Shadow State: Allison Mack must have had a sado-masochistic streak all along

By Shadow State 1958

Allison Mack wasn’t really brainwashed. She enthusiastically joined in after she found out what it was really all about. She must have had a sadistic or sadomasochistic streak all along. She certainly was power hungry. So I don’t think her eyes were shut to what was going on. The only thing she may not have seen coming was the consequences she would face.

It is actually interesting that many of the female leaders within NXIVM were initially skeptical: Nancy, Clare, Allison…

Were Allison and the other the NXIVM members who went down to Mexico so frequently not only involved in money laundering and human trafficking also involved in drug trafficking?

Did some of NXIVM’s operations in Mexico help finance Basit Igtet’s (Mr. Sara Bronfman’s) political activities in Libya?

Why were Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman, and Nicki Clyne down in Mexico in March?

As mules carrying bulk cash or illegal contraband?

As a team to lure NXIVM’s enemies into a trap?

Inquiring minds want to know.

A cult is like an onion. It has many different layers that have to be peeled away before one reaches the true essence of the cult.

NXIVM had thousands of people go through its courses, most of whom knew little or nothing about the sex cult or the tortures associated with it.

Only a small elite in NXIVM ‘s Albany Vatican knew the full truth.

And the worst physical abuses only occurred in the last few years as Pam Cafritz lay dying and Allison Mack rose to power, long after Kristen Kreuk left the cult.

In a better world could Kreuk have done better?

Of course, but we don’t live in a perfect world.

Focus your ire on the devious, depraved people who really created the Horrors of NXIVM.

Keith Raniere
Allison Mack
Clair Bronfman
Nancy Salzman
Lauren Salzman

…and the few other to-be-indicted-defendants of NXIVM.

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  • – KK is a liar.

    “Yes she is, but for something far worse than anything related to NXIVM which is nothing”

    She lied about something worse than NXIVM?


    “considering the worth of the words and the history of whom she lied about and to.”

    Who did she lie about and to who?


    Please elaborate.

  • How about canning or edit the comments accusing Shadowstate of “Being rejected by Mack” or other insinuations that there was this relationship. Unless of course it can be backed up.
    Shadowstate is over the top but critic the writing. Making something up is no different than name calling imo

    • Agree 100%. I would also not post comments which repeat the complaint that someone is tired of Shadow writing articles about Mack. Frank has already explained why he does it, to attract new readers who will not go very deep into the older stories. The comments are more tiresome than Shadow’s stories, and that’s a high bar.

      • Daily? Then rewrite every other story daily too. That makes no sense.

        An overview if the whole case periodically makes sense, but just AM. JMO.

        PS: I don’t return to read your responses to me so go ahead if it makes you feel better.

      • Broken record, Scott. Posting about chastising others for commenting about Shadows opinion are equally tiresome. BTW. I’m in the market for 4 gallons of motor oil to fry my Christmas goose. Can you hook me up, brother?

      • New readers probably read the latest articles and may not have seen the one or two articles in the past where Frank has explained this. I don’t think Frank would want to put that disclaimer on every one of shadow’s articles, as that takes away site credibility.

        • Frank, for his own reasons and for his own blog, has decided to have Shadow publish separate articles here.
          Those of us who have heard it all before can ignore posts with his byline.
          Seems simple.

        • He can’t just like he can’t prove the nonsense he posts. The dude is a possessed sick individual. The guy is 60 years old and is totally wrapped up in a washed up actress almost have his age.

        • He can’t disprove it, but he can offer up an explanation as to why he is interested in Mack specifically. If there is nothing suspect about the nature of his interest, then he would have no qualms about giving an explanation. Some people would be satisfied with a reasonable explanation that rang true under the circumstances and didn’t set off creeper vibes. I’d do the same if people were wary of my posts for whatever reason. It’s just good form.

          We know Frank’s motivation in documenting the NXIVM saga. We know why Heidi posts here. We even know why Scott posts here; the connection to other MLMs and so forth. Many posters, including some of the more contentious posters, have at least made it clear why they are here and / or what their links are to the story. Many other posters are simply intrigued, and that is enough – because they’re not writing articles for the site and their interest isn’t focused on a single individual.

      • People have given him chances to counter the accusations. To give a compelling and valid reason for his interest in Allison Mack’s role in the cult specifically. For example: is he researching a thesis on the psychology of female celebrities who are attracted to cults? Does he have a relative, partner or friend who was in NXIVM and mistreated by Mack?

        So far he has not. Instead he avoids, or deflects. This speaks volumes.

