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By Laura Darby

Clifton Park Correspondent

It is all quiet in CultvilleEspian-wise. The calm before the storm before the next wave of arrests perhaps?

Part of my job is to dispel rumors. Last night there were rumors that more raids were happening over by Flintlock and the pool area of Knox Woods.
FBI agents leave Salzman’s house with boxes of materials. Following Keith Raniere has led to her own private executive success.


Hale Drive – including #8 Hale a/k/a Keith’s pleasure, no make that pain, palace – abuts the pool on one side and the condo building that contains Allison Mack’s unit of 127 Grenadier, which also abuts the pool. For a point of reference, Flintlock is located across the street from the pool.
So, I took myself out on a reconnaissance mission to see if this was true. As hard as the Eastern District of NY has been working the case, I doubted they would be revisiting #8 Hale on a dark and stormy Friday evening. And I was right.  All good things in all good time.
Another rumor is that Lauren Salzman was seen back in Clifton Park. Neither I nor any of the committee members have seen any signs of Lauren. This may be fake news once again. Her house still looks sealed up (the kissing ball is now down!!) with the lights that have always been left on. My take on that is: show us a picture or it didn’t happen. She could be back and staying elsewhere, perhaps holed up with Nancy?
Other than the signs on the doors to 8 Hale and 3 Flintlock (the “To gain building access, call this number” posting),  all was quiet in Knox Woods. A trip over to Oregon Trail showed the light on in Nancy’s garage, which a neighborhood watch committee member stated has been on for some days.
Hale and Flintlock are close by. Keith kept a sex lair he called his “Library” at 8 Hale for years.
Today, as I drove past Rosa Laura Junco’s McMansion, I noticed two additions near the end of her driveway: Two NO TRESPASSING signs had been placed on either side.
A tidbit from my perusal of the tax liens. Keith and Karen U purchased #3 Flintlock about the time the units were built, circa 1987/1988  and it appears they were a direct purchase from the Knox Woods Association offering. It also appear that the foreclosure documents line up to the time CBI was being shuttered in 1997 –
More recently, however, #3 Flintlock was the home of Pam Cafritz, Marianna Fernandez, and Keith Raniere. Karen Unterrainer seemed to have moved over to #2 Flintlock, as that is the unit her Mercedes pulls out of . That unit is in Pam Cafritz’s name if memory serves me and #1 is in the name of the Kristin Keeffe, where she resided with her son until she fled. Drive by the units of 1-3 Flintlock at night and it looks like nobody is home but neighbors on Schuyler Court will tell you there are dim lights on in the back of the houses.
HASHTAG #NOMOREVANGUARD – thanks to Toni Natalie – is making the rounds on twitter. However, conspiracy theorists are hammering more nails into NXIVM’s coffin.
This photo-shopped image of Keith Raniere appeared in the Albany Times Union and while not a perfectly accurate representation – the yellow bars with green pattern designs add a festive mood – somewhat akin to what many feel about his incarceration — festive!
NXIVM by virtue of donations by the Bronfmans and Nancy Salzman to the Clinton Global Initiative has now been linked to Pedogate, Pizzagate and a whole bunch of other RIGHT WING Conspiracies like #greatawakening #MAGA, #FOLLOWTHEWHITERABBIT, #REDPILL, and my favorite, #QANON, who appears to be some right wing SEER.
Perhaps some wing nut will show up at 455 New Karner Road or Apropos ala Pizzagate.
An astute reader noticed that there was never an official obituary for Pamela A. Cafritz. I had noticed that too and even took to my Tor Browser to see if I could trawl deeper than what most browsers pull back on surface web search engines.
I do know that her mother and half brother have been contacted numerous times by journalists for their stories and calls have not been returned. I have no empathy for Pam and the part she played procuring young girls for Keith, but I most certainly do for her family who lost a daughter years ago to Keith.
Let’s just hope that the 8 million dollars in that bank account cannot be used for Keith’s legal expenses. If it was Pam’s money, it should be returned to the Cafritz family. But sources in the know say that Pam did not have $8 million and that it may be Keith’s illegal stash, Bronfman money, smuggled from Mexico, or who knows from where?
This grotesque and despicable creature will be long remembered as being a denizen of Clifton Park. Now that he is gone, property values are expected to escalate dramatically. But, as all will admit, he left his mark.

Residents of Clifton Park can enjoy the feeling that Keith Raniere is gone and is unlikely to ever view the town again or walk its streets at night.

