One Woman’s Army: Why Raniere was forced to turn on Frank Parlato

By One Woman’s Army

As K. R. Claviger wrote in a recent post , “Some of the commodities losses on the money loaned from the Bronfman’s were happening pretty much simultaneous to the [Los Angeles] real estate project development.”

This must have been a maelstrom of epic proportion – of the kind seen when a grift goes awry i.e. no one seizes the reigns because everyone knows (before they should) that what they are flogging is a dead horse.

A good grift should play out like a well told joke. The mark ought not to predict the punchline and should be overcome – splitting their sides – as the grifter waltzes off into the sunset with the prize.  In this Raniere/Salzman Grift, Frank Parlato turned out to be the catalyst for truth, And truth being Kryptonite to a grifter- Frank’s actions made it impossible for Keith’s jolly wheeze – a sort of pincer movement, grabbing the Bronfmans’ fortune on two fronts – to play out according to plan.

When Frank exposed the real estate shenanigans – which clearly exposed Raniere – the penny must have dropped and cast doubt on the explanation given by Raniere for the concurrent commodities losses. But what an overwhelming bastard of a thing to learn. What would the Bronfman sisters give, having given their trust and faith to Raniere, for this evident truth and their HUGE error of judgement NOT to be the case?

Next thing: A great flurry of panicked disassociation, a clear retreat into denial in the face of a plain truth:  Raniere’s involvement – the rolling out of drastic measures involving character assassination; outright obloquy come into play.  Keith’s next move was to blame the Plyams and Edgar Bronfman Sr., but this would not be sufficient to remove the catalyst that put a wrench in the works in the first place, Parlato too must be dealt with, sullied, his character assassinated.

It was an outrageous obloquy: The Bronfman’s were shafted by their own father, James Del Negro was raped by a tiny lady. The persistent decimation of Toni Natalie who Raniere clearly wanted to grind into poverty among other punishments, His own child and baby-mother living in hiding- for pity’s sake, The destruction of John Tighe, Joe O’Hara,  And of course Frank Parlato.

It could be a coincidence, but Shmuel Shmueli had the same lawyer as Clare and Sara Bronfman – William Savino. Shmueli sued Frank Parlato 10 times – in different courts on the same causes – with money to pay his lawyers that came from unknown sources. He lost all 10 cases.

By the way, having read the early articles on Shmuel Shmueli, I get why Frank set up a protective network of bank accounts. That he did so in his own name and Social Security number removes the possibility of this being for criminal/tax evading activities. I know from his actions and transparency (his accountability) that Frank is not guilty as charged by any Nxivm related entity. Or indeed any entity prompted by his efforts to expose their criminality.

I found this from 2017, S. Shmueli still playing the justice system, as grifters do, like an accessory to the crime in progress, a sort of private executive secret service.

NY3d 706; see generally Lloyd v. Town of Wheatfield, 67 N.Y.2d 809, 810). “We thus conclude that the court properly granted defendant’s motion for a directed verdict because, upon the evidence presented, there was no rational process by which the trier of fact could find in plaintiff’s favor.”

I’ve been up a mountain for Christmas, still catching up. But for the new year 2019, I wish for Frank Parlato and all victims of Raniere, that they receive justice, one and all.

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  • Sorry OneWomanArmy but methinks you’re kinda just talking crap and don’t really know what you’re saying.

    I didn’t have the patience to read your whole BORING article but from what little I did read, you don’t even make logical points. You kinda sound like Heidi’s own ramblings, where she sounds like she’s inventing shit out of whole cloth just to explain things which she can’t understand. Monday morning quarterbacking and not even being logical about it.

    Guess what? Keith fucking hired Frank Parlato in the first place, or at least approved his hiring, which is not something he would have done if he were worried that Frank would expose something about his own real estate actions.

    You’re full of crap about why Keith turned on Frank. It had nothing to do with Frank exposing anything about Keith’s real estate or investment actions.

    Keith turned on Frank for the same reason he turned on every other person in his life, because if you’re not 100% with Keith on any issue, then you’re against him, and must suffer his fury.

    He turned on Frank for the same reason dogs fetch a ball or bury a bone: because its just his nature to fuck people over.

    Keith must fuck people over because it’s his essence. A day without fucking somebody over is like a day without sex or sunshine, for Keith. A person can’t be saintly without creating villains to overcome. Keith is a saint in his own mind because he has overcome and punished so many so-called villains.

  • What is not clear is why the Bronfman heiresses did not see the shenanigans of KAR and Salzman? 65M loss is no small loss for almost anyone on this planet; not having real estate titled in the name of one’s rightful owner or an entity they control is scandalous. Why didn’t the Bronfman’s see the role that KAR played in this? And, why would they sanction going after Parlato who was acting on their behalf to have the real estate properly titled?

    It is hard to accept they believed Raniere’s explanation that their father was controlling the commodities market’s against them. What explanation did Raniere have about Salzman’s name on the real estate contract and not their’s?

    And, why did Raniere venture into commodities and real estate anyway? ESP/Nx was doing well enough. A commodities and real estate venture would only divert them from their noble mission.

    • The Bronfmans are stupid women, I don’t think they even graduated high school. They were enamoured by Raniere, and Nancy made sure that they were enamoured. Raniere probably got bored screwing multiple women and since he believed his own press that he was so brilliant, why wouldn’t the world’s smartest man not get into these lucrative industries? Not getting involved and fabulously wealthy would make him stupid, wouldn’t it? Stupid is as stupid does. They had no noble mission, their mission was to screw multiple women, spread STDs, and get rich. Period.

