If Nancy is flipping, where does Lauren stand?

Lauren Salzman [right] with her mother Nancy. Lauren got into NXIVM thanks to her mother and at an age when she was impressionable.

As reported earlier, Nancy Salzman has objected to having data from her seized computers shared with her co-defendants without her prior review.  This is causing a delay in the delivery of discovery to the defense and is running afoul of Keith Raniere’s stated goal of getting a speedy trial.

Whether this objection on the part of Nancy Salzman is evidence that she has separated herself from the other defendants – Raniere, Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, Kathy Russell and her daughter, Lauren Salzman – is not known.

Based on disclosures made at the last court hearing, Nancy may be ready to take a plea deal and presumably, that means she will be required to testify against Raniere.

While the co-defendants are barred from seeing or speaking to each other except in the presence of their attorneys, an exception was made in the case of Lauren and her mother.

The court granted Lauren permission to visit her mother daily from August 27 to September 27. The reason was not revealed to the public since Lauren’s bail modification request was filed under seal.

It was assumed the reason was for the care of an ailing Nancy Salzman who has informed the court she is dealing with a life-threatening illness.

Last week, the judge extended Lauren’s daily visitation privileges with her mother – set to expire on September 27 – for another 30 days.

The new court order reads:

“Defendant Lauren Salzman’s Request for Modification of Bail Conditions: The court APPROVES the requested 30-day extension of the time period in which Lauren Salzman can have daily in-person visitation with Nancy Salzman at Nancy Salzman’s residence between 9:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. The time period for daily in-person visitation is now scheduled to end on October 27, 2018. Additionally, the court GRANTS Lauren Salzman’s motion that her letter requesting modifications to the court’s bail order be filed under seal. Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 9/27/2018.”

Whether mother and daughter are speaking about their case is not known. Nancy’s condition is not known. But if the mother is flipping and there is remotely any innate sense of intelligence in either mother or daughter, it might be a good idea for them to discuss not taking the fall for Raniere.

Nancy is represented by three attorneys: Michael J. Sullivan – of the Ashcroft Group – a former US Attorney for the state of Massachusetts; and New York criminal defense attorneys David Stern and Robert Soloway of Franklin Rothman, Schneider, Soloway, and Stern.

Lauren is represented by three Arizona attorneys – none of whom are admitted to practice in New York –  Hector J. Diaz, James L. Burke, and Andrea S. Tazioli – of the law firm of Quarles & Brady.

It is suspected they were recommended to Lauren by her good “friend” Emiliano Salinas.

Whether Emiliano, the son of former Mexican president Carlos Salinas and the reputed head of all organized crime in Mexico –  is acting in Lauren’s best interests – or is setting her up for a fall is anyone’s guess.  Emiliano faces possible indictment himself in this case.

A source with knowledge of the Salinas family says there is nothing in Mexico that the alleged crime family fears other than the FBI and being hauled into U.S. Courts. In Mexico, they can control the courts, but in America, they are less certain.

Lauren may know enough to send Emiliano away for a long time – if she lived to testify.  She might, for all we know, think it wiser to take a few years in U.S. prison at the hands of the Feds than a death sentence at the hands of Salinas.

It may be worth exploring why she has Arizona attorneys and who is paying for them.


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  • “Does anyone know if Mark Hildreth is talking to the authorities? He has been silent on a Twitter for nearly two months. He made his account private for a while and has also scrubbed his tweets from before 2015.

    Also, can anyone else confirm that his ex-girlfriend Kristin Kreuk was still involved with NXIVM after 2013? She was around in 2015. Are there any ex-members who can confirm this?”

  • So by the idiotic “logic” being used here, I guess Catherine Oxenberg must still be supporting NXIVM since she’s still following the likes of Allison, Nicki and Vany Huber on Twitter but doesn’t bother to follow any of Frank’s publications. India Oxenberg must still be in the cult since she’s still following Allison, Nicki, Sara, Clare, Emiliano and others on Instagram and Facebook. Allison’s former Smallville co-stars Justin Hartley, Michael Rosenbaum, and Cassidy Freemen must support human branding and sex cults since they are all still following her on Twitter.

