Can DOS Slaves Survive Without a Slave Master?

Keith Alan Raniere is presently residing at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, NY.

By Barry

Nice article — Bizarre Nxivm: Black Woman Fights to Be Called Slave of White Man, Keith Raniere

Although I believe Frank is writing much of this tongue-in-cheek since race or heritage isn’t an issue in this cult.

While India [l] got out of DOS – in large part through the intercession of her mother, Catherine – Michelle Hatchette [c] and Dr. Danielle Roberts [r] still crave the world of DOS where your every action is under the control of another human being.
I have to believe the majority of these women who wish to continue this master-slave relationship at this point are doing so because that’s what they want to do. They have found some comfort in this arrangement.

What it will take to shake them out of it remains a mystery.

Can Nicki Clyne fill the role as female master to the remaining DOS slaves? Will they still need a male Supreme Master. Can their current Supreme Master, Keith Alan Raniere, suffice while he sits in prison for the remainder of his life? And what if with the ongoing criminal investigation in Nxivm results in faithful first line slave Clyne being sent to prison? How will the DOS slaves be ruled and given the daily, hour-by-hour guidance they need and crave in order to function as “badass” women?

But I would think in a situation like this where your headmaster is in the process of being sent away, that it’s natural for the underlings to double down and circle the wagons. These women seem to suffer from some inferiority complex while at the same time having a form of pride that doesn’t allow them to self-reflect on their current situation. That’s a marginally fancy way of saying they’re too proud to see they’ve been taken advantage, so they’ll “show them”.

What it might take to break away is the new top masters, the Nicki Clynes of the world, to be unable to control the situation as Keith did and the slaves become disillusioned with the newest arrangement. But who’s to say with their personalities they wouldn’t seek a new master-slave relationship in some other setting.

Lauren Salzman, Nxivm was her whole life for 20 years. From 1998 to her arrest in August 2018, she was a leader of Nxivm. In 2017, she was the last first line slave invited into DOS by her master Keith Alan Raniere. Here she shares a laughs with her sister-wife Allison Mack.

I also have to wonder about the Lauren Salzmans of this cult and their future. She expresses regret now and talks about how she did things she knew was wrong but felt obligated to do so. But after 20 years of living like that and considering it to be the norm, can she and those like her really de-program in six months or a year? Hopefully, she is getting professional help and will continue to work through this.

However, this is parallel to a junkie who used for a long time and is now trying to detox. One slip and you’re back to doing it again, and maybe this time you have to intensify the situation to get the same high.


With their adorable master in custody and awaiting sentencing, who will fill the void as their male Supreme Master?

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  • Warrent Jeffs whilst still in prison continued and continues to control his FLDS cult as he is allowed visitors, often 5 wives at a time and can issue orders from prison but that probably depends which state you are in as what is possible.

  • Unless the Bronfam sisters pony up some money I can’t see DOS persisting except maybe as a closed kink group.
    Hunger, and being homeless, is a hrash task master plus money for the luxuries of life.
    Except for a few die hard souls the rest will wander off and try to regain some semblance of a normal life.
    But…..they’re still bent.
    I wouldn’t trust any of them around a female of any age.

    In time I believe we will see some suicides in this group. When they see that doors are closed to them depression will sink in.

  • There is always someone stupid enough to follow someone else who believes strongly enough in a cause. Idiots following idiots. Nicki Clyne is truly a moron. Let the other losers follow her. They can’t do too much harm without sociopathic, stinky boy there,.

    • The NYT didn’t even do investigative journalism, it fell into their lap. If I recall correctly, Frank encouraged Edmondson and others to go to them to get more publicity.

    • because its not truthful the sordid truth is that NXIVM is not a SEX CULT its a CHILDRAPE/HUMAN TRAFFICKING CULT and they are covering that up just as hard as they mask FP and the Frank Report…….90% isnt 100% truth and disinfo is their mode of operation

      CIA LIMITED HANGOUT call it what it is their business is human trafficking and all that entails the organs the drugs and the resiliencey of using same children over and over ….ran chandler is in the batters box and this story is about to take a very dark twist

  • Regarding DOS members:

    Most of these women have been brainwashed [for lack of a better word] for over a decade.

    Why does anyone believe that the DOS members are all going to come to their senses immediately?

    Lauren Salzman is a special case because she saw first hand what a coward Vanguard is.

