Dr. Roberts broke up with her fiance over Raniere – and other details revealed

In her Daily Beast story on Dr. Danielle Roberts, Amy Zimmerman writes that I issued a written statement to their estimable publication.

I wrote it rather quickly because I knew they were on deadline, but I thought it should be a rather thorough statement for the Daily Beast – realizing, of course, that it would not be published in its entirety and that the reporter would select what she wanted – and that I would publish the entire statement on Frank Report and thus, as the saying goes, ‘brand two cult leaders with a single hot iron.’

Here is the statement I sent to the Daily Beast on Dr. Danielle Roberts:

As you may know Amy – I was the first to break the story about the branding – and DOS – and first to report that it was Dr. Danielle Roberts who wielded the cauterizing pen – on June 5, 2017 – four months before the NY Times story.

It caused the cratering of the NXIVM cult – as hundreds who were unaware of DOS fled NXIVM on learning the sickening news.


exo/eso was created by Keith Raniere with a little help from Danielle Roberts and six other women – all young and attractive.

Roberts, as an osteopath, was chosen to lead the group [and be its face]. She was to do much of the recruiting – using her medical license as an imprimatur of sound science.  She would also teach classes.

The classes were nothing more than an intro to NXIVM – with some physical exercises added including yoga. The goal was to bring women into the cult via their desire for physical fitness with some mind-over-matter, and new age platitudes.

Part of what exo/eso teaches is that women don’t need to eat much [800 calories daily] or sleep much [4 hours nightly], that women eat too much protein in America, and that vegetarianism is essential to evolving into an ‘integrated’ woman.

exo/eso was part of Raniere’s overall scheme to induct women into his group. Sleep deprivation, food deprivation and constant pressure to give tribute to Raniere were aids in this and were encouraged in exo/eso.

exo/eso emphasized Raniere as the fountainhead of its teachings and that tribute had to be paid to him. This was not trotted out all at once but by degrees.

exo/eso is just one of many NXIVM groups with different names to bring people in; it was useful after the NXIVMbrand itself developed a poor reputation. Some of the other groups were Anima [dancers in Mexico], Ultima [dancers in US] The Knife of Aristotle [writers], The Source [actors] Jness [women], The Society of Protectors [men]  – each with a different target market. All with the same goal – weed out those who were not obedient enough, and induct those with money, and willing workers who would abandon their outside lives to make Raniere their life work, and attractive women who would sleep with Raniere [and no one else].

In its so-called ‘advanced” teachings – exo/eso [like NXIVM] taught that women should be monogamous and men should be polygamous and if a man had an orgasm in or on a woman that meant he was the owner of that woman.  On top of that, it was taught that women should not seek orgasm and it is especially selfish of a woman to require or seek to get one from a man. It is his pleasure that is important.

This advanced teaching was taught to women that Dr. Roberts thought were worthy of joining Raniere’s harem.

The real purpose of exo/eso was/is to get money from members and sex from young and slender women for Raniere. With Raniere in prison, the money angle is probably paramount now since Roberts has taken a financial hit.  But all of them probably think that Raniere is going to be free shortly via acquittal.

About the time she was picked to lead exo/eso, Roberts left her fiance. She became part of Raniere’s harem and later joined DOS. Her direct slave master is Allison Mack.  Roberts gave nude pictures of herself and other damning information as ‘collateral’ in order to become a DOS slave.

In the final analysis, exo/eso is nothing more than a recruitment tool for NXIVM and to find slaves for Raniere. On some level, Roberts probably thinks this is all in the service of humanity.

Like the other women, the low calorie, low protein diet, little sleep, too much exercise – “teachings” are meant to get women to meet Raniere’s preference for women – half starved, fuzzy thinking and ready to obey.

Roberts’ exo/eso added an extra dose of fitness to the staying slender regime – other than jogging. Most of the women in DOS were required to run 30-35 miles per week – while on 800 calorie per day diets.

Sources told me that Roberts would weep tears of joy over Raniere’s kindness to her in allowing her to lead recruitment for exo/eso. She told her fiance she could never leave this glorious teacher.

Overall, exo/eso was a flop. Hardly anyone was recruited.  Occasionally, a woman would enter and if she was deemed attractive enough, she would be lured into taking a NXIVM course.

Dr. Roberts’ hawking exo/eso at events etc., is a mere recruitment tool for NXIVM.  Roberts gave up the better part of her medical practice to follow and work for Raniere.

If you were to interview her, she appears to be sane, intelligent etc., but like the others in DOS, they are good at lying and fooling the public. That’s how they recruit.

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  • A doctor who is teaching yoga classes doesn’t say success, it says she’s a shitty doctor who cant build a practice.

    • She isn’t a medical doctor, she’s a DO. Big difference. I had two lying, scamming DOs (“Dr.” Jim LaRose and “Dr.” Charles Rudd) in my upline who raved about the Amway vitamins, which were not only miraculous in their physical benefits, but filled up their wallets as well. It goes with the MLM territory.

      • so what do you think a DO can’t do that a MD can? Maybe in Texas they can’t. Where I live they have regular medical practices.

        From Google
        In the United States, MDs and DOs are fully licensed medical doctors and have full medical practice rights throughout the United States. … Currently, less than 10% of US physicians have a DO degree. A Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) is different than an osteopath: a DO is a physician, while an osteopath is not.

          • Scott this once again show your are an asshole. I know several DO’s who are great doctors. What you are saying is pure projection regarding you can’t act in a moral, ethical and/or legal manner.

