Allison Mack seeking plea deal on sex trafficking charges; will testify against Raniere

By Frank Parlato

The dominoes are falling fast.

Allison Mack’s attorneys have advised the actress to waive for a brief time the clock on speedy trial – until May 3-  in order to cut a deal with the feds to avoid proseuction.

The deal is likely to include her testifying against Keith Raniere and likely his hench-woman Clare Bronfman, whom authorities are said to be showing an increasing interest in.

It has always been my contention that Mack is part victim, part victimizer and that the true evildoers were Raniere, the two Bronfman sisters – Sara and Clare and mother and daughter, Nancy and Lauren Salzman.

I have told Mack’s story many times and, at one time, Catherine Oxenberg and I spoke with her manager to try to persuade Allison Mack to leave the cult before the FBI had began its investigation. Kristin Kreuk also made some attempts at intervention, according to reports within the NXIVM circles.

There is a slim chance that, if Allison, who knows where the skeletons are – if she cooperates with the DOJ, she might avoid jail time.

If she chooses not to cooperate against the monster Raniere and Bronfman, she is lilely to spend the rest of her days in prison..

This is a death knell. If Allison sings it will be goodnight sweetheart, goodnight.

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  • Mr.Perlato,
    I am shocked, what happened to Alison Mack and others!
    I do know her in person, as a friendly, joyess, intelligent lady, from a very good family.
    You are NOT considering, that this girls are ALL brainwashed and hypnotised in many courses of 16 hours daily, 2 weeks in a row, on and on.
    Sorry for my English,I am of German Nationality and my lovely daughter Prem Sahajo Aisha Haertel also was lured into the cult, from the Bronfman sisters, shortly after having made her Masters in Politics in Aberystwyth.. She was not a “Nanny” but promised from Mexican Loretta Garcia Davilas to learn in special courses, how to lead a private school and move the same wherever she wants, into the world. We where dreaming to created a private school in Portugal.
    I am disgusted, how irresponsible you act as journalist.You name people, show the most ugly photos to undermine your negative view and ideas to help reading a best sale of your paper.
    At least you should have met my daughter,before you jump to conclusions about her doings. I put both my hands into the fire for her innocence and risk here my herrasment, by offering my Email,to contact me for REAL informations.
    She is still married to Ken and has NOT a green card. It was a love marriage and they are not seperated,but in friendly therns.I am witness of this fact!
    If you really wish to hear truth and facts about my daughter, please contact me on!!!
    I came to the U.S. to only find , that my daughter was caught into a cult and she couldnt see it. I tried 4 years to reach her, open her eyes and almost lost her and any contact with her.
    It was also known as very dangerous to go openly against the cult! People disappeared and committed suicide.
    Do you have children and can imagine the tragic and painful situation, Raniere caused between parents and children, which where separated thanks his brainwashings ,when one or the other was not willing to enter his courses?
    I tried to inform politicians in Albany and get help, but they didn’t want to “burn their hands”….
    You seem to hunt only negative gossip, without being well informed.
    There exists many more beautiful photos of Sahajo,but you seem to want to make a point, with this ugly photos of her and insults
    “she was part of the Osho sex cult.”….You seem not even to know, that the therm “sex cult” in context with the Osho commune,was in a trial forbidden by law, many years ago?!
    I am now 75 years old and 36 years disciple with the same Master. How you dare to compare my Master’s work with that of Raniere??? If you are interested, in finding truth, you may research all over our planet to see, that most of us perform valuable social, humanitarian work in different societies, teach Yoga and meditation to debile,handycaped people, in prisons and our work is welcomed in many schools,universitys and management schoolings.
    Exactly with this ideas and upbringing, with highly ethical values, my daughter entered the cult. ANYBODY from her past studies will verify her values! This fact makes the crime of Raniere worse.
    I hope to hear from you and am open for clarification and discussions with the public.
    In love with love.
    Ma Satprem Haertel

    • Wouldn’t Nazi’s in the 2nd world war have said the same thing about most of the members of the Nazi party back then?

      Yes many are involved in sex cults or sex acts as bad as the sex cult nxivm, but that does not mean that the people who do this are “intelligent” or “good”. How can you be morally good and willingly perform sex rituals with other people in secret, lie and try to promote young people to join?

      I can agree that the criticism toward Allison Mack, your daughter or any other member of this cult is a bit hypocritical considering that we live in a world where this sort of evil is common. But for you to claim that you can be good and intelligent and be involved in things like this is very manipulating and dishonest. What criteria of intelligence and good are you using here?

    • It’s a new page. You can click on page 1 of the comments by clicking the ‘previous’ link to the right of the Comments Counter.

  • Good job Frank on your work.

    But lets stick to the facts. This blog is becoming sidetracked by speculation by several commenters. ( Brigid, Shadowstate and Scott Johnson)

      • No those aren’t facts. They are allegations. Seriously Shadowstate you need to go and learn the law.

        In order to charge someone you must compile a list of allegations.

        Proving they are facts or lies what the court system and lawyers are there.

          • You two are a tag team of commenters.
            Do we need BOTH of you?
            Or either of you?

        • I think that most people who have followed this account feel that the characterization of NXIVM’s activities and and Mack’s involvement are generally accurate. Most debate concerns her psychological and emotional state and its relevance as a mitigating circumstance. Facts tend to be rather indisputable (i.e. the table of elements), but a general narrative based on eyewitness accounts to date has taken shape.

        • Look, I love Law and order like the next person but knowing every episode does not make one a lawyer 🙂 The allegations against AM have to now be proven in a court of law and I have no doubt the feds will have loads of evidence to prove their case. I do hope AM’s able to make a deal–the govt. needs to go after the money and get the Bronfmans on tax evasions–that will really hurt them the most.

          Acting as though AM is already tried and found guilty is not how our legal justice system works.

          • exactly. That’s what i have been trying to get through to shadowstate and brigids thick skulls but they are too enamoured with AM and fapping over smallville memorabilia.

        • Thank you. I couldn’t have said it better. At least this is the case in Europe,where I am coming from.
          Its also illegal by law, to spread names and photos into the open, as Mr.Perlatu here does, without any proof and the clear task to harm the “accused”.
          Rich people take a lawyer in such cases. I would now like to be rich enough, to get my daughter Sahajo ,who is lured through the mud here,unharmed out of the cult.
          Alison Mac is a victim,like my daughter.
          To me, Raniere is a psychological sick man. He belongs in psychiatric treatment behind bars.So do the people which supported his “work” financial!!!
          Ma Satprem Haertel (mother of Sahajo Haertel)

  • That calls for a celebration. And Raniere’s in jail, finally, many thanks to you and your persistence.

    • Obviously that person want her name not to be told. As she’s a victim everyone should respect that and not (try to) answer that question !

    • Who cares who she is. She deserves her name to be out of the public and she has problems of her own. I know there are a lot of weirdos around here who would love to see some graphical evidence of their favorite actress on some shady sites. But come on. Btw you failed to mention Kristin Kreuk.

  • Good Morning America ran a piece on the story today. Though their focus was Shadowstates obsession with Allison Mack and scott johnsons love of penetrating cattle.

      • The piece on Sultan and his harem of six was on after the commercial break. That was polite of the network, gave me time to pop some popcorn.

      • No Sultanofsix is tomorrow. They are going to reveal the altar in his home with pics of KK and his spank bank of smallville memorabilia.

          • Making your parents so proud! Not really. Obsessed with Kristin Kreuk for 17 years and living in your mom’s basement. Nothing to be proud of. Your parents are heartbroken about you.

        • Oh a “mom’s basement” joke. How old are you mentally? Twelve years old?

          It seems like I hit a nerve. You can’t argue points so you start mocking a person’s fanship of a celebrity.

          Like I said, you’re a pussy. How long would you know that I’ve been obsessed with KK, huh?

          That’s right. I thought so. Stalker.

          • Go ask your sister-in-law if you don’t know what that means. You might also want to ask her about your 17-year-Kristin-Kreuk obsession. That’s definitely not healthy.

          • You’re not even original.

            You’re like Pee-Wee Herman: “I know you are but what am I”. Has an original thought ever entered your mind?