    Lauren was lying face down in Mexico with police machine guns pointed at her head while Keith Raniere hid shaking in a closet.

    “The only thing that disgusts a woman more than a cheap man is a cowardly man.”

    • But would she take Kieth back if he pleaded with her? Told her she was his rock. That he can survive if he knows he has her love even if they can never be together again in the free world?

      As much as we see him for what he is, these women loved/love him. They “know” a different guy than we do. They all knew about the other women! And still hoped for a white picket fence at some point! Cami called him “humble”! Even the women that were supposedly grossed out blew him over fear of what? Their first or second round of collateral? Released to who? BS
      You could release a picture of me with a dick in my ass before I’d suck a dick. And so that last sentence makes sense I’m talking about the threat of a top notch fake.
      Even the victims that testified had a hint of regret it seemed at his plight.
      “Will I ever see you again? Probably not”.
      Yes say what you need to to get away or….. Don’t meet with him at all!

      Think about it.

      • Another good thing about locking up Raniere and throwing away the key is that any woman who stays associated with him has to make quite an effort to do so. That barrier alone should make your theoretical question moot, as Raniere will have very little leverage to entrap others, and that is a good thing.

    • “The only thing that disgusts a woman more than a cheap man is a cowardly man.” That makes you pretty disgusting, after chickening out of my radio show. Being a coward disgusts men as well, the problem being there are far more males than there are men.

  • Okay…I’ll do it! I will be the new Vanguard!

    My first decree is a name change. I want to be addressed as the Grand Poobah!

    While we’re at it; I want my dear DOS slaves to eat. Go out, grab a bite to eat…enjoy your life. And don’t text me at 3:00am because I work for a living. If you want to hear some great philosophy from me, bring me a six pack of beer, preferably a good IPA. After a few of those, I’ll regal my lovely DOS slaves with all sort of wisdom that will make vanguard’s theories as small and trivial as his penis. And no more branding, because it’s stupid.

    Which brings me to my next decree: Never utter the names “Keith Raniere” or “Vanguard” again! If you must reference him, use a hand gesture in which you point to your crotch with your pinky finger. I will issue more decrees, but one of my DOS slaves need to bring me a beer. Since your in NY, an Ithaca Flower Power will suffice.

  • I wonder how many of the remaining coffle came through Dr. Porter’s snuff-tests with flying colours? Will the results of Dr. Porter’s experiments ever be available for Peer Review?
    Inquiring minds and all that.

  • Grandmaster Bangkok and his humble servant, Son of Bang Kok, will humbly accept these slaves into our pod.

    • Son of Bangkok,

      Bangkok does not get back from summer camp until 5:30 pm.

      After he has supper and his mom gives him a good bath, he will respond to your post.


  • Frank or Krclaviger,

    I hope you wil be releasing an MDC update shortly.

    Friday MDC updates are a great start to the weekend!!!

    I and all the website guests wait patiently every week for are Friday MDC update.


  • I think you’re right that they must find some comfort in the situation.

    Some might have dependent personalities, and not know what else the would do, particularly if their source of income and living situation are tied into their continuing participation in the group – and if that’s the center of their social relationships.

    Some may be stuck in something like a mix of sort of hopeful belief and conspiracy theory, perhaps expecting that Raniere will somehow be vindicated and return to lead them again.

  • “Can Nicki Clyne fill the role as female master to the remaining DOS slaves? But they still need a male Supreme Master. ”

    Yes she can.
    Nicki Clyne is quite intelligent.
    She is perhaps the most intelligent woman in NXIVM DOS.
    She realizes that the NXIVM tech is a scam and that the NXIVM DOS sorority is really a society of women into Master-Slave relationships.

    When Nicki Clyne was 19 ( around 2002) she traveled through Central America all by herself.
    Nicki is familiar with the Spanish language and the Hispanic culture and will have no problem dealing with NXIVM’s new power base, the Mexican elite.
    Nicki Clyne is also friends with the Bronfmans who appear to still be a part of the NXIVM cult.
    Nicki Clyne is a gutsy resourceful woman and far more of a leader than Allison Mack herself.

    Elevating Allison Mack to head of the NXIVM harem was clearly a mistake.
    While Pam Cafritz ruled the harem with a light hand for almost 20 years, Allison Mack ruled the harem with an Iron Fist and the stuff hit the fan within two years.
    And don’t assume that Allison Mack will not return to a new NXIVM ruled not by Keith Raniere but by her spouse and long time friend Nicki Clyne.

