Court approves Allison Mack’s request to get a job, go to school and church

It’s official. Judge Nicholas Garaufis  has approved the requested home detention modifications for Allison Mack.
Here is the official signed order.
Last week, Mack requested a modification of the conditions of her home detention to permit her to leave her residence for employment, religious services (once per week); and schooling.
Mack was arrested on April 20, at her Brooklyn apartment by FBI agents. Following her arrest, Mack was released on a $5 million personal recognizance bond secured by real property with a combined estimated market value of $1.7 million, including her parents’ residence in California, and a lien on Mack’s retirement account valued at $585,000.
Mack will still be required to wear an ankle monitor. And she cannot travel outside the Central District of California (where her parents reside), the Eastern District of New York, and the Southern District of New York without permission of the court.
She also may not have contact—outside the presence of her attorneys—with co-defendants, alleged co-conspirators, or any
individual currently or formerly employed by or associated with Nxivm or any affiliated entity.
She may not use a computer and go on the internet with the exception of a device, approved and monitored by Pretrial Services, to communicate with her lawyers, Pretrial Services, and a treatment provider, or anyone else with prior approval from Pretrial Services and the government.
She can make and receive calls to and from phone numbers agreed to by her lawyers and the government on a cell phone monitored by Pretrial Services.   Prior to her arrest, Mack had no criminal history.
In arguing for her right to work, volunteer, go to school and church, her lawyers wrote, that “while the instant charges have deprived her of pursuing her acting career, Ms. Mack nevertheless is interested in contributing to society. In that regard, Ms. Mack has contacted her Pretrial Services Officer to express her interest in obtaining employment, volunteering in her community, and attending classes and religious services while she waits for the opportunity to defend herself and clear her name at trial…..
“The proposed modifications will allow Ms. Mack to contribute to society and her own self betterment while she awaits the resolution of the criminal charges. They will permit her to explore employment opportunities, pursue further education, and attend religious services. These activities not only will allow Ms. Mack to use her time productively while awaiting trial, but will also assist her reintegration into society if she is vindicated of the charges or even in the unlikely event that she is convicted after trial.”
Frank Report correctly predicted that because both Pretrial Services and the prosecution consented to the proposed amendments to her home detention, it was likely to be approved by Judge Nicholas Garaufis.
It was approved and Mack can now seek employment, school and a church suitable to her tastes and opportunities.
If she obtains employment, she is required to provide Pretrial Services with her work schedule as well as copies of paychecks or pay stubs. If she enrolls in a class or classes, she is to provide Pretrial Services with proof of enrollment and her class schedule.

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  • Certainly no excuse for Ms. Mack to be involved in trafficking, esp. child trafficking, but take a look at some of the movies she was in at a very early age, one involving a priest/perv who kidnaps a child. And a soft porn movie at age 11. Perhaps she was a victim of Hollyweird herself.

  • Not that this is proof, but Crazy Days “confirms” that this item/rumor is about Ally Wack:

    THURSDAY, AUGUST 23, 2018
    Blind Items Revealed #2

    This former A- list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show will probably never get another acting job again. The thing is though, there are producers and directors who are willing to throw thousands of dollars her way to hook up with her just so they can say they did it. This includes males and females. She gets a dozen offers a day and asked someone in power to let her have the chance to meet them all without saying it exactly in those words.

    Allison Mack

  • If AM has been banned from using a computer is she going to use a typewriter to do her schoolwork?

    How about research for her papers? Guess she’s going to have to be at the library a lot digging through books like in the olden days.

    Shes a lazy dumb ass, she just wants out of the house and away from her parents watchful eyes.

    Church my ass. She has never said anything about God other than her Master Vanguard ever.

    • As I understand it Allison Mack is taking a course in of all things Philosophy.

      If you want to know what a college Philosophy course is like just watch the videos of Allison Mack listening raptly to Keith Raniere pontificate about nothing for an hour.

      Here is what great thinkers of the past had to say about Philosophy.
      “Philosophy, n. A route of many roads leading from nowhere to nothing.” ~ Ambrose Bierce
      “Philosophy is to the real world as masturbation is to sex.” ~ Karl Marx

  • Women get kid glove treatment by the courts because when iut comes down to it, everyone looks at them as children who want to be adults.

  • Sounds like a situation for pushing the boundaries of her bail conditions. Isn’t India Oxenberg back out in that area again? Hopefully there continues to be no contact there – or if there is contact, an immediate consequence of revoking bail. Too much opportunity for manipulating the system if she’s out on the streets.

  • Frank I think you need to ban threads about Allison Mack. Shadowperv just goes ape shit with a zillion comments. Of course seeing him shit his shorts with this news is good for a chuckle.

        • Why do I think you are on the Cook County sex offender list. Since this post, there have been posts about the Salzmans, Ben Myers, Bronfman and Russell. You have just a couple of comments and actually somewhat reasonable. But the minute Allie Wack is mentioned, you go into a frenzy. Like a teenage boy with a hardon spanking it a mile a minute. You really need professional help for your obvious mental condition.

          • Why do I think you are on the Cook County sex offender list.

            Because you aren’t thinking at all.
            I have never been arrested or charged with any crime in Cook County or anywhere else.
            Unlike your hero Allison Mack, who has been charged with a laundry list of crimes.

            You should examine why you feel compelled to defend a sociopathic woman who gets off
            by torturing and enslaving people.

    • I only upset you because you consider Ms. Mack to be an Icon of some sort.
      A monument to deviousness and mendacity.

      Ms. Mack who admires Marina Abramovic , a Satan worshiper, telling the judge she now wants to go to church.
      As Judge Judy would say, “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.”

