Story in Vanity Fair discusses Raniere’s [bogus] patents

It’s an interesting story that discusses something previously discussed here about Raniere’s many patents.

Keith Raniere’s NXIVM “Sex Cult” Was Patent Pending  

“How NXIVM’s founder exploited a common misconception about a tedious bureaucratic process to spread the gospel of his genius.”

It offers a nice overview of how Raniere may have used his many dubious patents to impress followers

A couple of fun quotes [and points] in the story.

The New York State licensing board charged Brandon Porter, an Albany-based doctor, for moral unfitness to practice medicine, negligence, gross incompetence, and more. He had administered something called a “fright study,” [showing women] graphic content from films like the curb-stomping scene from American History X and the gang-rape scene from The Accused. The “study” culminated in ostensibly authentic footage of men dismembering four women with machetes. He allegedly filmed … reaction[s], all without … informed consent. [Jen] Kobelt estimated Dr. Porter subjected ‘as many as 100’ to the test.”

A patent filed in 2007 described… , how “the Luciferian can be rehabilitated”:

The writer  Kenzie Bryant makes a fine point: “show a subject videos of gruesome things—snuff films, dismemberment, worse—and monitor how they react”.

In other words, Dr. Porter’s human fright experiments may have been conducted to determine whether women were Luciferians.

Of course, the secret that perhaps only Raniere knew was that he may have been looking for Luceferians that could not be rehabilitated – for membership in DOS.

The abstract of Raniere’s patent gives us the clue that Dr. Porter may have been a useful idiot for his Vanguard:

Determination of whether a luciferian can be rehabilitated

An aspect of the present invention is a method for determining whether a Luciferian can be rehabilitated. The method includes stimulating the Luciferian with a first stimulus and recording a first physiological response by the Luciferian to said first stimulus. The method includes determining, from the first physiological response, a first polarity of the Luciferian’s response to the first stimulus. The method includes stimulating the Luciferian with a second stimulus and recording a second physiological response by the Luciferian to said second stimulus. Further, the method includes determining, from the second physiological response, a second polarity of the Luciferian’s response to the second stimulus. The method includes comparing the first polarity to the second polarity to determine whether the second polarity has a greater value than the first polarity; and determining, from said comparing of first polarity and second polarity, whether the Luciferian can be rehabilitated.”


Getting back to Vanity Fair – here are a few more items:

[Raniere’s] patents, which range from a simple “find my iPhone”-type device to a sleep-guidance system, played a subtle, but vital role in NXIVM. For an aspiring movement leader aiming to build credibility, they were fundamental building blocks.

One of Raniere’s lawyer Paul DerOhannesian spoke to Vanity Fair:

He is quoted:  “Many independent, smart, curious adult women participated in a search for happiness, fulfillment, and meaning exercising the freedom of choice enjoyed by every United States citizen. The prosecution advances an adventuresome legal theory without precedent to assert the emotionally charged crime of ‘sex-trafficking.’”

Another of Raniere’s lawyers (He’s got 5 of them – which is not bad for a guy with no income and no assets), Marc Agnifilo, added, “Mr. Raniere will fight these groundless charges and will prevail.” He could not comment on the patents..


Raniere’s bio says he has “147 international patents, including 47 in the United States, in a variety of technical fields.”… [But] V.F. [only] found about 40 U.S. applications, a little over half of which were granted

[Hasn’t Vanity Fair learned that Raniere, the ethicist, is the world’s greatest ethical liar? He only lies when he thinks it is ethical for him. And ethics begins at home.]

Taken together, the patents are meant to convey that we have a great intellect—and a benevolent one—on our hands.

One former member. … said that patents were “always a conversational piece” among members. They “…were touted all the time as, not just what is he working on, but why is he great and why is he so amazing. He’s so humanitarian that he’s building all of these things to help the world….  You hear that and you’re like, ‘Oh my god, not only is he one of the smartest people in the world, he’s using that for good, and in such a diverse field,’” she said. “To hear that he’s helped someone’s parent he knows because he wanted to out of the goodness of his heart? . . . It made me think of him even more altruistically and made me think of him as just someone who devotes his thoughts and energy towards individuals, whether they ask or not. He just knows that they need help, so he does.”

