Scott Johnson – the unseen comments

Scott Johnson has made more than 3,000 comments on Frank Report.

With the new comment policy put in place recently, some of Scott’s comments have been not published – mainly because he has as many as 10 or more comments on the same thread – seemingly replying to everyone who makes a comment.

But since much of Scott’s comments are worthy and insightful – it seems reasonable to post them in a separate post where his followers could read them and gain elucidation from his thoughts.

Here are some of his comments made during the last few days.


The Feds have much more information than anybody making comments on this blog. If wrongdoing is supported by facts, Kristin Crook should be prosecuted.


Even if intended, the Feds will not be diverted by a few comments on a blog. I think Kristin Crook could easily be indicted, and the Feds have far more information available than anybody on this website.


Florin Elena Milea, which MLM scam approached you?


I never claimed to work undercover in the normal sense of the word. You are a liar.

I never claimed to have CIA brain implants. You are a liar.

I have never talked about UFOs on my radio show. You are a liar.

Immunity does not include misconduct by the lawyer, and misconduct has been clearly proven in the Omar Rosales case, right up to and including the U.S. Supreme Court.


You must be kidding. These people won’t even call me on my radio show.


Lay off of Kristin Crook. Shadow said she will never be indicted and that’s good enough for me. [snark]


It’s unfortunate most do not view comments as I do, opportunities for conversations and developing ideas more thoroughly – and instead view comments as a time to blurt out what happens to be on their mind at the time. Of course, any comments made will not hardly ever be read again after a couple of days, making their comments even less significant. Such a waste of potential. I wish I could say I’m surprised.


Respect should only be given when it’s earned.


Come on, Frank. Get on the stick!


There’s plenty here for NXIVM. Frank can run his website however he wishes, it’s his website. To help your “understanding,” other MLMs scam more people than NXIVM ever dreamed of doing. I’ll spend my time where I believe there is the most benefit, so mind your own business.


In reply to Flowers.

Flowers, asking questions is chasing away (and slander, although the correct term is libel) in the snowflake world.


In reply to Mitchell.

You haven’t disproven that you rape little girls.


In reply to Lena.

Give Shadow a break, he is so obsessed with Mack that he can’t think straight.


In reply to Anonymous.

1) He wouldn’t know, he didn’t get past 1st base.

2) Gymnastics.

3) He was drunk.


In reply to Heather Anne.

Count you in to what? You’re a commenter on a blog. What are you “adding” yourself to?

In reply to TK.

TK, you must be getting desperate to think of accusations against Shadow when you complain of his writing format. And what does that have to do with his bio?

In reply to TW.

Please don’t post comments. I don’t like to read whining.

In reply to Scott, read thyself.

My comment was directed towards Heather. What’s your point?

In reply to Anonymous.

Good. Stay away. Frank explained why he publishes Shadow’s stories and we’re tired of your constantly complaining. Just go away.

In reply to Anonymous.

TK, I figured you would love Anonymous’ comment, as it is not responsive to my point.

In reply to Anonymous.

Anonymous, I whould [sic] be happy to confront what you just wrote, with facts, AFTER you address my point.

In reply to Anne.

Get a room.

There are many more like this that Scott has provided. In a sense it is a shame that I cannot publish them all but it will suffice to say that the above comments are representative of the others which the world may never see.

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  • Mr. Parlato,

    THIS is why I stopped reading your blog this summer after following, and very occasionally posting, for well over eighteen months but now choose to keep up on NXIVM through google alerts.

    I’ve been involved in actively supporting cult dismantling and deprograming since “Operation Clambake” in the early aughts with a particular focus on gendered and sexual abuse which is what NXIVM has been primarily about. It’s operation as a MLM scam and the psychology of those taken in by them plays a part as a number of cults operate in this fashion, but it is most certainly not about one man and his experience with Amway years ago.

    What happened Mr. Parlato?

    Watching you allow your platform to be hijacked by people like Scott Johnson, MAGA blow-hards who slam libtards, feminists and snowflakes and giving actual posts to wackadoo Q Anon groupies has been embarrassing and mind boggling to watch. When Raniere was busted, for awhile there the comments section was filled with real discourse often with over 50 comments.

    As soon as Scott Johnson and the above arrived, those discussions tanked: at Raniere’s capture you were perfectly situated to become *The* blog where victims could SAFELY land to share their experiences in which all cult studies stakeholders would have benefited from- including yourself and your reputation in demonstrating that your fight is not simply for your own retribution but for the women who have been PROFOUNDLY abused.

