SUSAN DONES: ‘Suneel Look Into Your Vanguard’s History!’

Susan Dones Nxivm
Susan Dones had to defend herself in court pro-se against a battery of NXIVM attorneys. She won.
Editor’s Note:  One of our commenters, Ice-nine, suggested that Suneel Chakravorty review the transcript of a conversation between Barbara Bouchey and Kristin Keeffe of March 24, 2015 where Kristin tells Barbara that Keith and Emiliano Salinas, planned a scheme to lure several enemies to Mexico for nefarious purposes. Here is the pertinent part of the transcript.
Suneel Chakravorty

Kristin: I have a final thing, which has to do with the… Mexican plot.

Barbara:  I remember Toni calling me, you know, we didn’t talk a lot, but once in a while, every three or four months, we’d have a little chat. But, I remember this one time calling, saying, “Are you getting phone calls from this Mexican journalist?”  I said, “We have gotten some, but I hadn’t actually connected with the person.” And she says, “She wants me to come down. I’m not fucking going to Mexico, what are they fucking crazy?”

Kristin: So, here’s thing. You and Toni—and possibly Susan was probably getting calls too cause they were after Susan and Kim as well. You can’t imagine the importance of the evidence of these communications that this journalist was contacting you guys, because she was contacting you, if you recall, to go down to Mexico for an anti-cult conference, correct? Do you remember that?

Barbara: Yeah, Toni told me that part of it. I didn’t hear that part of it, but Toni told me.
Kristin: It was an anti-cult conference. Here is what Keith and Emiliano did: they bribed a Judge in Mexico to issue an indictment against you, and Toni, and Susan, and Kim. They were at different times considering adding Rick Ross and Joe O’Hara but then Joe got arrested, and all these other people. Then Keith wheedled it down to just being the four of you. You were going to be lured into Mexico, and when you got to Mexico, they were going to put you in fucking prison. You should see the emails!
Barbara: Were they really? How serious were they?

Kristin: They were serious as a fucking heart attack. I saw the Judge’s decision. Keith helped write it, and there were issues about Emiliano translating it. He worked on this for years. Fucking years. This was like a three plus year plot in the making.

Barbara: Wow. Wow.

Kristin: And, the only reason they didn’t go forward with it was because when the journalist started contacting you guys, and Toni was the only one that responded, and there wasn’t strong response – simultaneous to the lack of strong response – the police opened the probe into the computer trespass. So, Keith downgraded the plot to have you guys thrown in prison where he expected you to be raped and rot. And, he thought that the pressure would be so bad that Toni would turn on everybody and say whatever she had to, to get out. Cause he was like, “Barbara will go down
with the ship” and like, “Barbara’s never going to lie, but Toni will.” That was his strategy, and his belief. And, they were going to put you in a miserable, horrible, violent, vile place.

Barbara: Right.

Kristin: And, the email, what happened was that Keith and Emiliano did this whole thing through a fucking Gmail account.

Barbara: Yeah,

Kristin: Cause I think that was an email address they had just set up and what they would do was communicate by writing drafts. Like, they would both log on and communicate.

Barbara: Yeah, yeah, exactly.

Kristin: Here’s the other thing, Keith didn’t realize until the Edward Snowden thing came out about the NSA, what he realized later was that they save fucking everything. And, those emails are going to be in that account, even the drafts.

Barbara: So, the drafts even if you don’t save the draft, and you delete them, it gets stored?

Kristin: Yes.

Barbara: Oh, I didn’t know that.

Kristin: It gets stored on the Gmail server and uploaded to the government.

Barbara: Okay, got it.

Kristin: The Gmail server does the auto save.

Barbara: Yeah, that’s right, it does.

Kristin: So, this is going to be harder to prove because of the complexity of getting it. But, I believe that you and Toni, and possibly even Susan (Dones) and Kim (Woolhouse), have a basis to look into this, because of the communications from the journalist. Why the fuck was this journalist contacting you?

Barbara: Right, well, I have emails.

Kristin: You have emails. Perfect.