  • Brain washing is a long, calculated, drawn out process. It doesn’t just happen overnight. Something starts off as innocent then slowly they reel you in and mess with your mind. Some people may notice something isn’t right and get the hell out but others won’t. We are all different with different personality traits, different back stories and experiences. For me it’s not hard to believe once lovely, caring people have been changed for the worse. It happens.

    • Well said Natashka. It does happen. And, to the best of us. There are so many more scams today to be mindful of than ever before. Social media has become part of the problem.

      • TK, I agree since social media society has gone downhill. From 10 to 20 years ago to today we’ve seen personal attacks from schools to the Whitehouse causing a whole new level of bullying. The selfie generation growing up now will never understand our history as it’s being changed under the guise of political correctness, racial appropriation, recent comments about the original Thanksgiving seem over the top. We should not be allowed to change history itself.

        FRANK, I’ll understand if you don’t post this. I’m totally off topic!

        • Heather Anne. I agree with your concern and sentiments regarding social media, especially the aspect of bullying. It’s quite obvious there is a fair amount of bullying here. I think our history books, when written snd rewritten will always capture a US in flux when concerning the state of the union. In context, your comments here are not off topic at all. On a more personal note, I hope you have a nice Christmas with family and friends.

  • Are the defense attorneys all bad and evil people too? Some of the comments it’s easier to see how Raniere convinced these people of “The Mission”.

  • Why is Shadow still obsessed with Allison Mack?

    Shadow doesn’t care about the victims.

    He is an angry little man with a hate streak towards someone who rejected him.

    Shadow go seek help!

    • Please keep your religion to yourself.

      America is the revival of the Roman Empire and the torch bearer for Western Civilization.
      For Civilization to Survive America must impose rectitude and good moral values on the world.
      All who threaten America’s moral values, at home or abroad, must be considered enemies of the American Republic.

      We can not afford Christian tolerance of iniquity.

    • There’s a whole lot of us trying to divert shadowstate, we’ve been nice, we’ve been mean, we’ve tried to give him ideas to write about, I’ve cut him off and refused to read his articles/posts/rants. He’s like a robot.

      I really hoped someone would get through to him. He’s creating an environment where he is now the villain and Allison his victim.

      The defense will likely use the overabundance of similar posts from this one person to prove she’s been specifically targeted in their favor, a few liberals on the jury and we can thank shadowstate for helping Allison out.

      • Good point Heather Anne. Hope Shadow gets it. If he really wants to hang Mack he will tone it down a little, as he has been overdoing it a lot. Bringing attention to a subject is one thing, and overdoing it is another.

  • I don’t buy this theory about Allison. The obviously increasing instability of her mental status in her online communications, in addition to what are mostly glowing opinions of her pre-Vanguard, indicate to me that she really is brainwashed. Not seeking power so much as validation, Not loving the title “Madam” for the deference of the underlings so much as a sign that she had done well. She, like nearly all of the women that don’t have the last name Salzman or Brofman, was in all liklyhood simply drawn in and twisted around until wrong was right and the “ends justify the means” became gospel. While she and others have to pay, it needs to be in a psych ward more than a federal prison.

  • “And the worst physical abuses only occurred in the last few years as Pam Cafritz lay dying and Allison Mack rose to power, long after Kristen Kreuk left the cult.”

    You never even heard of NXIVM until after Allison Mack rejected you and you found out about the branding story from Frank Report.

    Why do you keep bringing up Kristin Kreuk in your long repetitive hate filled essays? It’s because you hate Mack so much for making you feel rejected that you want all the hate on her. DOS was formed in 2015 and was exposed in 2017. Two years. Kristin Kreuk was still a coach in 2015 at the earliest. Even if DOS never existed, NXIVM was still an evil criminal cult and Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack and all the other NXIVM characters known about on Frank Report were a part of it and knew about unethical and illegal behaviour in the cult. They didn’t care. The cult made them feel important. They didn’t just find out bad stuff in 2017.

    Frank keeps posting your bullshit for what ever reasons but you are the one who keeps writing this stuff. Get a hooker or a tinder slut, do some exercise, socialise face to face with people in real life, get a hobby, volunteer…

    • – Kristin Kreuk was still a coach in 2015 at the earliest.

      Nope. Just because you keep saying this doesn’t make it true.

      • I didn’t believe your accusations about Kreuk the first ten times you wrote them. But you keep repeating them, so they must be true—so I’m starting to believe she should be prosecuted.

        She was still around when DOS was formed and probably was one of the first masters–maybe even Mack’s master, who Kreuk recruited. Plus, people are forgetting about how she muled all that money from Vancouver to Tacoma,

        So “Why 8:56”—please send all you KK posts directly to the Feds and when they read them ten times I’m sure they will believe you, too, and arrest the virtue signally crook.

