Sara Bronfman found in Southern France!

Sara Bronfman-Igtet

Editor’s note: While our French correspondent, Evonne Brossard, strikes a humorous tone in this story – the matter is serious and is in keeping with Frank Report’s tradition of being the first to reveal the locations of potential NXIVM fugitives. Sara Bronfman, who seems to have refused to enter the USA – even to help bail out her sister Clare – has evidently left her home in England [where extradition to the USA is quick and certain] and is now residing in Provence, France at her recently purchased hotel resort.

It is unclear if she is renting any rooms to guests for, when Evonne located her there, at her remote wine country location, it appeared she was using the entire resort for herself and her retinue of nannies, servants, her kept husband, Basit Igtet, and her new friend, the handsome artiste Jean-Charles de Castelbajc.

It is possible she is expecting to be indicted and is arranging with French and Swiss authorities to avoid extradition by residing in France [think Roman Polanski] or temporarily in Switzerland until she can arrange for her non-extradition from France.

By Evonne Brossard

[Frank Report French Correspondent]

Despite hiding to avoid prosecution, our second-favorite Seagrams crooked heiress has been located – at her luxury resort in the South of France.

Yes, readers, it’s true. While the Mite-y VanGrifter, Keith Raniere, sits at MDC and suffers through a plague of mites, foot fungus, jock itch, and bad glasses, Sara Bronfman currently resides at her luxury resort in Domaine des Andeols in Provence, France.

Champagne Wishes and Lavender Dreams Await You in Provence!!!

Billed as ‘A unique place in the Heart of Luberon,’ the location serves as a great hideout for our heiress. Over-the-top is simply too mundane to describe this great place. Lavender fields, being whisked around in a convertible, allegedly ‘good art’. What more could a fugitive ask for?

While Keith has Itchy Balls, Sara Enjoys Her View of Big Balls and Little Balls.

Breathtaking Modern Design from the Jawa Period

Beautiful Checkerboard Art!!!

Olympic-sized pool, guaranteed to be free of Mites! Notice the large crowds enjoying the Facilities.

Sara invites you to visit the boutique resort’s website:

Would you like to make a reservation? You can do that too! Right here:

Visitors will quickly notice that all rooms are available because no one has booked a room in some time. Is this another failed business venture? Sara obtained the investment advice of the world-renown investing guru (and professional gigolo) Basit Igtet.

it may be the lack of guests there is by design. Or perhaps people don’t want to hang out with a cult leader who finances the branding of women, and teaching children an unscientific, untested method of learning from multiple low paid nannies a different language every day of the week and of which reports indicate makes children incapable of speaking properly in any language.

Mr. Igtet is well known for various failed investment schemes in Europe and an unsuccessful coup attempt in Libya. Is the CIA or ISA looking for Basit Igtet?

Excuse me while I search for my Diplomatic Immunity from my country of Kamaniwannalaya

But wait, it gets better! Sara Bronfman is now an art connoisseur, having hired an expert artist, Jean-Charles de Castelbajc, to decorate the dining room area. For a look at this great artist and art collector discussing technique here’s a YouTube video:

Sara exchanges a kiss with ze great artiste!

Jean-Charles de Castelbajc with Sara Bronfman.

Ahhhh…Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless. Life is great when you are on the run and have the money to escape to Provence France. Viva Executive Success!!!

Image result for domaine des andéols
If anyone is looking for Sara Bronfman – she can be found here. Below are a few more pictures of Sara’s hideaway…

Related image

Image result for domaine des andéols

Image result for domaine des andéols

Image result for domaine des andéols

Image result for domaine des andéols

By the way, the address is Les Andéols, 84490 Saint-Saturnin-lès-Apt, France

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  • Never heard of “French”woman called Evonne .. ,, Then, I will call her Corinne, it will be fine ! No, but Frank, are you serious? You really think that your illuminated billionaire is hiding in France in a hole like this? No, she lives in Zurich and London, at her husband’s home and quietly goes back and forth between the three of them by the air …

  • Seems to me that the Bronfman sisters lack several crucial human elements… character, smarts, beauty, character. It must be debilitating to have never developed a sense of self. Ripe for the picking for one, KRAM.

  • There’s a REASON Sara is in Provence. Domaine des Andeols is 3.5 hour drive to Italy, 4 hours to Switzerland, and 1 hour to the Coast. From Marseilles, Sara can hire a speed boat and go to Malta, Algeria, Tunisia, Albania, Croatia.

