Part 8: Secret recording: Emiliano Salinas and Toni Zarattini: Text from woman saying she is in child prostitution ring; Ceci Salinas explains it is collateral

Emilano and Ceclia Salinas, operators of Rainbow Multicultural Gardens in Mexico City salute their master Keith Alan Raniere on his birthday. [Aug. 26, 2016.]


Part 8 of the secretly recorded phone conversation in August 2017 between Toni Zarattini and Emiliano Salinas. [My explanatory comments are in bold]

After Emiliano Salinas explained to Toni Zarattini how a NXIVM woman kept to her Raniere-inspired, low calorie diet by taking a video of herself masturbating – then giving it to someone as ‘collateral,’ with instructions to release the video if she ever gained weight – Emiliano went to on tell Toni about the next thing he found out.

Emiliano Salinas: Three years later we are in Mexico and one of my proctors [An Orange Sash-NXIVM teacher] tells me, ‘Hey, I got a text [from a NXIVM member] that shook me up. I wrote to the person [who texted] and she said: “No, sorry, that text was not for you. Please, I ask you to erase it and forget it”. My proctor told me, “I cannot forget [the text]. She [the proctor] then tells me,  ‘then look, I brought it to you.’

She showed me the text and the text was a confession by this person, it was a woman, a confession that [she] belonged to a child prostitution network and she was confessing it [in the text]. I said ‘no way,’ this is the last thing we need!  I looked for Alex [Betancourt] and told him, ‘look we have this text and she was also a person who had taken the program a couple of years ago. I think she had taken Jness’.  I told the proctor go back to this person and tell her that you can’t ignore it, you can’t forget it and she has to explain to you what is happening. Then she [the proctor] did it. Then [the woman who texted she was in a child prostitution ring] told her, ‘Look whatever is on the text is not true, but please, I ask you not to ask me, and forget this topic.’

And I really insisted, right? I said, clearly not: ‘Of course, we will not forget it and I will call the police. Do explain this to me or I will call the police.”

And suddenly Ceci [Salinas, Emiliano’s sister and daughter of former president Carlos Salinas. Ceci is a NXIVM High Rank {Green}] came in. We were in my office and I explained the situation and she told me, “Just let me check that this is not one of the topics of the women’s group, this is it,’ and I was like, ‘what woman group?’ She says, ‘a group of women that put commitments and support each other to transcend issues that they have not been able to manage to transcend and they put this type of collateral.’

I said, ‘Ah’ It made sense to me and in my head I said, ‘Ah, well, I know where this was born,’ you know? I do not know if it was born there or not [with the woman who made the video of her masturbating so she would not eat cookies], but I already had that previous experience. Now there are several women who are there [in this group], right? Making this kind of commitment to their word, and I said, ‘Oh, OK’ and said, ‘Well, shoot, you guys have to be very careful in how you send your shitty collaterals because, damn, we could have an explosion here in Mexico, eh?’ And then that was all.

Emiliano Salinas with his sister Ceci salute the Vanguard at V-Week. They wear green t-shirts because they have the Green Rank in NXIVM.

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  • Allison Mack [NXIVM] arrested [date]?
    When does a bird sing?
    Schneiderman resigns [date]?
    Eyes Wide Open.
    Who will be next?
    Watch NYC.
    Watch CA.

    • The story was broken by Slate and later picked up by Newsweek, Slate Magazine, Fortune Magazine, Daily Mail UK, thedailybeast, Inverse, Gizmodo, and others. Exciting times for Jens Erik Gould! Though after Elon Musk quickly deleted his tweet, so did Jens Erik Gould. Way to stand strong, Jens!

      • It wasn’t broken by Slate. It was all over the internet before any mainstream media picked up on it. By the time Slate got to it, the story became totally distorted. As usual, they’ve taken the whole thing out of context.

        Anyone who believes that Jens Erik Gould had worthwhile credibility prior to working for theknifemedia is about ten years behind the times, and probably does not know how to find information on the internet.

  • did these conversation between Emiliano and Toni happen before Emiliano and Alex pressed charges of Extortion against Toni or after.
    Emiliano is doing his best to get Toni to see things his way in order to Safe “NX Mexico”

  • There’s no mention in the conversations of anybody having a video where she is masturbating. If Mr. Parlato wants to keep his credibility with us, he needs to stick himself to the facts.

    • “Then she said, ‘what I did was put a consequence [collateral] that would insure that I was not going to break my word. And I started to think, “What could hurt me the most in my life?” And I came to the conclusion that what would hurt me most in life is to cause shame or disgrace to my family and what I decided to do was film myself.’ She made a video that was a sexual video of her with herself [masturbating]. I did not see it, of course, but what she told me is she filmed herself in a video and then she told me, ‘if this came out publicly this would be devastating for my family’”

      • No. Yes it’s true that she made a sexual video of herself, but Salinas DOES NOT mention the word “masturbation”. She could’ve been doing whatever it was, but he doesn’t mention that specific action.

