Raniere sobs openly in cell after last court hearing

“Keith Raniere is a remarkably – you might get mad at me for saying it – soft man” – Marc Agnifilo on Megyn Kelly Today Show (August 6, 2019)

Well, it looks like Marc Agnifilo was correct. Keith Raniere is indeed a “soft man”.

At least that’s what the other inmates in Raniere’s unit are saying after the man who once got so much pleasure torturing others was seen and heard sobbing in his cell after his most recent court appearance.

Apparently, the once mighty Vanguard was distraught to find out that one of his co-defendants – rumored to be Nancy Salzman – has decided to cut a deal with the Feds and flip on him.

And the fact that Nancy’s daughter, Lauren, refused to even look at him throughout the court proceedings probably didn’t help either.

And that’s not all that’s gone wrong at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) for Raniere in recent days.

It started a few weeks ago when his eyeglasses were stolen and apparently thrown away by another inmate (Doing something like that – taking something from someone that one evidently does not need but will cause the victim plenty of harm – is one of the most common ways for an inmate to disrespect another inmate.)

MDC – where a teary-eyed Vanguard cried like a baby.

That’s why Vanguard is now sporting the not-so-stylish “prison glasses” that are given to every inmate at MDC who needs new glasses (Prisoners are not allowed to have new glasses sent in). And he had to wait almost 4 weeks to get his new specs – during which time he was observed literally bouncing off the walls in his unit.

The BoP no longer allows glasses to be sent in from an outside source. This is the kind of glasses Keith Raniere was issued.
Recent court sketch of Raniere with his new prison-issued glasses.

And the world’s once smartest man is apparently having memory problems too because he can’t seem to remember what the rules are at MDC. So, chalk up two more disciplinary actions for the Vanguard.

Maybe things will get better for the lad once the mite problem has been fully resolved and he can get back to his regular unit (He’s still being housed in the Gay Sexual Deviants Unit – which is probably one of the reasons that he’s had trouble sleeping for the past few weeks). But that’s still a couple weeks away.

And last, but not least, Vanguard is now complaining that he’s got “flat feet” – which he claims is causing him great back pain (Turns out all those walks around the Knox Wood neighborhood were not a good idea after all!). That’s why he’s asked for a back-support brace – and some support insoles for his slipper-shoes.

Hang in there, Vanguard. Maybe Santa will bring you all these things for Christmas.


Well, I have to go now. I got my playlist all set and I’ll think I’ll listen to some tunes.

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  • I have PROOF that this story is a FARCE and Frank’s source is full of SHIT.

    It’s a known fact that sociopaths do not feel any emotions, not even for themselves. They do not cry genuinely for themselves or anybody else. This is different from a narcissist who does feel sorry for themselves. Sociopaths don’t understand what emotions are for themselves, which is why they don’t have empathy for others.

    A sociopath can “fake cry” to help manipulate others into giving him what he wants, but they don’t cry in private or feel sorry for themselves — since they don’t have such feelings.

    If Keith is a sociopath then this story is a lie and a shit burger. If not, then the rest of you who keep calling him a sociopath are suffering from dumbshit syndrome.

      • Thank you – you are correct. Sociopaths can indeed cry for themselves, out of self pity or sheer frustration. They need to get their way and do not do well when thwarted. This is not a remorseful type of crying – more like a child having a screaming, red-faced tantrum.

  • Pumpkin Head made the mistake of playing hard ball with Frank Parlato and a few others. Now Pumpkin Head’s criminal empire has collapsed, and his inner circle of lesbians, young Hollywood beauties, and others are cutting deals with the feds. Little wonder that Pumpkin Head, or Vanguard if you will, is bawling and crying like a baby in his putrid, stench filled cell not far from the bathroom door.

  • Vanguard is bawlin’ and cryin’ now. The Sky is crying, but not for for Vanguard. Tears runnin’ down Pumpkin Head’s face now.

    Guess that means he shouldn’t have messed with Frank Parlato.

  • I think Frank’s source is lying to him. That source is a lying sack of dookie.

    I find it hard to believe that Keith would openly sob/cry in his cell.

    That’s a load of unadulterated crap. That’s just a source trying to make headlines by feeding Frank whatever bullshit he thinks Frank wants to hear.

    Toni has said that Keith is a very strong willed person who is patient enough to wait for whatever he wants, such as waiting to go to trial.

    Is Toni a liar, then? Is Keith not a strong willed and patient person?

    I also find it hard to believe that Nancy Salzman’s “negotiations” have led to her flipping, just as Allison’s negotiations haven’t led to Jack Shit.