      • Go away sultan of stalk. Who are you to say “nope” to anyone? You argue with anyone who dares say something about Kristin Crook like your an expert. Nobody owes YOU anything. People can post their comments here and whatever information they have and you have no right to try to belittle them becuase you are a coward bully who is desperate to have sex with Kristin Kreuk. Kristin Kreuk could fart in your halal corn flakes and you would take it as a compliment. Just because you don’t want something to be true does not make it untrue. Stop responding to other people’s comments. People with direct or indirect information have the right to share information without a nasty horrible foul bully butting in and belittling our stories and information. Go away. I hope Frank bans you.

      • Just because an over obsessed fan may not think it’s true, it doesn’t make it false. More than a couple ex-nxivms have stated it, one even stated that Kruek was a supporter as late as 2016. Hope the feds look into that since she was a coach/recruiter and possibly recruited underage girls who eventually joined DOS being slaves. Personally I find the ex-nxivms far more credible than the over obsessed Kruek fan(s) that post here.

          • IMHO, all the people who post that KK was in NXIVM after when KK says she left in 2013 (LOL) do NOT have to say what they know or how they know it, because everything bad about her is true, and I’m right, Just look at her face, a liars face!
            And she’s a bad actress so I am sure she must of got her acting jobs with sex.

          • When someone asks for you to name a person, she doesn’t ask you to refer to some obscure date. That is not an appropriate answer since that was never the question.

          • – KK is a liar.

            Yes she is, but for something far worse than anything related to NXIVM which is nothing, considering the worth of the words and the history of whom she lied about and to.

          • can anyone explain what Anonymous 4:22am said? It sounds interesting, or is it just middle of the night word salad?

            “Yes she is [a liar], but for something far worse than anything related to NXIVM which is nothing, considering the worth of the words and the history of whom she lied about and to.”

    • The hate filled bullshit has been directed by Allison Mack fans towards Kristen Kreuk to
      divert attention from Allison Mack’s many crimes.

      I confidently predict that Kristen Kreuk will not be indicted.

      Attacking Kreuk is a way for Alison Mack’s fans to defend Mack’s criminal conduct.

      • Shadowstalk, you are talking shit and projecting. It is you old boy who wants to keep the heat on the actress you hate so much.

      • I know Alison wasn’t a victim but we all know she’s playing that She is don’t believe she was the worst neighbor no ever had now someone just moved on to her condo thank god no more nexium

          • Exactly. With all Shadowstate’s venom, he is creating a false narrative. If I recall correctly, even Sarah Edmondson helped hold down others during branding.

            I’m simply pointing out we don’t know how many have actually defected and consider themselves victims. Has India Oxenberg come out against NXIVM? I’m not trying to be harsh or cruel, rather the case is weakened if there is large support for the dos aspect / side of the charges.

  • Good points on Ms Kristin Kreuk, her alleged involvement, Kristin not Kristen, just saying. I was 1 person almost sweept into a such pyramid scheme, multilevel marketing organization, & I was, am an adult, so I understand how easy it would be 2 sweep in via her boyfriend, a young, impresionable, inexperienced almost what… barely out of adolescence actress like Kristin Kreuk. Maybe Mack was the same when she entered & the brainwashing, acting on emotional impulse got here where she is now.

    • Yes Kristin not Kristen. You would think such an esteemed journalist would know about the subject he is writing about.

      • THIS! The long endlessly repeated list of salacious allegations are painful enough to have to get through, but not even bothering to spell a known Allison Mack collaborator’s name correctly? For shame, your press credentials could get pulled.

    • She was 23 making more money than adults twice her age who have been working for two decades or more. She’s not a child. The Forbes article on NXIVM was published in 2003 which she read. She foolishly joined a cult because of what a stupid guy told her even though there were plenty of existing warning signs, the previously mentioned article, and the loads of information that was published on the website of known cult expert Rick Ross. An entire article with her name in the headline which she must have known about was posted on that website: “Has a ‘cult’ recruited ‘Smallville’ star Kristin Kreuk?” She knew of all the rumors about the cult leader sleeping around and still continued to be involved. She deserves all of the bad publicity that came along with it for being involved in it for so long. She’s lucky she got out when she did. If tabloid speculation linking her to a sex cult due to her Allison Mack “Smallville” connection and this blog is all the trouble she gets because of her involvement then she should be grateful for however she got out because it could’ve been worse for her and her career. Some people have had their lives screwed up for worse.

      • All she cares about is her career. She does not want the press talking about her like she is spoken about on here because her career would be fucked, along with all the (tax payer) money that comes with it. She is self serving and selfish.

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