            It’s ironic that you know how long I’ve supposedly been “obsessed” with Kristin. After all, you’re obsessed with me. Where did you find out how many years I’ve been obsessed with her? Did you do a search on Google. I just did. I barely show up anywhere related to Kristin Kreuk. Certainly, there is no number of years related to how long I’ve been following her. And the current forum that I post on is locked down with a password. Meaning you can’t see what I post without joining. So, how do you know?

            You see where this is going?

            Probably not. You’re a stalking, idiotic troll after all.

          • I think you are replying to multiple people SoS. You’re getting annoyed, it shows you that having a fervent interest from a distance isn’t exactly ‘endearing’ to the object of fascination. Something to think about.

          • The annoyance is obvious.

            As for the rest of your statement, 1) I don’t really know how to interpret your statement 2) but if I do interpret it correctly, the first question would be, how would you know?

          • Not trying to feed any paranoia, but one has said you’ve been obsessed for 10 years, and another for the very precise 17. Which is it btw? Also, honest answer, do you think this obsession is good for your life? Do you see it as a problem or not?

          • Smoking isn’t good for people. Drinking alcohol isn’t good for people. People have a lot of bad habits that aren’t good for them. They still do them.

            What does any of that have to do with someone trolling me for following a celebrity? Do you think these people are doing it for my benefit? To help me get rid of an “obsession”?

            I don’t follow the purpose of your line of questioning. You’ve stated “having a fervent interest from a distance isn’t exactly ‘endearing’ to the object of fascination. Something to think about.”

            How can you adamantly state something like that. That would mean they know who I am to even care and you are them or somehow know their thoughts on the matter. Excuse me for finding that hard to believe.

  • Univision’s Despierta America morning show just did a brief news story on Keith and Allison. I didn’t see or hear of any mention of Emilio

  • Questions for those who know/knew what really happened from the inside :

    Considering the feds/court seems to be willing to offer pleas even to the “big fishes” if it means they can gather more evidence and/or an even bigger fish,

    1. How likely is it that KR and AM (or later the Bronfmans/Salzmans) go away with it by reaveling about a major name involvment we haven’t heard of yet (A-list celebrity, major political or business man/woman, law enforcement,…) ?

    2; If one or several big fish like AM get a plea, is it possible that someone with less wrong doing still got a bigger sentence in the end just because they don’t have enough information therefore less “value” to the authorities ?

    • In answer to your question.

      1. Keith isn’t going to be offered anything. The guy is at the top of the chain. The only ones who are going to be offered anything will be AM and those below her. Plea deals are looked at if the FEDS think there is more that they don’t know ( i.e murders, underage sex, more fraud, where money is being kept, who is in charge, what assests do they have etc ) They don’t make them unless it works in their favor.

      2. Of course.

  • “Clare Bronfman moved near the jail to better defend the leader, Parlato said.”

    Well lets move her a little closer and put her inside the jail. Then she spend some time thinking of all the wicked crap she has done.

  • “Slaves were also allegedly forced into sleep-deprivation that made them lose their ability to menstruate.”

    That wasn’t the only reason why. It’s been proven that PEOPLE are easier to control when they are lacking sleeping.

    • They ate so little food and especially little protein (essential for brain health). I microwaved a trader joe meal for lunch yesterday, just veggies and curry, not a big lunch, and I noticed it was 479 calories. How much those women eat in an entire day. And they don’t get the nice curry, just gross squash and lots of zucchini. Convenient to brainwasher Raniere that his preference was 500 calorie vegan diet. Keeps his slave compliant.

      • The sad part is that if you look at Keith you can tell he was not on a 500 calorie vegan diet himself. He was eating what he liked, when he liked and forcing them to eat less, take cold showers, not sleep, not shave their pubes and have sex with him anytime he wanted. He wanted them to be mindless slaves. Unable to think. Food and sleep helps you think.

        • Children get pubic hair when they hit puberty, around 12. When they’re in middle school. 500 calorie vegan diet keeps women as slender as children (Clare Bronfman for instance is said to be now in the 80-90 lb range). We know Keith is partial to children in the 12-15 year old range (remember Rhiannon and Gina?). Perpetually self-indulgent glutton Keith grooms his slaves to look like children and likes middle schoolers best of all.

          • The singer Karen Carpenter suffered from anorexia.
            She would starve herself and also engage in heavy exercise.
            After years of engaging in this brutal regime Karen Carpenter had damaged her heart and ended up dying of a heart attack at the age of 33.
            All of the women following this NXIVM diet and exercise regime are damaging their health and shaving years off of their lives.

    • “There’s 111 Hicks St., a Brooklyn Heights tower, where up to a dozen slaves allegedly stayed for various rituals over the past year, according to Frank Parlato.” Go Frank! “There’s a “recruiting” building in East Williamsburg. And now there’s an apartment in Sunset Park, where the group’s new operator supposedly lives so she can be close to the federal lockup “

  • Amongst the various cruel and unusual punishments meted out to the victims of the nxivm cult, I remember that Raniere instructed some women to run head first into trees? I think it would be sensible for those affected to get MRI scans. Frontal lobe trauma is a condition often cited on the statements of vulnerable students on special register ( I teach) in the event that the trauma sustained was relatively mild, we can expect: a definite lack of social inhibition, unruly behaviour, heightened emotions, ADHD, tardiness, impatience and a marked lack of empathy.

    So far we know that Raniere subjected his slaves to: sleep deprivation, a restricted diet, sexual abuse, rape, suicide ideation, hypnosis, brain-washing,blackmail, fraud, hot branding and frontal-lobe trauma. Escaping these conditions entailed years of malicious and vindictive legal harassment.

    About the characters, predispositions, and intentions of nxivm’s various slaves, not much is known.. yet, but we know enough about the nxivm operation in its various parts, to focus on dismantling it. Why not unleash your ire on those still running ‘The Knife’ and ‘Rainbow Cultural Gardens’, be generous with it.

    • That Raniere occasionally caged slaves. One commenter said he’d be dead within the year in prison. That will be no loss to humanity.

          • True! but I reckon Karma’s got a few living challenges for Raniere before he gets eternal rest! Also, please don’t waste too much of your kind and sharp wits on the antediluvian trolls. If they can – they WILL waste your time.

  • It would be very difficult to overcome the 1st Amendment freedom of religion in the U.S., and the anti-religious movement would call all religions cults. There are plenty of laws to clamp down on the already illegal activities by NXIVM and other cults. We don’t need France’s laws.

      • lol i know Scott Johnson has changed his name but not his profile LOL.

        Back to Amyway Scott for you and your 2nd amendment

    • You like your fundamentalism and fascism, huh, Scott? With big dollops of raging misogyny. Go caress your guns and make love to your sheep, the only creature who will have you. Except for Amway. Amway will always love you, and for years you loved them. I bet Erik Prince and Betsy Devos still send you Christmas cards.

      Only Fox “news” viewers think there’s such a thing as an “anti-religious” movement. There is no war on Christmas. America is about freedom of all religions and separation of church and state. You don’t like the separation part, or the all religions part. Too bad. We’re at the end of white Christian America, but you’ll always have freedom fries, Scott.

    • Look who revealed their misogyny. Porn stars are people. They’re probably more intelligent and have more integrity than you.

      • Scott Tex Johnson is a huge misogynist and his sentiments are ugly and moronic. He got pulled into a cult for years himself and learned nothing from his experience.

        • Yeah we have heard about Scott and his cult. Something to do with penetrating cattle, while wearing chaps and discussing politics and guns.

  • It’s curious to see people believe that AM shouldn’t be given a plea deal in exchange for testimony against VanTurd, the Bronfman’s or Salzman’s. This is how cases are built in this country: if you can get a major player to flip to save their own neck, you can bring down the rest of the organization.

    AM should serve prison time, of this there is no doubt; but if she doesn’t turn States evidence, who’s to say that the wretched hags with all the money- who’ve been using that money to make this last far, far too long- won’t get away and spend their lives in a comfy, non-extraditable country? AM is a means to an end: the total destruction of NXIVM and all of their subsidiaries. Her knowledge can facilitate this. Suck it up for the good of the mission, people.

    • AM’s acting career is basically over.
      Wherever she goes she will be seen as a pariah.
      She will be as welcome as a leper.
      AM is a mentally ill leper.

      And the US government has made deals with organized crime hit men like Sammy the Bull in order to bring down the Big Boss like John Gotti.

