Raniere felled by hypertension! High blood pressure causes emergency removal from prison cell to clinic!

Keith Raniere

According to sources, Keith Alan Raniere, the sex-slave cult leader who prefers to be called by his self-conferred title of The Vanguard, has been moved from his prison cell to the prison clinic. Raniere is housed at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC), the federal maximum security prison in Brooklyn, NY, where he’s being held while awaiting trial on charges of sex trafficking and forced labor conspiracy.

According to the super low key “MDC network,” that informal communication system that inmates at the facility use to share information with one another, Raniere has been in the prison clinic for the past few days while medical staff tries to evaluate his extremely high blood pressure readings.

According to sources, some of the MDC medical staff suspect Raniere is faking the condition – inmates often ingest things to mimic real medical problems. However out of an abundance of caution, they decided to keep him in the clinic for a few days to monitor his blood pressure. Doing so will also keep him from getting his hands on anything he might have been taking to artificially increase his blood pressure.

If the high blood pressure is real, and Raniere has complained that it most certainly is, we imagine some of his followers may be shocked that their Vanguard didn’t simply develop new “tech” to resolve this medical problem. That’s what he did for Pam Cafritz and Barbara Jeske when they were diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, both of them died – which suggests that, despite their long-term involvement with Raniere, they were probably both suppressives.

In any event, Raniere has been on the move a lot since he first arrived at MDC. If all goes well, he may, in fact, be placed in general population later this week. That, of course, may cause him to experience a whole range of new medical problems.

Those who want to send Raniere  “Get Well” cards can do so by sending them to the following address:
Keith Alan Raniere
A/K/A The Vanguard
Register Number 57005-177
MDC Brooklyn
Metropolitan Detention Center
P.O. Box 329002
Brooklyn, NY 11232

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  • I would be careful, he is a master hypnotist. He will find a nurse to hypnotize. They have this art, knowing how to find the SUCKER. To pass emails, messages etc. Just see how the journalist Vanessa Grigoriadis got suckered in by his crying and tearing eyes.

  • Why are these participants who held people down for branding, brain washed people stole money and so much more still free to influence others . There are so many high ranking participants still out there

    • Their time in the barrel is coming.

      Do you hear me India, Nicki, Lauren and Doctors Roberts and Porter?
      Your time in the barrel is coming.

      And the Master thespian Allison Mack won’t be able to save you with her fabrications.

        • A special place is being prepared for Clare.
          But before Clare goes she’ll have to use some of her money for a personality transplant.
          Someday Clare will make some lucky guy a handsome wife.
          Clare will be like a more masculine version of Rock Hudson.

  • Guess when you can’t take your daily Knox Woods strolls and instead sit in a cell 23 hours a day eating salt-laden food while worrying about how your entire existence has collapsed, maybe your BP will bump up a little bit.

    Please, if there is a God in Heaven, PLEASE let Keith live until his trial has ended.

  • Frank, you previously mentioned that Keith was being housed in the SHU…which is obviously an “administrative” decision and not a punitive one (e.g. protection from general population; not punishment).

    I know that in Fed lockup, you can be sent to the SHU for “protection” because either:

    1) The staff determines that your presence in the general population could be dangerous (staff decision).

    2) The prisoner himself decides to request being put in the SHU out of fear of being assaulted…..because he’s a SCARED LITTLE PUSSY (prisoner decision).

    I’m guessing it’s the staff who made that decision in this case, probably because of the media attention.

    So WHY do you now say he could soon be in the general population?

    Even if the staff agreed, I doubt Keith would want to be housed with Bubba. He’s a scared little pussy IMO. His 1970’s hairdo coupled with his geeky glasses and short height would make him a target. *I won’t even mention his purported horrible body odor (a journalist claimed he hadn’t bathed for his last court appearance).

    Whoever told you he’ll be mixed into the general population soon is full of crap, IMO.

    • Bubba likes an “earthy” smell. He also likes to pull the long hair and short toys, they can be placed in all kinds of positions.

  • Dear Keith,

    Get well soon. Sorry you are blowing a gasket over having your control of women, food, minions and money taken away. You might want to try meditation. Maybe spend some time reflecting on the pain, guilt, deprivation and misery you have imposed on others – many of whom profess to love you nonetheless. (You don’t understand love.)

    I am not a hater – so sincerely, best wishes for you to get well soon!!

    orangecountydreams – OCD – a voice from the 19900s Past

    PS – I see you have managed to steadily escalate your behavior. I’m sure in your extensive studies you will recognize the quote: “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    • Raniere could save a lot of taxpayer dollars by just dying. I would say his reflections are causing the high blood pressure, but he has no soul or morals, so that doesn’t make any sense. Did you send the letter? Because he won’t get a letter written on this website.

      • It’s satire, amigo.

        A bunch of us have used the comment section to vent about what we would send on a postcard or letter to the jail.

