Clare Bronfman’s Appeal of Her Sentence Seems to Have Little Chance of Success

What are the chances of Clare Bronfman winning an appeal of her sentence? Probably not very good.
Bronfman was sentenced to 81 months in federal prison, triple the maximum of the sentencing guidelines for the felony crimes she admitted to committing, and almost two years longer than the prosecution asked for her to be sentenced.
Judge Nicholas Garaufis gave among his reasons for handing down his surprisingly long sentence was that Bronfman had “willful blindness” towards DOS and Keith Raniere’s criminal conduct and that she continued to support him.
The appeal relies on Bronfman’s argument that she did not have ample notice/due process to refute the judge’s upward departure sentencing based on his determination of willful blindness.
Willful blindness is a term used in law to describe a situation in which a person seeks to avoid civil or criminal liability for a wrongful act by intentionally keeping themselves unaware of facts that would render him or her liable or implicated.
Bronfman’s due process opportunity to explain her mindset was her response to the government’s sentencing memorandum.
Was Clare Bronfman willfully blind to Keith Raniere’s criminal conduct?
Found in her response is Bronfman’s letter to the judge applauding Raniere and saying he taught her to be “proud of her money.”
It was perhaps the single most unfortunate document in a response filled with unfortunate documents.
At best, it was not the wisest thing to write, just prior to her sentencing, that she continued to support the man who was convicted of all counts against him, in a trial presided over by the same judge who was to sentence her.
Even if she continued to support Raniere, she did not necessarily have to mention it and secure perhaps years more for her prison sentence.
Some of her letters-in-support were also not helpful.
Clare and Sara Bronfman
Her sister, Sara Bronfman wrote that “Clare lives like an ascetic, she could have been a nun.” –
Or the letter from Clare’s private acupuncturist saying how frugal she is. That’s like saying “My private masseuse thinks I’m frugal: therefore, I should get probation.”
It’s not like the judge wasn’t aware of Bronfman’s more flamboyant assets. They were disclosed in her bail application and the probation department’s pre-sentencing report. A private island in Fiji and a 6,500 sq. ft. horse estate hardly epitomize frugality.
Not that being frugal with her $200 million in assets was relevant to her sentencing anyway.
Wakaya Island has a number of blue lagoons. It is about 5 miles long. Clare Bronfman owns about 80 percent of this Fiji island.