        • “She made a video that was a sexual video of her with herself.”

          That’s pretty darn clear. And I guarantee you it was clear to Toni. It’s certainly clear to the rest of us. But not you?

          “She could’ve been doing whatever it was.” What exactly do you think “whatever it was,” Javier Martinez?

          Maybe you have an issue with sex? Or with women and sex? Or maybe you’re Catholic and think masturbation is a sin? Or maybe the woman in the video is your sister or daughter?

          • Oh, I see you have a very delicate skin. So you expect everybody that reads your blog to blindly believe everything you write here? Again, you understood from the translation (because you do not even know spanish) whatever served your purpose. But, one more time: Salinas NEVER mentioned in his phone conversation with Tony that the woman who made a video of herself was masturbating. That’s all I said. And, I repeat it here one more time.

            FYI, I do not have an issue with sex, nor women and sex, and even if I were Catholic, I would not have an issue with masturbation at all. And you went way out of line when you wrote that “maybe the woman in the video” is my sister or daughter. If the above paragraph (reply) was written by Frank Parlato, there’s no wonder why so many people think so low of you.

      • When I say “us”, I mean the people reading his posts in this blog. How can you be sure that ALL of “Parlato’s facts are veritas”? I’m not asking him to “twist” anything, on the contrary. I’m asking him to just stick to the facts. That’s it.

  • Frank, I heard all the recordings, and although Salinas mentions that the collateral of reference here was something of a “sexual nature”, he NEVER mentions that the girl had a “video of herself self-masturbating”. I mean, it’s not that I want to defend this guy (not at all), but if you want to keep your credibility here with us, you must stay with the facts.

  • So how long have DOS or DOS type activities taken place? A lot of these reports extend 3-5 years ago, not just the last couple.

  • Jness is the more profound evil within NXIVM -Keith knew that in order to keep the men in line, he had to first corrupt the women and girls. That this also sated his personal sexual desires and appetites what a plus that kept him motivated to direct the group around the growing number of DOS slaves that were being brought in via Jness and Allison. Women are malleable and if programmed properly can change the course of nations. We see this most obviously in the feminist movement which stands completely opposed to what NXIVM was/is about. It’s a very complicated structure on the face, but the power within, underneath was brutal and real.

    • The sex ratio of membership in cults is approximately 70/30 women/men.

      There is something in the psychology of women that makes them more susceptible to joining them. This ratio discrepancy seems to point to the notion that women have a tendency to be more gullible, more open to manipulation of emotions, and less skeptical, than men.

      • I doubt that its just something in the psychology of women that makes them more susceptible to abuse. Consider the fact that female cult leaders are extremely rare….is it something in the psychology of men that males them so much more prone to be violently abusive than women?
        The numbers of men who abuse and murder their partners (domestic violence) far, far exceeds the number of violent women who abuse their partners. Look at the statistics and the difference is staggering.

        • No, it doesn’t have a thing to do with mens’ “psychology,” unless you assume someone who is bigger and stronger to be a “psychological” advantage, when it’s simply a physical advantage that has physical results.

          • Hey Scott Johnson of Texas! Scott Johnson who loves to caress guns and fondle sheep! It’s a shame no woman has ever chosen to get close to you, though it does explain why you embrace the incel culture so wholeheartedly, and it sheds light on your hatred for women and your love of Trump. Even though you’re like a woman, being susceptible to cults and all!

            Because you were part of the Amway cult! So you’re part of the 30% male cult members, huh? And still so dense and despicable. It’s impressive how you manage that! Dense and despicable, also desperate. Do you remember how when the rest of the world saw a gaunt gray Allison Mack that you instead saw a little innocent school girl?? Even with her mustache! How desperate and f*cked up do you need to be to see a “little, innocent school girl” when it’s actually a sick gaunt mid-30s woman.

            Go back to your guns and sheep. Maybe you’ll find another cult in Texas that you can join, susceptible as you are to cults!

          • Are dense and despicable.

            And name calling is for people without the intelligence to come up with a more creative insult.

            Only in America.

      • NXIVM is (primarily) a sex cult, so it would focus on the type of recruiting that would bring in more women.
        Male recruits (unless they are rich or famous) have little value….except for that rare, very valuable man like Mark Hildreth, who can lure his woman into the cult…and potentially into Keith’s sex lair.

      • Darth, ever hear of the KISS principle, or Occam’s razor? I think it has more to do with Raniere wanting sex from women more than men.

  • Here is where this whole story is headed and why these counts are included in the indictment. This is not just about DOS.

    • If the allegations are true, Rosa Laura Junco having teenagers from Mexico staying in her basement to give Raniere access to them and forcing them to do slave labour cleaning houses of other NXIVM members 1,000% constitutes child sex trafficking.

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