      • First off Shadowstate1958 is a moron who was trolling AM long before this even began mostly because she refused his advances. Now he gets off on writing posts about her even though he has no clue. Typical lunatic.

        • Why is “Texas likes sheep” so defensive about Allison Mack?
          Because “Texas likes sheep” regards torture, sex trafficking and rape as acceptable behavior and is the one truly obsessed with Pimp Mack.
          If Pimp Mack were not such a demented freak facing Federal charges, I would not even be discussing her.
          At best Pimp Mack is just another vain shallow actress.
          In Hollyweird vain, shallow actresses are a dime a dozen.

          • Angry are we shadowstate LOL. Angry little man who jerks off to AM and is obsessed with her. You speak of shallow actresses but the only one you focus on is AM. You are like sultanofsix. Both of your obsesions are unhealthy. Go back to fapping over smallville memorabilia


          • “No, you are!” You’re a middle-aged misogynist who got rejected by Allison Mack. Go back to school, you could use some learning.

          • Allison Mack is a female misogynist who has to control other women by branding and owning them.

            Afterwards Pimp Mack offers these women up to her Master Keith Raniere for his sexual pleasure.

          • Shadow, the ‘person’ who continues to attack you and Scott, while thinking they are defending Allison Mack, cannot stop themselves from posting about bestiality and masturbation. They are just as sick mentally and emotionally as Mack is, and they are broadcasting their own sexual deviancy and preoccupation with perversity and abnormal behaviour, deranged thoughts, and criminal fixations to everyone who reads this blog. Which has the opposite effect of what they claim to intend: the defense of Mack. When only fellow sick disturbed deviants come to Mack’s defense, then it does her no favours. This twisted ‘person’ has real psychological problems and an utter lack of maturity, dignity, and education. Transparently pathetic. What a grotesque mind to produce such sick thoughts, and then think it is in any way appropriate to share them with the world on a public blog.

          • I know the flack I am getting is really a form of projection.
            Whatever demons lie in this person’s heart are being projected onto me.
            These people need help as much as Ms. Mack.

            To be honest I haven’t thought about Ms. Mack for years.
            I only watched the show Smallville once or twice mainly because I grew up as a kid long ago watching the Superman shows with George Reeves.
            The premise of Smallville is so stupid it’s unbelievable.
            It’s basically Superman in high school.

            I am shocked how unsophisticated some people are.
            The attribute the character of Chloe Sullivan to the actress who plays her.
            And these morons really believe that Allison Mack is just like Chloe Sullivan.
            I’ve heard of Soap Opera stars who claim they’re assaulted in public because people think they are the character they play on TV.
            Life for Susan Lucci and Joan Collins must have been quite complicated at times.

            As for Ms. Mack I feel sorry that she threw her career and life away to follow a man who is basically a charlatan.
            But Allison Mack did it of her own free will.
            If Ms. Mack weasels out of a long prison sentence she needs to get serious help in separating fact from fiction and evil from good.

            And for evil to be conquered good people must stand up and fight against it.

          • Good Morning American posted about Shadowstates fapping over AM, BRIGIDs hillbilly lovers and Johnsons cattle penetrations says:

            LOL the funny part is BRIGID, SHADOWSTATE and JOHNSON are all from the same fapping group. These guys are obsessed. Hillybilly, AM fapper, and cattle penetration


      • Well this is true- however, the Feds love airtight cases, and big witnesses tend to create that. I don’t want ANY chance any of these people skate, and if that means AM gets a slightly lesser sentence, then so be it.

      • Maybe they should lock you up. Innocent until proven guilty

  • Alison also made suggestions to Keith – about sexual things that she purported would give him pleasure, things that were abnormal and were BDSM related things that were so filthy no normal woman would willingly perform such acts. It was not just sex. She should NOT get a plea deal and should get as much time in prison as Keith. Life in prison. These two have both given life sentences to their slaves. Especially the teenagers and the girls approaching puberty.

    • Allison Mack missed her calling.
      Instead of being a conventional actress she should have been a porn star actress.
      I am sure some of the women she tortured and branded would help her live out her fantasies.

      • Okay Shadowstate we all get your infatuation with Allison Mack. I’m sorry she declined your advances through twitter and that you only have pics of her to fap off too but your slander and words against her are getting old.

        Innocent until proven guilty ( go look it up dickhead )

        • It’s not slander to tell the truth about someone.
          The truth about Pimp Mack is stated in the unsealed indictment naming her as a slave master.

          What is your compulsion to defend a sadistic freak who tortures and enslaves women?
          What is your compulsion to defend an accessory to rape?

          • You don’t have truth. She wasn’t the one branding. A doctor did it. So get your facts right dickhead.

            Your obsession with seeing AM fall is from being rejected on twitter. We all saw the tweets. Sorry its back to the FAP cave for you.

            Innocent until proven guilty – learn about it dickhead

          • Pimp Mack was in charge of the branding holding down the women as the cauterizing tool was applied.
            Why were the brands a mixture of Raniere’s and Mack’s initials?

            Moreover, Pimp Mack was in charge of collecting the blackmail material?

            As for your obsession with FAP there is not end of material on the internet to FAP to.
            So obsessed that you feel the need to defend her against all criticism.

            Don’t worry.
            With a plea deal she will be let out in a few years and you can have her all to yourself.
            Unless her prison experience turns her into a hard core lesbian.

    • In this highly secretive cult. (No, actually you were’t, you know nothing.)

    • ionwhitepoetry. Making comments without backing it up with true sources is just hearsay. You sound like someone that was jaded or someone that is projecting what you did to a man on to her.

      • If I was one of the victims I’d keep my details and sources for the authorities and, writing here (on a blog) doesn’t to my knowledge require a full journalistic approach, especially in the comment section !

        Most of the comments probably come from outside people (like me, and I would say you, given what you just say) but my guess is some victims also contribute while trying not to divulge their identities to avoid repercusion and because all this is surely hurting enough already…

        • Most lawyers would encourage their clients not to post anything on the internet in case it could be used. IonwhitePoetry comments are either giving people who think Mack is unredeemable fodder for their contempt, but also trying to convince those on the fence that Mack is awful (this might not be their intent, but that’s what happens).

          I don’t doubt Ion had a horrible experience, but I’d be curious to know the time frame of her interaction with Mack. Most people who knew her before the cult said she was super friendly and sweet. Years of conditioning would change that.

          • “Most lawyers would encourage their clients not to post anything on the internet in case it could be used.”

            That’s assuming they all have a lawyer, I do think otherwise.

            Between those still inside and under too much surveillance to contact one safely, those who were able to escape and are now financialy ruined (among other things) and those who escaped and try to make a new life far from all of this (abroad ?) I wouldn’t be surprised if some victims were just using this platform as part of their healing process

            My point wasn’t to guess or prove she(?)’s a victim, I was just trying to say “some people here probably have valid reasons not to say anything too specific and still feel the need to be here”…

            I, for one, am here cause I once failed to help a friend in a cult but have no link with this one nor with any person involved.
            I would like to see some sort of “happy ending” for the victims and their families in this case !

  • Didn’t Allison Mack create DOS with Keith Raniere? Didn’t she personally recruit the majority of the slaves? Didn’t she hold the women down while they screamed while getting branded?

    • Based on my understanding, it was originally Keith’s idea. the women held each other down. The truth vs. speculation will hopefully get clarified in the court.

      • The FBI documents are a better source of accurate information that what you’ll read here. We come here because we want all the latest updates. The accuracy might be off at times, as the focus is on up to date news not investigating everything as much.

    • Have something better to do than make shallow assumptions that serve only to display your malice and ignorance framed as questions?

    • And Miss Mack allegedly enjoyed being called “Madam”
      Pimp Mack knew damned well what she was doing.

      • More speculation by the angry shadowstate. You are so angry? Were you neglected by your mother when you were a child so now you take your anger out on women? specifically AM

        • Why are you defending a woman who by any reasonable standard of behavior is mentally ill?

          A woman who collects blackmail to compel other women to submit to sex.
          A woman who uses deceit and trickery to enslave other women all the while proclaiming her commitment to “female empowerment.”

          Americans have apparently lost the ability to judge immoral and criminal behavior.

          Just because Pimp Mack played a character on TV you attribute attributes to her that she does NOT have.