Clare’s Wakaya Island Retreat
Edgar Boone wrote a letter-of-support for Clare.
Then there is Edgar Boone writing to the judge that “many people who worked for Clare were entitled”.  This may or may not be true, but writing it was not a smart move if leniency was really desired.
Jane Doe 12 was one of those who worked for Bronfman.  When one reads the evidence of how Bronfman treated Jane Doe 12,  if one takes even about half of it at face value, Bronfman comes across as monstrous.
Whoever thought including a letter implying Jane Doe 12 was “entitled” – i.e., spoiled and undeserving – to try and win a lesser sentence for Bronfman was not apparently aware of the judge’s feelings about the victims of this case.
Clare Bronfman’s manor home and some 200 acres are for sale. The property is located about 40 miles from Albany in Delancy NY
Much of Bronfman’s response was filled with non-sequiturs like these and lacked in demonstrations of remorse, acceptance of responsibility, or acknowledgments that harm was done – all of which are key ingredients to getting a lenient sentence.
As for the lynchpin of her appeal – that she had no way of knowing that the judge was considering sentencing her based on willful blindness, it might be argued that it was not impossible for a reasonable person to infer the willful blindness mindset.
This is not to suggest that Bronfman’s attorneys were derelict. It is the experience of some who worked closely with Bronfman that if an attorney wants Bronfman as a client, that attorney will need to be deferential to her and prepared to argue things that might not be based on the attorney’s best judgment or in his client’s best interest.
Some have said that an attorney must “cater to her delusions of grandeur at all times.”
By doing this, it is not all bad news for the attorneys.  For example, had Bronfman shown remorse and repentance, things which her attorneys probably advised her to do, she might have gotten a sentence within the sentencing guidelines [21-27 months] and there would be nothing to appeal.
Instead, following her lead and putting in her response her letter to the judge declaring she is an avid supporter of Raniere, in turn, allowed her attorneys to secure many more billable hours which they’ll get from her appeal.
On top of that, they will likely be defending her in the Neil Glazer civil suit   Think of how much money will be made on depositions in the civil case. Eighty plaintiffs and more than a dozen defendants? Plus travel time? There will be many billable hours processing discovery from 92 people.
If it is not settled, it might be a $5 million legal defense.
As for the sentence, it is quite probable that the Second Circuit panel will determine that Judge Garaufis was within his discretion to make determinations of Clare’s mindset based on the evidence and her own representations to the Court in the filings. Technically, the judge is not required to hold a Fatico hearing.
I predict that the Second Circuit will rule that the judge characterizing Bronfman’s conduct as willful blindness was within his discretion.
Lauren Salzman and Clare Bronfman.
In Bronfman’s appeal brief, there was an omission of any mention of Lauren Salzman’s testimony about her.  This testimony was the lynchpin of the willful blindness determination in the judge’s decision.  No doubt AUSA Tanya Hajjar will bring this up in her reply brief.
Lauren Salzman is like the giant elephant in the room that Bronfman neglects to mention.
Clare Bronfman’s trial judge, Nicholas G. Garaufis, sentenced Bronfman to 81 months in prison.
From the Judge’s sentencing decision:
“Ms. Bronfman repeatedly argues that she knew nothing about and never funded DOS. As I said earlier, I do not base my sentence on a finding that contradicts either of those claims. However, I do find it relevant that Ms. Bronfman seems to have a pattern of willful blindness when it comes to Raniere and his activities. As Lauren Salzman testified, Ms. Bronfman ‘didn’t want to know anything about DOS that she didn’t need to know.’
I find that the testimony is particularly credible because it would not be the first time that Ms. Bronfman exuded the sense that she wanted to participate in Raniere’s world while remaining unaware of uglier aspects. For example, when she tried to get Stephen Herbits to convince authorities to bring criminal charges against Raniere-enemy Rick Ross, Bronfman told Herbits, ‘I don’t need to know who is funding the efforts, how you stop that from continuing. In fact, I don’t want to know. It just needs to be done and quickly.’
“I also find it relevant that Ms. Bronfman’s allegiance to Raniere shines through again and again. She has paid his legal fees and to this day, maintains that he “greatly changed her life for the better.” That is consistent  with both her actions as described above and from what others have said about her.”
The US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit panel of three judges will read that and it will quite likely be the end of Bronfman’s appeal.
There’s nothing that suggests willful blindness more than saying “I don’t need to know”! which she is alleged to have said to a cooperating witness [Lauren Salzman] and put in writing.
Michael J. Sullivan, Jr.: Letters? Who has time to read letters?
Bronfman has the best attorneys money can buy and with the COVID 19 delays, she had an extra nine months to determine how to recharacterize/explain herself to the judge in her pre-sentencing memorandum.
Stephen Herbits, a long-time friend of Edgar Bronfman Sr., testified in the trial of Keith Raniere and invoked the name and deeds of Clare Bronfman numerous times.
Bronfman certainly knew about Lauren Salzman’s testimony. The emails and testimony of Steve Herbits were also a substantial part of the trial record and evidence regarding her state of mind.  Yet she filed a 217-page brief and not one word about it!
Instead, we got “My private acupuncturist thinks I’m frugal” and that speaks to the “goodness at my core”.
When she said on the day of her sentencing, “People all over the world are praying for me because they can see my goodness,” it must have struck the judge as total denial, if not megalomania.
Of course, anything can happen and the appeals court may send the sentencing back to the judge. But the chances of that I think are small.
And even if the appeal was successful, it only means it goes back to the trial judge who sentenced her.  Any significant reduction in her sentence, which ultimately is Judge Garaufis’ decision, is highly unlikely.

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  • Some of these people don’t seem to understand how others will take what they say. It’s as if they are so into a cult bubble that they get worse, not better at dealing with outsiders. Saying people all over the world are praying for you is never going to go down well.