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  • Dr. Porter’s wife has been trolling around Knox Woods in a white Honda Odessey. Maybe she’s looking for Laura Darby?? Hahaha

  • I wish we had an insider to tell us about the Vancouver/SF goings on. Are they still holding classes? Has anyone else come to their senses and left after the arrest?

  • Porter appears to be back as well. Garage door was up and there are vehicles in the garage.

  • Actuall, three cars in Nancy’s driveway today. A crew cab black pickup , a black BMW sedan and a VW station wagon. There is also a package on the porch at 21 Oregon Teail.

    • Saw a VW wagon at New Karner on Saturday too…light color, maybe light grey/tan. Also saw a grey Mercedes GLK out front.

      • I noticed a silver 90s model Toyota 4Runner with California plates outside NXIVM office all week this past week..

  • Let’s not forget one of the key figures in this House of Cards, Karen Unterreiner.

    She has known Keith Raniere the longest in all these follies. Her responsibilities in the company dealt with IT, finance and teaching/mind-bending via EM’s. Karen Unterreiner was the Master of all NXIVM money for Raniere. If the Feds are not looking at her or have made a raid on Unterreiner’s equipment, well it will be harder for them to put their case together.

    Unterreiner was an Honor Student from Enfield High in Manchester, Connecticut 1975.

    Raniere scoped her out the day she moved to the RPI campus as a 17-year-old “girl” coming to college, her first time away from home and her father had just past away. Unterreiner was fresh for Raniere’s pickings. She is more than likely way smarter than Raniere.

    Karen Unterreiner worked hand and hand with Steve Ose (now in TX) and Ben Meyers to change data on their servers regarding the money trail in NXIVM and evidence in NXIVM computer trespassing case

    Would Steve Ose having young children and a wife faced with years behind bars not consider rolling over on Unterreiner and Raniere to protect himself and his family? Ben Meyers has a cute soon to be a wife and will he want to miss all that time with, for what, to spend years behind bars to protect his Mother in Law Nancy Salzman, his Master Raniere or his Mentor in crime Unterreiner?

    Now gone, unless you do a Google search NXIVM old ESP website tells of Karen Unterreiner’s roles.

    “Karen Unterreiner has been a key figure of Executive Success Programs’ leadership since she joined the company in 1998. She quickly became one of the top practitioners of ESP’s proprietary Exploration of Meaning™ technology. She is currently one of our top three head trainers and facilitates the company’s coveted advanced-level trainings. She has been a proud member of the Executive Board since 2001 and she is also the head of ESP’s Humanities Board, where she strives to further her commitment to building community, humanitarianism and ethics.
    Karen brings a wealth of experience as an actuary, CFO and computer programmer into her role with ESP. She graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1981 with a degree in Mathematics of Operations Research and Statistics. Following that, she held a position at Aetna Life and Casualty as an actuary until 1985. She received her fellowship in the Society of Actuaries in 1987 while working at Milliman and Robertson, Consulting Actuaries.
    She later expanded into corporate finance and in 1990 assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer at Consumers’ Buyline, Inc., a successful wholesale buying club. During which time, she delved into the field of information technology and began an IT consulting practice. Her attention to detail, expansive intellectual capacity and desire to inspire joy in people’s lives makes her an invaluable asset to the company and its Executive Board.”

    Where was the NY State AG?

    The NY State AG’s office has known for years that Raniere and Unterreiner have been running another MLM and tax evasion that included Pamela Cafritz and Nancy Salzman. NXIVM’s Master pay plan which shows an MLM structure was turned over the State AG’s office upon their request. The question is why the NY State AG sat back and did nothing.

    Taking down Raniere, Unterreiner, Cafritz, and Salzman on just these charges could have easily saved hundreds of women from Raniere’s torture. Women like Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne would not have a Cult to be so brainwashed in. DOS would have never happened.

    Reported on in 2012

    From –

    The story in Albany Times Union by James Odato 2012
    “Earlier this year, Skolnik tried to unseal a record in court that describes NXIVM business practices. “This document establishes that the way NXIVM operates internally financially is a violation of the general business law of New York,” Skolnik said in a federal court proceeding in February. “This document establishes that NXIVM is run as a version of [a] multi-level marketing scheme in violation of a consent order that Raniere … entered into with the New York State Attorney General in connection with Consumers’ Buyline.”

