Shadow State: What is Kim Constable trying to hide?

By Shadow State
Frank Report published an article about Kim Constable and her ties to NXIVM’s Rainbow Cultural Garden’s pre-schools.
The article included a photo of Kim Constable with Allison Mack both wearing black coats or cloaks.
That photo was on Constable’s Instagram feed.

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That photo and another photo of Constable and Mack have been purged from Constable’s Instagram page.
Two days ago I found on Instagram a photo collage of Constable and Mack at a Belfast Northern Ireland coffee shop called Established coffee.
That photo was on Constable’s Instagram page.  Yesterday that photo was purged from Constable’s Instagram page.
Both photos were made around October, 2016.
But it turns out that Allison Mack’s Instagram page still has a version of that photo collage.
Why did Constable purge her Instagram photos right after you wrote a story about Constable and the indicted sex trafficker Allison Mack?
What is Constable trying to hide?
Is Constable trying to hide her friendship with an indicted sex trafficker?
Is Constable trying to hide the fact that the accused sex trafficker Allison Mack is somehow involved with the Rainbow Cultural Garden?
Was Sara Bronfman, who heads the Rainbow Cultural Garden, instrumental in purging these photos from Constable’s Instagram feed?
Is this purge of photos an effort to insulate Kim Constable’s Rainbow Cultural Garden from the coming sex trafficking charges?
No investigation of NXIVM will be complete until the Rainbow Cultural Garden is thoroughly investigated.

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    • When my brother and I were about 5 years old our parents told us we were too old to stick out or tongues.
      In those pictures Allison Mack is well into her thirties.
      NXIVM women are emotionally immature and mentally stunted.

      • – NXIVM women are emotionally immature and mentally stunted.

        Another one of the few times I’ve agreed with shadowstate. Well at least the ones Raniere wanted for his harem. Making them act more childlike, e.g., like sixth graders as was said, makes them more docile and easier to control, to put off growing up and having families of their own while they are younger so that Raniere can use them and then toss them to the curb later in life and/or use them to find younger women for himself.

  • Good question, Shadow. Great story.

    I agree that the timing of Constable’s clean-up is suspicious. Were she previously unaware of Allison Mack’s alleged (and ADMITTED) criminal activities and found them so unacceptable she needed to disassociate herself from “Pimp Mack” on social media, she’d likely have removed these pics and posts far sooner than when you found them just two days ago.

    What happened in the last week that might have motivated Constable to act now?

    – Request for closed bail hearing for Raniere citing Frank Report as a sort of alleged hunting ground for associates of the Raniere/Bronfman crime syndicate.

    – Class Action lawsuit filed by Omar.

    – ?

    • Constable will no doubt plead ignorance of Mack’s activities.
      Only by examining her emails with Allison Mack and Sara Bronfman can one discover if that is true.

      But I’m certain that Frank’s reports about her ties to NXIVM and Mack spooked Constable enough that she engaged in a serious and quick purging of Instagram account.
      And Omar’s class action lawsuit also probably startled Constable.

  • Great more wasted space on shadowfuck. Only a matter of time before his girlfriend the mentally challenged flower nut shows up.

    • Do you think it’s a coincidence that Constable deleted the pictures with her and Mack within a day after the Frankreport started talking about her ties to Mack?
      FYI Kim Constable has already been mentioned as responsible for Rainbow Cultural Garden’s activities in Britain and Ireland.
      Constable has stated her admiration for Raniere and Sara Bronfman and is friends with indicted sex trafficker Allison Mack.

      • I swear that the trolls who hate you so much are all NXIVM members (Allison’s mom?). Don’t listen to their nonsense. I find all your comments interesting and insightful (and so does Frank, obviously).

        • Thank you for your kind words.
          There’s a saying by Air Force pilots.
          You get the most flak when you’re over the target.
          I write my comments for you but also for the DOJ prosecutors to cheer them on and show that we know the score and we want the Raniere-Bonfman-Mack unholy trinity brought to justice.

        • No shdowperv we are not. We are just sick of your incessant posting and an obsession with some washed up actress. You have no expertise in the matter and obviously have no life as it is spent here constantly. Face it douche, you are a lonely old man who lives a fantasy life of TV actresses

          • Allison Mack is not washed up enough until she is convicted and sentenced to prison for her crimes.

            She is part of the Unholy Trinity that ruled NXIVM since Pam Cafritz started fading away from cancer.
            The Unholy Trinity of Keith, Clare and Allison.

            And Allison Mack’s acting skills are the best, perhaps the only chance, to keep Keith and Clare out of prison.

    • I am establishing that Ms. Mack has ties to a pre-school program (Rainbow Cultural Garden) in Britain and Ireland.
      Do you want an indicted sex trafficker to have ties with a pre-school program?

      • Shadow:

        You said: “Do you want an indicted sex trafficker to have ties with a pre-school program?” <— THAT is exactly why she took the pictures down, I'll bet.

        Britain has been pretty heavily rocked by pedophilia scandals for several years now, so it'd be hard to sell enrollment to that phony school if parents saw that..and Mack's been in the tabloids plenty in the UK.

        • Actually Allison Mack has been in the tabloids more in the UK than in the US.
          The Daily Mail has covered the case very thoroughly.
          In America the National Enquirer is still publishing stories about whether Robert Wagner killed Natalie Wood.
          A story almost 40 years old.

          And the British are still worked up about Jimmy Savile, the BBC presenter who died in 2011 and was revealed b y a police investigation to have sexually molested over 400 teen aged girls.

  • After Frank’s KC article, I googled this lady and came across a blog of hers. There was a heading “People I Admire” and sure enough, after some spiel sounding just like the slug himself, there Keith and Sara’s names appear and by the weblink it appears she “recommends them with love”.

    Be quick before this webpage does a disappearing act!!!

    • Thank you, Natashka.
      I managed to download the picture from Constable’s Instagram page before she deleted it.
      (Perhaps I had a premonition that Kim Constable would try to delete the picture from her Instagram.)
      Constable calls Mack her BFF
      The picture is the similar in both Constable and Mack’s Instagram feeds.
      The only major difference is in the comments in the sidebars.
      I am sending color hard copies of Constables Instagram page to Frank by snail mail.

      Because Mack is denied access to the internet except to communicate with her lawyers she is not able to delete her Instagram pages.

    • Thank you Natashka:
      I will cut and paste the list of the people Kim Constable admires.
      Keith Raniere and Sara Bronfman are at the top of the list.

      People I Admire
      There are people in this world who’s main goal, is to make it a better place to live.

      They want to help others to have a better life, because they understand on some level, that one human achievement raises us all. Below is a list of people I consider to be human beings worth sharing; people who I admire and look up to.

      I am proud to share these people with you. I hope they touch your life, in some small way, like they have touched mine.

      Humanitarian Ethics – Keith Raniere

      Inspirational Female – Sara Bronfman

      Inspirational Marketing – Seth Godin

      Human Connection and Vulnerability – Brene Brown

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