Barbara: I mean, there were two different journalists that contacted me from Mexico. And, I mean I keep everything,…

Kristin:… I believe the communications from the Mexican journalists are enough to provide a basis for it to be investigated even without having a witness to attest to it. But, here’s the thing, Barbara that is why I’m in fucking hiding. I mean
that is why I’ve had to take these extraordinary measures before I could get involved in this. Because, it’s fucking black. This was serious shit.

Barbara: Right.
And Ice Nine wrote to Suneel, “I would encourage you to seek out Frank to determine if this is fact vs fiction.”
This prompted Susan Dones to comment:

Susan Dones in front of the Brooklyn Courthouse where Keith Raniere was sentenced.By Susan Dones

It would be nice if Suneel would check this conversation between Kristin and Barbara Bouchey out, but he won’t. If he would research some of the crap Raniere did over the years he would learn quite a bit.

He’s too busy trying to get Raniere out of prison and be right about what a great guy he is. If he took a couple of weeks and looked at the other side of Raniere, he might find out he’s been wrong.

Keith Raniere has had a checkered past. His future looks grim however.

I was invited to go to Mexico to speak at a anti-cult conference but didn’t fall into their trap. So was Toni, she didn’t either. We knew something fishy was up.  My first response was “We will be killed if we go.”

This was before Kristen Keefe called Barbara Bouchey.

NXIVM was in full operation. I had won my lawsuit about 6-9 months before that.

NXIVM never gave up going after us. They were always looking for ways to get us in a lawsuit, arrested for something, etc. It was a crazy time.

I would go into a panic when FedEx stopped at my house. It’s how NXIVM served a legal case. I can’t tell you how many times I was followed. Cars parked by my house for hours, days.

I knew Raniere would step over the line one day and would become his own worst enemy. It would be his behavior that would take him down.  He finally took himself down and the masses of NXIVM woke up….

Keith Raniere and Emiliano Salinas, two peas in a pod.

Emiliano Salinas most likely joined NXIVM with good intent. Back then none of us really knew what was going on but those who were very close to Raniere. Maybe 10 people.

Mexico was just opening up and things were still pretty new with the company. Raniere had his hometown girlfriends but it seemed pretty “Albany Wives Club” at that point.

It wasn’t until Raniere got his hands on big money like the Bronfman’s to open their trust funds and he had gotten some protection by those in high places in the Albany region that thing started to go downhill.

Emi and Raniere worked together on the deal with the judge in Mexico. So they are both villains. It most likely was Raniere’s idea with the help of Salzman.

If he is or has tried to make things right, that’s all I need to be made whole with the situation. He can have any attorney send me an official letter of apology and proof that all charges have been dropped. I will sign a non-disclosure. I want my freedom to visit my friends in Mexico more than rub anything in Emi’s face.

I will never visit Mexico knowing I might be arrested for Raniere pleasure.

Emi Salinas with Alex Betancourt.

Alex Betancourt can do the same as he and Clare Bronfman filed extortion changes against me and others in 2015 or 2016 in Mexico also. How I did I do this when I hadn’t spoken to them since 2008 or 2009 is beyond me.

Nancy Salzman, with Mark Vicente, Alex Betancourt,, Karen Unterreiner, Clare Bronfman, Lauren Salzman and Emiliano Salinas – wearing their colored sashes indicating rank.

I did speak to Clare while she was on the witnesses stand at my trial NXIVM vs Susan Dones but I’m sure the Judge wouldn’t allow extortion attempt in his courtroom.

As far as Emi and DOS, I have no knowledge of his involvement. I have never heard he was involved. I don’t understand why he would be responsible to pay for any damages if he wasn’t involved.

I am not involved, nor have I’ve ever been involved with the civil lawsuit. I have no knowledge of who is, nor would I comment on it if I did have information.




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  • ….witnesses who were threatened with perjury charges by the prosecution if they should testify for the defense, “deprogramming” of government witnesses….”

    Please present the proof.

    Alonzo provides NXIVM loyalists saying years later they felt threatened by the prosecution.