  • Frank-

    I hate the new interface and the new font size. It looks like crap-o-la on my iPhone.

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  • I’ll say it again–Clare has the facial features and slim but well-endowed body that could have made her reasonably attractive and model-like—with simple tips on hair, make-up and clothes.

    I guess Nxivm didn’t offer a course on fashion. Maybe prison will.

    • No. Just no. There’s nothing that woman can do. She’s as ugly outside as she is inside.

      Fortunately, she won’t leave any offspring.

    • Re: ‘I guess Nxivm didn’t offer a course on fashion. Maybe prison will.’

      If there are such fashion and cosmetics courses in prison, I assume that they will be very theoretical, because there will be a lack of practical clothing samples, except perhaps examples in photos in magazines or on television, just as in prison no cosmetics are available, because makeup and cosmetics are forbidden for prisoners.

  • I’m not going to lie. Every time a dead-ender expresses sorrow about the downfall of their cult, I get a smile on my face. Tears of victimization won’t shorten Clare’s or Keith’s sentence by a single day.

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        Nicki is not afraid of the truth. Isn’t that the right recommendation for such a job?

        Nicki Clyne
        advocate for justice: due process ⚖️, freedom of speech 💬, public accountability 🗞️, civil rights 📜 | cally on #bsg 🚀 | cancellation survivor

        Nicki Clyne
        8. March
        I would rather have the government as my enemy than fear the truth.

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      Shadowstate and I pay for the EXCLUSIVE Premium Platinum Membership.

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    Danielle Smith’s departing from Raniere’s Albany legal team for another firm.

    On reflection, I think we should all be grateful to KAR’s fine legal counsel — no matter what childish antics Aggie admits they pulled to silence victims, fuck up evidence, etc.

    They all did one helluva job nailing that 120 year sentence for their client.

    Bravo! 👏.

    Btw, has anyone called Guinness? I think Keith may have set a new record here.

    • You do not seem to understand. Clare could have gone to trial on the more serious RICO charges but she managed somehow to get the prosecutors to offer her a plea to the lesser charges. She is fortunate to only be serving 81 months. Had she gone to trial or pled guilty to the RICO charges, she would have been sentenced to a far longer period of imprisonment. The only injustice here is that she is not being held accountable for all the crimes that she committed.

      • You are 100% correct. In the second superseding indictment, Clare was specifically charged with Racketeering, Racketeering Conspiracy, and Conspiracy To Commit Identity Theft. Considering that the vast majority of NXIVM’s criminality could not have occurred without her funding of the cult’s operations, she got off with a very light sentence.

  • Is Keith Raniere related to this “gentleman”?

    Bizarre Case of the Staten Island Pricker

    Only in Staten Island, people: A 25-year-old man was arraigned on, as the Advance puts it, “charges he satisfied a bizarre fetish by forking over large sums of money for the dubious privilege of poking teen girls in the buttocks.” Prosecutors say that Frank J. Ranieri, a one-time NYPD recruit, allegedly paid thousands of dollars to prick the butts of teen girls with pens or pins. And he would pleasure himself during the act.

    Ranieri approached one girl in 2003, and she recruited two other girls. The cops found out when a friend of one of the girls, who were all under 15 when the pricking-for-pay (up to $500 a pop), told the police. A police source told the News, “He said he liked to see the pins go through muscle and flesh. A sexual deviant. He didn’t see much wrong with it.”

    Ranieri’s lawyer claims that his client is being extorted by the teens and says it isn’t even a sexual case. But prosecutors, who say that Ranieri posed as a cop to get two of the victims to agree, think that Ranieri has a very “sick fetish.” One taped conservation allegedly had Ranieri saying “he wanted to use a pen to ‘penetrate six inches through her skin, fatty tissues, muscle and bone.'” Ew. On previous occasions, he asked would-be pin/pen cushions if they were allergic to ink and offered to get one girl a newspaper route with the Advance. Ranieri was released on $500,000 bail. He’s charged with assault as a sexually motivated crime.

    Flash to the past: In 1990, police arrested “Dartman,” a guy who used a blowgun to aim darts at the backsides of women. And the Bic Pen mascot was not named in the crimes.

    mercuryjv • 14 years ago
    What a prick.
    Sorry. I couldn’t stop myself.

