Claviger Answers Readers’ Questions About Raniere in Prison

Keith Raniere behind bars
Keith Raniere is currently incarcerated at USP Tucson. Per the terms of his sentence, he'll be there for the next 99 years.


A recent Frank Report post, Raniere Moved to US Penitentiary Tucson, Arizona – Likely to Work in Prison Food Service, raised some questions from curious readers. Frank Report’s legal correspondent, K.R. Claviger, sheds light on Keith Raniere’s prison situation.


Is BOP Hell-Bent on Getting Raniere Out West?






Tanner: Why is the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) so motivated to get Keith to the other side of the country when his lawyers and pending legal matters are all in New York??


K.R. Claviger: The BOP was motivated to assign Keith to a prison where he would he could safely mix with the other members of the general population there — and where he could obtain the type of services that it has been determined he needs. USP Tucson is one of the few places he could be assigned that will achieve both of those objectives.


One Roll of Toilet Paper per Week?

At USP Tucson, Keith Raniere will be limited to one roll of toilet paper per week.

Pious Bangkok: As for the 1 roll of toilet paper, what if they need more? If Keith has episodes of diarrhea and extra pooping, how will he wipe if he runs out of his 1 roll? I think it should be a basic human right to have as much toilet paper as needed to properly wipe up after pooping.

Anything less is uncivilized.

K.R. Claviger: Inmates in federal prisons generally get one roll of toilet paper per week. The list of what things inmates are given should be read as “maximums” not “minimums”: e.g., an inmate can not have more than one roll of toilet paper at a time.


Pious Bangkok: I would like to send Keith a care package. I have a problem with inmates being assigned only 1 roll of toilet paper per week. It is my firm belief that Keith will suffer from episodes of diarrhea and extra pooping, defecating due to his poor self-control over the junk food he eats. He likely cannot exist on just 1 roll of toilet paper per week.

Mr. Claviger has said that no exceptions are made regarding toilet paper issuance (just 1 roll per week, no matter what). However, I find it hard to believe that guards will let an inmate wipe his butt with bed sheets or his hands —- thereby turning his cell into an unsanitary and unlivable area.

I believe that Mr. Claviger is lying cuz federal health codes won’t allow inmates to wipe their butts with bed sheets or their hands. It would create disease-infested conditions and would be illegal. Anyway, I wish to send Keith a care package with extra rolls of toilet paper. Is that allowed?

Will Frank deliver them for me during his next interview with Keith? I have extra pallets from last March when Kung-Flu first hit and caused a shortage.

Empty toilet paper roll
Most of us stopped taking toilet paper for granted during the Coronavirus pandemic. TP scarcity is a way of life for many prison inmates.
The standard number of sheets in a roll of toilet paper is 1000 for one-ply and 500 for two-ply. Some brands have fewer sheets and are of a smaller size sheet (and those sheets used in the Vatican are holy sheets.) Of course, toilet paper in prison is like everything else there: the cost is more expensive and the product is lower quality


The toilet in a typical prison cell.

Here is a link to a YouTube video that gets into the topic of toilet paper in prison in more detail than most readers will likely want to know. [One interesting detail – three Ramen noodle soup packages have been exchanged for one roll of toilet paper. Prison is a shitty place to be when prisoners have to trade food just to ensure bathroom etiquette.]

K.R. Claviger: You cannot send — or bring — extra rolls of toilet paper to any inmate. But if you deposit funds into Keith’s commissary account, he’ll be able to buy some extra rolls if he needs them. The feds give one free roll per week to each inmate. Whether you believe that or not doesn’t change the reality of that situation.


What If You’re Too Broke to Buy Toilet Paper in Prison???

Nice Guy: What happens if you can’t afford rolls? 😂 I can’t imagine subsiding on one roll of toilet paper a week. That 13th Amendment sure is a mother-f@cker!

K.R. Claviger: Just like people in other walks of life, prisoners adapt to the rules and standards of the prison in which they’re incarcerated. There is a great deal of trading that goes on with regard to commissary items — and most prisoners eventually develop what’s called a “hustle” or “side hustle”. Those are things that a prisoner can do to do earn money (i.e., “Macks”) that can be used to buy more of whatever that particular prisoner needs or wants.


Is Keith the Spud in a Game of Prison-Transfer Hot Potato?