    Bahahahahahaha, this is his proof that the prosecution wasn’t doing their job properly during the time of the trial.

    So, it’s ok for Alonzo for NXIVM dead-heads to just say it happened to them but not for ExNX members to say something happened to them.

    Why do they get a pas,s Al?

    What a frickin joke.

    This is the same group that has been ordered to court and were in a co-conspiracy over bullying Jane and John Does to come forward or else Hachette would expose them. Suneel beat her to the punch.

    The same group that has lied about what has happened in NXIVM so called research projects. Now there is factual data as to what really happened in NXIVM so called research.

    They have gone on and on about this Rule 33 motion for months but we still haven’t seen it.
    There is a rumor we might see it soon.
    Oh goodie, finally it will be settled one way or another.

  • See the emails (which never die) would be useful. KR did all sorts. The trial probably only got him on about 0.1% of the bad things he did.

  • Susan They were planning to kill you if you went to Mexico. Not just torture you or scare you. This fuck Raniere was trying to kill you and Salinas knew all about it. Salinas and Betancourt arranged it. They set it up and I have proof.

      • No one has to prove anything to you, Al. You’re so demanding. You’re starting to sound like the NXIVM 5 group and Raniere himself.

        Take a chill pill.

        No one is on trial with this storyline.

        Why are you being such dick? Oh, right, because you were born a dick

        Why are you so vested anyway?

        You sound like your Raniere’s mother defending his honor.

        Stop being such an ass-wipe; oh, that’s right, you can’t because you’re a shithead.

        It’s like anything else posted on the FR.

        People will believe it or not.

        So, you don’t believe Raniere is capable of setting up such a plot. No big deal. These women made up on their own. Ya right, ok, if you want to believe Raniere’s version go right ahead, lol.

        Lots of NXIVM members in 2012 believed Raniere’s story instead of the Times Union stories about Raniere sleeping with underage girls.

        Lots of NXIVM members believed Raniere’s story instead of the NXIVM Nine story of why they were leave NXIVM.

        Had people done stop and asked some questions instead of being ass-wipes like you, DOS never would have happened — and Nancy Salzman, Allison Mack, and Clare Bronfman wouldn’t have destroyed their lives to the point they ended up prison over Raniere.

        It’s all good, good ahead and believe the cult leader would never attempt to do such a horrible thing. It’s totally ok.

        Some people still don’t believe Raniere, who must be your Lord and Master, is guilty after a six-week trial and there was plenty of evidence presented at his trial. He was found guilty by a jury.

        Of course, you might be focused on that one photo that the NXIVM 5 say was tampered with is the only thing that caused the jury to find Raniere guilty on all counts.

        It’s all good, Al, you keep believing what you want. It’s a free America.

        • Ask for evidence that supports delusional, nightmarish claims – even when people say they have such evidence – and this is what you get.

          Anticultists are delusional idiots with nightmare over-the-top fantasies that rule their minds – and they don’t want anyone to take their nightmare delusions away from them.

          By asking for evidence.


          • Listen to the taped conversation between Keeffe and Bouchey. Prior to escaping from Raniere, more than anyone else, Keeffe was in the know.

            Now, if Mexican Insider really has “proof” and hasn’t yet shown this proof to anyone, WTF are they waiting on?

        • Your dislike for Alanzo got in the way of logic.

          Mexican Insider clearly offered to all readers, “They set it up and I have proof.” To this, Alanzo saying, “Please present the proof” is a polite, logical response. Yet this somehow prompts you to call him an A-hole and rant about old grievances. Maybe you should take the chill pill.

    • There is a moral imperative that if you have proof, you should disclose it (work with Frank on it perhaps). People need to know the extent of the plot, who is involved, and what dangers still exist for them and where.

  • Great insight into ratty Raniere. Why does Suneel stick to this cad? Suneel seems like a good guy but gee whiz how stupid not to see Keith the thief’s badness

  • Susan Dones is one of the few genuinely good people in the NXIVM saga.

    She left NXIVM for moral reasons and not because of vested self-interest.

    She is a beautiful person and I wish her well!