  • Might Clare negotiate a shorter sentence with Garaufis if she agreed to organize a “recommitment” ceremony for him? The DOS8 could share their expert advice.

  • The sentence given to Clare is absurd. After creating a deal with the prosecution, she was accused of crimes she had no opportunity to defend against. It is a gross miscarriage of justice. I hope the judges who evaluate her appeal see this.

    • There are two types of federal plea deals: one that allows the judge to set the amount of prison time the defendant will serve — and the other that only allows the judge to either approve the entire plea deal as negotiated (including the length of the prison term) or reject it altogether. The risk regarding the second type of plea deal is that if the judge rejects the entire plea deal, the defendant has to stand for trial.

      So, Clare and her high-powered attorneys had choices — and they offered up enough cash that they felt sure Judge Garaufis would go along with what would have been a sweetheart plea deal for her (She was basically trading cash for prison time). What they didn’t count on is that judge Garaufis is a man of high principles who believes that justice must prevail in all cases — even ones in which the defendant had enough funds to buy her way out of going to trial with her co-defendant, Keith Raniere.

      Clare going to prison for 81 months is justice…

      • Klaviger-

        What a reversal from your previous stance!

        Did deep spiritual-introspection or my wise words cause a change in your heart?

        My hope it is the later…. 😉

        • I freely admit that my feelings about the sentences imposed on Keith and Clare run totally counter to my feelings about many aspects of the criminal justice system that I believe are not at all just. As I mentioned in another reply, that’s because I have a great deal of personal knowledge of the harm that Keith and Clare caused — and how they managed to avoid prosecution for any of it for so long.

          And, of course, your wise words were a big influence too…

          • K.R. Claviger-

            I agree 100% with your stance.

            Objectively looking at the criminal case, the 120-year sentence for Raniere is completely disproportionate to the crimes he was found guilty of.

            I think 20 years would have been adequate. If I knew nothing of the case other than the guilty charges, I probably had said a 10 to 15 year sentence is fair.

            In my mind, the child porn photo was the most serious offense.

            As you know, usually, only murders and serial rapists receive life sentences.

            Thanks for taking the time to respond…..

            ……..And to admitting to my silver-tongue affect/effect.

            In retrospect, Raniere most likely committed serial rapes and molested multiple girls and pushed two women to suicide.

            That’s why 120 years is totally appropriate!

      • It sounds like they made a bad decision. However, your comment doesn’t address Garaufis’ decision to imprison her for things that she had no opportunity to defend. To me, it reveals the immorality of the plea deal system the U.S. has in place. It encourages the innocent to lie and plead guilty because people are punished for upholding their constitutional right to defend themselves in court. But, once people plea, they open themselves up to the even greater immorality of our penal system where one’s right to defend oneself against false accusations no longer exists.

        • I am in total agreement with everything you stated. The only thing I would add is that when prosecutors “overcharge” — which seems to be an increasingly popular tactic among prosecutors at all levels — they further corrode the entire prosecution process, including the plea bargaining part of it.

          All that said, I still think that Clare’s 81-month sentence is justified. Not because of the two low-level felonies to which she pleaded guilty — but rather because of all the other felonies she was able to avoid as a result of NXIVM’s ability to bribe/blackmail/intimidate law enforcement officials in the NDNY (She’s not even going to be prosecuted for the other charge for which she was indicted in the EDNY — which then had to refer that prosecution to the NDNY because of jurisdictional issues).

          While Clare’s 81-month sentence may have been excessive in terms of the crimes to which she pleaded guilty, her overall role in the harm that NXIVM did certainly warrants more than 21-27 months. Personally, I would have sentenced her to 60 months — but I’m OK with the 81 months.

          While I am almost always arguing your side of this debate, Clare (and Keith) are anomalies for me. In large part, that’s because I have personal knowledge of much of the harm they did — and how they managed to avoid prosecution in the NDNY.

          • There is another important reason the judge did this Mr or Ms. KR Claviger; it is incapacitation, i.e. to protect the public.