    • I don’t think it was easy for them to see the fact revealed to them by Frank. I think many people have invested their trust and faith in someone or thing because they believe it to be worthy, find it hard to admit to themselves, let alone others, that their judgment was wrong. Spouses, family members, churches, political affiliations, betrayal even when it involves no financial repercussions is hard to take, the brain/mind will do what it can to compensate. In the case of the Bronfmans, as you say 65M is no small loss, but I believe perceptions of wealth to be relative. To me they are richer than Croesus, but to themselves, it’s what it is, they didn’t earn it, choose it, it’s what they were born into. I think the approval and approbation of KR meant the world to them. They were actually led to believe they earned that. Even if, I agree, the penny must have dropped, they would have given anything for it not to be so. They did. They do continue to believe a crock of sh*t, rather than the truth.

    • Oh sweet!! the two cuz’s closest to my age on my English side have been in the Salvation Army since they were very young, out every weekend washing and tending the feet of the homeless, I’m so proud of that, even if I wouldn’t follow their example. I msg them as sallyarmy, and because they despair at my lack of belonging to any..well.. church or political org, they call me…onewomanarmy – its a compliment with a little dig.

  • Thank you for this excellent submission onewomanarmy. It seems everyone had to believe that “everyone” but KAR was a ‘criminal’ and out to derail the mission to keep their delusions alive and well. No thought was ever given that all the ‘others’ were the ones telling the truth and trying to stop the evil. It shows what lengths people will go to in trying to protect their own illusions and illustrates why cults can flourish. Paint an us agaijst them scenario and there are always those who will buy in and do things they never thought possible.

    • Good comment Leon. One of the reasons I get a kick out of the alt left trolls who throw Roger Stone’s name around here despite that fact that he was involved for a mere moment and had the intelligence to see what NXIVM was.

      • Or maybe, Quisp, we’re not “alt” anything, just plain old constituents wondering how much “intelligence” Roger Stone has? Especially in light of the Peterson/Burke drama and all the MAGA manifestos airdropping in on here on the “libtards.”

        Question: Why did Stone recruit Parlato or line him up as Keith’s next victim, put him on the job if he “knew in a heartbeat” what NX was about?

    • AMEN to that, Leon! Add, btw, thank you for being here for the wee victims among us. Whatever your credentials, it is apparent you know what you’re talking about in the head-fixer department. I’m certain your creds far outweigh Nancy Salzman’s with far less self-serving goals than she. Or whomever, whatever’s behind the troll chatter!

    • Festinger
      The scenario you present is only possible if people are brainwashed into believing that they are fighting “evil forces” and consequently “saving” the world from some percieved evil.

      I don’t think that really applies to most NXIVM members, as I don’t think most who committed crimes did so to “save the world”….they committed crimes to try to save their own asses and to cover up the crimes they had previously committed.

      I do believe though that this type of brainwashed mentality is what drives some cults, namely Scientology, to harass their enemies. With Scientology much of the harassment is also done to silence witnesses as well.

      • Flowers, just because you don’t believe it applies to most NXVIM members doesn’t mean your viewpoint is correct. If you have been reading here since October 2017 as you have said, over and over again, then you must remember reading KAR took pages and philosophies from Scientology; among others. I do believe many people were brainwashed and that is why they did not believe all the articles written about NXVIM. That is why I believe they supported KAR and the other higher ups going after people like Toni, Joe, John and Frank. That is why they kept quiet about a young woman locked in a room for years. Yes, I agree there are some who knew what they were doing was wrong and for only their own gain but I don’t believe they all did. Some people truly believed they were working for a greater good.

        • Festeringer
          I have been reading since Oct 2017, and I have not seen anything that has convinced me that NXIVM has committed crimes in order to save the world. They tried to save their own asses, that much is clear. But what evidence did you see that convinced you that they were really a brainwashed cult that was trying to make the world a better place?

          What did they do to try to make it better? Would attempts to find underage sex partners for Keith fit into your view of “saving the world?”

          Btw Leon, nothing guarantees that YOUR viewpoint is correct, either.

          • Like Scientology’s L. Ron Hubbard, whose 1950 handbook “Dianetics” was billed as the “modern science of mental health” and whose pseudoscientific methods were, in his view, world-changing, Keith Raniere, Nxivm’s 57-year-old founder, believed his organization could heal individuals and transform the world. The way Nxivm did this was through techniques, or “technology,” meant to rewire your emotional self.

            This is from Grigoriadis’ NYT article. Please note the words transform the world. My viewpoint has published works to back it up. Sarah Edmondson, in her interviews, has said she believed she was doing good work for the betterment of others and there are more examples. Followers believed KAR had technology to heal and would bring this to the world.

          • I don’t argue against the fact that most NXIVM members believed they were doing good work for the betterment of others. I think most of them truly did believe that.

            What I said is that the ones who had committed crimes and who have now been arrested, did not appear to commit those crimes because they were under the delusion of “saving the world”. Did Allie Mack act as a pimp because she thought she was doing something to contribute to the betterment of humanity? Of course not.

            So yes, most members believed they were doing something beneficial, but the ones who committed crimes did not commit the crimes because they thought they were doing good work.

          • The Anonymous comment belongs to me. I was attempting to log in and attach my name to my twitter account and it didn’t work. Obviously. I shall try again.

      • Speaking of Scientology: Listen to the very end of the video near the top of the story. It seems like an innocent remark that they can’t locate the dead man’s relatives, but if you know about how Scientology works, you would understand what is behind this issue. They couldn’t contact the relatives of the guy who was killed because they are either not in Scientology and have been “disconnected,” which means they have severed all ties and communications, or they are Scientologists and don’t want to be bothered with such a minor issue, as he will be reincarnated and return as another person. These are some truly sick puppies who are tax-exempt in many countries for being a religion.

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