    Don’t underestimate Nicki Clyne.

  • I appreciate all the comments being made so far.

    I’m new to this whole situation whereas some of you have been aware for several months now, so bear with me as I continue to process it all.

    At this point, I think the key to understanding it all is to grasp how these women who became the inner circle got to where they became that, because everything else seems to flow from KR convincing a bunch of women to be true to him while he could be with whoever he wanted.

    The best example I have is this woman who lived in Alaska who left her husband (We have no details on why she chose to leave him. Maybe she had been unhappy for a long time. Who knows.), moved 3,000 miles with her kids to be with KR thinking this was a monogamous relationship, finds out it’s not and she’s sharing him with several other women, but is then convinced (with help from Lauren Salzman) to become part of his harem. To me, that’s a huge leap; from a woman with kids in what might have been an unhappy marriage to agreeing to be one of several women servicing the same male.

    It’s things like that which just do not add up. Sure, there’s all sorts of variables to make a scenario like that take place, as it obviously did. I just have difficulties wrapping my head around the whole event.

    My only explanation so far that fits is that KR had some built-in radar that he could pick out women who were compelled to behave that way and he zeroed in on them. And he believed he could teach other women to do the same thing (DOS) and become his eyes and ears so he could sit back and reap the rewards without having to put out the effort.

    But I would invite others to provide their insight on this.

  • Deprogramming DOS slaves is no less difficult than trying to deprogram an Amish person who’s been raised since birth to think the Amish way of life is the ultimate thing.

    Granted, these ladies were not raised since birth in DOS but that’s beside the point, cuz DOS uses far more pressure and mental abuse to keep their members in line.

    Many of these women have nothing else if they leave DOS now.

    Even their illustrious leader, Nicki Clyne, can never go back to acting or TV again. No respectable firm will ever hire her again for anything except sweeping floors and waiting tables cuz the political fallout would be too great for any future employers.

    She’s thrown away being a TV star and given up all future employment opportunities for DOS.

    In Texas Holdem (poker) terms, she’s pushed all her chips into the pot already (to be in DOS).

    She now has to stay in the hand until the River card is dealt.

    Basically, from a psychological standpoint their ONLY way out of DOS is India’s journey. They need to find a man outside of NXIVM. If they don’t find a man, they’ll be unable to leave DOS for a long time.

  • What is the purpose of DOS now? Back in the day, NXIVM and DOS, in particular, were KAR’s personal harem. He will not be available for quite some time and as a consequence, these women are waiting in vain.

    • NXIVM the company has yet to face any charges. Making popcorn once again and waiting for its turn.

      Come on NDNY, we want our day in court.

    • “What is the purpose of DOS now? ”

      What it’s always been.
      A Sorority of Sisters into Sado-Masochism.

      And a new Master does not have to be male.
      The new Master can be female.

    • FDC,

      There is the possibility Vanguard will win an appeal and win second retrial…..

      ….Therefore the faithful will remain true and keep the flame burning.

      I feel sorry for those poor lost souls.

      • Feeling sorry for complete cretins is a futile exercise, NiceGuy! It’s like feeling sorry for an object. Does an object possess self-analysis??

        • Paul,

          Of course not….

          But don’t ever ask Buddhist the same question…….

          “the Buddhist view known as the Great Perfection (Dzogchen), all mental Iand physical phenomena are viewed as manifestations of this primordial unity of infinite consciousness, space, and energy.” Buddhist Doctrine.

          To be able to understand the quote above…….you have to be higher her than a motherfucker!!!!!!

          • ……Meaning: you have to be on drugs not to understand the quote intelligently but to have your logic and reasoning skills so dulled that something fucking ridiculous seems deep and of higher purpose.

            In other words Raniere’s word salad. No wonder he wanted to meet the Dahlia Lama( incorrect spelling).

  • I have to state again that KAR was not convicted of depraved sexual behavior. He was convicted of engaging in, and having others engage in, criminal acts in the furtherance of his “enterprise.” That certain people will want to continue with their sick sex club is a separate issue. Disgusting, bizarre sexual behavior, and stupidity are not crimes.