            Keith continued to operate from prison showing no remorse, but instead, continuing to harm the public (see the idiots dancing outside MDC). And Clare’s continued devotion to follow him; she showed no remorse or acknowledgement whatsoever at her sentencing.

            I have no doubt that once Clare is out of prison, if Keith tells her to inflict damages on people, she will. By imposing the long sentence, the judge is doing what he can to protect the public for as long as he justifiably can.

        • Clare was likely unwilling to risk going to trial with Keith as her co-defendant — which means that she would have never have considered the second type of plea deal that I described (Oddly enough, there are a lot of criminal defense attorneys who never even tell their clients about that type of plea deal — and there are some federal judges who are opposed to being put in the “take-it-or-leave-it” position it creates for them). I think it can be a great tool for defense attorneys — and in Clare’s case, I think Judge Garaufis would probably have approved a deal that stipulated 24-months of prison time for Clare (It wasn’t until Keith went to trial that the judge really understood what an important role Clare played in NXIVM).

  • — if it is not settled, it might be a $5 million legal defense.

    Maybe even more than that…


    BTW, Great article!

  • Last I heard she had a bodyguard in the jail. Does anyone know if she has one in prison? Or how she’s enjoying her much-deserved sentence?

  • I do hope the update on Clare’s prison existence will inform us she’s starting to properly reflect on her own actions and is beggining to slowly wash herself off the scum covering her body all over…

  • Q: Clare, how did you lose over $100 million?

    A: Some was lost on paying bribes, loony commodities trading, harassing lawsuits, and supporting a megalomaniac. The rest was just pissed away.

    —possible answer readapted from George Best

  • Nice C-Span pic of “Herbie” (Steve Herbits) to wake up to on this sunny Sunday.

    I agree, Herbie’s testimony against the evil heiress, Clare Bronfman, at Raniere’s trial was most definitely damning to her.

    A few verbal swipes were – whether intentionally or not on Herbit’s part – taken at Frank Parlato, too, with Herbits on the stand during Aggie’s cross. (That was the day of or prior to the FR site crash, wasn’t it?)

    Herbit’s status as an advisor and confidante among the world’s “elite” carries a lot of weight, as FR reported. I’m still shocked Herbits wasn’t able to shut NXIVM down from back in 2010 when Joe O’Hara and a few of us were in touch with him about the illegal activities – some he already knew of having witnessed them first hand as he testified.

    I suppose Edgar Bronfman was trying to protect and maintain a good relationship with his daughters despite their wrong-doings and the immense harm they were perpetrating on others through NXIVM.

    Btw, contacting Herbitts was part of the effort that Joe, Toni and I undertook to help the Plyams, Susan Dones and Kim Woolhouse, Barbara Bouchey, the NXIVM 9, Kristin Snyder’s loved ones and other ‘victims’ being sued, framed, gaslit, spied on and otherwise harassed by NXIVM at that time.

    Through Herbit, and led by Joe O’Hara, we attempted to make Edgar Bronfman and the Bronfman brothers, even their mother (supposedly), aware of some critical facts – such as KAR’s psycho criminal history – and the real endangerment to not only Clare and Sara but Edgar Bronfman and his associates, the WJC leaders, etc. (Little did we know then that the victim list included underage Mexican girls being sex trafficked and held hostage, etc. but I, for one, did suspect as much after “The Rat” appeared crying out for help on John Tighe’s blog.)

    I don’t know if my suspicions or the fact of the prior rapes and suicides reached any Bronfman eyes or ears until the February 2012 Albany Times Union expose’ wherein my deceased sister, Gina Hutchinson’s, Rhianon’s and other underage victim’s histories with Keith & cohorts were publicly revealed.

    As damning as Herbit’s truthful testimony was for Clare, I believe it might have gone far worse for BOTH Bronfman sisters had the as yet untold, unvarnished truth emerged through, especially, witnesses of Herbitt’s stature.