          • Ah there is the proof that he watched her on Smallville. Let me guess shadowstate do you have an altar for her where you fap over her? I’m sorry she rejected you on twitter and now you spend your days trolling forums about allison mack and that you make up crap because you can’t stand to bear that she is innocent until proven guilty.

            I think you need therapy my friend.

          • What is your obsession with defending Allison Mack?
            Mack is an obvious sociopath.

            If Pimp Mack were out on the streets she would either be servicing Keith Raniere or her wife Nicki Clyne.

          • Shadow, this ‘person’ defending Mack at every turn is just as sick, deviant, morally bankrupt, degenerate, and perverse as Mack. That they regard her behaviour as defensible in any way whatsoever and advocate for her getting no jail time whatsoever, while putting all of the blame onto Raniere, is all we need to know about them. They use movies and other trash television shows as legal examples. They live in a fantasyland. Just ignore this person defending Allison Mack, they are mentally and emotionally sick. They are here only to argue with those who see Mack for what she is–a dangerous violent serious criminal who is where she needs to be, in a federal lock-up. They downplay her crimes, try to place 100% of the culpability for her actions onto raniere which is a type of sick male chauvinism where the female has no agency under the total control of a man and of course, nobody is buying it. The FBI isn’t buying it either, which is why she was charged along with him as a co-conspirator. The only question for them is who they really are and what their motivation is to defend a sexual criminal and torturer. Someone in love with Mack? Close to them in real life? A degenerate fan who secretly has the same kinks? Just simply mentally ill, saw someone on TV, and thinks they must protect her? In which case, they are just as dangerous as Mack is to society. I’m sure Frank is watching IP addresses and tracking who is coming here to defend nxium members. This blog will likely be targeted repeatedly to spread disinfo, to try to do some public relations damage control. It is of course too late, but these are the same people who thought they could simply publish ‘collateral’ to smear nxium members and not be charged with intimidating witnesses. They are divorced from reality because they have been operating for so long doing whatever they wanted and getting away with it. That ends, now.

          • “A degenerate fan who secretly has the same kinks? Just simply mentally ill, saw someone on TV, and thinks they must protect her?”

            Sounds like you Brigid.

            No one is defending her. A few people are stating that AMERICANS are entitled to be innocent until proven guilty.

            I think its fair to say that Mack is going to jail because they wouldn’t arrest and charge her if they didn’t have something on her.

            However, until proven guilty that’s all there is.

            Its best not to speculate beyond what is known and very little is known right now. Most comes from tabloids and media outlets and is recycled to gain clicks.

  • after you readi all of the comments, you will automatically become aware of who the drones are that can not produce a thought of there own, which allows you to realize how easily NXSCUM can recruit them.

    • Mindless. As it stands yes the FBI has enough on MACK to arrest and charge her but there is a court system in place to PROVE that its true and not false. If she is guilty then yes she will do jail time but until then she is innocent until proven guilty. I couldn’t give a rats ass about her but I give a crap about the RIGHTS of americans. One day you might need that right. Be careful what you say and don’t try to elevate yourself above others. It only makes you look like a tool.

  • Hello,

    Following this from Europe I feel, as this is having more attention everyday, that the victims are now facing some challenging times.

    One one hand, for those who managed to escape already and those who haven’t yet but want to, it must be a relief to see that the house of cards seems to be falling soon.

    On the other hand I read very rude comments and a lot of shaming comments on some social media acounts/articles comments.

    My question is, do the authorities in charge (FBI or court) get in contact with the victims entourage to allow them to help as all the press/social media is talking about it ?
    Especially if the “collateral(s)” do get leaked the victims will really need to be helped.

    I just hope this doesn’t end with someone suicide !

    (PS Hope my english is ok, fench citizen here, had a friend who was in a cult when in highscool and couldn’t do anything about it then…she left for…the US :/)

    • I hope your friend is doing well. Your country does a great job anti-cult laws. The rest of the world could learn from France. Especially America right now with Keith Raniere’s cult. I like that “mental manipulation” is part of the law and think it’s smart that:

      “French law doesn’t define the term “cult.” Rather, it uses the expression “cultlike movements” to describe groups that demand unreasonable financial contributions, encourage nonparticipation in elections, promote anti-social behavior, or cut members off from their families. It’s easier to target bad behavior, the thinking goes, than to get into a semantic debate over what is and isn’t a cult.”

      And if I understand ” corporate criminal liability for corporations or associations falling under Article 1 in cases where only personal liability existed” right, it means cult leader is also held liable for crimes committed by individual cult members.

      Brief summary in case anyone’s curious about French anti-cult law:

      • Thanks for your concern. Unfortunatly she left France for the USA in the late 90s and I have no idea if she’s even still alive :/

        The law is only part of the solution. Its “rigidity” is also a problem. I saw a television report recently showing an allarming rise of cult like movements in France and around. Most seems to be surfing on the natural medecines/healer image and targeting terminally ill patients.

        Some of them would actually stand a chance with traditional medecine. For most of the families involved, the worst thing is to know your loved one dies and you can’t even be around, say goodbye,…, as all cult movements strongly rely on the victim to cut ties with everyone else…

  • Special Agent Michael Lever with the FBI had been investigating Raniere and speaking with former cult members, including two women known as Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2.

    Lever states that Raniere came up with the idea for Nxivm’s sex slave progra, known as DOS, during the summer of 2015.

    A woman by the name of CC-1, who was revealed to be Mack in subsequent filings, was his first ‘slave,’ and provided ‘colateral’ which guaranteed she would remain faithful to him by providing Raniere with damning material.

  • the American extremists (liberals and conservatives) have arrived in the comments section and it has gone completely in the toilet.

    • innocent until proven guilty - it exists for a reason - one day you might be glad it's there. says:

      i agree.Lots of hillbillys looking for a lynching when the jury is still out.. Very strange place this has turned into.

      • You are all exhausting.

        The current problem in America seems to be people assuming someone is all good (like the actress fan club members here who think stupid women are innocent because they played good characters on tv) and assuming they are all bad (hang ’em high).

        And in the meantime, just attack each other with the most moronic generalisations.

        • You make assumptions about this person just because they hold to the right of every american – Innocent until proven guilty. Respect it as one day you might need it.

      • Hillbillys? Go fuck yourself, you nasty vile bigot. You don’t like other people’s opinions? Then why are you here, on a blog devoted to exposing this violent sickening cult of sex slaves and grotesque abusive deviants, in a comment section open for people to express opinions? You enjoy defending a slaver? Then go tell her how much you love her then, and leave people alone who do not share your views. You don’t know who these commenters are, or what they have experienced in their lives. They may be victims of sexual abuse themselves, in which case they have every right to be angry at a sexual abuser and torturer. The people commenting here are not on a jury, so they have every right to express their feelings. You don’t comment on the articles, you just attack others who happen to disagree with you, and good luck finding people who think this bitch is innocent. Out of the 7 billion people on planet Earth, some of them are not going to hold your views on holding naked women down and branding them with a cauterizing pen while they scream and the room fills with the smell of burning flesh. If you are one of her minions, then go put some money on her commissary so she can eat for a change and leave people alone, you bully.

    • I know…once the story hit CNN YouTube has been inundated with videos by fucktwads connecting this to every made-up kookybird conspiracy crap the internet has to offer.

      The main reason this story fascinates me so much is that it’s real. Nothing needs to be made up.

  • She is blonde cute, white, and still of breeding age. She will never see jail time. She will emerge with a book deal, do a book tour, TV shows, talk shows, playing victim, cry and say sorry, then get back to acting. No responsibility on her part for what she “chose” to partake in joining NXIVM, solely for power based on the belief the “patriarchy “ is suppressing her because she is female.

    • I’m pretty sure that you can’t get a deal if you don’t admit guilt. And Allison has a lot of information to give. The government will only be lenient if she gives up bigger fish (Keith, the Salzman’s, and the Bronfman’s). Even with all that, she will probably face either jail time.