    If she rents a yacht, how easy would it be to find her in the Med? Not very easy at all.

    Looks like she’s gonna make a run for it

      • ISIS also goes after catholics!!! She’s not half jewish, religion is passed by the mother, and her mother is catholic, it happens that she had a jewish father, but she is not half jewish, you are not half a religion…. you are what you practice and she is not jewish. A jewish person would never marry a jihadist of the muslim brotherhood linked with alquaeda

  • Heidi THE Heinous’ motto: Never miss an opportunity to allow a celebrity to complain about losing their home to fire while literally dozens of others can’t because they died in the fire. Talk about brain-dead, NXIVM really did a number of you, Hiney-face.

    • Says the redneck in-bred idiot who lit his hair on fire to take the ice bucket challenge.

      You prolly started the Malibu fire — was it the burning cross you left at the synagogue or did your KKK torch catch your robes on fire first?

      • …Says the 55 year old grandma who spent nearly HALF her life — along with her sister Gina — following a short, fat, pudgy and limp dicked psycho named Keith. LOL.

        Your family sounds really intelligent. I never followed a fat pudgy psycho. But hey, that’s just me.

        I’m not sure that a person who’s wasted so much of her life (following a limp dicked psycho) is in a position to lecture anybody else about anything, LOL.

        • Heinous Heidi is a NXIVM, brain-dead subhuman. She has no real evidence that I’m anti-semetic, because I’m not, then just makes up something. She also did it on the same day as the Pittsburgh Jewish shooting a couple of weeks ago. She is one sick puppy.

  • My , oh my , but our little mink sure did hit the wall–HARD. Didn’t she?
    Sad, sad, sad.

    A woman dies two deaths: the first is when she loses her looks.

          • …the real Heidi is a nice enough person. This fake Heidi imposter, not so nice.
            If this were really Heidi, why did she just start posting NOW? After Keith and the gang have been arrested? What’s the point of speaking out at this point in time?
            Makes no sense.
            She’s not who she says she is. Notice how she opened an instagram account just so that she could post on Catherine Oxenberg’s page and then link her message to this thread?
            What a joke….and not a very clever one.

      • “Hiram” and “Tyrone” are Scott Johnson in Jew-face and Black-face respectively. …But Scott’s not a racist, anti-Semite at all. Certainly not sexist.

  • I suspect the place is void of guests because it’s just plain ugly — austere, discomforting, unimaginative, inauthentic — a wart on the pastoral countryside. It might pass as a prison, though — put a guard tower in the treehouse, string up some barbed wire and maybe Sarah and Iggy can convince the court it’s suitable for house arrest detainment pending extradition.

      • And what’s your brain damage excuse, Schlock? Besides hailing from generations of incestuous, wife-beater, KKK clansmen and crack whores smoking cow chips when they run out of hair spray? Or did your sister clamp her thunder thighs around your ears too hard last time you went down on her?

        • You have to make up things about me, whereas I can cite actual defects in your character, such as allowing your sister to commit suicide and then joke about it, you are divorced, so your relationship skills suck, and then being around NXIVM has sucked every brain cell out of your skull. Face it Heinous Heidi, you simply suck.

    • @heidi Sara.B bought the estate in June 2017 after getting married there …. at a price that the sellers were eager to accept! The estate was working well before but the exploitation is assumed very expensive too … Since the change of ownership, the criticisms are less good, the management and the lack of staff are often sly. In other words, these two illuminated have absolutely nothing to do with the “beauty” or not of the Domain ….!

  • I watched the video linked above, where Sara has a discussion with the artist Jean-Charles de Castelbajc. I can see why his talk of “authenticity”,”a utopia in a dystopian world” and “creating new rituals” would appeal to Sara. This artist is good with the word salad of lofty ideas, just like Keith. But hopefully with de Castelgajc, Sara will at least get some value for her money. Instead of huge losses in the commodities market and a possible criminal indictment.

    • This artist is a fraud who only “succeeded” because of the rampant corruption in that industry and dolt dilettantes like Sarah who can only “appreciate” what they’re told is good art.

      Hilarious she was conned into furthering this Charlatan’s scammery – making a resort out of a few pieces of his putrid scribble.