    • Obviously a fan who can’t see beyond his/her fandom. Read carefully what was said: after DOS, Kreuk unfollowed Mack on Twitter. Now plays dumb.

  • For those of you offended by the government cutting a plea deal with Nancy Salzman, I give you the example of Edmund Butch O’Hare, the Naval aviator for whom Chicago’s O’Hare airport is named.
    O’Hare’s father, also named Edmund O’Hare, was a business partner of Al Capone’s who cut a plea deal with the Feds and helped put Capone in Federal prison.
    For that O’Hare was eventually killed by the mob.
    But the bravery of people like O’Hare and presumably Nancy Salzman is often necessary to prosecute complex criminal conspiracies.
    Think about that the next time you travel through O’Hare airport.

    Edward Joseph O’Hare, aka “Easy Eddie” (September 5, 1893 – November 8, 1939), was a lawyer in St. Louis and later in Chicago, where he began working with Al Capone, and later helped federal prosecutors convict Capone of tax evasion. In 1939, a week before Capone was released from Alcatraz, O’Hare was shot to death while driving. He was the father of Medal of Honor recipient Butch O’Hare, for whom Chicago O’Hare Airport is named.

      • In addition, the DOJ/FBI will be asking the NXIVM defendants questions that they already know the answers to, based on the seized documents. If the defendant lies, then there will be an additional charge of lying to a federal officer. If the defendant chooses to stay silent, which is their 5th Amendment right, then the jury will see only the government’s side of the story and convict.

        • That’s how the government plays it.
          Although defendants have a Constitutional Right against self-incrimination, most juries want to hear the defendants’ point of view.
          If the jury doesn’t hear it, the jury assumes the defendants are guilty and act accordingly.

  • Even if Nancy doesn’t flip everyone is toast, incuding herself. They are alll going to be found guilty, no doubt about it. The thing is, how long in prison is she wiling to take?

    There is only one way out for her. She can argue that she was “totally brainwhashed” and declare herself guilty of crimes committed under an impaired state of mind. This way she coud receive perhaps only a few years.

    Now, if she is really sick, then she could even do her time at home.

    • And, I think that is why the bail conditions are sealed. They contain detailed information about her health situation, which everyone is entitled to a certain level of privacy about.

    • She brought brainwashing AND NLP into the cult when she partnered up w/Rainere. Depending on how I’ll she really is though her plea could involve home confinement. There have been many references in the past that she was in the dark about some of Raineres sick plots.

  • Kristin may have had minor interaction from 2013 to 2015 to keep herself safe from NXIVM litigation for leaving the cult. It is possible she really wanted no part of them as what they really were became clear to her. Many of these members were long time friends of hers and it would have looked very suspicious to just jump ship and never speak to them again. She’s proven she will avoid negative press at any cost. And with their history who could blame her for that.

    • Kreuk broke up with her boyfriend Mark Hildreth in 2013 and then moved to Toronto full time for filming. She did not leave the cult because of moral ethical reasons. She continued to be a supporter. She was with the Vancouver branch in 2015 and absolutely was still pro-NXIVM. It had nothing to do with her not wanting to look suspicious.

      “She’s proven she will avoid negative press at any cost. And with their history who could blame her for that.”.

      She does not want the press talking about her NXIVM involvement because she knows she will not come off looking good. There is a reason her weak damage control statement was deliberately vague. All in one month, February 2012, she was named in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit, was named in the Times Union expose with the pedophile revaluations and was accused by John Tigue of being part of the NXIVM group on Necker Island discussing money laundering. Kreuk did not flip.

    • Lots of people left the cult without being sued. If you were not an important part of NXIVM, why would they sue you? Also, are you suggesting Kreuk left the cult, but for 2-3 years, she was pretending she hadn’t left? If she truly left, she would have no obligation to associate socially with anyone in NXIVM. Why would they sue her for not talking on the phone or hanging out with NXIVM members? That’s absurd.