    • I don’t know if Susan knows this, and I don’t wish to labour the point, but Susan has inspired many others to stand up to this type of narcissistic-relational-system. There is a group of ex-members here in the UK from a mentoring-group I randomly encountered on Reddit who have endured terrible abuse and it’s through seeing the result she produced that they draw strength, and have an eye on transforming their abuse into something good.

      I know little of the details of the pain and anguish she endured and I really hope one day that story of victory is told. Susan is a very rare human being.

  • If it were just Kristin Keeffe saying it, one would need evidence. But I think it fits because Susan Dones was called. She is known to be truthful.

  • Accusations against ‘cults’ are cheap – a nickel per million.

    Where is the judge’s decision? Where are the emails discussing this conspiracy?

    Most people who persecute ‘cults’ will believe any accusation as long as it makes their targeted cult look as bad as possible. They never think to ask for evidence for the accusation because they WANT the accusation to be true. It confirms their existing beliefs. The worse the accusation against the ‘cult’, the more they want it to be true.

    Accusations without evidence cheapen accusations that do have evidence to support them. They distract off of the important issues, the things law enforcement should know about and deal with. Accusations without evidence get everyone headed in all directions in an hysterical moral panic. It becomes a situation of “the boy who cried wolf” but there are hundreds of hysterical ninnies all crying wolf at the same time.

    Present the positive evidence for these accusations.


    • Hello, word salad!? You must have a hard on for nippy’s word salad in his Podcast! Alonzo has a crush! How sweet.

    • Well, it’s a good thing then that Raniere was unanimously convicted by a jury beyond reasonable doubt in approximately three hours after accusations were supported with rigorous evidence in a court of law.

      What was your point again, Alanzo?

      Will you shut your big yapper now?

      • A jury that deliberates for only 3 hours on such a complex case as a RICO prosecution is not evidence of a strong case – it’s evidence of a prejudiced jury.

        Evidence presented by the prosecution, and accepted by the judge, that has a broken chain of custody – as testified under oath by the FBI forensic expert in charge of the evidence in this case, witnesses who were threatened with perjury charges by the prosecution if they should testify for the defense, “deprogramming” of government witnesses so their testimony could be ‘understandable’ to a jury, these are not signs of a strong “open and shut” federal case – as you try to make it sound.

        Here’s what another judge, in a very similar trial, did when federal prosecutors tried to pull similar tactics in her courtroom:


        • LOL. You’re just talking out of your ass.

          Talk about confirmation bias. Of all the trials that have occurred in recent history, how many “prejudicial” juries have been found due to the speed of conviction as opposed to a jury just doing it’s job and convicting due to a solid case presented by the prosecution?

          Also, how many fucking times do people have to tell you that a “broken” chain of custody is not necessarily indicative of compromised evidence? Holy moly. This isn’t Hollywood where a criminal can get off on some technicality that doesn’t even exist.

          Also, you’ve stated many times you don’t believe in brainwashing so that means there can be no such thing as “deprogramming”. So whatever you’re trying to say every time you bring it up means nothing. So stop bringing it up.

          • Deprogramming a witness so that they are “understandable” to a jury means getting the witness to change their story.

            It has nothing to do with brainwashing.

            Why don’t you post under a real name?

            Are you afraid you’ll look foolish because you are wrong, and hot headed, and childish, and rude?


        • Raniere’s legal team had their own experts go over the evidence regarding the hard drive, chain of custody and didn’t find a problem with the evidence before the trial.

          It was only after the trial and verdict that the NXIVM 5 — under the guidance of Raniere himself — are finding a problem with any of this.

          Rainier won’t win on any cited reason for his appeal either.

          None of Raniere’s attorneys will file Suneel Chakravorty’s Rule 33 filing.

          Why is that?

          What is the problem with what Suneel’s team of experts have found?

          Why won’t Raniere’s legal team present this Rule 33 filing to get Raniere out of prison?

          If there is evidence pointing to wrongdoing by the FBI, why isn’t it being made public instead of this constant posting on the Frank Report?

