Seeds of Prosecution of Raniere/Bronfman may lie in 17 boxes held by Bouchey

NXIVM/Executive Success Programs (ESP) and Clare and Sara Bronfman have made an effort to get copies of records that fill 17 boxes that are in the possession of Barbara J. Bouchey.

In those boxes [which are copies of original records already in the possession of Clare and Sara Bronfman] are items which might be of interest to enemies of NXIVM/Executive Success Programs (ESP)/Clare and Sara Bronfman and Keith Raniere.

It might also be of interest to law enforcement.

Bouchey is a Registered Investment Adviser since 1990, a Certified Financial Planner since 1990, a Broker Dealer since 1997. She held securities licenses with the FINRA since 1985.

She met Sara and Clare Bronfman in 2004 when she and both Bronfmans were involved in NXIVM/Executive Success Programs (ESP). NXIVM is a corporation which promotes the philosophy of its founder Keith Ranieire, and offers classes in various lifestyle skills.

Raniere introduced Bouchey to the Bronfmans.

Soon after, at Raniere behest, the Bronfmans became clients of Bouchey Asset Management. Bouchey was also one of the board members of NXIVM and one of Raniere’s harem. This meant Raniere assumed control of the Bronfman’s fortune in 2004. By 2008 the sisters had lost (or were swindled) out of $100 million through and by Raniere.

While the Bronfmans were clients, Bouchey’s company had the ability to transfer funds of the Bronfmans pursuant to instructions from either the Bronfmans or their advisers, namely Raniere.

Bouchey’s company had signatory powers over accounts of the Bronfmans. Most of the services provided by Bouchey Asset Management to the Bronfmans consisted of bookkeeping services and included maintaining records of the Bronfmans’ investments and income [as it disappeared under Raniere’s guidance], provided information regarding the Bronfmans to their tax preparers, wired funds or signed checks for the Bronfmans [as Raniere instructed], and transferred  funds when directed by the Bronfmans or Raniere.

Bouchey watched as Raniere blew $65 million of Bronfman money into the commodities market. Every dollar invested disappeared. She saw another $10 million or so get blown in seemingly endless litigation against Raniere’s enemies.

When I discovered that another $26 million was about disappear into a scam real estate venture she became very unhappy. The real estate deal was supposed to earn back much of the losses Raniere had guided and now he was doing it again: stripping the women of their millions.

She resigned from the NXIVM board in January of 2008 and curtailed her NXIVM related activities at that time. She also stopped her personal relationship with Raniere.

By April 24, 2009,  she severed all ties with NXTVM when she sent a letter to the NXIVM board where she voiced criticism of the organization, and asserted financial claims for monies she believed she was owed by NXIVM.

The next day a letter from an attorney for NXIVM was delivered to her house claiming  she had violated New York “Penal Law,” [extortion] that NXIVM had “notified the authorities” and that NXIVM would pursue “all civil and criminal remedies.”


On April 27, 2009, the Bronfmans terminated her services.

Since then Raniere and the Bronfmans have sued her seven times and Clare Bronfman lodged a criminal complaint that led to Bouchey’s indictment on a computer trespass charge.

[It has been alleged and evidence suggests that Raniere may have hacked into Bouchey’s computer and attempted to lure her to Mexico to have her falsely indicted.]

Much of the Bouchey litigation centered around NXIVM/ESP/Raniere/Bronfman getting possession of Bouchey’s copies of records in those 17 boxes which makes some wonder if their is not something of particular interest buried in there.


NXIVM/ESP/Raniere/Bronfman have the originals  Bouchey has only copies.

The records fill approximately 17 boxes.  Those records include: office communications of Bouchey Asset Management,  bookkeeping, accounting work papers, tax work papers, records reflecting the Bronfmans’ investments (purchases, valuations or sales) and income, bank statements, records reflecting wire transfers of funds or the signing checks for the Bronfmans at the Bronfmnans’ instructions (or Raniere’s), records reflecting liquidation and transmission of the plaintiffs’ funds at the Bronfmans’ instructions (or Raniere’s), investment statements, spreadsheets, financial plans, tax documents, estate planning documents, correspondence, ledgers, invoices paid (including credit card statements), copies of agreements, lists of assets and liabilities, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, accounting reports, worksheets, powers of attorney, Employer Plans & Benefits, loan documentation, accounts receivable and payable documents, checking account information, financial instruments, insurance documents, and correspondence.

In those records may lie the seeds of prosecution of tax evasion by the Bronfmans and fraud by Raniere.

And more.


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