    • Kreuk was definitely an active member in it for seven years from 2006-2013, and a supporter after that. So whatever they brainwashed her with she still continued to have it in her head after she said she left. In her statement she said she had minimal contact with people in it. That’s a lie. How can she have minimal contact if she was still friends with people like Sarah Edmondson and Mark Hildreth, her old boyfriend? She was still friends on Facebook with members including Clare Bronfman and the Salzmans until 2018 when she deleted her personal Facebook account. She only distanced herself from it because the sex slave cult association taints her name and negatively impacts her career and that’s all she cares about. Otherwise, she was a promoter for NXIVM and Jness for all the time she was in it. She got Allison Mack involved in Jness where she then became even a bigger promoter for it than Kristen. Keith wanted Kristen more than Allison but only settled for Allison because Kristen for whatever reason refused to get more involved.

      • A good post. Frank said that Raniere wanted Kreuk more than Mack and more or less settled for Mack. Others have said Kreuk was more deep in the cult than Mack. All the big recruitment drives involved Kreuk (Acapella, College Project, Girls By Design, Juicy Peach) not to mention she was more famous than Mack, thus she could use her name more than Mack to counter the cult name.

        She was definitely still following Allison Mack and Mark Hildreth on Twitter in 2017, so no fall out there. Apparently she deleted Mack. Not sure about Hildreth.

        Not sure Mack was a bigger recruiter for Jness than Kreuk before 2013. Also not sure if Kreuk deleted her Facebook account either, though if she did, it would be to hide her NXIVM connection.

        • According to what Frank said in one of the Vice articles, Kruek “wasn’t often involved in recruiting” so seemed Mack was the one who was the gung ho recruiter and more easily lured by NXIVM’s VIP treatment. Kruek’s name might have been used more like Frank is using her now, since she, like you say, was more famous but also meant she probably wouldn’t have found NXIVM’s private jet and such as impressive as Mack who wasn’t getting the star treatment from the network or studio, didn’t get the big magazine cover shoots, national talk shows or commercials, etc.

          And from what I observed last summer, it was Mack who was doing all of the purging and blocking of people on her social media accounts. That also corresponds to what insiders were posting back then about Mack cutting off anybody who was trying to reach her.

          • It has been said that Mack was not as into NXIVM as Kreuk was. Kreuk was definitely a top recruiter. She brought in a lot of people. Not to mention, she was indirectly trying to recruit people with acopella, College Project, Juicy Peach, Girls By Design etc. And she reached the rank of yellow sash and two stripes by at least 2011 which means she had to of brought a lot of people in. That coach list was posted by John Tigue in 2011 but I think it may have been an earlier list. Kristin Keefe was on that list and she had defected by 2009(?) NXIVM would keep information on it’s former members but would they really have a person who defected on their coach list two years later? Maybe, maybe not. If it is an earlier list, Kreuk may of held a higher rank.

            Also, Frank is not using Kreuk like you say. People in the comments are discussing her because her weak statement she made after months of deliberate silence has annoyed people. She did not admit to anything. She denied any knowledge of DOS but ignored all the years prior to DOS on purpose.

      • What?? Are you actually trying to say that if someone is Facebook friends or Twitter followers with someone that means they must be in contact with them because I have former co-workers and Facebook “friends” I haven’t communicated with in years.

        • No, but why should I or anyone else believe otherwise? Kreuk was involved with NXIVM for over a half a decade. That’s a long time to be indoctrinated with the ways of a cult. It is also known that members/followers were told to keep their membership on the down low and to even not talk about it or confirm to outsiders that they were members. If anyone spoke out against NXIVM, they too were immediately shunned from their alleged circle. So, denial was already a part of their way of thinking when it came to the cult. So, why would it be any different now? She would just be acting in the same way she was told to, except this time to save her own skin.

          • I definitely agree about Kreuk only wanting to save her own skin, and that her silence is deafening.
            As long as she is hiding behind pretending she had a low level of involvement, everyone is basically free to presume anything they want.

          • Agreed. Even when she posted that nonsense statement denying a link between NXIVM and Girls By Design (she lied), she didn’t confirm or deny being a member of the cult herself, let alone a coach and recruiter. If you know you belong to a bad group, to the point of refusing to admit you are a part of it, why be a part of it? It’s pathetic. Kreuk, wearing her sash would have students stand in a circle, clapping their hands like retards and thank “Vanguard” for his bullshit!