      • New York state has the Son of Sam law. If it were murder charges, then no book deal. In theory, guilty parties cannot make one dime off of their criminal acts, but I suppose she could argue that telling her story would have some societal value as a cautionary tale, and not being convicted by a jury but striking a plea may influence that. While the law has been challenged in other states and in a variety of cases, all with slightly different outcomes, if she were to write a book herself and option it, she would not see any profits, they can be seized by the government, diverted into a victims fund, if anyone sues for civil damages they would be awarded profits. Doesn’t stop other outside people however, and I expect we will see a Lifetime or Oprah movie at the very least. Obviously her plea deal will require she admit guilt to lesser charges. She may still not walk away however, they can easily demand she serve a couple of years as part of the plea. A year, or fifteen, or life? Take your pick. I’m just surprised she flipped so quickly. A few days in the clink and she folded like a cheap suit.
        That being said, I will absolutely buy Frank’s book! So will everyone else.

    • Unlike you, batshit crazy old man. Go back to your usual batshit crazy conspiracy theories. You and Keith Raniere have a lot in common.

      • You assume to know I am a man? Really? Based on my text. Hmmm. Somebody just exposed themselvrs as a sexist and BS kray’ kray’!

  • Allison mack is a victim

    She will do this plea and throw keith under the bus for what he forced her to do through collateral over her and her family

    She will join the many other #METOO victims out there

    Of course there will always been the naysayers, the haters, the ones that are so disgusted with their own lives they have nothing better than to project that on to someone who they have never met and have no idea about.

    Allison will probably do time for marriage fraud but that’s it. 2 to 3 years.

      • If the FBI’s indictment is true then she told a woman she held compromising information over to do as Keith commanded. Keith then had the woman strip and blindfolded her and brought her into the woods to be tied to a table where a third person (she didn’t know) performed oral sex on her while Keith circled around and commented. That is accessory to rape.

        • Yes and once its proven that she was behind it she will get jail. Until then its speculation, circumstantial evidence. Learn the law you nob. People can spew crap on here all day long but there is a reason those rights exist. One day you might need them.

  • Allison Mack is not an innocent victim. She chose to destroy people and lead them to be raped by Raniere. It is NOT POSSIBLE than she was brainwashed and in just a few days after arrest is suddenly seeing the light.

    But in this #MeeToo age Mack can easily play victim and be accepted as a victim by the news media who are no doubt already thinking about lining up her first interview. I’m sure Megyn Kelly will start focusing more on the story to build up a Mack interview down the line.

    Mack is a monster. She will play victim, get “treatment” then get off the hook from her many crimes. All the actresses & actors who destroyed others for the taste of Ranier’s cock, will get out of this without paying for their crimes. That is not justice.

    • kjoe you don’t know crap. Innocent until proven guilty now go crawl back under the rock you climbed out of you slime ball. She is a victim

      • Allison Mack is a victimizer, a torturer and a rapist!! Fact!

        And “Innocent until proven guilty” applies in a US courtroom. Next you’ll drag out the trusty “Judge not and you shall not be judged” crap. Another quote fools like you take out of context!

        Go tell the women Mack beat, burned, tortured, starved and raped that Mack is not a victim, you hopeless fool!

        • Innocent until proven guilty. Sorry to burst your bubble you slime who feeds off the misery of others. Oh man you are going to be real sad when she goes free through a plea deal. LOL

          All you know is what the media is feeding you and you have your pitch fork out like a backwards, inbred, half wit.

          Innocent until proven guilty.

          She is a victim as she was coerced through collateral by keith. End of story… now be on your way you dumb hillybilly

          • OJ and Zimmerman were innocent and NOT proven guilty. But I guess you give whites a different burden of proof. #shame on u! U been exposed for what you are.

        • Agreed, KJoe. Mack needs to go down like the slaver she is. I think that some of the people that come here and defend her (under many usernames) are love struck fans who see Chloe from Smallville rather than Allison Mack. Its rather sad. Its easier for some to blame Vandouche for everything than to have a pretty woman from a TV show be the culprit. But the truth is that Allison … For Years… Looked for slaves for Vandouche and brought many in. If she will turn on Vandouche, it will be strictly for her own benefit to try to keep out of jail. It will not be for the sake of her victims at all.

          • I loved her as Chloe Sullivan. But her character on Smallville was worlds away from the reality of holding women down while they are being branded, coercing them into having sex with KR and blackmail by collecting “collateral.” Good people don’t do things like that. Has she been programmed? Most likely, yes. Did she fall for this creep? Definitely. Does she deserve punishment? Absolutely. Is there a chance at redemption? Possibly, but that is entirely up to her.

            I think she could use prison in a specialized facility where she gets regular counseling and therapy, medication, sleep and food. She needs help but absolutely must be held accountable for her crimes.

      • Allison Mack is a victimizer, a torturer and a rapist!! Fact!

        And “Innocent until proven guilty” applies in a US courtroom. Next you’ll drag out the trusty “Judge not and you shall not be judged” crap. Another quote fools like you take out of context!

        Go tell the women Mack beat, burned, tortured, starved and raped that Mack is not a victimizer and abuser, you hopeless fool!

          • “Innocent until proven guilty” a legal term. But I think you are unable to grasp what that means. LOL!

          • ..that anyone can be reading this (especially now) and that may include family member’s of the people accused or charged. So even if we really do believe certain people may be guilty of certain crimes, do we need to keep stressing that here?
            Imagine if you were a relative of AM, and you were reading these comments about your loved ones….how would you feel?

          • Yes. I need a shrink to help me correct you crazies!

      • “Innocent until proven guilty”. But you say “Raniere is guilty”. HAHAHAHAHA!

        You are a hypocrite as well as a fool! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

        • You laugh at her demise not realizing that you are actually laughing at yourself. What you desire to see in her will show up in your life. Be careful what you project on to another.

          Innocent until proven guilty. ( I know it burns you to hear it )

          Sorry the law exists for backward hillbillys like you who would attempt to take the law into your hands.

      • Allison “chose” to join this cult. She shose to kay with Renuere; she chise to give away her money, critch, and diul and “collateral” to him. You telling ne no responsibility on her part? Really?

        • EDITED: Allison “chose” to join this cult. She chose to lay with Reniere; she chose to give away her money, crotch, her soul and “collateral” to him. You telling me no responsibility on her part? Really? OMFG!

    • #Metoo has nothing to do with Allison Mack and her crimes. #Metoo is about women being victimized and feeling ashamed and let down by a society that blames victims.
      Allison Mack may be a victim of brainwashing, but she is also a victim of her own vanity and vast stupidity. More importantly, she became a victimizer, helping to recruit and brand women into slavery, while using starvation, sleep deprivation and corporal punishment as a means of asserting her authority. She groomed women to be sex toys for a vile excuse of a human. She is much less a victim than she is a sadist and perpetrator.

    • Can anyone tell my why all these people are either a) smiling idiotically, and / or, b) sticking their tongues out? Something is very weird – beyond weird. Also – Catherine Ox – why a book scheduled for release in August? This is so premature. It does not sound like it will be well researched or insightful – there is so much we do not know and there will not have even been a trial by then. What am I missing?

      • From various interviews on youtube, Catherine Oxenburg has been working on this book for a very long time. It is going to be about first being supportive when she thought it was what it was billed as, the Executive Success crap, then her daughter getting in deeper, then moving there, then cutting off her family, and then coming home after a period of time gaunt and brainwashed, and Catherine’s struggle to get her daughter to wake up. The evil of nxium has been driving Mom over the edge as well. I can’t even imagine seeing a loved one much less one’s child enter into something like this, what a nightmare. The interviews I saw were given long before any arrests. She has been agitating for a long time to bring attention to the cult and get authorities to act, so there is a lot of behind the scenes stuff we don;t know about. They may have to wait until the 11th hour to start printing it however, given the daily changes in the story. But the tale of India’s indoctrination will not change. She did discuss how she went to NY state authorities a while ago and asked for help, and they turned down getting involved. I look forward to finding out about what encounters she has had with members, has she been threatened, etc. It has been mentioned that India was ‘love bombed’ when she entered, how they welcomed her into the inner circle right away because I assume raniere wanted to sleep with her, she had social standing from her family, and presumably some money, plus she is still very young.
        Initially, mother & daughter attended the ESP together, as with the Bronfmans. Mack’s father had involvement as well, teaching voice to the actors group. Her parents have been awfully quiet. Wonder what is up with them.