    Negotiations don’t mean anything.

    Frank has “jumped the gun” and is perpetuating this story of Nancy flipping as though it were a reality already, when in fact her negotiations are nothing more than Allison’s negotiations. Exactly SQUAT.

    Everybody talks to the government to hear what terms they might offer, but that’s not the same thing as having a deal almost completed. You people are assuming too much bullshit because you want to believe it. But you’re only kidding yourselves.

    Keith was not sobbing for that reason because Nancy hasn’t yet decided to flip just like Allison hasn’t. Keith was likely not sobbing at all.

    If we don’t hear about a deal being struck at this Thursday’s hearing, then I doubt any fucking deal will be struck.

    I challenge Frank to give us at least ONE NUGGET of information (from a source) to confirm that Nancy’s negotiations — or at least Nancy’s intentions to cut a deal — are more sincere than Allison’s botched negotiations.

    If Frank cannot deliver on this request, then IMO he’s just perpetuating a myth that everybody wants to believe —- the idea that Nancy is SERIOUSLY considering flipping on Keith. She’s not. Keep kidding yourselves though.

    • Your the only one kidding yourself. Despite what’s reported here, there are clues. Sealed motions, Nancy wanting to review what is shown to her co-defendants ect, ect, ect.

    • 6 months in jail, maybe it is just to cheer folks up. But I can see the frustration getting to him, because it’s got to be sinking in to him wether someone flops or not that’s he’s going to be there for a while. The truth is no one knows for sure what is happening or going to happen but the FBI and DOJ aren’t going to spend this amount of time and money on a losing case.

    • Raniere’s own lawyer has stated he is a “soft” man. It’s easy to believe Raniere broke under pressure. It doesn’t take much to make a Pillsbury Doughboy cry. The body language during the court hearings is very telling, such as not even glancing at the Vanguard’s eyes. From adoration to ignoring, it’s a good sign of one or more people flipping, assuming the FBI/DOJ isn’t interested in any plea deals because they have more than enough evidence to lock them all up and throw away the key, which I consider very likely.

    • what a lot of fearful neurotic nonsense. The notion of Keith bawling in his prison cell has really messed with your petals, no?

  • He’s a coward. I wouldn’t be shocked if he ends up committing suicide sometime soon. I can see him seeing that as the right/better thing to do before spending the rest of his life in a jail cell.

    • He thinks Clares got people digging him out with a jet and a plastic surgeon waiting at the end of the tunnel. Let’s see what his next bid for bail looks like? This is not the type of person that takes his life when it’s more fun for him to hurt others. Although even in prison hiearchy he’s on the lowest rung as a child molester. Normally it’s innocent until proven guilty, and Keith is not getting the benefit of the doubt, he is overwhelmingly considered guilty. If Pea would stay off of here he may have had the occasional sympathizer but she’s done more harm then good.
      It’s interesting that he suddenly cares how prisoners are treated, this man who was willing to have his ex lovers thrown in a Mexican jail, raped possibly murdered. Was he ever concerned with how all the people he had Clare and Sara got indicted were going to be treated in jail. God says an eye for an eye. Dear Keith this is only the beginning.

  • Nancy singing in court

    Don’t cry for me once beloved Vanguard
    the truth is I have now flipped on you
    All through my loyal days
    My deluded existence
    I kept my promise
    You didn’t impregnate my offspring

    Have I said too much?
    There’s nothing more I’m permitted to discuss with you

    But all you have to do
    Is to look at me to see
    That those prison spectacles work, adequately

  • I’ve never given much thought to what hell is like, but living every day surrounded by gay sexual deviants sounds pretty close. Have fun, Vantard!

  • If he’s half as smart as he claims then he had to know jail was a possibility. Yet he continued to create new crimes. He is where he belongs. You may get away with harming people, molesting children , locking people up and keeping them hostage because they don’t want to have sex with you. But do not steal money or teach people not to pay their taxes; the government is not going to let that go.

    • Of course he knew prison was not only possible but probable. That’s why they went after the whistleblowers and detractors with such venemous precision, tried to bribe officials, why everyone beneath – and some within – the top tier were set-up to take the fall, etc. Not to mention camp Fiji.

      Didn’t take a “genius” to figure this day may come either. But it would take one to get away with all the flagrant crimes they’ve committed and they appear to be lacking there.

      • I hope Gina is getting some peace now. He may not be the smartest man on earth but he knows how to play people and push them over the edge. He never though he’d be the one locked up did he? Until Clare is locked up with him there will be no real peace.

      • He thought his “gentle,” soft spoken demeanor and kind, intelligent impression would shield him from suspicion and wrath. This site has proved that’s wrong.

