Kendra Voth sticks tongue out; Nicki Clyne as Clicky Nine; Meghan Markle with Hannah Bronfman & Michelle Salzman’s new artwork

Hannah Bronfman is the daughter of Edgar Bronfman, Jr. and the niece of Clare and Sara Bbronfman.

Add Kendra Voth to the group of NXIVM women who pose sticking their tongues out.

Kendra Voth

Kendra has chosen to use the above photo for her Instagram profile photo. The account is private. Kendra has 433 followers.

Allison Mack sticks her tongue out too.


Nicki Clyne as Clicky Nine has a new Instagram profile picture. Clicky Nine’s Instagram account is private. That may be a good idea since it was Nicki Clyne’s pictures on her Instagram account in her own name that alerted me to the fact that she [and probably Raniere] was in Puerto Vallarta – a fact which I published about a month prior to Raniere’s arrest.

Nicki Clyne is reportedly alive and well and living in Brooklyn. She is believed to be the current leader of DOS. This is her Clicky Nine profile picture on Instagram.
nickiclyne's profile picture
This is Nicki Clyne’s profile picture on her public Instagram account.
The photo that gave the NXIVM location away.


Here is an email from a reader:
Hi Frank
I don’t know if this interests you but according to this old article from Meghan Markle’s Instagram – it appears that Meghan used to hang out with Clare Bronfman’s niece, Hannah Bronfman.  Don’t know if Hannah was into NXIVM but interesting that the royal family within six degrees of separation.
I found it on this video of Meghan Markles old Instagram posts

I seem to recall someone telling me Hannah took one or more NXIVM courses.

Image result for meghan markle
Meghan Markle prior to being a so-called ‘royal.’


Michelle Salzman has shifted the theme of her artwork from sketches of scantily clad women who seem to have secrets to prepubescent girls with bears.

Her old stuff:

Can’t even what?… Take off her belly chain? This sketch by Michelle Salzman seems to depict the DOS slave and her chain.
Here is a woman with a collar or necklace.
The artwork of DOS slave Michelle Salzman was once focused on a fascination with female grief, pain and wearing symbolic slave chains.


What is that on her left side? What did she lick?


Michelle’s latest artwork:

Some have said there is something inappropriate in these sketches. That Raniere may be the bear.

I don’t see it and it seems innocent. But in the world of NXIVM, one should always be a little cautious.


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  • The Bronfman family is pretty big and I think the media have consistently painted Clare and Sara as a branch of the family tree that was estranged from the rest. In fact, many have pointed to this estrangement as making them more ripe for the Svengali picking. Obviously I don’t know anything one way or the other (and in fact thought that Sharon Stone married a Bronfman until a Google confirmed she married Phil BronSTEIN) but just wanna provide a little perspective before we start whipping the Windsors into this.

  • To the text in the drawing: “This happened today: ” I licked it, so it’s mine. Wish that applied to so many things.”
    Could this mean that it refers to the woman in the drawing?
    Could it mean cunnilingus?
    Is this the female analogy of Michelle Salzman to Keith Raniere’s claim of ownership of women as he does
    (ejaculate into a woman’s face), this time from a woman?

  • I don’t think the bear represents Raniere, it’s not hairy enough.

    The left side of her dress appears to be just a fashion statement, kind of like a shoelace holding the sides of a shoe together. Or, it could represent the ropes used to hold down the naked DOS “voluneers” who are burned with a cauterizing iron for a half-hour or so. Or both, keep in mind Raniere is very intelligent and appreciates multiple uses for a given object.

  • If too much attention is given to the little known Kendra Voth, she might become publicity-shy and get Frank off her case by spilling some dirt on her recruiter,

  • If Hannah did take a couple of nxivm courses as the article says she may have, no doubt Keith was checking her out and probably offering a free private counseling session or two. She seems to have the look that he likes. That might not have went over real well with Clare though.

  • I got banned from Nicky clyne official Instagram yesterday. I wrote a comment under the picture of her climbing like “this picture helped to find where pedophile KR were hidding, thank you Nicky this set you and many other girl free” it’s weird she banned me cause there is some comments on her last pictures that didn’t got deleted

  • Scrolling back to the top couldn’t help seeing tongues. Kendra, it’s not a good look on you at all. As for Allison Mack, shadowstate has destroyed any interest I may have had in her and I still bypass all of his articles and comments.

  • Innocent or not when you have destroyed your reputation, it will always seem creepy. What may be genuine talent is now rather gross. Is she posting this stuff?

  • I totally agree…the bears eyes,mouth and claw placement all appear sinister. I interpret the young girl standing on the bear as defeating him…maybe?

  • Gotta say I do see sumthin’ a tad sinister in that Teddy. Has a lecherous sort of look and where are those clawed paws going in the lap portrait? The girl looks like she’s got her arms more clasped around those hairy bear arms in fear and resignation. The facial expression is not happy. More troubled. Not much Joy in that one.

    Now, the girl standing on the Bear’s head, that’s interesting too. She could be boarding for a ride across the water but why not on his back? Is the bear rising up or sinking? All happening under her pinafore.

    Chances are both these girls were raped repeatedly starting from very young ages.

    • What is going on with the torso of the girl removing her top in the frontal view of Michelle’s life drawings?!

      Eptopic pregnancy c-section removal of a black baby? Bunched up skirt? OR something to do with the brandings?

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