Jamo: Rebuttal to charge of Antisemitism in article about Rothschilds and Bronfmans

Edgar Bronfman, Sr. and his father Sam Bronfman.

Jamo Lorswal

Several comments on my article about the Rothschilds and Bronfmans drew predictable cries that my story was somehow antisemitic.

Skipping the fact that I am in fact Jewish myself, may I ask, where in this article do I condemn the Jews?

When we condemn a white person for crimes is that racism? When we arrest a black person for murder, does that condemn all black people?

Is there a logical connection between critically speaking of people who are Jewish and suddenly condemning all Jews?

As the millennial’s might text: LOL.

Certainly an inquiry into one of the world’s allegedly most influential, rich and controversial families, a family that has become possibly the “world’s bankers,” should not be censored, stifled, or stopped because of broad, unfounded criticism of antisemitism.

Were I to investigate George Bush, I doubt anyone would scream “anti-
whitism!” Here are a few more tidbits on Rothschild, which I assure you are not antisemitic.

“The Mind of Hitler” is a book penned by psychologist Walter Langer. He says that Adolf Hitler’s father, Alois Hitler, was the illegitimate son of Maria Anna Schicklgrubber, a maid for the Vienna House of Rothschild.

Who was the father? 

Salomon Mayer Rothschild’s senior clerk, Hermann Von Goldschmidt, claimed “Salomon developed a reckless interest in young girls”

Was Hitler’s grandfather actually a Rothschild?

Another tidbit.

Does any history book recount a war between Japan and Russia in 1904?

Jacob Schiff, then head of Kuhn, Loeb and Company, sent large sums of capital to Japan. Leon Trotsky, the Bolshevik (real name Lev Bronstein) admitted in his autobiography “My Life” that an expensive limo shuffled him from revolutionary speech to revolutionary speech, driven by a mysterious chauffeur Mr. M.

Adolf Hitler also wrote a book “My Life” as did William Clinton.

So did many others.

Returning to Bronfman, Meyer Lansky, famed Jewish mobster, once quipped about a fellow Jew. He said, “Sam Bronfman smuggled enough whisky across the Canadian border that Lake Erie is known as “Jewish Lake” 

Was that antisemitic?

Is even discussing such things antisemitic?

Image result for lake erie prohibition
Lake Erie doesn’t look Jewish – even if  Sam Bronfman ran enough liquor across the border during Prohibition that they called it “Jewish Lake.” 

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  • Most Jews aren’t Semites anyways. They are Ashkenazim as opposed to the Sephardim. Somehow, anti-Semitism is a term that has been exclusively usurped to be used for the Jewish people. There are far more Semitic Arabs than there are Semitic Jews.

  • Is the Anti-Semitism of Clare and Sara Bronfman as well as Nancy Salzman so exceptional?
    Sadly No!
    That’s how a creep like Raniere could manipulate them telling them they are reincarnated Nazis.

    ——–The Apathy of Hollywood’s Jews————————————————————————————————————————————-

    I’d originally planned to write about the historical apathy among Hollywood’s Jewish community toward Jewish suffering. I’d planned to write about how the majority of the Jewish community of Los Angeles said and did nothing while fellow Jews were being gassed alive by the Nazis and their allies in Poland and elsewhere. However, when I began researching, what I found was even more disturbing. Every Jewish-owned studio, Carl Laemmle of Universal, Jack and Harry Warner of Warner Brothers, Louis B. Mayer and Samuel Goldwyn of MGM, William Fox of 20th Century Fox, Adolph Zukor of Paramount, and Harry Cohn of Columbia acquiesced to German censorship to ensure their films were Aryan-friendly.
    According to an article in Haaretz, they accomplished this by “banning movies by directors such as Ernst Lubitsch, films starring Marlene Dietrich, and excising credits of actors or directors who were Jewish or considered politically objectionable, as well as cutting scenes that Nazi censors found offensive.”


    Once a fundraiser approached Columbia Pictures’ Harry Cohn to raise money to Save the Jews.
    Cohn’s response: “Save the Jews?,Save the Jews? Who will save us from the Jews?”

    Among wealthy Jews there is a considerable amount of anti-Semitism.

  • We Jews who are aware of what you write in your article, walk a fine line. Once a fellow Jew told me that I ought not to talk about 9/11 conspiracy because it’s bad for the Jews and empowers anti-semites. But if I back away from it, than I am ceding the conspiracy viewpoint to those who hate the Jews. That will make it worse for us when people stop believing the official story. So keep up the good work, Jamo.

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