    Instead, however, the now infamously corrupt, Bronfman-funded NXIVM defense team out of Albany (mostly) in cahoots with their crack law enforcement clean-up crew, like Rodger Kirsop, chose to “not be adult” (quoting Agnifilo at Keith’s sentencing hearing) and continued to unabashedly pursue false accusations and trumped-up charges, however possible, against witnesses and whistleblowers like Frank and myself, despite Aggie’s recent blessing on FR’s high journalistic standards.

    Aggie made the defense’s intent to impugn Frank, at least, clear while Herbits was on the stand. Shortly thereafter I discovered that I was also “under police investigation” on top of the bogus Child Protective Services investigations (wherein I was absolved of alleged pedophile activities with my own son), while in the midst of rampant harassment and gaslighting activities that included being stopped and searched by actual police, getting death threats from Mexican thugs claiming they were the police (in Spanish) against my Albany-based relatives, etc.

    In short, I believe that so long as both Bronfman sisters, a whole lotta Mexican elites, and public officials in Mexico and here in the U.S. involved in or “consulting” for NXIVM remain unexposed and uncharged, innocent lives – including mine and my son’s – remain in danger in Mexico and here in the U.S.

    Steve Herbits is among those who owe it to NXIVM victims and whistleblowers to ensure the truth is exposed and justice is fully served to vindicate and protect those they failed to over a decade ago by allowing Clare and Sara to continue funding NXIVM despite the fact of the on-going, ever-worsening criminal activity they were and are, as recently as less than a year ago to my knowledge, engaged in.

    I am not seeking restitution myself, btw. But I do continue to seek justice for Gina, the other true victims, and protection for me and my son.

  • “Judge Nicholas Garaufis gave among his reasons for handing down his surprisingly long sentence was that Bronfman had ‘willful blindness’ towards DOS and Keith Raniere’s criminal conduct and that she continued to support him.”

    Clare proves to be terrible at assisting in her own defense. The letter she wrote the judge showed extremely poor judgment. Makes you wonder with all that money Clare still could not find the proper things to say, accept responsibility, pledge to stop obscuring her vision.

    Clare needs help and protection from delusions. Her own.

  • Clare only owned 80% of ONE island. And ONE horse ranch.

    Jeez, it’s not like she owed TWO of each.

    Therefore, she should walk free.

  • In fact, if I were Clare’s lawyer, I would emphasize that Clare has now been duped twice by predatory systems that persecute and mislead.

    The first time was the deliberate misleading by Raniere who, in my humble opinion, out and out targeted her and her sister, and drew her into a system of beliefs where she was clearly a victim of his vices, teachings, and seductions. Let’s face it, she lost a HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS if your facts are correct.

    Then, before she had a chance to decompress and deal with the reality of the damage that Mr. Raniere’s teaching did to her, she had to stand before a court and try to express what she was experiencing – which was very clear: Confusion, disbelief, emotion for Raniere, loss of friendships, alienation from her community, all while being in the fight of her life. That could be argued was the second time she was duped, believing that the courts would treat her within reason, even though there is no evidence she was given a chance to deprogram from Mr. Raniere or Nxivm, like India Oxenberg, or Mack, or the Salzmans.

    Isn’t that also a type of discrimination?

    I believe Clare’s been used and abused badly and hope someone strong enough comes to her aid. She absolutely has to pay her dues to society, as do the others, but it’s always seemed to me she was punished for being foolish, not criminal.

    • She needs to be this someone: ” I hope someone strong enough comes to her aid”.
      Maybe prison time is what it will take to deprogram her. She lost 100 million dollars and still stayed there. She saw the distress she was causing by suing others and removing their income. That did not help her to wake up. Maybe hardship in her own life will be what helps to deprogram her.

    • I hear you. It does seem like she was just a fool. But how could she go after people in court and destroy their lives with flat out lies? There was an evil in her foolishness. And a disregard and complete lack of compassion on her part while she used her money to ruin others. She never put herself in their shoes to try to understand what it might be like not to have millions of unearned dollars. She displayed spoiled and callous behavior that shows she exactly the opposite of a good person.

      I am sorry for her to a certain extent, but I believe she got what she deserves.

      And as far as “giving her the chance to reprogram”. How did she not have that chance? She had plenty of time and resources to get deprogrammed while she awaited her trial.