    In 1996, Raniere and two of his Consumers’ Buyline colleagues signed a consent order with the New York Attorney General. State officials had accused Raniere of operating an illegal “chain distributor scheme.” Without acknowledging any “fraudulent, illegal or deceptive acts,” Raniere and two associates, Pamela Cafritz and Karen Unterreiner, agreed to be permanently barred from “promoting, offering or granting participation in a chain distribution scheme.” The consent order agreement also included a fine of $40,000 against Raniere and his business, which wasn’t paid off for another four years, and then only after the attorney general’s office pressed. Consumers’ Buyline also agreed to concessions in Arkansas, including an order to pay $145,000, again without admitting any guilt. Officials at that state’s attorney general’s office could only document $55,000 in payments made, potentially exposing Raniere, Cafritz, Unterreiner and Raniere’s father, James, to additional penalties. “

    Another spin-off company of Raniere’s is/was Coalition of Ethicists.

    Here is Unterreiner’s testimonial from the website.

    “I joined the Ethicist development group to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to make ethical decisions. My experience has gone far beyond that. The Ethicist program has been the most challenging and the most transformative work I have done in my many years with ESP. It has been a study of me, how I make even the tiniest of decisions, and how I can shift those decisions to be more in line with the person I want to be. Even transforming seemingly small, simple decisions have made a big difference in my life. From avoiding hitting the snooze button to speaking up when I think things are not right, the work we are doing has produced significant changes in how I choose.”
    Karen Unterreiner

    Unterreiner even has her own website just like all the other criminals in NXIVM.

  • When asked about the death of Cally, the role Nicki Clyne played on Battlestar Galactica, she comes across as if the show was killing her off. Maybe this is true and she just lied to people in NXIVM because it sounded more committed to her Master, Raniere to say she asked to leave the show early to move to Albany.

    Nicki Clyne’s death on Battlestar Galactica show a brave women doing what she believed was the right thing to do when she found out her husband and a group of her friends were Cylons. No human machines that consider humans to be sinful and flawed creations who, therefore, do not deserve to survive, kind of like all Ex-Nxivians who have been tortured over decades.

    If you can picture her coming to the reality that her Vanguard is a sexual predator and the woman at the end is Mack her best friend. The death of Cally, Nicki Clyne’s role in Battlestar Galactica this short YouTube video could be very interesting.

    I’m not suggesting that Nicki Clyne throw herself out an airlock, just the fastest route to the FEDS will do.

    • Statements at the time by both her and the producers of BSG were that it was a story decision, I doubt Moore and Ecks would have outright lied for her and said it was their idea. They likely would have just vaguely said she had personal issues. I do keep hoping she turns out to be, if not a mole, then at least someone that was unwillingly dragged along through collateral and/or friendship to Mack.

      • Wasn’t the footage of the ‘car chase’ from her phone? Surely she must be have leaked that footage.

        • they most likely sent it to a small group of concerned NXIVians and it ended up in the wrong hands somewhere in the TELEPHONE game.

        • In my opinion, Nicki is to ESP as Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme was to the Manson Family. She will not betray her master. Whereas Allison Mack appears to be a bi-polar mess on the verge of a meltdown, Nicki comes across as almost too calm cool and collected. She held it together when Keith was taken away and that should kind of be frightening Challenge her on Social Media and she blocks you.

          Nope, Nicki is not a mole. The probably scenario is the video got back to Albany powers that be, was then shared via a group What’s App chat and someone else(s) down at New Karner Road leaked it.

    • KNOX WOODS: The mothership as we the committee call it, is 1 – 2 – 3 Flintlock (townhomes): where it all began.

      Hale drive: 3,8,9: #3 (was in Nancy’s name and Lauren lived there before purchasing 21 Lape Road. #3 may be the current home of Michelle Salzman and Ben Myers now. #9 appears to be the home of Sylvie Lloyd and John Fox as they have been spotted over there . #8 is the Library aka Keith’s sex lair. These are carriage homes (no garages). OH if those walls could talk. I do hope Sylvie and John were nosy enough to record any strange sounds emanating from that unit it may be a get out of jail free card for them.

      Allison Mack owns 127 Grenadier (condo), and 7 General’s Way ( townhome) currently rented out to some young guys who have told neighbors they are not affiliated with NXIVM). 115 Grenadier (condo) home of Ivy Nevares,

      203 Yorktown Dr (condo) at various times Dawn Morrison and Kathy Russell may have called this unit home. Dawn still may, it may also be the home of some of the Rainbow MDS’s, 110 Yorktown Drive (condo), Omar Boone owns or owned this unit. Omar and Jimena do not live in it and once again it is probably a group home for Espians.