  • I feel the same way–I’m not going to sit here and laugh at Raniere’s misery, but at the same time, if he hadn’t committed crimes and hurt people, he wouldn’t end up in jail and at the mercy of people twenty times tougher then him. Karma will always get you in the end.

  • From a human empathy perspective I kind of felt a twinge of sorrow for him picturing him in my mind in his cell crying. I’ve suffered from depression due to a bad reaction to medicine so I know what it’s like to be down in the dumps. Of course, I’ve also never been a victim of his that felt the full extent of his machinations so I don’t have an anger or large sense of indignation to counter that empathy.

    But hey. He brought this on himself. What goes around come around.

    • Damn right, depression is a horrible feeling I’ve never wished it on anyone. But this man earned this, my guess is it’s anger not depression , he’s so ticked off that his happy little world is falling apart and there isn’t a thing he can do about it. This is a new feeling for him. He’s bought grief for others over the years with Bronfman money and lies. He couldn’t let a slight go by without punishing his victims. Even Clare can’t get him out. This he never expected. So I can’t feel sorry for him. This is a small amount of the justice heading his way. Viva whatever

      • Fun facts:

        – Keith favored “tough chicks” who shed the least tears. Hated the “cry babies” who “manipulated men” with water works.

        – Keith favored actresses and show girls from the get-go.

        – Keith was an ACTOR, himself, who could turn the tear facet on and off at will.

        – Keith was “typecast” in “Sweeney Todd”. “Barber of Seville” at RPI players.

        • If Keith’s “acting skills” can be judged from the Consumers Buyline infomercial with Eddie Albert, then I would say he’s not a good actor at all. I mean, it’s pretty cringe worthy in how awkward his movements are when shaking Eddie’s hand and saying his lines.

          “Yes, well sometimes it even amazes me.”

          • Nobody said he was a good actor. But he got a little better at it over the years through all the chameleon roles he took on. My fav is his “college professor” act – pursed lips, little pompous sniff as he gesticulates…or the shaggy-haired renunciate beaming at the Dalai Lama.

            My guess is his prison “break-down” was an overblown act to appear that he:

            – Has a soft heart (an impossibility).

            – Is romantically heartbroken over one or another of the potential witness girlfriends — in hopes each will think his tears are all for herself.

            – Is remorseful (another impossibility).

            – Needs a diaper change.

          • If the story is true, I guess the question is, who the hell was he performing for?

  • Nice to hear but I will not be happy until he is joined by the corrupt politicians and law enforcement that enabled and conspired with him.

    • And for trying to get female defectors unfairly imprisoned /harmed in Mexico. Would he have ever cried for them? I don’t think so.

  • That’s what he gets for trading older women in for younger ones. He’s what, 56 years old now and looking at being in prison for the rest of his life, with only male inmates for his sexual pleasure. No wonder he’s bawling. Hey – seeing as how he prefers skinny young women, it seems his predeliction is for pubescent females. Any chance he’s a pedophile?

  • Do you mind hooking Vanguard up with some orthotics? Size 5. And please send him a note to ditch the slippers for something with better support.

  • You’ve got it all wrong. Keith’s fellow inmate who trashed his specs meant him no harm. Keith just looked so adorable without the glasses on in the shower he decided to give him a little prison makeover.

  • Poor Keith! Has to wear geeky glasses and fret that all his girlfriends might tattle-tell on him. It’s just inhumane! …Maybe he should beg Emiliano for transfer to a nice, cozy Mexican prison – like the one they arranged for Rick Ross, Toni Natalie, etc.?

  • “Apparently, the once mighty Vanguard was distraught to find out that one of his co-defendants – rumored to be Nancy Salzman – has decided to cut a deal with the Feds and flip on him.”

    Hey, Raniere, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to tell Nancy that she is the Reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.

  • How many people did Raniere and his Flying Monkeys cause to cry by filing bogus law suits and unfounded criminal charges?

    What goes around comes around.
    It’s called Karma.
    Perhaps the Dalai Lama should have taught him about Karma.

  • Maybe some of his devotees can go and cheer him up. They might even be useful in finding friends there. I heard Pea can be pretty charming if Keith asks her to be.

  • The list should include A Thousand Miles From Nowhere. He might as well be.

    What’s that I hear, the worlds smallest violin playing… My heart bleeds for you.

  • Great list Frank!!! Ah ‘Dear old Johnny Ray, sang songs upon the radio, broke a million hearts in mono..’
    and ‘Cry me a river’ – haha with the common rejoinder : ‘build me a bridge – and get the f*** over it!!”