    KAR committed racketeering crimes, which I will not laundry list again. BTW I believe the prosecutors only scratched the surface and there are many more crimes that have not come to light or have not been prosecuted. For example, where are NXIVM’s financial records? Did they report all sales income, and did they pay taxes on it? Did they pay their employees in accordance with NY law? Did they launder money and have it taken illegally over the Canadian and Mexican borders?

    What happened to Kristin Snyder? Was she “made” to disappear?

    You can’t import people from Mexico illegally to use them as house servants or sex workers – much less confine one in a room under threat of being returned to the border with no documents or money.

    You can’t arrange to have Mexican lawyers send letters with threats of criminal action in order to silence those who left the group or were speaking out.

    You can’t lure people to Mexico or a cruise ship with the intention of having them jailed, raped or killed.

    You can’t bribe law enforcement / public officials to give you a pass for the illegal acts you do.

    I’m sure DOS will continue in some form, with willing participants. It’s the NXIVM intimidation / litigation machine – the real criminal enterprise – that needs to be shut down forever.

  • In the short-term, up to 1 – 2 years, it can survive in a much reduced form, but in the long-term it won’t survive.

    The DOSSERS will take it very hard when all of Raniere’s appeals have come to nothing.

    I expect that several of the DOS slaves will move to another cult, or just quietly leave.

    Nickvi will surprise everyone by doing something really stupid.

    • Paul,
      Niky has been strictly engaging in acts of stupidity bordering on the extreme for many years now. I can’t think of something more idiotic she could do that she hasn’t already done 😁

  • I hate to play devils advocate but if they choose this who am I to say it’s wrong? Because it’s different from the life I lead?
    If they’re happy to provide collateral or blackmail, have readiness drills, be hungry all the time so be it.

    Something I notice in all the pictures is how damn happy they always appear. Their little community seemed quite content. Unless you were one with an ethical breach.

    Not excusing the crimes committed. I’m just pointing out their lifestyle may not be something that they need “shaken” from or eyes opened to.

    It’s easy to imagine what your neighbors might think of our own lifestyles and decisions. People are unique, cultures, communities etc

    • True, and good comment.

      And you’re not really playing devil’s’ advocate in that I also have concluded certain women in that group like the current arrangement. I suppose I’m wondering out loud just how many of them will be proactive and take an honest look at the whole situation and decide to reevaluate (in which case they might decide they want to stay) verses how many of them will just react and choose to double down.

    • According to testimony, DOS slaves were required to be able to regularly produce pictures where they all looked happy – even though quite a few of them apparently weren’t. So I don’t think that posed pictures can be considered evidence of much. From what I’ve seen of the younger generation, they also generally seem practiced at taking photos meant to appear as if they’re having the time of their lives or whatever.

      I agree that if they want to practice something like consensual BDSM, then that’s up to them. But DOS wasn’t formed based on proper informed consent, and quite the contrary; I doubt they’ve suddenly turned around and figured it out, so that means that more likely than not the operations of the group are problematic, and quite possibly headed for trouble again.

      • I’m just saying there are an abundance of photos as a group or with two or three of them on a trip, activity, night on the town etc.
        The bdsm thing, while there may be a generally accepted “code of ethics” or whatever, is it so hard to believe that a large number of women and the men once they found out all that was required was still acceptable to them? Surely even in the bdsm community people have their own versions or twist to “the contract “.

        I’m simply saying as much as we know we can’t assume that everyone is a fool, brainwashed etc because they think and act differently than what we consider normal. Relating to the relationships not just the sex. Much more took place here than sex. And again I am not defending criminal behavior or coercion. And yes it’s very possible that there was acceptance and enthusiasm to keep providing more blackmail material against oneself. It’s my opinion we can’t negate their choice as “they don’t know any better or what they are doing” and so on.

        There are many adults in the adult entertainment industry that are quite happy and content. Many would say they are victims in need of therapy. I had a neighbor that toured the country dancing (stripping) Very well off, very happy and happily married

    • They were not happy to provide collateral and be coerced. Read the court transcripts. They said they hated it.

      About smiles.. have you ever met a cultist? Even Mormons? They continually smile when they are not happy. It’s become an indicator & red flag to me. I think it happens because they are broken/demented people who are addicted to enlightenment. They run those irrational & false thoughts thru their brain continually. They smile because it fools people.

  • DOS doesn’t need a male leader, they joined DOS under the premise it was a woman-only run organization to begin with. Besides, Raniere barely qualifies as a man on his best day.

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