Monte Blu: I look forward to testifying for Vanguard

The actor Monte Blue died long ago.

[There are some who believe Monte Blu is a genuine NXIVM member. I side with those who think Monte is a troll but I will give those who think otherwise the benefit of the doubt.]

By Monte Blu

I am a member of DOS. Note I said “I am”. Present tense.  DOS lives.

For me, DOS was a lifestyle choice I made.  I was encouraged and inspired by my relationship with Vanguard which was entirely consensual. I was never required to be with Vanguard. I wanted to learn from his teachings knowing that women have an advantage over men in NXIVM – since they can be mentored by Vanguard in ways men cannot.

As a DOS master, I am honest. I ask prospective slaves if they would like to join an organization that will change their lives, and if so, they need to provide collateral to ensure she will keep the existence of DOS a secret.  My prospective slaves work with me to develop ideas for collateral.

Once I get collateral, I tell the woman about DOS’s mission and internal structure, then give her a choice as to whether or not she wants to join.  When informing prospective members about DOS, I explain the mission is to eradicate personal weaknesses and that her relationship with me is master and slave.

I tell my prospective slaves they are required to perform acts of care and pay tribute to me because that is what slaves do. I tell them after first collateral and before second collateral.  There is no deception.

My slaves do things like bring me coffee, run errands, make lunch, carry luggage, clean my house, and retrieve items.  These are things I can do myself but I choose to order my slaves to do these to train them. It is not for my gain but theirs.

There is no slave I recruited who does not know Keith inspired and developed the ideas and concepts of DOS even if they did not know I was his slave.

DOS helps women build their bond to women and gives tools to overcome life’s difficulties. DOS helps women overcome weaknesses and build character.  DOS seeks to uphold honor, trust and respect for women. DOS is a group of women who want to grow beyond petty attachments in the material world and become the best versions of themselves.

We understand that to accomplish this goal, we need to commit to overcoming fears and attachments to negative experiences that erode our everyday life.  We are committed to achieving this goal – the true mission of DOS.

DOS is not easy and there are moments we feel challenged. Yet we choose to remain in DOS, to invest in helping one another and commit to building character in ourselves.

Collateral is used to build our word and commitment to each other, not out of fear that collateral will be released. As I gave my Master collateral and I trust him, my slaves give me trust that I will not disclose it to anyone.  No slave feels coerced, forced or threatened to complete any assignment out of fear that her collateral will be released.

As to having sex with Vanguard being a requirement, this is nonsense. When I assigned a woman to seduce Vanguard, I gave her discretion on how she would do it. It was always meant to help a slave challenge her fears, such as rejection or self-esteem issues. If she could seduce the Vanguard, she would overcome her lack of confidence, for he could have any woman in the world.  My slaves were eager to seduce Vanguard and did not feel forced or coerced to do it.

Some succeeded. Some did not.  Only Vanguard knows why he granted supreme pleasure to some and not others. If any slaves complained, it was because they failed to seduce Vanguard not because they were assigned to do so. Today they complain because they do not even get the chance. We hope this will soon end and he is acquitted.

As for “acts of care”, no one is punished for not performing sufficient acts of care. DOS women are kind people who are more giving than others. They perform acts of care to be kinder to others. Why do you think we call it “acts of care?”

I am proud I played a role in developing and implementing DOS.

I will testify that DOS is a goals program meant to strengthen loyalty to one another, to grow and to empower each other.

I will testify that branding is a choice and slaves can opt out if they choose.

I will testify that I never threatened any of my slaves with release of collateral.

I will testify that some of my DOS slaves said they did not want to give more collateral and received no negative consequences.

I will testify that my slaves willingly gave collateral to me after learning about the requirements of DOS.

I will testify that my slaves willingly got branded.

I will testify that the lucky ones who engaged in sexual activity with Raniere did so consensually.

I look forward to testifying.

I look forward to growing DOS further until it grows to what our Vanguard intends it: A worldwide movement to empower all women everywhere.


