Sources: Bisexual Emiliano Salinas and sexpot Ludwika Paleta in swingers’ relationship; hired surrogate to birth twins

Ludwika Paleta y Emiliano Salinas "dieron la bienvenida" a los gemelos al mundo. ¿Serán cruelmente tratados como el Sr. Salinas permite que las mujeres sean tratadas?

[When you read the following, keep in mind there are libel laws that protect Mexicans in America. The people named in this story are invited to comment, ask for corrections, or sue. But since we have it from the most authentic sources that the following is true, we doubt that any of the above will occur. 

However let me reiterate that I am pledged to telling the truth. I was not there at the childbirth of the twins nor was I at the anal altar of the homosexual couple. I rely on sources. ]

Emiliano Salinas, 41, son of former Mexican president Carlos Salinas, does not stand for traditional Catholic family values, say several sources.

“It is time for the Mexican people to become aware of his secret life,” said a source who knows Mr. Salinas and his former gay lover Alex Betancourt. “In this way they can judge better if they wish to follow Mr. Salinas as a teacher of ethics.”

Mr. Salinas is the leader of the Mexican branch of NIXVM also known as Executive Success Programs.  The group was founded by Keith Raniere of Albany, New York.

The group has a wide following of the children of wealthy Mexicans.

Mr. Salinas attended Harvard University and is said to be a finance expert. He claims to be a donor to several benevolent causes of peace and sits on the board of directors of Mr. Raniere’s Executive Success Programs.

He is married to Mexican actress Ludwika Paleta who reportedly gave birth to twins earlier this year.

What has he hidden from the Mexican people?

First Emiliano Salinas had a homosexual relationship with his business partner Alejandro Betancourt. Dozens of Executive Success Programs members are well aware of this “open secret” and confirmed that everyone knew it.

Frank Report makes no judgment on homosexual relationships, or how or why they are in conflict with the Catholic Church.

Frank Report objects to pretending to be heterosexual while preaching ethics and morality to largely Catholic Mexico.

“Emiliano was having sex with a man, Alex Betancourt, and everyone knew it and all the while he pretends to be straight,” said one source close to Mr. Salinas.

His gay lover, Alejandro ‘Alex’ Betancourt, is also a high ranking member of the Executive Success Programs. Sources say Mr. Salinas was often critical of his gay partner and berated him openly within the group.

Mr. Salinas was not known to be physically violent with his lover and sources speculate that both men took turns in passive “anal receptor” position, said sources who lived with the men when they came to Clifton Park for Intensives – a all day and into the night classroom instructions which operates on the principle of teaching students subconsciously, as well as consciously.

As rumors of Mr. Salinas being gay spread, he began to be dogged by concerns that this might derail his work as a teacher of ethics and business in conservative Mexico.

By 2012  Emiliano broke with lover Alex [they lived as husband and wife] and by 2013 the wealthy Mr. Salinas married Mexican sexpot actress Ludwika Paleta.

After the marriage, a rumor emerged: that the good-looking couple were not really in love – but had wed for convenience.

Rumors of a prenuptial agreement that guaranteed the actress a yearly annuity surfaced.

Despite taking vows of matrimony, Ms. Paleta and Mr. Salinas reportedly engage in sexual encounters with other partners, sources say. Frank Report could name their lovers as further proof of the authenticity of the report but do not care to embarrass them.

“They are swingers,” said a female friend of Ms. Paleta.

“‘Yes it is an open marriage,” said a source who attended their wedding. “She sleeps with different men and Emiliano sleeps with women and men. I always thought Emiliano liked women. I knew hes wasn’t pure gay. I don’t know if the couple sleeps together. They might. They seem friendly. She sleeps with friends of mine. But it makes sense. Emiliano provides her with wealth and let’s face it she is not getting any younger. She’s an aging sex symbol, You know that has a shelf life. But she is still gorgeous and hot and she provides him with the perfect ‘beard’ to hide the fact that he loves to be ravished anally, something I am not so sure she is willing or even could do. I don’t think she likes threesomes either. She’s traditional that way.”

Sources say that whatever makes a couple happy is ok with them, but there was one casualty: Alex, the jilted gay lover of Emiliano’s.

When Mr. Salinas informed wealthy Mr. Betancourt, he was dejected and some friends thought suicidal.

“Alex thought it was a life long commitment. For him it was not about the sex only. They were business partners. They both were wealthy. They had been united by their teacher Keith Raniere and encouraged to love and enjoy each other and Alex built his life around being the man in Emmy’s life. Then for the sake of appearances Emmy tells him he is leaving to be with a woman. Alex saw through it. He wanted to suppress rumors of his being gay. ‘But he is gay,’ Alex said and he is mine.'”

Reportedly Nancy Salzman gave both Emiliano and Alex multiple EM session which helped quell Mr. Betancourt’s perturbation.

While rumors of Mr. Salinas being gay were suppressed by his marriage, a new rumor emerged.  Late last year Ms. Paleta announced she was pregnant.

In 2017 it was reported she “gave birth” to twins.

While the twins are real, her giving birth is a fiction, according to sources.

Luwdika may be the egg donor and Emiliano may have donated sperm, but a surrogate carried the babies and gave birth to the twins, sources say.

Many people commented after she gave birth, that Ludwkika did not look “fat and watery” after childbirth, which caused controversy on the internet.

Hola reported the actress gave birth in San Diego to a boy and a girl.

Sources say a woman [whose name Frank Report is withholding to protect her anonymity] gave birth to the twins and she lives in California.

The twins arrived prematurely and Ms. Paleta had to go to San Deigo to be on hand shortly after the real mother delivered. Being that the children were born in the USA, the twins are American citizens. The proud “parents” named their children, according to Univision, “Barbara and Sebastian.  They are nicknamed Barbie and Sebas.

Sources close to the couple say Barbie may have been named in honor or Emiliano’s great friend and teacher, the late Barbara Jeske.

Emiliano and Ludwika with Carlos Salinas the wealthy former president of Mexico.
 Jilted gay lover of Emiliano, Alejandro Betancourt also  hired a surrogate mother and had twin boys.
While Ludwika may have made herself available to members of the cult of Keith Raniere, she is too heavy to arouse the amorous propensities of Vanguard. She is available to his underlings.
Whether Keith Raniere plans to educate the twins of Emiliano Salinas and Ludwika Paleta remain to be seen. Whether Barbie will be branded is also a decision which will be postponed until a future date.


Emiliano Salinas is quoted as saying: “I think the biggest insult, the worst way you can offend a Mexican, is to insult their mother. A mother is the most sacred thing in life.” If this is true,  Mr. Salinas should pay some homage to the surrogate mother of the children.

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