Village Diane: A Few Notes on the Trial

MK10 ART - The tangled web of the Vanguard.

By Village Dianne

Mark Vicente is expected to testify on direct examination the entire day today. We will have reports later.

As for yesterday, the DOS slave, Sylvie, was cross examined for much of the afternoon.

She mostly wasn’t giving Keith Raniere’s attorney Marc Agnifilo what what he wanted under cross examination. He kept bringing up screenshots of text messages she had sent to Raniere along with naked photos.

They were all very friendly messages. And then once she got into DOS, she referred to him as ‘Grandmaster’, ‘How are you today?’ [She also wrote “I dreamt of you last night” and ‘I’m so happy you are in my life.”]  Things like that, and Agnifilo kept saying things like, “Did you mean that?’

And she said, “I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know how I felt in it.”

She was still trying to parse out how much was indoctrination and how much was her.

I thought she did well. She occasionally admitted something like “Yes, I did stay in Albany when I could have gone back home to England” and things like that, but for the most part I don’t think Agnifilo was successful in getting her to say what he wanted from her.

Toward the end of the day, Mark Vicente was called. He basically started out with background on Nxivm, Jness, Society of Protectors, Rainbow Cultural Garden. That took a long time and it was at times tedious.

He spoke of some of the buzzwords or Nxivm jargon and he spoke about how Keith would redefine words. for example there was a module called “Bad and Good” and it was Keith’s definition of good and dead.

Mark was on for about an hour yesterday.   He seemed more articulate than Sylvie. He’s very articulate, very direct, and to the point.


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  • “Vicente said he divulged his deepest personal secrets as part of a “Level 2” program in NXIVM,
    “I feel bamboozled,” Vicente said he also feels vulnerable and stupid that he agreed to give up the information under the justification that ridding yourself of secrets was healthy.
    It was a “horrible, twisted idea,” he said. Vicente said he has no idea where his personal information currently resides.”

    I’ve always assumed this was a common practice for Nx to discover a member’s weakness that they could exploit, or even use as a form of pre-DOS colateral. If true, Nx may have something on virtually all expians.

  • Diane, have you seen any espians hiding out in the crowds of the court/overflow court during the trial-

    • I’ve only ever been in the overflow room for the trial. If any ESPians were there, I was not aware of it.

      I’ve met two reporters from Mexican media. I’m told there is great interest in this case in Mexico.

    • Pyriel:
      The American media do a horrible job covering American political issues.
      Every election is treated as a horse race and issues and policies are glossed over.

      For example Venezuela is in the news right now with pressures between Russia and the US ratcheting up over that Latin American nation.
      Few news sites mention that in Eastern Venezuela in the Orinoco River basin there are over a trillion barrels of oil.
      Four times bigger than Saudi Arabia.
      That’s the Grand Prize in Venezuela.

      • Not to mention that the crisis is much more because of the sanctions against the government and the economy of the country, than the problems created by the years of government of the Chavistas that despite not being good administrators and having allowed to incubate a very large internal corruption, investing in public and social works much more than its neighbor Colombia where corruption even dictates chairs, but those are the governments that turn out to be the “good guys” for Uncle Sam.

    • It’s sort of buried towards the bottom of a lot of relatively smaller donations they gave to quite a number of candidates, during a relatively brief period of a couple of years prior to 2010 when they seem to have been experimenting with trying to buy some sort of influence.

      But at the top there are still those far and away largest donations that they gave to the mysterious NYS Senate Republican Campaign Committee. It’s website doesn’t say what it does or where the money goes, and I haven’t seen anyone offer any further explanation. That’s an Albany-based fund, and the money was given around the time that NXIVM seemed not only to be getting protection from early revelations and claims, but succeeding in using the locally-based legal and justice systems to go after its enemies.

  • Mark Vincente may well be the most intelligent male member of Nxivm..

    ……not named Vanguard of course.

  • Does anyone know if the prosecution brought up in its opening statement the money laundering, tax evasion, and identity theft of a dead woman-

    Thank you in advance!

  • Yes, Village Diane that’s a very important point, and probably one the prosecution will have to make to the jury. Context. Redefining a word, ads an extra dimension, in that the “quality’ and “inference” are changed, so what might appear on a text message could have a completely different meaning to how it reads.

    • Interesting point Scott. Vicente seems to be naturally well-spoken and articulate. But you are right, Vicente was not violated sexually, and that has to make a huge difference in his state of mind. Also Vicente has been out longer, and has had more time to process his feelings.

  • Keith seems to be extremely creepy and odd. Kinky, and dirty. Not the man that was portrayed in classes or intensives. NOT YET a criminal, a very disgusting guy, but not a criminal.

    And those endless “idk” from Sylvie are childish and immature. She is not helping her cause. She looks fuzzy and illogical.

    • One of the most telling remarks from Sylvie was when she talked about telling Raniere that she was getting married. She said that Raniere told her, “we could’ve had fun.” His guru face was wiped off when he said that. The swine showed his motives.

      Also, Sylvie was revealing herself as an ideal victim for the likes of Raniere, Bronfman, etc. In that way, she serves a purpose, demonstrating her vulnerability, her lack of self-worth, what she saw that got her to move away from indentured destruction and the fact that she is still struggling to get past it.

    • Luke,

      How do you get “NOT YET a criminal”
      from KAR’s “extremely creepy, odd, kinky and dirty” appearance-

      Not all misogynist sex criminals look like Ted Bundy.

      What’s “not yet criminal” about statuatory rape, sextortion, fraud — all the criminal acts being evidenced-

      As for my new personal hero, Sylvie — “I don’t know” is a perfectly honest, reasonable, humble response to that high pressure interrogation by one of the most vicious sharks in the Nation’s justice system.

      I’m sorry but you’re the one who seems “fuzzy and illogical” not the courageous extorted, mentally-manipulated, emotionally distressed victim on the stand.

      No one’s buying this ludicrous “disgusting-but-not-criminal”’ bullshit. It’s all against the law STILL.

    • maybe she is just being honest….there are so many shades of gray in this cult unwind …. she musta been pretty confused to begin with to allow half the shit that she did to go down {figuratively speaking} childish and immature- or perhaps just human

      • Chicky Rogue & everyone,

        I agree with Chicky in regards to Sylvie is being an honest and genuine.

        The description of her testimony seems thus far……

        ……. makes me curious as to why the prosecution used her as a witness.

        I am sure the prosecution has a good reason.

        Mark Vicente on the other hand seems like an excellent witness for the prosecution. I would like to point out I do not think it is Sylvie’s fault; she is being honest and she is a strong individual for coming forward.

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