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  • For Monte Blu and Marc Agnofilo, proving branding was consensual is going to be difficult. When did the DOS slaves realise they were to be branded instead of having a tattoo as Sarah Edmondson was led to believe? How likely was it that someone would leave while naked and having already provided collateral? Were they being filmed? Finally, with no anaesthetic while screaming in agony, it is obvious that the woman being branded would cry out and plead with the person branding them to stop. But their pleas were ignored and they were being forcibly held down. Where was the consent then?

  • I have read this blog for months and have never commented. I am intrigued by cults as I feel my cousin is in one they call “The Shepherd’s Chapel”. I have tried to inform myself of other cults. I really hope this entry is some kind of joke. I honestly can’t believe anyone would believe the “philosophy” you just spoke of. I don’t pray for your soul as I don’t believe in any religion or cult. I just hope you see how stupid this sounds.

  • I’ve always been puzzled as to why a group that was selling itself as a womens’ empowerment group would use the word master and not mistress.

  • This website still has NXIVM members spreading lies about the cult.

    When I reported that NXIVM DOS made overweight women wear cow udders, the NXIVM robots lined up to attack me.
    “That story was a parody.”


    That story came from a US government document.
    For example, women attending the classes were forced to wear fake cow
    udders over their breasts while people called them derogatory names. Moreover, at least one
    DOS master who was directly under the defendant told her slaves that her own master, i.e., the
    defendant, would put her in a cage to punish her.

    Even the brilliant Amway genius Scott Johnson fell for the NXIVM lies.
    When will NXIVM stop lying?

    When every last NXIVM member is locked up in prison.

    • But you didn’t say that, Shadow. You took as fact a quote from a parody wiki that claimed ALLISON MACK was the one who forced women to wear cows’ udders. The story that comes from the US government document clearly states that RANIERE was the one who did this, and it was these so-called “NXIVM” trolls who alerted you to that fact.

      Think about it – do you seriously think a NXIVM devotee would implicate their Dear Leader?

      There are no NXIVM ghoulies hiding under your bed, Shadow.

  • I am not a troll. But I have to keep my anonymity for now. Some of you know who I am by what i wrote and you may contact me and I will act as your master. This was written both for the uninitiated and the initiated. DOS lives. It is better for the average reader to think I’m a troll.

    • I don’t believe Monte Blu was ever entrenched in DOS. This reeks of some dude who’s read stuff on the web and is regurgitating what he thought it might be in that sordid organization. Simply a troll. The scary part is, many women (and men) got their thinking so twisted around and got completely brainwashed by the kind of thinking portrayed in this article. Evil is always sugar coated with something good to disguise it. Pretty wrapping paper with a bomb inside. A caramel covered onion. People can get hooked on the good they believe is therein because it’s disguised as something good. Hitler’s minions and many others believed in the mission and that it was good. We have the power of discernment. Whether or not a person can decipher and detect the evil lurking therein is up to them personally. But for those who are at the root of it all, those who came up with the evil program – God help them. Raniere knew exactly what he was doing. He is a selfish pig hell bent on pleasuring himself at the expense of others, disguising it as self empowerment for those foolish enough to join. He is rotten to the core. He may I repeat MAY have started out with good intentions – I mean who doesn’t want to improve themselves and overcome weaknesses? But he went around it in the most despicable way…and people are still falling for it?! Hanging on to the good they thought they saw in it? I hope the prosecution tears him apart. I hope he will pay for what he has done during this life, or I believe he will be paying for it in the next. For the sake of all the people he has hurt and altered their existences beyond recognition or help. He can never restore the virtue he has taken from young girls. For that, I hope he rots in hell. He can’t undo what he’s done. I would hope there is still hope for those still entrenched in DOS. What a black wormhole they must clamor out of. Keith Raniere is a monster. Literally with his little rodent feet and ugly face, how on earth did he do it? How did he get women to believe this crap? The thought of that hairy man makes me want to puke. And women fought for him?? He is talented in that way, in persuasion and brain washing. May he rot in jail, and then in hell.

