Source: Mexican teens in Albany, Summer 2017 – left in a hurry

Source: Clare Bronfman brought or paid for several teen girls from Mexico while they took NXVIM classes in Albany this past summer.  They seemed to be high school students.  They were around all last summer and into the fall.

In November, [around the time Keith Raniere fled to Mexico] these Mexican girls left I presume to go back to Mexico. I was told they left in a big hurry – I mean as in almost at a moment’s notice. Why? I don’t know.

I remember reading in your blog some young Mexican woman went back to Mexico possibly do to some shady activity on Keith’s part and there were the teen girls from Chihuahua the year before who left rather suddenly.

What were high school age Mexican girls doing in Albany with Clare Bronfman? Was she training them for Keith or for herself?



His name is Keith Raniere. Would you trust him with your teenage daughter?

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  • These young Mexican women are not the only ones to leave in a hurry.
    There have been some women who moved from the West coast to Albany who left Albany/NY State in a hurry. They disenrolled from NXIVM and won’t talk to anyone why they left.

    Maybe the Feds need to talk to some of these women?

  • “I like to be in AmeRICA!
    OK by me in AmeRICA!
    I’ll fuck Vanfraud for free in America!
    For a small fee in AmeRICA!”

  • Given the stuff that Pea posts as “Vanguard’s” philosophies (whether Pea is real or just a hoax): Does anyone have a read on whether Raniere actually believes himself to be an enlightened being? Believes that he is doing young teens an immense sexual service by gifting them the wonders of his sex? My impression of him was always that he chose to manipulate people for his own gratification, but I wonder whether he really is so narcissistic that he believes his own hype and believes he knows what is best for his less enlightened minions. Hubris to the point of insanity? Or like in that video where he talked about sociopaths (that is, unfortunately, taken down now) and giggled over sociopaths who know they are just gaming everyone around them – is he really just deliberately malevolent for fun?

    I honestly don’t care if they lock him up as criminally insane or just criminal – just as long as he ends locked up!

    • The best kind of con artist is the one who believes his own con.

      Maybe Raniere actually believes he is enlightened or superior and is improving the lives of his victims.
      And if he does that makes him all the more dangerous.

      Raniere and his top followers all need to be permanently locked up ASAP

  • Honestly Keith was at his best when he had teen harems with an older woman like Karen or Pam supervising. The young girls would sexually energize Keith and that was good for the world.

  • Again I think you all miss the point how many of you either had sex or masturbated prior to the legal age of consent? Almost everyone did. Keith recognized that teens need and crave sex too. So what would you rather have ? A Vanguard teach you with his kindness and wisdom – and his love making tender skill – or just have lurid imaginary masturbatory sex or worse have some awkward 14 year old boy who knows nothing of Tantra or even how to please the sentient pleasure domes and is likely to just cum and go? Keith awakened in young girls that sex is not just pleasing a man but is infinite joy and pleasure. True It is wrong for most 50 year old men to have sex with a post pubescent 13 year old. I agree for the man would likely be only thinking of himself. But Vanguard lives to teach the young. He was always weeding out the old and selecting the young for his students. It was he felt his privilege to teach young bright girls. The age of consent should be loosely enforced and at a much younger age – 14 seems safe to me. By 14 a girl
    Is pubescent which is really age of consent. And Keith taught the sooner after puberty a girl was introduced to womanhood through sex the better her life would be. It is society that horrified this and make the girls feel guilt. The law wants to criminalize healthy natural behavior. That’s why Karen and Pam older women sought out teen girls for Keith – out of kindness and love.

    • Pea Onyou:
      We are not talking about teenagers, on their own, discovering sex.
      We are not talking about masturbation.
      We are talking about adults with experience taking advantage of the naivete and inexperience of young people who might be ready for sex physically but not emotionally and psychologically.
      The consent law is designed to protect young people from being exploited by old perverts like Keith who are only interested in their own gratification.

      And while we’re on the subject what about those rumors where your brave friend Allison was grooming children to serve Keith Raniere.
      The Frank Report story where Allison was videotaping an 8 year old girl and supposedly fondled the child.
      Why was your friend Allison using her fame and charisma to recruit children into sex with an adult?

      And again how about the trips that Allison’s slaves Lauren and Nicki took with Clare Bronfman?
      And soon afterward Allison got a new BMW as a gift from Clare Bronfman.
      That sounds to me more like a payment for Allison’s pimping services for Clare.