    I am a health care provider with a twenty year strong speciality in working with trauma, cult and sexual abuse survivors who moonlights as a cult buster and there is no room for me here or the people who most desperately need a safe social space to come out on.

    That is why we are not here- the victims and the specialists who could be adding to the conversation, because you have chosen to highlight people such as Scott Johnson and his ilk.

    I hope this post gives you a reason to reflect on your choices regarding the management of your blog and the opportunities it has missed in pushing out those who have real contributions to make and embracing a vampire who has sucked the promise and good from this platform with his 3000 posts.

    You have my email if you’d like to contact me privately to discuss this matter.



  • I think you gave us plenty. I didn’t read most as they are his typical blather. It’s funny to see his response to questions he misunderstands and or doesn’t get in the first place.

  • Scott must know that these comments aren’t going to be approved and that no one except Frank will see them so who is commenting to exactly?

  • “Even if intended, the Feds will not be diverted by a few comments on a blog. I think Kristin Crook could easily be indicted, and the Feds have far more information available than anybody on this website.”
    Scott Johnson

    And if Kristen Kreuk is not indicted, then all this talk about her criminal liability is a red herring designed to protect the far more culpable Allison Mack.
    Shadow State

  • So it is bad enough that the pedophile Johnson craps up virtually every post, but now you waste an article on the turd? Who needs to see the losers idiotic posts?

  • Scott Johnson doesn’t add anything intelligent to any conversation.

    He just claimed in the comments that he was misunderstood, great, and talented. Sounds like a Vanguard wannabe.

    He said he worked undercover at Amway for 4 years. Now he claims he didn’t. He was also sued by Amway and lost. He had to settle because he was guilty. But now he tells everyone he won.

    He constantly has to attack everyone to make up for his own awful life. Scott Johnson also is unemployed and lives off of his wife’s salary. Sound familiar? And then Scott kisses up to Frank, so Scott can get his own way.

    Scott Johnson sounds more and more like Keith Raniere.

  • To Scott Johnson. The company was Maleluca Oil. I was looking to start my own business, a ‘friend’ recomend it so I got into but from the start I was reluctant asking myself as to why a such company wouldn’t sell @ the stores. I researched it & quit like not even 1 week into it.

    That lesson made it easy for me to turn down Amway & QVC & whatever is as seen on TV. Maleluca oil now is available @ Bartels, Wallgreen. etc.

  • It would be better if you keep Shadow away from Allison Mack. It sounds very personal than someone trying to expose a so-called evil cult.

    Her ankles? Is that all you can do since she hasn’t done anything wrong since she was arrested i find it really unprofessional. You guys are suppose to be the bigger people than acting like abunch of high school kids.

    And no incase you start to point fingers i’m not apart NXIVM or condone what Allison Mack did.

    I have nothing against Frank but Shadow i don’t like very much i highly disagree with his methods buying every word of a so-called source about Allison or even Kristen.

      • You still don’t get it. No one wants to hear what you have to say, so your not benefiting your goal against MLM scams, like shadow and Allison and sultan and KK your causing the opposite to happen and we all lose interest the moment we see your name.

    • “I have nothing against Frank but Shadow i don’t like very much i highly disagree with his methods buying every word of a so-called source about Allison or even Kristen.”

      Nothing you say will erase the fact that Allison Mack has been indicted for sex trafficking and enforced servitude (slavery.)

      My so called source is the US Department of Justice.
      Shadow State

  • ya’ll should do a weekly/bi-weekly podcast together. i believe you both share a similar strategy in mockery, perhaps it’s complementary.

  • No Frank, it is NOT “a shame that I cannot publish them all.”
    Wading thru a slew of comments from one person like him is more annoying than reading/avoiding Shadow’s posts.
    Maybe give Scott his own posts–then we can see if he can string together thoughts longer than two sentences.

    • It is a major loss to this website that Frank does not publish all of my comments, and an even greater loss that many of my comments have questions that have gone unanswered.

      You don’t have to wade through any of my comments, just skip them if you don’t want to learn anything.

      Brevity is the soul of wit. However, if you want to read my thoughts longer than War and Peace, feel free to visit my websites, which can be found by clicking on my name.

      • Naw scooter, it is a flush of a fecal matter filled toilet that Frank had to flush. You need to do a better job of wiping after yourself.

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