      12 WIlton Court -currently up for sale and the site of Daniela Fernandez’s imprisionment,

      8 Raleigh Court Home of Dani Padilla EMP and DOS slavemaster (she must be missing her walks with Keith),

      3 Minuteman Lane (carriage home) home of Monica Duran (Monica too must be getting lonely unless she vamoosed to Mexico).

      Edgar Boone still may own 3 Washington Lane (town home). His digs before he upgraded to 7 Oregon Trail (at one point Barbara Bouchey owned 6 or 7 Washington Lane),

      214 Victory Way (condo) owned by Kamaraj Kalyanasundaran but not believed to be his residence, as he appears to be in Mexico with Melissa Rodriguez -once again this appears to be the home of various NXIVM worker bees or RCG Multi-cultural development specialists.

      Total Knox Woods Units = 15 in ESPIAN names or in the names of LLC’s belonging to Clare, Nancy et al. There may also be numerous sublets of units within Knox Woods. For example, We know Diane Goodman and Sean Sweeney have been spotted over on Oregon Trail but it is unknown if they live over there or in Knox Woods. It is also believed Nicky Clyne sublets or sublet a unit in Monmouth Way #218 to be exact.

      I personally do not know what unit Barbara Jeske lived in before she passed away. My guess is it was not in her name but it could have been any one of the above. She used to walk her little dogs pretty faithfully around the neighborhood. But her tax liens were addressed to a PO BOX.

  • Your the best Laura, I always look forward to your “about town” post. What’s the scoop on Brandon Porter? I’ve heard both ways that he’s moved / not moved. Any news on the Porter House

  • about the 8M$. I definitely think Raniere socked it away out of the Bronfman $. He saved it for a rainy day, so to speak. If the Bronfman’s ever did wake up, he could live out the rest of his life comfortable on that if he were fairly careful with it.

    • It’s also tax evasion/undeclared income. If you have no income, own nothing… How the heck do you wind up with $8M in the joint bank account with your dead gf?

      • Pam Cafritz came from a wealthy DC real estate family. In fact, the Cafritz family, pretty much developed a good part of the metro DC area. She lived off a monthly trust allowance which Keith and Marianna also leached off of. It is quite possible she came into more money when her father William Cafritz passed away on 8/27/2014. That would in fact be a shame if that did happen considering Keith inherited Pam’s estate. However, the more plausible explanation has been stated. The 8 million dollars was siphoned off from Bronfman “failed” investments. It will be interesting to see what the FBI finds out about the funding of this account.

        The neighborhood watch committee likes to speculate about the contents of the safe that was in Nancy Salzman’s home. One of the members was on the scene when it was brought out early on the day 3 Oregon Trail was raided. We think Nancy probably knew what was coming considering an emergency meeting of the lost souls was called the day after Keith’s arrest and the funds were no longer in the safe. It is our belief that the monies were laundered into the many real estate properties that were purchased for example: the homes of Lauren Salzman, Loreta Garza and Monica Duran are all fairly recent purchases of the last few years.

  • Frank i think you should do a piece on actress Nicki Clyne who got married to Allison Mack ( witnessed by India Oxenberg and told to her mother). If anyone posts to her twitter or instagram she just bans them so their comments are removed. She honestly thinks she is not part of a cult. The girl is deceived.

    What she doesn’t understand is cults don’t have to wear robes, do human sacrifices or believe that they are Jesus. Cults are usually very subtle. You dont even know you are joining one until its too late and by that point you have become so accustomed to meetings, the talks, the twisting of words to make you think you’re the problem that you just end up accepting.

    What Nicki doesn’t understand is that following ONE MAN is never healthy. Neither is giving your body to him, assisting him with rape of women, assisting in branding women, recruiting women or helping him avoid tax evasion.

    Keith Raniere had allegations against him back in 2012 when it came out that he had sexually interferred with two minors, a 12 and 15 year old. That should have been a huge red flag but no, people stayed in.

    Then in 2017 when India Oxenbergs mother came forward along with Sarah Edmondson and many other brave people, the FEDS started closing in and Keith Raniere that coward little rat, ( who makes people refer to him as vanguard ) fled the country.

    At that point you would think people would leave. No. They followed him down there.