        • Here is a question I have. All this blew up after the October 2017 New York Times article was published. Catherine Oxenberg’s daughter, India, was in the cult a long time before Catherine came on the scene after NYT article. Why now? Why not before the NYT. I say this because from what Frank Report says Catherine got a book deal after the article was published and started becoming proactive after the NYT article. I smell money making opportunity at someone’s expense.

          • While it’s quite understandable to wonder about the “why not before” it is also pretty unfair considering :

            If she didn’t at all none of this would have blown, at least not in these proportions, she actually allow victims a chance to get out

            You don’t know if or for how long she tried to get her daughter out using any way most of us (non famous people) would have in her shoes

            She might have thought the book would actually be the main whistleblower and think then that the results wouldn’t be possible before

            She might have needed time to see what really was happening,

            She might have needed time to build a team maybe (private investigator, lawyers, psychologist ?) for the different steps of her plan ?

            She might not be THAT rich and needed the book deal to have a standing chance considering the heiresses billions.

            Or she might have been so overwhelmed by the thought of loosing her daughter further more (she probably was/is living with the horrible fear that some day her daughter would die of it) that it kinda paralized her…

            Just saying, it’s easy to point fingers, say she hasn’t done it right essentially (not enough, not early enough, or for the wrong reasons…) but can you really tell you would have done it differently (or “better”) in her shoes. By the way, did you try to put yourself in her shoes and imagine just for a second being completly helpless in trying to help a self destructive loved one that doesn’t want to be helped…?

            PS I have no affiliation whatsoever with the oxenberg family, I just happen to know what it’s like to fail to reach a friend in a cult. Happened to me in the late 90s while I was in high school. I am french but she had both french and american nationalities, most (if not all) of her family in the cult and left for the US… Never heard of her since and have no idea if she’s even still alive…
            Even so I still cannot begin to imagine what’s it like when the person is your own blood…!

    • of course shes been eating beef burgers while her master is gone

    • Ah shadowstate the naysayer is back again.

      First off Shadow all we know is she reached out to people about JNESS ( you and others don’t know that the sex DOS thing was going on at this time so once again you are speculating ) and projecting to cover up for your own short fallings.

      Let him without sin throw the first stone.

        • Innocent until proven guilty. Now go back to your shack hillybilly

          • You are a fool. Are you going to start an Allison Mack cult, or what? And I don’t live in America where hillbillies reside.

          • And constantly amazed by the successful products of their public school system.

            People are such extremists there.

        • oh you have been found out lol silly man. crawl back under your rock i can hear the slime calling you.

      • You should read the complete scripture and you will not take it out of context. The New Testament where it comes from also instructs Christians to beware of false teachers, and to avoid making bad company. It says that Christians will recognize the AntiChrist as evil, wen the rest of the world thinks he is good.

        All of that requires: Judgement of others.

        John 8:7 was instructing others to judge righteously. It was not saying to be blind to who is evil and who is not.

        • Yeah and you should learn about love, patience and kindness the fruits of the spirit. I think you are way past quoting scripture hillbilly. No one is going to listen to your bible talk after you spewed such hate. Your religion is empty and nothing but words. Now be on your way before you reap what you sow.

          • Learn about love like Allison Mack? She destroyed people’s lives. She personally raped and tortured other women and she enjoyed it! Her poem on her blog shows she knew damn well it was wrong. She enjoyed beating women, Enslaving them. And using them as sex slaves.

            “My Bible talk”? You are the imbecile who tried using a Bible quote to back up your demented and warped views.

            You have made an utter fool out of yourself!

      • Since I have never held down people while they were being branded like cattle, I feel free to
        judge Pimp Mack for her reprehensible behavior.
        If Pimp Mack is your kind of gal, she can be out in a few years and you should go for her.

    • Dude.
      Rodger Stone took classes (link to Trump)
      Joe Bruno took classes (link to republican leadership in the NYS Senate)
      Clare Bronfman bought an apartment in Trump International Tower (link to Trump)

      None of that means that Trump or the NYS Senate had any idea of what was going on. Just like any donations Nancy Salzman gave to Hillary Clinton or the CGF doesn’t mean that the Clinton’s knew. Maybe they both did, maybe neither did.

      This story is about all the people who were figuratively and literally fucked by a douchbag named Keith Raniere, the Salzman’s, and the Bronfman sisters.

      Bringing shitty pizzagate conspiracy theories into it is just stupid.

      • In 1992, Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas when his handpicked attorney general, Winston Bryant (who served under Clinton the entire time Clinton was governor), investigated and shut down Raniere’s pyramid scheme Consumers Buyline in that state. Other states followed and eventually the company was shut down completely.

        The Clintons are old enemies of Raniere.

        • Anon–good info, I didn’t know Arkansas was the first to go after the first ponzi scheme, but it makes sense with Walmart not appreciating the Consumers Buyline in their home state. The Vanity Fair article exposing the Bronfman sisters was published in October 2010, the Forbes article published in 2003, which is far less critical but nonetheless creepy, with a list of the rich and successful who had attended up to that early point. That Albany politicians would have attended an Executive program is no surprise, precisely what Salzman and Raniere were literally banking on. That they also walked away without giving up their lives to short chubby hairy psycho is no surprise either. This may also explain why New York state authorities refused to act on complaints–their Albany appropriations might have been at stake had they embarrassed someone like Bruno. And this is the crux of how they got away with this shit for so long, they made connections to powerbrokers, in pursuit of immunity from ever being investigated. But the Clintons would have been hated by Raniere, don’t you think? It is possible they weren’t paying attention to him in 92–they were a little busy–but I bet he was cringing when they moved to NY after they left the White House. He certainly stayed away from their circles.

  • REPENT your wicked ways, Allison! ….. if they pray to me and repent and turn away from the evil they have been doing, then I will hear them in heaven, forgive their sins, and make them prosperous again.

  • The feds may also know that Mack is not gonna give anyone up. They may have made thisndocuemy public to scare other members into thinking that they also need to cut a deal to protect their own ass. It’s a smart tactic as it instills fear and a lack of trust in their own people. If I was an investigator I’d hint to each member that so and so was gonna spill the beans and give them up. Turn them against each other, right?

    • I mean, court documents are generally public, so I don’t think that this is the Feds releasing this in order to frighten other members. But from listening to the Preet Brahara podcast I wouldn’t think that they would be negotiating a plea deal if Allison weren’t giving some information on Keith and/or the Bronfman’s and Salzman’s. A plea deal usually means that you:
      1. Admit guilt
      2. Have goods on bigger fish
      3. Tell all

  • Here is a question.

    Frank has $1 million of Clare Bronfman’s money spread over three escrow accounts. If this is the Raniere-Bronfman Crime Syndicate. Then after he is exonerated, will he be keeping that tainted money? Will the FBI make this a RICO case and thus count all the money as fruits of an illegal scheme? Wouldn’t they count the $1 Million paid to Frank as part of that scheme?

  • I’m confused. Yesterday someone mentioned that Allison’s legal team was hired BY THE BRONFMAN”S. I wouldn’t think Clare and Sara’s attorney’s would be advising Allison to ‘tell all’ at least not the full truth…because she would then have to implicate them. And wouldn’t those attorney’s be able to communicate terms strategies from the Bronfman’s to Allison? in otherwords….how do we know that she is free to really tell the full truth if she is potentially being counseled by people who don’t really have her best interest in mind…?

    • I think that this is the essential point. Who has provided the fees for the legal team? If Mack’s assets had been mostly subsumed by the cult, then one must assume that the legal team has outside funding. In this event, it raises the question whether the lawyers have her best interest in mind. For example, an independent lawyer could advise a better plea bargain in exchange for testimony against others while a paid attorney might advise a plea bargain to the charges simply to reduce the prospective sentence and avoid a costly trial (often an incentive to the state and the accused). By the same token, the sudden removal of all her items from her condominium suggests the fear of a search warrant and could have been authorized by any number of persons affiliated with Raniere.