  • It sounds like the prison life is eating at the Vanguard. He’s far removed from the good ol’ days when he had a number of houses in walking distance with women waiting to pleasure him at his beck and call. Once this trial is all over, he can accept the reality that he’s probably not going to be a free man for a long time, if ever again. Who would have thought that identity theft, swindling, embezzling, money laundering, tax fraud, human trafficking, forced labor, sex slavery, pedophilia, etc., would bring the poor Vanguard so much grief?

  • Keith said “when you smile, the world smiles with you and it is a gain for all humanity and when you weep, you weep in solitude but your tears can loosen the bondage of a million suffering people.” Keith was NOT crying for himself but for the crueltiy of the world and the horrid prison conditions. Not that he cares for himself but for others the poor prisoners who are human beings who suffer. Stop mocking him Frank Parlato.

      • The sociopath and his imaginary pet crocodile, who he has named ‘tears’ pacing and weeping in their tiny cell, while a little louse plays something melancholy on the tiniest violin. Who among us could fail to be moved by his poignant request for a little foot elevation, a little back bracing? O misericordia etc.,

    • This is fake pea brain. The real pea brain would have called for censorship, the blog being shut down, and for Frank Parlato to be arrested for exercising his right to free speech. All wrapped up in biblical paraphrases that make no sense.

      • There is no FAKE Pea. We are ALL real Peas! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US IS REAL.
        I dare you to prove otherwise. What is a fake Pea, and how does it differ from a real Pea?
        Prove it! Just try and prove that I am fake.
        See. You cant.

    • I doubt Keith is thinking about anyone who is suffering in bondage other than himself. He’s crying because one or more of his beloved inner circle might have turned on him and prison is most likely going to be his new permanent home. It must be killing him to know that Nancy or Lauren or Allison (or hopefully all of the above) have turned on him.

    • Pea,
      How much embezzled Mexican money did you help Allison Mack launder?
      I’m sure all those computers the FBI has seized can help answer that question.

      And BTW Pea, did you help Allison recruit new slaves and assist her in punishing the disobiedient old slaves?

      • How were they embezzling Mexican money, Shadow? Who was being embezzled? I dont remember reading about embezzlement. Was that detailed in Catherine’s book?

        • Money laundering is designed to conceal the fact that the money comes from illegal activities.
          Very illegal activities.

          Mexican businessmen skim money from their businesses and hide it from the Mexican tax authorities by using NXIVM to launder it into the US.
          Or corrupt Mexican public officials take bribes and hide that money in the US through laundering it with NXIVM’s help.
          Mexican drug traffickers want to have an explanation for where their money comes from.
          NXIVM helps.

          The whole purpose of money laundering is to hide the source of the money.
          The money could come from fraud, bribes, drug dealing, human trafficking.
          Any activity that is illegal.

          NXIVM engaged in bulk cash transfers from all kinds of illegal activities.
          The FBI will have its hands full trying to figure out the source of all this Mexican money coming into NXIVM.

          Why do you think that Emiliano Salinas and his friends were so interested in NXIVM?

          The expanding investigation by the DOJ Eastern District of NY appears to be focusing on NXIVM finances, including allegations of money laundering, bulk cash smuggling, tax fraud and other crimes all of which were originally brought to the feds in the Western District of New York by this writer in 2015

          • Yes, but I was wondering if there are any references in the book about the nature of the illegal activities that they needed to cover up with money laundering schemes. Since this happened in Mexico, I’m assuming its connected to the drug cartels.

          • To Flowers:
            “Since this happened in Mexico, I’m assuming its connected to the drug cartels.”

            Good assumption.
            That is the worst scenario for the NXIVM defendants.
            If they knowingly laundered money for the drug cartels they could be charged with aiding and abetting a drug trafficking conspiracy.
            I tried to limit the possibilities to lesser crimes like bribery, tax evasion and fraud.
            But there is a very real possibility, because we’re talking about Mexico, that NXIVM was in league with the drug cartels.
            Not so much in importing or distributing the drugs but in knowingly laundering the profits for the drug cartels.

    • Vanguard is crying because he can not survive in a world where he is not surrounded by enabling women. He is simply not man enough to do the time. Raniere is looking at a long prison stretch, and I do not think the government would accept a guilty plea on his behalf, which they are not obligated to do.

      • And why is that? Because the Vanguard is shedding tears?
        They are fake tears designed to trick you into believing the Vanguard is scared. He is not.
        Besides, how does Frank even KNOW the Vanguard was crying? Does Frank have prison rats working for him? That sounds illegal to me!

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