    • Yeah – sounds like the kind of bullshit that would be used to talk a young teenager into it. One can encourage a healthy view of sex and self in young women without having them seduced and lied to and manipulated and raped by an older man. And the women who are complicit in helping him do it are just as vile. We put age limits on things like smoking and drinking and driving and sex for a reason – teenage brains are not developed enough yet to insure good decision making. Nothing wrong with some masturbatory exploration of one’s own body so that when a women is mature enough, she can teach her own chosen partner what she wants to please her body.

        • This was so well said – “We are talking about adults with experience taking advantage of the naivete and inexperience of young people who might be ready for sex physically but not emotionally and psychologically.
          The consent law is designed to protect young people from being exploited by old perverts like Keith who are only interested in their own gratification.”

          Thank you for that!

          • Your welcome.
            Someone has to tell Pea that adults have the obligation not to exploit children.

            Children should be allowed to learn about sex at their own pace without the likes of Keith Raniere interfering.

          • I can’t believe you’re carrying on a conversation with pee on you. So many people wanted me banned, but they don’t have an issue with pee on you or others conversing with it. Talk about being brain-dead. Whether pee on you is real or a hoax, the conversation is a joke. Unless pee on you wants to reveal who they are, it’s just a ridiculous and total waste of time to converse with it. LOL

          • Pea (real or hoax) posts ideas that were probably actually used against young women to manipulate them into doing what Raniere wanted. There’s nothing brain dead about posting opposing viewpoints that might have some readers see Raniere’s BS in a different light.

            People wanted you banned because you are rude, insulting, and repetitive. If it’s such a waste of time for you, then don’t bother to join the discussion.

          • Raniere’s “philosphy” is obviously stupid beyond imagination. Debating it makes someone double stupid. I can literally feel my IQ going down as I read these kinds of comments. Frank, please ban these people who think there is any purpose in debating pee on you.

    • Pedophilia, slavery, things that enlightened society has condemned and outlawed, Raniere wants to bring back. Raniere is the man of the century; the 16th century!

    • You’re insane. What about the prosectutions evidence and text exchanges between Keith and likely Lauren where he requests her to find a “a young fuck toy” to pleasure him cause Lauren is gross and can no longer get him up? What about that entire text exchange between Keith and the DOS member where Keith comes off as a manipulative 55 year old creep?

      Thems the facts. There is evidence that Keith is a creep and has no intentions of enlightening these young girls.

      You can justify all you like on here but anyone who has been following this case in detail knows how Keith really is.

    • The girls (and a few times, boys) were not allowed any choice. Despite your fancy words Pee. Keith raping a frightened 13 year old is not a beautiful. Not from the child’s view and experience.

    • I have to assume you’ve never been molested by a father/father figure. It leaves you with a sickness in your soul, its ultimate betrayal and it never goes away. To call it teaching shows your ignorance. If you really believe in truth, do some real research on how many woman who have committed suicide over the years that can be directly related to childhood molestation/betrayal. No one has the right to force themselves on another for no other reason than their personal gratification. Your Vanguard has no unified nobility, he’s simply perverted.

  • Why did so many NXIVM women tolerate Keith Raniere’s many perversions and his rampant pedophilia?

    It wasn’t so much Raniere that enticed them as Raniere’s dear friend Colonel Angus.

    Ultimately the top women of NXIVM are as perverted as Raniere himself.

    From Saturday Night Live’s Tina Fey: “Colonel Angus Comes Home.”

  • And who enabled Raniere’s rampant pedophilia for years?
    The demented women of NXIVM!

    Rich women and famous women who provided cover for Raniere.

    And still people blame Kristen Kreuk who at least had the decency to leave NXIVM when it was obvious Raniere is a pervert.
    Readers Opine: Kristin Kreuk Should Be Held Accountable for Actions in Support of Cult

    • Sounds like your fellow Islamofascists buddies in New Mexico. Too bad they don’t have any young tv airheads involved to peak your interest.

      • “Sounds like your fellow Islamofascists buddies in New Mexico.”

        And when have I ever said anything in favor of Islam?

        Here is a video from Lowder With Crowder” which is offensive to Muslims because it tells the truth about Islam.
        Painting Mohammed with Bob Ross

  • Trust him? I wouldn’t trust him to run a bath much less a company. I would trust him if he was caught in an act of pedophilia to flee the country though.

  • Are these different teenagers than the ones being kept in Rosa Laura Junco’s basement to provide cleaning services for members and give Keith access to them, or different teenagers ??

  • They were there for Keith’s failed university program. But once that shuttered they left. Nothing to do with Clare or Keith. Move on.

  • Keith even looks like a sleazy pedophile. How could any responsible parent trust their kids around him? Any adult that wants to spend their time around kids (other than professionally, such as teachers or pediatricians) should be regarded with some caution.

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