to Omar “Cuckie” Boone] are also branded with Raniere’s initials on their vaginas. The branding marks Raniere’s ownership of the women.

After Raniere moved out of Carola’s house, he reportedly stayed in somebody’s house in Monterrey for a time before beating a retreat to the coast, sources say.

Carola Garza hosted Keith Raniere in her house and sports his initials on her vagina. She is a married woman, but as a DOS slave, her loyalty is first and foremost to her master, Keith Raniere.

People in Puerto Vallarta are asked to be on the lookout for an unkempt, short, chubby, cross eyed gringo with several skinny women – both Mexican and American – at his side. They are also asked to look for one extremely skinny and extraordinarily homely woman – who looks to be around 60 years old but is actually closer to 40 – running half marathons on the beaches and sidewalks of the city.

Several sources who know Raniere say he is more likely to flee Mexico prior to his indictment to avoid extradition than return willingly to face trial.

More info on Raniere’s whereabouts is expected in the next several days.

People in Puerto Vallarta know nothing about a man named Keith Raniere.

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[…] was the first to report that Raniere was likely to be in Puerto Vallarta – on Feb. 18, […]


[…] was the first to report that Raniere was likely to be in Puerto Vallarta – on Feb. 18, […]

5 years ago

What happened to their Fiji getaway?

Was There
Was There
5 years ago

Knowing that Raniere is “on the run” brings a smile to my face. I always thought that, deep-down, he was a chicken-shit who stood for nothing. And here he is now, proving me right.

No one who truly believes in their cause runs away at the first sign of a challenge. Unless your a chicken-shit bloviator like Raniere. Believers fight for what they believe in. Cowards flee.

How can anyone with any sense of rationality still be following this fake little man? How do you explain the fact that he’s unwilling to stand and fight for what he claims to believe in?

Oh, and BTW, don’t count on Fiji being the safe haven you’re looking for, Keith. Even in paradise, there’s always someone whose job it is to take out the trash.

5 years ago

With that description circulating in town, Keith and Clare won’t get far, thank God.

5 years ago

Is Raniere edging closer to the dream of Wakaya perfection? Is the previous/ co-owner of the fiji resort running an mlm? Didn’t Aunt Clare buy the resort on wakaya off David Gilmour:

“Real estate portfolios, gold mines, and electronics cannot compare to the power of tangibly improving the health, and wealth, of the people we serve.”

I think it looks like the Gilmours will still continue to operate their wellness mlm business from Wakaya.

Will Keith, aka God, aka the pocket Lucifer, have to share this Paradise Lost with a real Don? A real Boss? Someone who made his own billions? How’s that going to work?

Will David Gilmour and all the other men of Wakaya, fully recognize that they are nothing compared to the smartest man in the world? Will they share their wives? Do they have daughters? Something, anything to offer this magus of sprinting and judo and whole entire sentence formation?
has some interesting info on mr. Gilmour’s business practices, so maybe, given Keith’s Ericcsonian hypnosis expertise, his mlm expertise; David Gilmour could become another of those cuckolded Raniere chaps you know, – “happier then he’s ever been!”

Still, he’s probably “happier than he’s ever been to have offloaded an island which like many others in Fiji has been subject to landgrabs tribal warfare, yes even after colonization. The last coup in Fiji was 2000. Obviously, people who have had their land taken from them, will continuously fight to take it back using any means necessary. Islanders have been fighting for their land rights legally since the coup in 2000, however if this yields no justice..

5 years ago
Reply to  Onewomanarmy

..Also year on year worsening tropical cyclone activity, who’d want to fly through that air space, now, in this season? Even in a private plane..high rainfall, high humidity, right through to April. So much tepid water, so many mosquitoes
a current Dengue fever spike..

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