Sandra: I’m surprised at how quickly they moved him from Oklahoma City. I wonder if he’ll have to be quarantined again upon arrival. It seems like the BOP is really milking this Coronavirus to justify anything whatsoever.

K.R. Claviger: Oklahoma City is nothing more than a transient stop for every prisoner there except the Cadre Inmates who work there. As soon as there’s a seat available on a Con-Air flight going in the right direction, prisoners move on.

There does not appear to any special treatment involved in Keith getting moves to Tucson, AZ, so quickly. And he’s probably happy to be have left behind the three-tier bunks at OKC.


Hard to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Official inmate counts at USP Tucson are taken at 12:00 midnight, 3:00 a.m., 5:00 a.m., 4:00 p.m., and 10:00 p.m. The inmate is expected to be standing at his bedside during the official counts held at 4:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

Anonymous wrote, “Inmate counts at Midnight, 3:00 a.m., and 5:00 a.m. It must be difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

K.R. Claviger: The counts at Midnight, 3:00 AM, and 5:00 AM are not “standing counts”. The COs just use a flashlight to verify inmates are in their bunks or otherwise visible for these overnight counts. Truth be told, a lot of these three counts never actually happen (If you don’t believe me about that, just ask Jeffrey Epstein).

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  • Whether people deserved to be in prison or not, it’s a sad situation. For them, their victims, and the crimes that got them there.

    It’s not something to joke about.

  • I can’t help feeling like this Vanguard guy expected everyone to go to prison except for him. But I bet he also had plan B. Prove everyone else are just liars and haters. Ultimate result? Vanguard is the king of the innocents and lord of the liars in a land of no ultimate victims!

  • Prison conditions are terrible. I believe this requires a deep contemplation. What are prisons for? To reform criminals or to get rid of them? In both cases, I think what we are doing is not working.

  • Hello. Could Mr. Claviger explain, in Clare’s case, for example, who controls her finances while she is incarcerated? What things, would a person in her position, put in place before going away for a long time? There is no family to support but would she still be able to fund outstanding NXIVM related business? Many thanks

    • Although we don’t have access to all the applicable documents, my understanding is that the vast majority of Clare’s money is tied up in trusts. So, in many instances, it will be the trustee — or trustees — who are making financial decisions for her (Those decisions have to comport to the purpose of the trust).

      A summary of Clare’s sentence is as follows:
      – 81 months in federal prison;
      – A forfeiture money judgment (in lieu of an asset forfeiture judgment) of $6 million;
      – A fine of $500,000;
      – Restitution of $96,605.25 to Jane Doe 12;
      – A Special Assessment of $200; and
      – 3 years of post-release supervision AKA probation.

      After Clare is released from prison on June 29, 2026, she will be subject to the standard conditions that have been established by the U.S. Bureau of Prisons’ Probation Department. In addition, the court also imposed the following special conditions on her during her three years of probation:

      “The defendant shall comply with the fine and restitution orders. Upon request, the defendant shall provide the U.S. Probation Department full disclosure of her financial records, including co-mingled income, expenses and assets, and liabilities, to include yearly income tax returns, with the exception of financial accounts reported and noted within the presentence report. The defendant is prohibited from maintaining and/or opening any additional individual and/or joint checking, savings, or other financial accounts for either personal or business purposes without the knowledge and approval of the U.S. Probation Department.

      “The defendant shall cooperate with the Probation Office in the investigation of her financial dealings. And she’ll provide truthful monthly statements of her income and
      expenses. The defendant shall cooperate in the signing of any necessary authorization to release information permitting the U.S. Probation Department access to financial information and records.

      “The defendant shall not associate in person through e-mail, through mail, electronic mail, telephone with any individual any affiliation through Executive Success Programs, Nxivm, DOS, or any other affiliated Nxivm organizations. Nor shall the defendant frequent any establishment or locale where these groups may be, pursuant to but not limited to the prohibition list provided by the U.S. Probation Department.

      “Defendant shall not contribute to the Bureau of Prisons commissary accounts of any co-defendants or participants in Executives Success Programs, Nxivm, DOS or any
      other Nxivm affiliated organizations.”