      • Dude I think you upset people because you think Ms Mack is an icon.You obviously had her on a pedestal which reflects your own lack of self worth. Then as a defense mechanism you project that on others. Allison Mack is on house arrest in your head.

        • Dr. Freud or Dr. Fraud?
          Your namesake was infamous for pushing cocaine and using the drug himself.

          As a matter of fact the leaders of NXIVM like Clare Bronfman deliberately chose Allison Mack because of Mack’s appeal to young women.
          Of course Clare is a lesbian and wanted to attract young women to the cult.

          Speaking of the Sigmund Freud family, Freud’s grandson Clement Freud was a notorious pedophile

          Clement Freud
          In 2016, seven years after he died, three women made public allegations of child sexual abuse and rape by Freud, which led to police investigations.[4]

          At the rate Allison Mack is going she might end up accused of child sex abuse for her behavior with the 8 year old gymnast girl in Clifton Park.

          • Ease up bro! After Allie takes the plea deal, let’s you and me go visit her at comic-con. It’ll be just like old times.

          • Message to Perv 2059
            If Allison Mack takes a plea deal which Comic Con would hire her to appear?
            Comic Cons have lots of children because kids like comics.
            Comic Cons are not appropriate venues for sexual traffickers like Allison Pimp Mack to appear.

            FYI Plea Deals actually involve pleading guilty.
            You must be even dumber than Allison Pimp Mack.

  • “while the instant charges have deprived her of pursuing her acting career…”

    Is she not quoted as saying she gave up her career as an actress for a higher purpose. I thought there was video evidence of her saying this so saying that or something similar. This quote from her lawyer alone shows she can’t own up to her responsibilities and the choices she made.

  • Being a silver-lining kind of a woman, I hope all this freedom is just because it helps the Feds gather more evidence on them all.

  • Contribute to society? Give me a break. Society would fare much better with her manipulative arse behind bars.

  • We were lead to conclude, Mack agreed to turn over info for a plea at her bail hearing. I now conclude she has indeed flipped, hence the approved freedoms.

  • This is the same Judge who was concerned because Allison was out on bail and under house arrest in California, far from Brooklyn, NY. He ensured that her ankle monitor stay attached when she travelled back and forth to Brooklyn for court appearances.

    Now she can go out wherever she pleases? No one will hire her or allow her to volunteer for a charitable organization! What school is she planning on attending? Would they want her?

    • As far as school is concerned, maybe US state colleges have similar arrangements with the criminal justice system as the UK does? We have to accept a certain percentage of ‘offenders’ will be enrolled (usually by their probation officers) and then only on basic skills courses (math, science, english) everyone knows who they are, because of the anklets, also if their cases come up during term-time and they are sent down, we don’t see them again, so not a serious bid for education, rather an expedient solution of sorts for those awaiting their respective criminal charges. As a cohort they are generally withdrawn and preoccupied. I never include offenders in my annual outcomes, so few make it to the end.

      • Allison Mack is a high school graduate and not a particularly bright one at that.
        She believes that blackmail photographs and videos are “collateral” as in collateral for loans.

  • Ms. Mack is under indictment for wire fraud.
    Supposedly she stole the credit card numbers of some of the DOS slaves under her.
    For any job as a cashier stealing credit cards numbers automatically disqualifies one from employment.
    Moreover, many jobs today require the employee to have access to a computer and the internet.
    It is almost impossible for Allison Mack to secure any type of employment in retail or handling money.

    As for Ms. Mack’s ideal profession of being a serious legitimate actress that is also dead and buried.
    The actor Kevin Spacey was one of the top actors in Hollywood.
    He is a talented performer who has appeared on the stage and in movie and TV productions.
    Recently it was revealed that Kevin Spacey is in the habit of getting drunk and molesting young men.
    His acting roles have disappeared.

    This weekend a movie “The Billionaire Boys Club” filmed by Spacey 3 years ago and in the can was released to a grand total of 11 theaters nationwide.
    The total nationwide box office was 618 dollars.

    Box Office: Kevin Spacey’s ‘Billionaire Boys Club’ Earns Abysmal $126 on Opening Day
    For the full weekend, Billionaire Boys Club looks to have earned just $618 from a total of 11 theaters (the additional locations didn’t report any grosses on Friday and Saturday).

    Kevin Spacey is a far more talented performer than Allison Mack and his career is ruined.

    Allison Mack can kiss her career as a legitimate performer good bye.

    Allison Mack can become a performer in the adult entertainment industry.
    Or Allison Mack could perform behind closed doors for horny movie moguls, both male and female, in the old Hollywood casting couch tradition.
    Or Ms. Mack can get a make work job with either the Bronfman or the Salinas business empires to keep her around long enough to perform one last time in a court room and take the fall.

    • LMAO@ Shadow and Walter!

      On a compassionate note:

      If the girl is screaming bloody murder and sleep walking through the night as reported in comments here on the Frank Report, her best bet at ever working or functioning again is seeing a psychiatrist and/or cult deprogrammer immediately.

      Provided the Bronfman attorneys would be so kind as to allow Ali’s attorney to recommend REAL medical treatment — since that request was conspicuously not made.

      I hope all the Bronfman-paid and/or unduly influenced attorneys know that they will not be above the law for long if they want to pretend their clients do not need psychiatric help…and one of their stooge, “take the fall-gal” clients goes as berserker as anyone exposed to what they have been put through and subjected to well might.

      Until then I think Ali should steer clear of the holy water and crucifixes at church!

    • Lauren Salzman is operating under similar loose restrictions.
      I would not infer plea negotiations under these conditions.

      Because it will be months before the case goes to trial it would not be practical to keep Mack under house arrest until next year.

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