    • If you are real “Monte”, what can you tell us about Kristin Kreuk’s Girls By Design? How does that fit into NXIVM? Was it really created By Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack to indentify girls suitable for a “feminist approach to BDSM” like Jane the DOS slave said? How many GBD girls were recruited into NXIVM? How many by Kristin Kreuk personally? How many went on to join DOS? Was Kristin Kreuk and Mark Hildreth in a master/slave relationship like Jane the DOS slave said? Was DOS built on the sexual practices of NXIVM that already existed? How many women recruited by Kristin Kreuk went on to have sex with Keith Raniere? We’re they recruited specifically for that?

  • This is BS! Monte is a troll (and probably a man) and even contradicts his/her/itself.

    “I will testify that my slaves willingly gave collateral to me after learning about the requirements of DOS.”
    However…earlier in the piece:
    “As a DOS master, I am honest. I ask prospective slaves if they would like to join an organization that will change their lives, and if so, they need to provide collateral…..Once I get collateral, I tell the woman about DOS’s mission and internal structure, then give her a choice as to whether or not she wants to join.”

    Note that the first collateral is required BEFORE they are told DOS’s true mission…so they are already blackmailed when they are given the “choice” to join DOS or not.

  • Monte
    How can performing unpaid labour and acting like a slave eradicate personal weakness? What is your theory on how this eradicates weakness?

    • I’ll take a shot; I think it was said that it takes great strength to be submissive. It’s like Opposite Day. Being a slave made you a master of your life.

      • Military Boot camp is about learning to follow orders, but the word slave implies the person has no rights, that they see themselves as worthless. Seeing yourself in this manner doesn’t build strength.

      • To extend your analogy, Scot: It’s similar to military boot camp training, except that in military boot camp you get a salary, three square meals a day, housing, medical care, and leave.

  • Please explain how waiting on someone, a person literally being a slave for someone else, empowers them? A slave is treated as property of the master, even if not actually financially owned by the person (although the collateral certainly can cause an ownership-like situation since the slave can easily be blackmailed). It’s teaching someone to be submissive and obedient, which is the opposite of empowerment. Creepy and demented Keith simply wants to dominate women; to punish them simply for being women. Much like Africans were punished for being black and thus used as slaves, and were punished and abused if they tried to stand up for themselves. It’s quite scary to think Keith had such power over women that they believed this B.S. DOS women are taught to be doormats, to take bullying and not fight back. This actually empowers the master, not the slave. I totally dodged a bullet about 18 years ago when ESP was still in its infancy. His women were submissive to him then (Pam, Karen, Dawn, Barbara Jeske, Nancy), but fortunately a few of us had too much fight in us to become part of his harem. I didn’t fall for his lies and now am married and have children. Sucks to be the women who had hoped for a fulfilling family life with that little piece of crap. For those women that lived, they have empty lives, empty beds. And a future of hardship since they put all their loyalty into Keith. I sincerely hope that the women who haven’t been arrested and charged with crimes will seek counseling and try to start a new life. That very well may be the most empowering thing they ever do.

    • — His women were submissive to him then (Pam, Karen, Dawn, Barbara Jeske, Nancy), but fortunately a few of us had too much fight in us to become part of his harem. I didn’t fall for his lies and now am married and have children. Sucks to be the women who had hoped for a fulfilling family life with that little piece of crap.

      There were also some men who waited on women in this stupid cult because they cared about them who also screwed up potential opportunities for a normal family life because of the dumb and foolish ideas that were poisoned into their minds.

  • To me this sounds like alot bulshit coming from this man.I’m independent thinker, i don’t believe in what men tell me.Women are no slaves to men.This Vandgard is no God. God, Jesus has no use money, material things.For theses women needing and searching for something in their life especially from a men are weak women.Its just the same as people going church asking for God’s help to over come their problems.The strengh to overcome is in u. Don’t need man who calls himself Vanguard for his aproval

  • Monjte Blu:
    Please Read

    Constitution of United States of America

    Thirteenth Amendment

    Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

  • “As I gave my Master collateral and I trust him, my slaves give me trust that I will not disclose it to anyone.” Marc Agnifilo has claimed in interviews that Raniere was never a member of DOS and it was women only. Is this an admission that KAR was actually in DOS and the Master of all Masters? Go ahead, testify to that (playing along pretending you’re not a troll, Monte). The Prosecution will love it!

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