      • Especially considering the fact VanGuard lectured wealthy MEX families re: their entitlement inheriting money they did not work for & yet he has no reservation taking millions from Bronfman sisters.

    • Both Clare and her sister, Sara, knew the impact that the litigation they funded had on the people that Keith Raniere chose to persecute and/or prosecute. And both were willing to lie, under oath, to help ensure that those people suffered as much as possible.

      So, spare me, but I do not support the “poor little Clare” version of history that you’re trying to spin here. Had you been one of her victims, I doubt you would have such a magnanimous attitude.

      While she and Keith may both have been over-sentenced for the crimes they pleaded guilty to — or were convicted of — I believe that from an overall standpoint, those sentences were just. In fact, in Clare’s case, she would likely be serving an even longer sentence had she been properly charged with all the other crimes she committed while she was part of NXIVM.

      • Joe-

        Well said!!!!

        One more thing…

        ……Let us not forget all of the acts of perjury Clare committed; she was never charged/prosecuted, whatsoever, by the corrupt NY State or Federal DAs.

      • You are right, Joe. I also think bugging your old man’s computer so your Guru can spy on him and operate against his interests shows how lightly she was anchored in life. Practically no sense of belonging, no sense of fealty – which seems to be the way the Bronfmans roll, no representation from family at her court appearances.

        No attempt before things got to that point, to extract her, to save her. To me, it looks like they don’t give a tinker’s cuss for her. No wonder Raniere’s smooth cant meant and means so much to her still.

        KR and Clare belong together and they are both exactly where they belong. Let’s hope she gains some contrition and some manners before her sentence is served. Although neither Nxivm nor the Bronfmans seem to care for these things, my guess is she’s earning criminal stripes for greater leaner meaner criminal activities on the out. Her sentence is way too short. She got away with way too much, but not as much as her sister.

    • Save your tears for the victims of rape, murder, and child molestation.

      ….And Bangkok [Sir Richard Branson]

      • WHAT?! Now, Bangkok’s “Sir Richard Branson?”

        Just when I ruled out Dennis Burke and/or Jeffrey Peterson and was sure it’s been Frank and/or Roger Stone all along…

        • Heidi-
          Frank didn’t tell you that Bangkok’s IP address is the island nation of Fiji?

          Franky, why you not sharing the intel?

    • Yes, she should accuse the court system of being a predatory system that duped her. That will go over big with the three court judges hearing her appeal

      Nothing the court likes more than being accused of injustice by convicted criminals.

  • “There’s nothing that suggests wilful blindness more than saying “I don’t need to know”! which she is alleged to have said to a cooperating witness [Lauren Salzman] and put in writing.”

    I disagree. Many of the women were confessing things as part of the collateral requirements of DOS, that could have incriminated Clare for simply knowing. For instance, what if someone revealed facts about family members doing illegal things, such as murder or sexual assault? What if she heard about the actual facts around the disappearance of Kristen Snyder? Knowing the facts and not reporting them would make Clare an “accessory after the fact” and do infinite harm to her life.

    What would happen if one of the secrets, maybe not illegal, but embarrassing accidentally slipped out during a conversation? Would that not also make her liable for a lawsuit?

    No, Frank, you’ve got it wrong. She was practicing simple harmlessness and good sense. If Raniere had been cleared of all charges, your argument would be invalid. It only functions provided that Raniere is guilty, which was only discerned at the end of the trial.

    Clare’s actions occurred “a priori”

    But it’s a good try…

  • If you own an island in the South Pacific and are independently wealthy, but choose to live in Albany, relish in self punishment and sue people for fun – I am not sure that you are ” fixable”.

    • This made my day: “If you own an island in the South Pacific and are independently wealthy, but choose to live in Albany…I am not sure that you are ” fixable”

      Hahaha I mean Emiliano Salinas and Laura Junco could also live anywhere they wanted, and they choose Albany, NY! hahaha

  • Thanks, Frank. Good analysis.

    I think part of the problem is that Clare is not used to thinking for herself.