            You just a big cry baby because you got sucked into Amway and can’t admit your bought their BS as a follower of your upline.

          • One of my preferred doctors over the years was a DO. He gave excellent care, was skilled at manipulations for various spine and nerve problems, and all the medical questions and problems I went to him for. DOs get similar education and are also required to keep up on new medical practices, just like MDs. Many DOs are moral and ethical and I expect follow laws. Brandon Porter was(is?) an MD and suffered the same moral, legal, ethical problems of Danielle because of who they believed was god-like and the most ethical man. More the blind faith of fools than which type of degree they have. There are bad seeds in most professions, doesn’t make the rest of them bad.

  • The one thing NXIVM seems good at is destroying existing relationships when one member decides to get involved with it. They do this especially well with women.

    For that, they deserve annihilation.

    • I think that when your brain is so messed up between the NXIVM courses and lack of food and sleep, even brushing your hair could be a difficult task to remember, let alone actually do.

      • How could her brain be “so messed up” that she can’t comb her hair, when she is working and giving presentations?
        I think it a hell of a lot easier to use a comb than do a presentation.
        Maybe she’s been working for hours and hasn’t had time to comb her hair through out the day?
        Quit making so many baseless assumptions.

        • I’ve never made a single comment supporting NXIVM. And why would I support them? More illogical statements from this weird group of trolls.
          I’ve never been involved with NXIVM, and if the people who have harassed me and my family belong to some form of cult, why the FUCK would I support another cult? Where is the logic here?

          My comment was to point out that implying that Robert’s hair is uncombed because her brain is “messed up” is just more total illogical bullshit. There is nothing to suggest her brain is “messed up”. Why are you trolls spreading disinformation.

          Exactly the same tactic used by the fanatical alt-right; by the way..
          You people are disgusting .

          • You’re far more laughable than the so-called alt-right trolls you keep mentioning, lol, since you’re making a mountain out of a speck of dirt — and you’re doing it with all seriousness.

            You remind me of a 3 year old who begins arguing that Laa-Laa is the best teletubby — except that you’re an adult so it’s beyond bizarre that you’d start arguments over such small specks of dirt. LOL.

            You really love clashing with the pretty girl.

            You’re also wrong about Dr. Twat’s hair.

            The reason her hair always looks like an ugly mess has nothing to do with her lack of time or her mess of a brain.

            The reason her hair is an ugly mess is because she’s no longer worried about what men might think of her ‘messy’ and ‘untidy’ appearance — because she’s given up on men.

            Actually, she’s likely doing it on purpose so as not to even attract the tiniest bit of male attention. This is also common among dykes who assume the male role in a lesbian relationship (they purposely make themselves look ugly, untidy and visually disgusting to men). Rest assured, she’s aware of her untidy appearance.

          • And once again I prove my point. …the point being that you ridiculous trolls wouldn’t know logic if it jumped up and bit your ass. There is absolutely no way for you to know the first thing about Dr. Robert’s, yet you are so unbelievably STUPID, that you actually believe that your assumptions abojt her are fact.
            They are not.
            They are assumptions that you fabricated in your own mind and they no basis at all.

            Are you really this stupid?.

  • Another beautiful woman who could have had a real life as a Dr. A wife and mother if she chose. Rainere seems to take such great pleasure in taking these women’s lives and tainting them for his own selfish purposes. I imagine for every NXIVM success there are numerous failures. Women strong enough not to fall for the obvious BS. NLP in the wrong hands is a very dangerous tool. I can think of no other explanation for a group of such talented professional women to fall for such a fake as Rainere.

  • Everybody who took the Vow and achieved the symbol did so voluntarily. The fickle ones who betrayed Vanguard will be betrayed by their inheritance – the parched throat of the dying and the dust of the wind of the already dead.

    • You’ve never even met Vanguard in person or any other high ranking member of NXIVM.

      You’ve never met India or Lauren or Allison either.

      Your posts only contain vague bullshit that you read from articles about NXIVM.

      You have nothing of substance to prove that you knew anybody.

      You’re nothing more than a ‘groupie’ of NXIVM who admires them from afar.

      You’re a sad, lonely twat.

      • How do you know? Man without mercy! You know not how we have suffered. How I have suffered! I was a bright and engaging, funny charming beautiful and the system stole my husband my sister wives and all who are near and dead to me. And you talk to me so in my beeavement with the fallen all around me as if I have no closeness to my own family.

        • Pea you prove it every day. You have yet to post a genuine response to questions. If you really were a part of the cult then the system you would be referring to is NXIVM. I still think your a fake and a very poor one at that.

          • I’m a great fake!
            How dare you insult my fakeness.

            You’re less faker than I am, even with your fake cancer and all your fake aliases!

            Just fake-off, bitch!!!

          • Pea Onyu
            September 29, 2018 at 7:02 am
            Stop trying to find out who I am. Who are you Shadow State?

            To Pea Onyu:
            Who am I?

            I am your worst nightmare.
            I will not rest until your misogynistic cult is destroyed and ALL its top adherents are in prison or in psychiatric institutions.
            Shadow State 1958

            PS Have a pleasant weekend.

    • “The fickle ones who betrayed Vanguard will be betrayed by their inheritance – the parched throat of the dying and the dust of the wind of the already dead.” Pea Onyu

      To be truly Biblical in your curse you should invoke a Plague of Locusts against the betrayers of the NXIVM dream.

  • A doctor’s greatest ability after 3rd party expert/certified medical testing is listening, not talking btw. This one seens to know the answer beforehand…

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