  • I think Frank should start another column called Frank Report 2 – The Followers. That way the Nxivm Peeps can cry, scream, and bitch about prison life (something not one of The Followers even thought about until Keith’s sentencing and not once voiced an opinion about prison life or the unethical treatment of prisoners here on the Frank Report). Now, they are all up in arms about prison life and unethical treatment of prisoners and blah, blah, blah. I sometimes skip the stories if they are of no interest to me (i.e., Sara Bronfman’s many men) and go straight to the comments and, lo and behold, there they are “The Followers” and their blah, blah, blah: Keith didn’t get a fair trial (Shut up and prove it); blah, blah, blah: Keith is being treated badly in prison (Shut up and prove I); we have very different views on how Keith is being treated; I think the BOP should have thrown him in the SuperMax for 120 years so maybe you all should count your lucky stars); blah, blah, blah: we need to revamp the prison system (Shut up about it; better folks than you lot have tried and failed). I was thinking until Keith got sentenced they were not on the Frank Report, I remember someone asking Nicki about a post that was on the Frank Report and she said: “I don’t read the Frank Report”. Now, you can get them to shut up on the Frank Report, then I thought no matter how annoying they are, “ The Followers” are always entertaining.

    • I initially was annoyed with Frank for granting the Nxivm adherents a voice.

      I am now of the opinion that it is more of a good thing than a bad.

      • Why do you think it’s a good thing?

        I think it’s good because it lets the world know how completely lost and beyond any hope of rehabilitation. I hope it leads to bankruptcy and deportation.

        It’s certainly lending to the level of intelligence involved here. Every day is a DERP alert.

        • I believe it is a good thing because it falls under the scientific method umbrella.

          No harm can come from hearing them out.
          I do not believe there’s anything to be afraid of.

          I always try and keep an open mind.

          And no I’m not one of those Kumbaya types. Not even remotely.

  • How Keith is treated in prison is 100% dependent on… Keith.

    If he carries himself like an arrogant jerk and tries to project superiority – he will be a target.

    That goes for prison staff and other inmates.

    If tries to manipulate… It won’t go well for him.

    And you definitely wanna dial back the questions in prison.

    Talking a lot? Not super popular.

    He should look at this as a chance to see how smart and adaptive he really is as one of “the world’s top 3 problem solvers”.

    • Some very sage advice in your comment — especially the parts about not talking too much and not asking questions. Hard to believe that Keith has already been in prison for almost 3 years and still hasn’t learned the basic rules.

      • How can Vanguard Raniere learn anything in prison if he doesn’t accept anyone who teaches or can teach him anything because he is too arrogant and conceited and thinks he knows everything better?
        Vanguard’s ability to observe and analyze is not very well developed, so he cannot draw the right conclusions and change his behavior through his own observations.

    • Excellent advice’

      If this is Semperfi….I am curios do believe/know if the “protection rackets” exist in the sex offenders prison?

      A simple yes or no would be greatly appreciated!

      Hope all is well!

    • I heard that Keith has great people traits, he knows how to walk with his hands and teaching other inmates that could definitely get him some friends. I don’t think Keith will have any problems making friends.

  • A New York Times reporter asked Keith where he got his toilet paper. He answered that it usually appeared. Pointing to the roll he was using to wipe his butt, he said, “Until I went to take a dump this morning, I don’t think I’d used it before, and I didn’t know about it.”

  • There is always a bit of humor in great tragedy. The dehumanization of our prison population is to the detriment of all humanity. Sometimes humor is the only way to take in this type of information.

    • Laws are there to maintain order in a society. Prison rules are there to maintain order in prisons. Those who do not respect or break the laws can end up in prison, depending on the offense. These people then have a choice to follow and obey the rules of a prison. Everyone can make a choice.

          • You’re the one that said if someone breaks laws they deserve to be prosecuted your statement was a blanket broad statement.

            Next time be more lucid.

            I’m not a mind reader.

            The laws in Hong Kong now or meet up by the Chinese communists so you must be one of those people that believes laws of the state are the laws of the state.

            Socrates would’ve loved you. “You must obey.”

          • Socrates held the law of the state above himself or any man which is why he didn’t run or cower and whine. He drank the Hemlock.

          • To Anonymous 3:47 and Anonymous 11:51

            The hemlock and the State ….That’s why I brought up Socrates.

            Anonymous 11:51 is quixotic in his/her beliefs.

        • No. Not all laws are moral and just, but all the laws Raniere broke are considered to be so by the vast majority of people.

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