According to Daniel Nazer, attorney and Mark Cuban Chair to Eliminate Stupid Patents at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, “If your whole shtick is going around and convincing people that you’re this genius, then the patent system is a way to buttress that. Because [the United States Patent and Trademark Office] will hand out nonsense to people like Keith Raniere.”

Raniere might be a “patent troll”.

[His] “Method Apparatus for Improving Performance,” is apparently a way of increasing performance on a treadmill by increasing speed over time. Laymen might recognize this approach as “exercise.” “The examiner, in this case, literally rejected it six times. [Raniere] just [keeps] coming back,” Nazer said. “My opinion, having reviewed the prosecution history, is that if you just play that game for long enough, you can eventually get a patent, even when the underlying application is just a pile of garbage.” The U.S.P.T.O. granted that one in 2016.

“It actually is an attractive nuisance for people with really inflated senses of their own brilliance, in that, you can get a patent even if it’s something completely dumb, like this Method Apparatus for Improving Performance,” Nazer said. “Then, you can wave it around and tell people, ‘Oh, you have patents,’ as if that’s some sign that you’re brilliant.”

Jeff Trexler, lawyer and associate director of the Fashion Law Institute, … was struck by an overlap in Raniere’s patent habits with those of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. “What L. Ron Hubbard realized—and what Keith realized—is that when you accumulate patents you’re not just accumulating assets,” Trexler said. “It’s a rhetorical move. It’s a way of saying, ‘Look, [the] United States government has looked at me and says that I am an original thinker, I’m a scientific thinker, I am authority. You need to believe me.’”

Raniere went through an audio phase, applying for “System for videotaping and recording a musical group” (granted) and “Method and device for analyzing resonance” (pending) and “Method on indexing a recordable event from a video recording and searching a database of recordable events on a hard drive of a computer for a recordable event” (pending).

Read the whole story

NXIVM office

And finally one last word. I am considering applying for a patent myself. It is called “How to identify a Luciferian on sight.”


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Chata Ortega
5 years ago

Is it true that Raniere sued Taco Bell because he thought it was the Mexican phone company that stole some of his patents.

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)
Reply to  Chata Ortega

Close, it was this Brazilian MLM phone scam: (as I laugh while I watch the Libtard snowflake heads explode because I brought up MLM again) LOL

5 years ago

Here is where Raniere and Cruella might be in deep trouble over their patent law suit against A, T and T and Microsoft.

If the government has the emails and text messages between Raniere and Cruella and those electronic messages show a conspiracy to use the court system to harass those two corporations out of money in a bogus patent law suit, then the two NXIVM leaders could be charged with conspiracy to commit extortion against A, T and T and Microsoft.

The entire patent law suit is an obvious attempt to harass those companies out of money.
“Pay Us Money and We Go Away.”
It was really a massive abuse of the legal process.

A, T, and T and Microsoft zealously guard their intellectual properties and patents.
Those patents are the geese that lay the Golden Eggs for A,T, and T and Microsoft.

A few years ago I read the book “The Idea Factory ” by Jon Gertner about A, T and T’s Bell Labs research facility.
For decades Ma Bell has required its research scientists to maintain meticulous records of their research activities just in case of patent law suits.

A, T and T and Microsoft will go Hammer and Tongs after anyone who tries to scam them out of their patents.

Who’s the bigest NXIVM schmuck?

Keith Raniere with his harem of 57 women?
Allison Mack with her torturing and enslavement of women?
Or Clair (Cruella ) Bronfman with her support of bogus law suits to harass people and corporations?

5 years ago

Extremely unlikely. There is a First Amendment right to petition government that is implicated when one files a lawsuit. Courts address vexatious litigation with sanctions and by awarding attorneys fees in the context of those lawsuits, especially in the context of patent litigation. It is almost impossible to plead and prove even a civil claim based on sham litigation, and the likelihood of sham litigation giving rise to criminal culpability is even slimmer.