    Now that he”s been arrested and charged and a 22 page legal document has been released on timesunion dot coms website showing the charges against him and who they refer to as CC-1 ( allison mack ) who helped him start the SOURCE for actors.

    You can read the 22 page doc here.

    People in NXVIM are still defending him. They honestly think hes some kind of god. Its absurd.

    I applaud everything Frank is doing. He is keeping this in the limelight.

    • This isn’t even a subtle one. Once you see the scarves, bowing and having to ‘honor’ a leader named ‘Vanguard’ you should be outta there.

      • This isn’t really a strong criticism. Bowing and scarves are analogous to bowing and belts in Martial arts. In fact, that’s the comparison they use.

    • Clyne and Mack 2008

      Blast from the past by Chet Harding of now-closed Metroland

      Nicki Clyne has gotten off the hook on this blog. She played Cally Henderson Tyrol on the Sci-Fi Channel television series Battlestar Galactica until she had herself killed off the show early so she could be with her Vanguard in 2008.

      Nicki Clyne was on Smallville for one show in 2002 so who knows if this is where Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack first met.

      On her website blog, she mentions the loss of her father. When the dust blows over, and Nicki has time to think about how she has wasted so many years of her life chasing an impossible dream by believing in her Master, Nicki will have one of the greatest regrets, not spending more time with her Birth father.

      • Yes, I know that feeling: of trusting and waiting for someone and watching as they put others above you while you should’ve been held in higher esteem according to position or words they used, only to waste so much of your time as you saw others in life move on.

    • Don’t forget – many people followed ONE MAN – Jesus – and believed in him, even in the face of his “bad publicity.” I am sure many in the group saw red flags. But could it be, they were scared shitless to leave or speak up? Sometimes fear is a paralyzing factor. Also they had been taught not to believe the detractor news articles and websites – painted as a conspiracy to take down the chosen one. Now, if you are an actor in the public eye, NX is holding a lot over your head. Look at what they did to private citizens who left. Or journalists who wrote exposes. Not making excuses, but I don’t think many of us have been in that kind of mind-fucking situation. Surely some are complicit, but I believe others are victims, pure and simple. I do not speculate on the Hollywood types discussed here – I simply neither know nor care at the moment. Maybe I can turn my attention to them once the MONSTER is denied bail, convicted, sentenced, and locked away – in that order. Then we can worry about who knew what when. One thing is for sure – Allison Mack’s initials are intertwined with the Monster’s on the brand used to burn and maim women. That puts her a notch above Kristin, Grace, and Nicki, in my book.

    • “Frank i think you should do a piece on actress Nicki Clyne who got married to Allison Mack ( witnessed by India Oxenberg and told to her mother). If anyone posts to her twitter or instagram she just bans them so their comments are removed. She honestly thinks she is not part of a cult. The girl is deceived.”

      Are you sure? I’ve seen several people try to call Clyne out on Twitter and while she doesn’t respond the posts are still there.

    • And the link to Chet Hardin’s column, reprinted in Rick Ross’s culteducation, led to great information:

      “The demographic that has been the most lucrative, the most fruitful for cults is 18 to 26.”

      Young people with substantial discretionary funds who are alone for the first time in their lives, are an ideal target, he said. He pointed to the survey that Clyne and Mack have linked to from their official Web sites as an example of Raniere’s attempts to gather data on this demographic. Nearly each page of the online survey features a picture of Clyne, Mack, or Kreuk. The survey is hosted at, a domain registered to Karen Unterreiner, a longtime associate of Raniere’s from his days with CBI.

      Raniere, according to Ross, is not allowed, by law, to be involved in a discount buyer’s club, due to the collapse of CBI.

      The survey is specifically geared toward college students. It asks more than a dozen questions regarding their purchasing, studying, and recreational habits. After a round of these questions, the survey moves on to more unusual questions, such as, “Would you swallow a glass of your own vomit for $100?” The questions continue along in this vein, increasing the hypothetical monetary payout, and also the grossness factor: “What if it was dog vomit?”

      “My experience with Hollywood people and cults, they are really easy to grab,” said Ross. “A lot easier than you would imagine. They are so vulnerable and emotionally needy. What kind of person wants to be an actor in the first place? They need to be loved, adored, and the center of attention. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.”

  • Your updates and real estate information are always so interesting. Thank you!

    Only 51 days until the wedding of cultists Michelle Salzman and Ben Myers. If the Feds haven’t forcibly pulled Nancy out of hiding before then, the mother of the bride will certainly need to make an appearance.

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