          This question keeps getting asked, but no filing is happening. Where is Raniere’s Super Lawyer Tully? Why hasn’t he — after months of working for Raniere — filed this thing.

          Doesn’t it make sense that Raniere would want to get out of prison sooner rather than later?

          It’s not like Tully is waiting for a special day to file it, is he? Raniere’s birthday is too late.

          This Rule 33 isn’t going to happen because it’s crap.

          You and the NXIVM dead heads keep acting like it real evidence.

          You’re the one who keeps preaching about “Show me the evidence”. Well, where is the evidence for this Rule 33 motion?

          We haven’t seen anything to prove there was any tampering.

          The reality with the jury’s conclusion, Raniere didn’t put on a defense. Why? Because there was no evidence to prove he was innocent. Raniere left a ton of evidence behind. The guy loved his trophies.

          • People who have spoken with Raniere’s defense team during the trial say that Raniere’s lawyers were scared shitless of what the judge and the prosecutors were doing. They’d never seen anything like it.

            They knew the fix was in, and they weren’t going to destroy their own careers getting in the way of a government show trial.

            These things could all be true at the same time: Raniere was guilty of some of the things he was charged with, the government planted evidence, intimidated witnesses from testifying for the defense, coerced other witnesses to flip and change their testimony for the prosecution, and got their win to obliterate a “cult” because they see “cults” as incipient threats.

            It all could be true.

            And probably is.


          • ==Why? Because there was no evidence to prove he was innocent.

            Raniere, his legal team, the cult groupies, the idiotic dead-enders, etc., didn’t even have to do that. All they had to do was help to establish something that contradicted BEYOND a reasonable doubt.

            They couldn’t even do that. Not because there was some imaginary conspiracy against him. It’s simply because of Occam’s Razor: he was actually guilty of the things claimed. As you said, “The guy loved his trophies.”

            Such is the fate of a narcissistic megalomaniac. He is his own worst enemy as all frauds are. How he lived his life just became public information and exposed him for who he is.

            Raniere’s modus operandi of lies, omission of the truth, word-salad, gaslighting, “ethical” breaches, “siccing” his female minions on others, etc., didn’t work outside of his tiny, looney cult world. Even his billionaire Bronfman-backed attempts at using the litigation system as his weapon never resulted in any “wins” for him.

            Is Alanzo really who he says he is, or is he just a NXIVM member and/or grifter? It seems like he’s awfully defensive of a group he supposedly has no play in the game in.

          • “People who have spoken with Raniere’s defense team during the trial say that Raniere’s lawyers were scared shitless of what the judge and the prosecutors were doing. They’d never seen anything like it.”

            Sure, Alanzo.

            Let’s see the evidence of these supposed people being “scared shitless” and other such hyperbolic claims you’ve made.

            “They knew the fix was in.”

            There was no need to “fix,” stupid.

            There simply was no conspiracy. Raniere played an ethical guru and genius for quite a long time — his best acting role to date — but, it was only on the small stage. When the bright lights hit and the time to shine under the spotlight came, the performance didn’t match the fawning of his obsequious followers. In fact, it failed miserably; so, the cane came out and he was pulled off the stage.

          • — Regarding witnesses being threatened with perjury charges,

            Sounds like she’s engaging in after the fact rationalization that the threat prevented her from truthfully testifying when she was just scared of being charged with perjury, because the government had solid evidence that what she was going to testify to would contradict it and which would allow them to charge her with perjury.

          • “Sounds like she’s engaging in after the fact rationalization that the threat prevented her from truthfully testifying when she was just scared of being charged with perjury, because the government had solid evidence that what she was going to testify to would contradict it and which would allow them to charge her with perjury.”

            As long as we’re both speculating here, it could also be a case of federal witness tampering and intimidation in the federal government’s NXIVM litigation.

            Do you believe witness tampering never happens in federal cases? That the US government, with all its power, is above such a thing?


        • “….witnesses who were threatened with perjury charges by the prosecution if they should testify for the defense, “deprogramming” of government witnesses….”

          Please present the proof.

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