    She had good attorneys but they are guiding her down a path of having to pay more and more each time

    I think that if I were a billionaire facing what Clare is facing, I would have escaped the country like Roman Polanski. It’s only in Clare’s interest to escape and, hence, she doesn’t do it. Because others (with their own interests) hhhh

    • Sorry, I fell asleep while writing this comment haha…I have had a tough week!

      I think that Clare’s decisions are not based on her own thought. She is following still what Keith is asking her to. Hence why she said that she still thought that Keith was good, etc. (That did not help her, but did help Keith). Also, why she did not escape the country (that again helped Keith and her lawyers, but not her).

      In prison, I hope Clare sits down to think for herself. Following others led her to where she is now. She needs to think for herself

  • Legatus was never spoiled. She was abandoned as a child and she found herself through Vanguard. She does not belong in prison. She deserves to help right the system. It failed her and it failed V. And a man like Shadow State could never understand.

    • I actually agree that she was an abandoned child. I think Keith got really good at manipulating and targeting the children of the rich, who are many times forgotten by their famous parents (Emiliano Salinas, Laura Junco as clear examples). Was Pam, Keith’s first child from rich parents that he targeted and that he learned how to control?

      • Yes, Mexican Lady. Pam Caffritz was from a very wealthy, socialite family that liberally donated to and mingled among high-level politicos in the Nation’s capital.

        I know that Pam’s 10K per month allowance from her family helped support the cult in the early ’90s and may have seeded CBI (Consumer’s Buyline), its first startup that my sister worked for.

        I’ve always thought of Keith as a “Bluebeard” following in his own father’s money-grubbing, heiress-wooing footsteps.

        Btw, Keith’s dad “coincidentally” managed the Seagram’s (Bronfman) account as a Madison Ave. advertising executive before marrying a widowed heiress himself.

    • Oh good. The hyena segment has arrived, snarling futilely and probably itt is feeling tense, hoping the pittance check for being a carrion feeder is direct-deposited soon. Its weekly ration of bagels and bottled water and the hearts of toads is running low. Old before itt’s time comes fast for these obsessed Raniere groupies.

    • “…a man like Shadow State could never understand.” Pea Onyu

      Where I fault Edgar Bronfman, Sr. is that he did not give his daughters, Clare and Sara, good business advice in investments and avoiding charlatans.
      No legitimate businessman would build his career out of suing everyone who opposed him.
      My grandfather, who came from a modest background, made sure I had a decent knowledge of business and I have given my family business advice.
      I learned about Ponzi schemes long before Bernie Madoff came along.
      My brother has made sure his children know about the importance of frugality and hard work.
      We regularly read business magazines and books.
      I am shocked and outraged that the Bronfman girls had such a deficient upbringing.

      Like many businessmen, I enjoy a vigorous round of golf.
      Here is a recent video of President Trump enjoying golf.

  • Clare appears to be just another rich, ignorant, privileged, spoiled brat who merely pretended to be humble, helpful, ethical, etc. A perfect “tool” to be manipulated by Raniere, who exemplified someone with delusions of grandeur. It seems that many of those who spent a lot of time in NXIVM felt themselves better than others and acted like it without actually proving it. In fact, they proved otherwise.

  • Interesting that Scott’s recent podcast guest John Uhrich had an intervention from Ross, who also exposed NXIVM’s teachings and was in a lawsuit for at least a decade over that issue: Is it strange that these paths crossed, or normal that two strange paths would cross each other?

    The issue of willful blindness is relevant in the MLM world as well, as the upline has to be willfully blind to scamming their downline and companies such as Amway have to be willfully blind in order to ignore the tool scam.

  • Her sister says Clare could live like a nun. Except she doesn’t. Clare has a NY estate near Albany with a massive house, stables, and two hundred acres. She has property in Manhattan and a private island. She traveled by private jet. It is only now that Clare lives like a nun, in a cell, with the most threadbare of blankets, eating low-quality food.

    Hers has been a life of do as I say, not as I do, with the expectation that her commands will be followed. That mindset would certainly lend itself to willful blindness, but it’s clear that she sees herself as better than others and expects to be treated with deference. Jail must be a terrifying place for such a frail, spoiled girl.

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