      This proves her accounts should be frozen before the US-EDNY winds up losing money on the sale of assets once she’s convicted and she can’t pay her attorneys or make restitution to any victims including the French bureau of tourism for putting this scar on the landscape.

      I feel bad for the trees that died under the giant wrecking balls the construction crew left behind to pawn off as modern art. They’ll come in handy soon.

      • Heidi, a simple google search shows that Charles de Castelbajc is not a fraud, but a successful designer.


        Fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac was born on November 28 1949 in Casablanca, Morocco. In 1986, after graduating from l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts and l’Ecole Supérieure des Industries du Vêtement, he began work on his own women’s ready-to-wear line under the brand lead by his mother, Ko and Co. He launched his first collection in 1970, which took the fashion world by storm, and included a coat cut from a blanket, which remains a fashion legend to this day. Two years later, he joined the Créateurs & Industriels group and opened his first boutique on Place du Marché Saint-Honoré in Paris. Quickly making a name for himself with creations such as the poncho for two, an Astro-Turf body-warmer, the teddy bear jacket and an anorak made of multi colored feathers, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac is now renowned for injecting playful childhood themes and Pop Art styles into his work, reflected in his collaborations with art and music icons of the 1970s, which featured work from artists such as Andy Warhol, the Sex Pistols, Takashi Kenzo and Raoul Haussman.


        MILAN — United Colors of Benetton has a new artistic director: fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, who will be in charge of both the men’s and women’s collections for the brand.

  • Think of all the Americans who sacrificed their lives liberating France in World War II
    Think of all the Americans who sacrificed their lives protecting France in World War I.
    And France repays America by giving sanctuary to a child molester like Roman Polanski and perhaps Sara Bronfman.
    Now that France is being invaded by the Muslim hordes we should let the arrogant French stew in their own juices.

        • J’aime beaucoup cette histoire NXVIM ça me passionne mais je dois dire que tu es un sacré fils de pute qui j’espère ne foutra jamais les pieds en France! j’te pisse à la raie connard !

          • LOL at the program to help provide minimal opportunities to the disadvantaged due to centuries of systemic racism that prevented them from having those same opportunities in the first place because of white privilege, “black privilege”.

            Scott, are your really this stupid?

          • Shut up Scott. Anyone who isn’t a brainless twit can see you said “black privilege” is called affirmative action which is all kinds of stupid except for racist morons.

          • More and more everyday numnut. Black privilege affirmative action. You libtard bigot anti white racists hate those pesky facts You sound like some ugly heavy set libtard white bitch with a longing for the chocolate stick.

          • Shut up Scott. That’s why you live off your wife and got fooled by Amway for over a decade, longer than most people in this cult. I wouldn’t be calling anyone a word with ‘tard’ attached to the end because that’s exactly what you are.

        • It’s good that Paul Watson said that third world people have to be taught how to use toilets properly, because the way third world people relieve a ‘call to nature’ is the way to actually shit properly. It’s quite ironic since they’re now selling things like the Potty-Squatty in the technologically ‘advanced’ West which mimic the way third world ‘backwards’ people actually shit while these ‘advanced’ folk sit on the toilet. All of this so-called advanced ‘science’ and Paul J Whiteson still can’t shit properly. I guess that’s why all of that shit just comes out of his mouth.

          • No Scotty dumbo. My comment was with regard to the right/wrong toilet image in the video that Paul Whiteracistson showed when he said third worlders don’t know how to use the toilets the right way. It’s funny when stupid people mock others for a low IQ while concomitantly reinforcing that their IQ is just as low or even lower. Stupid people often self-deprecate themselves without intending to.

          • Says some privileged white libtard trash who has never been out of her lilly white Vancouver suburban neighborhood. You 7have no clue about the third world libtard lemming.

          • Scotty boy, it doesn’t matter what the bigoted story of the video is that comes of out of the mouth of Paul J Whiteracistson. I – that’s me or moi in French – made a comment about a particular image in the video and nothing else. I know focusing on the content of what someone actually posts isn’t your strong suit like mostly everything except for maybe calling people cowards for not wanting to go on your tiny radio show no one cares about, but doing so doesn’t mean I am equating how people sit/squat with crapping on the street.

  • Roman Polanski is a French citizen and basically no country extradite these to third countries. Bronfman is an American citizen.

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