      • Oops – “1990s.” I would mail, but I don’t think he gives a sh*t. About anyone but himself. He is incurable.

      • Your sheep, they’re missing you, Scott Johnson. Time to fondle them and caress your guns and think about your Amway cult ways.

      • TX2, it is better than solitude and isolation. Also, then he gets to find the SUCKER he can hypnotize. To get access to the outside world. He is a master Hypnotist , they can find the one that is easily put under. He will show those teary eyes that suckered the journalist with the NYTM

    • Oh My F’kin God!!! HAHAHAHAHA! What the MotherFuck are these?


      1) A Luciferian Rehabilitation Device
      2) A NXSCUM sash
      3) A Turtle that is combined with an Internal Combustion Engine (I don’t really know how to explain this motherfucker).

      HAHAHAHA! Awesome. Thanks for that.

  • Keith’s problem is that he’s been living on a steady diet of pizza & pussy (garlic free pussy, according to Parlato).

    Since pussy contains no calories and has no effect on blood pressure, it’s probably the pizza that has finally felled the fat slob.

    It’s ironic that while Allison was carrying a food scale in her purse to measure out meek portions of just 20 grams of Squash per meal (and while India was starving herself to the point of losing her period for a year)…….their Vanguard was gorging himself into an unhealthy medical state while also creating a fat paunch.

    …and supposedly his ethics don’t require him to punish himself (go on a diet) for letting his body slide, while those same “ethics” require the many women in his life to starve themselves as “penance” for gaining even a few extra pounds.

    Oh, and if you question this apparent contradiction…..you get told that you’re “too prideful” and must punish yourself as penance. LOL.

    • Well, it’s curious why he likes sticking his face into so many p*ssies, Kind of unhygienic and disgusting. I am not sure what he supposedly gets from that, unless it is to “control” females he can no longer please the traditional way. Ick.

      • Because he needs the acknowledgement that he is “the best they’ve ever had”. He doesn’t actually care if he gives pleasure with sex; he cares about the worship of himself as the epitome of sex God and the power rush he gets from it. He was good at the mechanics of it back when I knew him – just no respect for the trust and emotions and vulnerability involved in sex and absolutely no respect for others boundaries.

  • Welp…it looks like the Cheeseburgers and Pizza finally caught up with VanGrifter!

    There is no cause of essential hypertension, it’s just lifestyle and diet. Everything we eat has tons of salt. Even then, reducing salt doesn’t always reduce high BP.

    More than likely, the prison clinic will just put him on amlodipine and losartan. Luckily for VanGrifter, the Prison Staff actually gives a shit (unlike how he treated his slaves and human fright test subjects). Had the BP not been treated, mofo would have stroked out or lost a kidney.

    Danielle Roberts’s medical technology was apparently no match for Keith’s diet of p#ssy, cheeseburgers, and pizza. Another crook bites the dust!

    • There was a study with Russian cosmonauts regarding salt consumption and health issues. The goal was to find better rations for long term missions to ISS or further out when you cannot send missing stuff like vitamins, calories, salt and whatever.
      In the salt test group they were putting volunteers in a cage while giving some very little salt per day and others tons. If my memory serves me it was 1 to 12 grams per day per person, depending on the test group. They were monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, water consumption and whatnot and found basically nothing of interest. There was no influence of the salt level on the drinking behavior or the heart at all.
      All they found out that some people got frustrated as they did not like their meals – which is very bad when you are on a 600 days Mars mission or so.

    • Losing a kidney would be good. Loads of suffering, and pain from the surgery without the good drugs, but wouldn’t kill him.

  • Dear Mr Raniere,

    I could send some sodium azide from our chemical cabinet. It needs to be used or destroyed anyway. This will significantly lower the blood pressure and heart rate within minutes if injected iv. If you could tell me your body weight I could send the required amount. Using it will even save you from your prison sentence.

  • From Doctor Brandon Porter, MD:
    “As a Medical Professional I prescribe the Vanguard a marathon viewing of the bloodiest, goriest movies from my personal collection. The bloodier and gorier the better. That will be certain to cure the Vanguard of his hypertension.”

    • That does bring up the question whether Raniere is getting any visitors, conjugal or otherwise. I wonder whether New York allows conjugal visits to unmarried animals like Raniere.

      • If anyone can swing conjugal visits in the Federal lock up it is Keith Raniere.
        Some 25 years ago the Federal lock up in Chicago, the MCC, had a scandal where gang members were allowed to have conjugal visits with their girl friends. In return the gang members testified to whatever the Federal prosecutors wanted.
        The prisoners were also allowed access to illegal narcotics.

        “After denying the allegation, Harris, under a grant of immunity, finally testified that in 1988 and 1989 he had 15 conjugal visits with two different women on the 39th floor of the Kluczynski Federal building, where El Rukn prosecutors maintained an office. Hunter and Evans testified to similar visits.”

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