        • If hypothetically you found out you were in a cult and knew these people were in fact bad people, would you not want to cut them out of your life? Why would you continue following a scumbag like Clare Bronfman?

  • Does anyone know if Mark Hildreth is talking to the authorities? He has been silent on a Twitter for nearly two months. He made his account private for a while and has also scrubbed his tweets from before 2015.

    Also, can anyone else confirm that his ex-girlfriend Kristin Kreuk was still involved with NXIVM after 2013? She was around in 2015. Are there any ex-members who can confirm this?

    • Sadly, since next to Raniere she’s the most vile by far. None of the indoctrination infrastructure most of them went through, in fact she helped design it!

      • Nancy certainly created a Frankenstein Monster and it came back to haunt her and her family.

        But who is more vile than a woman like Cruella Bronfman, a woman who would bring false charges against people to punish defectors and anyone who opposed her?
        Or Allison Mack, a charismatic woman who talks up “Female Empowerment ” while branding and torturing women?

        Raniere and NXIVM brought out the vile in everyone.

        The way the government will look at it is that anyone who headed NXIVM is vile.
        Raniere headed it for around twenty years.
        Then after his arrest Allison Mack headed it for a month.
        Then after her arrest Cruella Bronfman headed it for two months.

        By 2018 Nancy Salzman was more of a factotum.
        A person who does the day to day administrative work but is no longer part of the power structure.
        Nancy mainly made sure the wheels on the machine turned and new recruits and revenues came in.

        And this is a dilemma a that all prosecutors must make.
        To make their cases against a complex criminal conspiracy like NXIVM they often must make deals with the insiders who perpetrated great harm.

        Nancy Salzman now realizes NXIVM was a terrible creation.
        Nancy Salzman has valuable information that the prosecutors need,.
        Nancy Salzman has the passwords necessary to open up the computer files and expose ALL of NXIVM’s schemes and crimes.Nancy Salzman is willing to cut a deal.

        In an organization as corrupt as NXIVM don’t expect many saints’
        Prosecutors work with what they can get.

  • Considering the heaviness that the new discoveries are bringing into the case, either Nancy flips and she does a short time or she may very well receive a sentence or decades.

  • It’s time for Nancy and Lauren to cooperate and save their lives.
    Nancy and Lauren were shunted aside to make way for the rise to power at NXIVM of the Bronfman sisters and their loyaxsl zealous servants like Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne.
    The rest of NXIVM’s old guard, with the possible exception of Karen Unterreiner who might be cooperating with the Feds, has either defected or passed away under mysterious circumstances.

    As the Bronfmans took over the cult they not only installed their flunkies like Mack and Clyne they also became more reckless in their behavior turning Raniere’s harem into a sex slave cult and perhaps openly importing underage girls.
    The last straw was the branding and blackmailing of the sex slaves which made the cult impossible for the Feds to ignore.

    The cult also became involved in international geopolitical intrigue in Mexico and Libya.

    The Feds want Emiliano.
    The Feds want Emiliano badly.
    The Feds know Emiliano is the future of the Salinas crime family.
    The Feds suspect Emiliano of being involved in political and business corruption.
    Perhaps even involvement in human and drug trafficking.

    If Lauren will flip she can hand the Feds Emiliano on a silver platter.

    The Feds have shown a great willingness to deal with Lauren and her mother.
    If the Feds really really want someone the Feds will make a deal to get a cooperating witness.

    The Feds wanted John Gotti, the Dapper Don.
    To nail Gotti the Feds cut a plea deal with Sammy the Bull, one of Gotti’s top henchmen.

    To get Nancy and Lauren to flip I am certain that the Feds would be willing to put the mother and daughter in Witness Protection to protect them from Emiliano and the Mexican drug cartels.
    Even Lauren’s sister and her new husband could be put into Witness Protection.

    Message to Nancy and Lauren:
    You can either get a nice seat on the Federal bus or you can be under the bus.
    The choice is yours.

    • Would explain why they are allowing Lauren daily access with mama when Michele could have handled a bit of home care , she’s taken care of NXIVM prisoners in the past along with her loving husband.

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