      • I was wondering when I heard the the bail she put up was based on her house and her parents that they must have had more than 150K in equity. Perhaps that was after her parents hired the attorneys? Hope so for her sake

          • Must be a pretty crappy house in a bad neighborhood if it’s only worth a million today.
            I would think if their house is in the L.A. or O.C. area and in a good neighborhood it’s easily worth a couple millions. It’s gonna be easy to leverage that for a substantial loan.
            Later they can sue KR and the Bronfmans to get Allison’s money back they squeezed out of her.
            I’m actually hoping for a lot of victims suing the crap out of this cult and the Bronfmans into bankruptcy…

    • It really depends how corrupt Allison’s lawyers are and if they are willing to go to prison for the Bronfmans. Legally they are required to do their best for Allison, regardless where their paycheck comes from… But then again, way too many lawyers are scoundrels…

    • A lawyer is required to work in the best interest of the client, not the person paying the bill (iif they are different).

      If the judge thinks that lawyers paid by the Bronfmans are pushing for Allison to sacrifice herself in favor of Raniere or the Bronfmans, those lawyers are going to be held in contempt and disbarred.

      I don’t think the NY State and Federal Bar are going to put up with BS like that.

    • Whoever said that Allison’s legal team was hired by the Bronfmans didn’t know what the heck they were talking about.

  • When it’s India’s turn she’ll be getting a plea deal as well. I wonder if a single “slave” will even end up in jail.

  • That didn’t take long for Allison to sing like a bird! I guess those “intensives” aren’t as intensive as Keith thought. And he should know, as he readily admits he’s the smartest guy in any room he’s in. If I were the feds, I wouldn’t go for less than a decade or two in prison for her. They already have the goods on him, they don’t need her help.

    • Keith is already done and the trial a mere formality. The feds are likely looking for a way to get all the other NXIVM leaders in prison as well to kill the organization once and for all. And Allison may just be the right witness for that. Though I’m afraid many of the lower level slaves may get caught up in all of this and doing time in the end… only the first one who sings gets a pass. If the other slaves like stupid Nicki have noting new to sell to the feds they are on the hook.

      But I would expect quite a few other NXIVM bigwigs to flip flips and cut deals. I’m sure quite a few have juicy things to sell… Keith probably has a few bodies buried somewhere Allison doesn’t know about.

      And if I was a corrupt politician, judge, policeman or FBI officer on NXIVM’s payroll, I would probably plan for a long vacation in a country that doesn’t extradite to the US…

    • That explains a lot. You’re extreme and see the world in black and white, like someone who quit drinking or smoking then has zero sympathy for anyone else trying to do the same.

      You went to Amway camps several times before you finally woke up. You were even forced by the court to pay Amway money. So it definitely didn’t work out for you. It’s okay, Scott. Erik Prince and Betsy Devos still love you. You will always be a part of the Amway family.

  • The fact that she signed this on Friday means she isn’t going to sing for Keith or Brofmans. It means she has some common sense and will do whatever she can to avoid jail time.

  • I know Allison well. She is a liar and a manipulator. And she hates women! She is so insecure that she always acts from a malicious place. I am happy that she will be speaking up about Keith’s actions but I also believe that she should be held accountable for what she has done! She is DEFINITELY NOT a saint and should face the consequences of her actions. I hope she gets some jail time. That would be only fair to the women who are branded FOR LIFE with Keith’s and her initials.

    • says someone who doesn’t know her except from smallville LOL please go crawl back under the rock you crawled out of

    • I don’t know if she’s a “good” person or not. What I know is she was partial victim but a significant perpetrator. It seems like she’s obviously accepting this plea deal because the reality of fifteen years of jail time has smacked her hard in the face.

      I think it’s going to a lot of time, remorse, repentance, healing, etc., before forgiveness is granted.

      Even people who were her some of her closest friends and co-workers must be questioning who the real Allison is now.

    • Everyone is capable of lies and manipulation.

      Raniere’s claim to fame is the ability, well-honed, bring out the latent sociopath in a large fraction of those that can be enrolled into an Intensive.

      That enrolling is done mostly by good (but somewhat gullible) people. Like Kristen Kreuk.

  • So if you make a plea deal, you get outta jail? And then ur ass gets killed and you can’t testify for shit and this fool gets out!? Thanks! DOJ

    • No you don’t avoid jail time. Depending on the situation you might get a LESSER sentence. i.e 3 years in jail or house arrest

      NXIVM is like the movie THE FIRM.

      Tom Cruise had a hard time escaping that because of lawyers and threats on his life.

      I think Allison was in the same position.

  • I very much hope that Allison gets the help that she needs.

    I knew her for a long time, and in that time I can tell you that she’s all talk and no action. The moment she knew it was it for her, she took this as an opportunity to get out. She wanted to get out several times, but I believe the power and the feeling of love and acceptance from her slaves kept her in the last few years. She also was under Keith’s heavy influence.

    A few days of food and sleep will do her wonders, and I think she will flip him and all Keith’s goons because she doesn’t want to go to jail.

    I can only hope she gets a shit load of therapy, and must stay away from the cult completely.

    Also, what the fuck about Dani Padilla, Monica Duran, Rosa Laura, Pam C. and Nicki C??? They got Allison in to this shit, why aren’t they being arrested??? OR blamed????

    Stop blaming Kristin K and Mark Hildreth when it was Keith’s harem that enrolled and bullied Allison into this. It’s sick.

    • No idea why they haven’t arrested Nicki Clyne ( she bans anyone from posting on her instagram). At least Allison didn’t bother to hide her involvement and let people vent. Nicki tries to act as though shes not associated but she is in tons of articles and videos.

    • So Nicki C should be arrested and Mack let off scot free? Keith’s harem bullied Allison into being their slave master? You’ve sure got some warped sense of culpability.

      • I didn’t say that. I believe Nicki should be treated the same as Allison as both lied on their marriage. I believe she should be arrested and then if she wishes to make a plea and get a few years for fraud marriage fine.

        We don’t know the full extent of what the BROFMAN sisters were capable of and their lawyers.

        But we have heard from people like barb who spent 700,000 in legal fees as they tried to get her in jail

        And frank parato was indicted

        And others had lawsuits against them

        So yes I believe KEITH controlled everyone including allison

    • OMG don’t make excuses for those idiots like Allison, Kristen and the rest of those nitwits.They all have stuff to answer for, especially Allison. Or do you think that the Manson girls should have gotten off easier because they were brainwashed? There is absolutely no difference here. Just wait for more of this web to unravel.

    • PAM C? If you mean Pam Cafritz, Pam is deceased as of November 2016.

  • Here’s hoping that Allison throws Keith and the rest of them under the bus

    And as for shadowstate1958 get off your high horse with your hate towards this woman.

    You assume she enslaved women when it was actually KEITH at the top of the pyramid.

    No her lawyers would be advising her that this is the option that makes sense. To give him up

  • After Allison signs her plea deal, India will be arrested. India has already made her plea deal, which is why they didn’t arrest her with Allison.

    Under US Attorney rules, plea deals require some sentence. But it can be Club Fed and short. So India and Allison will get some jail time.

    Since India didn’t go to Mexico, and if I’m right she has already done the deal, when she is arrested, she WILL get bail, and monitored home arrest with her mother in California, away from Bronfman and Salzman influence.

  • Allison Mack is taking the only logical course open to her.

    Moreover, don’t regard Pimp Mack as a hero in this sorry story.
    She knew damned well that branding and enslaving women is morally WRONG.
    If Raniere had not been caught, Pimp Mack would still be on his side warming up the cauterizing tool.
    Pimp Mack is doing this act out of desperation to save her own sorry hide.

    This confession will not be an act of contrition.
    Either Pimp Mack throws the others under the bus or they throw her under the bus.

    Now you know why all of the people surrounding Trump — General Flynn, Rick Gates, George Papadopolous — are all singing like canaries.

    Pimp Mack’s testimony will basically mark the end of her career as an actress except in a court room on the witness stand.

    • Oh here we go again. I told you the naysayer would be back. Shadow you hate them probably because your a fugly nob who hasn’t got a life. Grow up!

      of course it will end her career but it could see the start of a new one if she throws him under the bus and writes a tell all book about him

      From victim to victory.

      • The word is “you’re,” not “your.” Using both words in a single sentence, “You’re such a jerk, you would go to any length to defend your wannabe girlfriend Allison Mack.” Grow up!

        She has no business writing a book. She should spend the rest of her life helping others get out of cults.

        From victim to victory.

      • If she writes a tell all book it might be subject to the Son of Sam law, meaning she will not see a single shekel if said book is published, with the proceeds going to the victims of her criminal acts.

    • “She knew damned well that branding and enslaving women is morally WRONG.”