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)

Note to Raniere: Revise your patent with the “Tactile Stimulus” arrow pointing to your anus, because that’s where Bubba will be tactilely stimulating you. Be sure to show yourself bending over as well.

5 years ago

Is how to bevbeing a perfect ssshole patented yet.

All of Them Witches
All of Them Witches
5 years ago

The “sheep guidance system” sure worked good on the Vancouver gang, eh?

Oh, wait, it said “sleep guidance system”. Never mind.

In any case, this article is just another snapshot in an ever expanding montage which shows this schlub for what he really is: Ten pounds of cross-eyed shit in a five pound bag.

What kind of bird don’t fly? A jailbird.

Wonder if any of the faithful are planning a scaled down “V-Week” in the trendy Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn near the Metropolitan
Detention Center where Vanguard currently resides. The celebrants can all head to iconic steakhouse Peter Lugers and graze on plates of creamed spinach and still stay within their low calorie dietary limits.

5 years ago

– “Method Apparatus for Improving Performance,” is apparently a way of increasing performance on a treadmill by increasing speed over time. *Laymen might recognize this approach as “exercise.”*

ROFL at the exercise comment.

The Vanguard is a goof. So it appears that in addition to ripping off ideas from Scientology, he also ripped off Hubbard’s way of conning the patent system. Does he have any honor, sincerity, or originality at all? He appears to be nothing more than an ends justifies the means to gain control and pussy kind of guy.

I Am Nobody
I Am Nobody
5 years ago

I have a patent pending for “updating archaic communication systems to allow for teleconferencing”.

You take an empty soup can and some string and tie it to the string that is stretched between two other soup cans. Pull string taut and enjoy the party line.

Fees subject to original service provider.

5 years ago

So the car patent (finally figured out this nonsense)…was about an early warning system for low fuel.

Keith’s idea was that people ignore the fuel gauge as it approaches ‘E’ and think that there’s plenty of gas to drive many more miles.

To overcome this HUGE WORLD PROBLEM, VanGrifter’s solution was to have the car shut down some cylinders or act like it (the car) is running out of gas for real. That way, the person will know the car is low on gas.

Its an early warning system for low fuel, where the car starts to act like gas tank is empty (like some NXSCUM heads)… and runs very slowly to alert the driver.

Hahahaahahaa! What in the hell…

5 years ago

Raniere claims to be a genius because of 47 patents.

So Raniere sued AT&T for royalties from the teleconferencing invention Raniere supposedly conceived in his fertile, fertilizer-filled brain.
Raniere wrote down his invention on a restaurant napkin which his now-deceased girl friend promptly lost.
But you can believe the ethical Raniere invented teleconferencing because he says so.
All 57 emaciated women in Raniere’s harem believe the Vanguard invented teleconferencing.
So should you.

How many patents does AT&T own?
From the AT&T website:

AT&T Intellectual Property identifies, protects, develops, markets, licenses and sells the intellectual property for AT&T worldwide.

AT&T Intellectual Property: owns approximately 20,000 patents and applications worldwide

20,000 patents for AT&T

47 bogus patents for Keith Raniere

In fact AT&T built a giant complex called Bell Labs in New Jersey to create new inventions.

The History of AT&T Technology

1926 – Sound Motion Pictures

1929 – Broadband Coaxial Cable

1947 – The Transistor

1954 – The Solar Cell

1969 AT&T Bell Telephone Laboratories researchers devised the UNIX computer-operating system in 1969.

1972 – Automatic Switching for Mobile Communications

1988 – TAT-8 was the first fiber-optic cable that stretched across an ocean and had a capacity of 40,000 calls.

1995 – Machine Learning

2001 – Natural Voices
We released AT&T Natural Voices, an advanced text-to-speech (TTS) engine providing human-like speech in a variety of voices and languages.

2012 – NetBond
We launched AT&T NetBond®, a service that taps software-defined networking technologies so businesses can bring the cloud within their VPN network. The benefits? They can avoid exposure to the public internet and mitigate security and performance risks.

2013 – ECOMP
ECOMP is the engine that powers our software-centric network. A system like ECOMP allows us to build our next generation cloud-based network

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