      She knew branding was morally wrong about as much as she knew getting locked up in a cage by Raniere (as she was) was morally wrong. Which is to say, she was f*cked up, because no one in their right mind tolerates or commits such immoral acts.

        • Texas flag? Makes sense. In Texas George Bush is considered smart. Low bar, my sympathies to you. His wife got pampered when she ran a red light and killed someone, but she’s not responsible for her actions, right? Texas logic is not smart. At least Keith Raniere’s slaves didn’t kill anyone.

  • Here we go folks

    UHAUL information. They came and took away her stuff ( 2 friends of hers )

    She will get out but will have arranged that she stays FAR AWY from NXIVM people.

    Im telling you right now. You heard it here first. She has entered a deal to throw KEITH and those cum sluts ( Nancy, Lauren, Clare, Sara) under the bus with a plea deal.

    I have a funny feeling the moment keith was arrested she got in contact with a lawyer and put the wheels in motion. She will tell them she is a victim coerced and forced through (legal threatening, life threats ) to do as she was told or she would die or not only her life would be destroyed but her families to (remember he had over her collateral against her and her family )

    You watch an dsee.

  • I was just thinking this morning- what if Allison has a moment of clarity and turns States evidence against VanShitstain, the Bronfmans and the Salzmans? I can only hope this is the case – if you have someone that deep in any organization, they end up know everything and can bring everything down.

    I pray that the Bronfmans and ‘Prefect’ will be in jail by weeks end.

      • Shaolin means he recognizes that KK tried to help allison get out by doing an intervention

      • Kristin obsessed snowflakes are the only people who wouldn’t understand. It’s okay not to understand everything, No Comprende! Your parents love you and you’re a good boy.

          • I think Kristin Kreuk (pronounced “crook”) knows more than she’s admitting, the FBI will get to the bottom of it. Kristin could and should have helped a lot more people by being more vocal about it. After all, those extremely expensive “intensives” taught her how to stand up for herself, right? LOL

    • There is a testimonial (in Spanish) from a Claudia Estrada, filmed in front of an out of focus but expensive-llooking house, about how her children hated her for being overbearing (maybe I’m reading a bit too much into her manner…) but NXIVM reformed her and now her kids love amd respect her.

      I’d say NXIVM Mexico is scraping the bottom of the barrel…..

      • Yes she is. Salinas and Betancourt are out but now she is running the bussines in Mex. She is a DOS memeber and branded as far as I know, but I can’t find more info about her.

  • If she flipped on Friday, before she even left the courthouse… How brainwashed was she really?

    • Maybe she wasn’t brainwashed. Maybe she was THREATENED. Do you ever remember seeing that movie with Tom Cruise about the lawyers THE FIRM.

      Plus remember Allison would have seen KEITH get people legally screwed. She had to play this cool and wait it out i think and now she is making her move both legally and physically by having someone remove her belongings from the half moon home then throwing him and all the others under the bus.

      • If she really want to make her escape from him, she has had WEEKS since his arrest.

        Why would she wait until the FBI breaks down the doors of India Oxenberg’s place to arrest her?

        • Pretty simple.

          She has seen first hand how the evil BRONFMAN sisters who have more money than sense sent lawyers (wolves) against people who left, tried to speak out or had inside information on NXIVM.

          NXIVM was acting like the mob. We don’t know if they threatened her life. Perhaps she was hoping the FBI would arrest her so she could make a plea deal and throw him under the bus with the protection of the FBI and legal teams behind her. Who knows.

          Don’t make assumptions.

  • I think spending 3 days inside a prison has allowed her to come to her senses and realise the gravity of Keiths B.S. Hell I think the second she got arrested she woke up and said she would spill the beans.

    I hope to god for her sake she escapes this and keith takes the full hit.

    • That might fit the narrative that she didn’t believe that VanTurd was really arrested- until she herself was arrested. At that point, the reality of the situation would have the potential to wake up the most deeply brainwashed people.

      • That is one narrative. That she woke up when she was arrested and told by lawyers she was facing 15 years to life.

        OR the other is she was in fear of the legal team of the wealthy heiress Bronfman’s and the Salzman who had already proven that anyone who left, spoke out or knew about the innner circle were legally attacked and in Franks case indicted.

        Watch the movie THE FIRM and see how hard it was for Tom cruise to leave.

  • Maybe just maybe the cognitive dissonance proved too much and she had a moment of clarity. If this is true and she can deliver the whole organization on a platter, then so be it. Plus lots and lots of counseling and her activities monitored for a long long time.

    If she does sing she deserves protective custody. As Lana would say: ” I don’t trust those bitches ( Nancy, Lauren, Clare, Sara) as far as I could toss them”

    • for almost anybody else except Allison or Lauren.

      These two women intentionally harmed other women, and actively sought out new women (like Allison trying to pickup Emma Watson on Twitter).

      And this has gone on for a while. A few bad acts over a short period of time, and maybe people would have more sympathy for her.

      She is still a perpetrator even if she started out as a victim.

  • i hope allison does spill all the beans on keith reneire, dos, jness, nxivm, etc. but, seems unlikely to me that she would do that given how deep she seems to be in the shit he was selling. i suspect (though hope from bottom of my heart it is not so!) she will instead try and take blame for everything. i hope she and all others brainwashed by reneire and salzman get professional help, can be deprogrammed and then spend the rest of their help volunteering to help other brainwashed victims.

    • She can’t take the blame entirely. If she tried to lie to cover up for Raniere, and any of the electronic evidence already obtained says differently, it will blow her plea deal.

      They likely need until 3 May for her to have time to spill the beans. Will take that long to tell it all.

      Plus, every second she is talking to the USA, she isn’t amongst the other prisoners.

      • I agree. They have created this agreement to buy them some time to work out a deal whereby she can walk away with MINIMAL damage in order to take out the TRUE villain who has deceived everyone….. KEITH ( clare may be another)

    • No kathy i disagree. I think Keith has used her like a PAWN. At first it was subtle, barely noticeable until he had gained so much confidence in her that she handed over a few items like ( assets ) nothing sexual. ( this has been confirmed through emails released ). Next followed more collateral and I think before she knew it she was in way to deep and he didn’t just have things against her. he had things against her family.

      I think she was waiting for him to get found. hell i wouldn’t be suprised if she told the FBI where he was in mexico to get the wheels turning. And now she is making the deal.

      Neighbors today saw a UHAUL van pull up to her condo and come out with her things then speed away.

      I truly believe she is going to throw him under the bus, and come forward like Sarah Edmondson and we will hear a VICTIM story of abuse beyond anything we have ever heard before. She will appear on TV outlets, talk shows and will end up writing a book about it called from Victim to Victory.

      Of course there will be hates that will rush to say she doesn’t deserve it but they are folks who don’t understand how cults work and how it can pull you in.

      Watch the TV show called THE PATH with the guy from breaking bad. It shows you how he tries to escape but cant. It shows the lengths cults will go to ( both pressure, threats and legally to destroy a person )

      Remember RANIERE has had the evil BRONFMANS in his corner to go after ANYONE who speaks out or tries to leave.

  • Looks like someone showed up at Macks condo in half moon and removed all her belongings in a UHAUL truck and sped away. I have a feeling that she has made a deal to get away from RANIERE and his clan. I hope it works out for her. Maybe now she can escape. She is ultimately a victim of Keith

    • Stop with all the victim crap. Many people were able to see through NXIVM. They left. Just because this idiot stayed, does not make her a victim. It makes her complicit.

      • I absolutely agree! Knowing Allison personally I can tell you that she whole heartedly supported Keith and was like a puppy next to him. She was enamored with him and was craving his attention and validation. She is NO victim. She was placed in this position because she hates other women to begin with. She feels very threatened by other women. She had no remorse of telling us girls ” I would love to facilitate a friendship between you and Keith…. Why don’t you come around at volley to talk to him…” That was the beginning of the trap next step “I want to tell you about this amazing secret women’s group that will change your life”. Clearly it changed lives but certainly NOT for the better!

    • See my message above. Neighbors saw two people taking her belongings out to a UHAUL and speeding away. Looks like that PLEA might be working out and she is using this has her means of escaping the clutches of Keith.

  • It is just as likely, or maybe more likely that the lawyers just need extra time to build a defense.

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