Is Monte Blu really Clare Bronfman? Larry Shea suspects it might be so

Clare Bronfman 2017

Larry Shea, a contributing writer to Frank Report and Artvoice, and a top flight researcher, seems to suspect that our old friend and suspected troll Monte Blu may be Clare Bronfman.

In response to Monte Blu’s Trust the Vanguard and Follow Clare Bronfman 

By Larry Shea

Yup, as the Vainguard taught you, “Given the choice between the experience of pain and doing nothing, we must choose pain.” However, Clare, if that is your real name, ‘Vainguard’s’ philosophy is nothing new. The Marquis de Sade was peddling virtually the same anti-social bullshit back in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. “It is always by way of pain [that] one arrives at pleasure,” wrote that anti-nomian loser.

And the “Beast,” Aleister Crowley, who literally ended up in the gutter, encouraged the deviants of the world to “Do what thou wilt.” You know, just have a good time at the expense of the victim, who just gets effed over for the pleasure of the psychopathic sadist.

Like your lover-boy, Keith Raniere, and your malignant narcissistic self, you objectify and dehumanize your human victims. Human beings are seen as trash by such as yourself and Keith. You view human beings as means to an end, not as an end in themselves. As your imprisoned guru also pointed out, you sociopaths are a subspecies of the human race. The story of humanity has always been a battle between the non-sociopaths and the sociopaths – good and evil, humanity and the satanic.

You appear to unable or unwilling to own that murder, which Keith Raniere claims to have both personally committed and personally ordered, is a crime against humanity. You can’t or won’t recognize that the rape of a child, who is a vulnerable victim, by an adult predator, such as Keith Raniere, is a serious crime that causes untold psychic damage to that child forever after that rape. All that you self-absorbed, self-indulgent mattoids ever think about is having the most joy or pleasure. Blaming the victims of your mind control and of your crimes is merely the way that you deviants justify your criminal behavior in your twisted minds. Vainguard’s philosophy doesn’t work! If everyone went around acting like you and Vainguard, the outcome would be a worldwide circular firing squad. Get a new persona, Clare; you have been unmasked!


I think that it is “Crones disease,” although the apostrophe was left out – a common enough grammatical error for someone without a high school education.  {ed. note: Monte Blu referred to Raniere’s ability to cure “Crones Disease.” Blu probably meant Crohn’s disease].

A crone is an old woman who is thin and ugly. Clare is a good example of a woman who is both thin and well on her way to becoming very ugly, even though she just turned thirty-nine.

This is what Vainguard’s low-calorie diet and sleep deprivation can do for you ladies – a virtual crone at 39 years old. But Keith’s cure for Crone’s disease is to bring in more young girls and young women to replace crones like Clare Bronfman, Nancy Saltzman, Karen Untereiner, etc.


Image result for an old crone
An old crone
Clare Bronfman, 2017.


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    • Right, so Raniere was doing them a favour by taking their collateral. How generous of him.

  • Hollywood Life: rumors about Raniere's sexual manipulations were circulating when Kristen Kreuk left NXIVM says:

    “Some years ago I started hearing some strange things about Keith manipulating women into having sex with him. People in NXIVM were starting to question his motives and that’s when I got out and a number of other people left at that time too, including Kristin. She didn’t hang around to wait and see if the rumors about Keith were true. She cut ties immediately and I give her a lot of credit for that. Unfortunately for Allison she was already too far under Keith Raniere’s spell to think independently, no one could save her,” a former member of NXIVM tells EXCLUSIVELY.

  • I wonder if Allison suffers from split personality disorder. She had such a double life for years and toward the end it may have caught up with her. Professionally keeping sunny while also having this darker self that she hid from everyone. I like how the Hollywood reporter article didn’t shy away from this point in the article. Days before her arrest she was posting inspirational quote-vomit on her social media while fully aware she was about to be arrested. I think that takes a toll on a person.

    • The main personality disorder the entire NXIVM elite suffers from is the inability to treat their fellow human beings as people with rights

      From Raniere through Mack and India and Nicki and on to the Bronfmans and the Salzmans all of this cult’s elite lack moral compasses.
      The ability to discern right from wrong and choose right.

      Those fanboys who treat Allison and the other actresses as victims miss the point that these women are adults who willingly abdicated their responsibilities of common human decency.
      And Allison Mack was enjoying a power trip by serving as Top Pimp over all the other women.

      • Yes. This cult breeds narcissists and people of privilege. Because this cult programs the ways of Randian philosophy into its adherents, it praises selfishness even going so far as to calling it a “virtue” – upside down is right-side up – and also removes the normal human condition of guilt and shame that manifests itself when people engage in it. Thus, any trampling on the rights of others without empathy for their feelings, needs, or wants is excused for this path since it has been brainwashed out of their system.and any rationality or common sense that may inhibit it is rationalized away as well.

        I know.

          • I don’t think it produces sociopaths. You make people act like them, but not I don’t believe you can create them.

            I think it screws with people’s hearts and minds. I think it makes people behave in manners that are contrary to what is taught by religions that preach regular, though not necessarily frequent, altruism. I think it messes up people’s moral compass. I think it makes them more selfish at the expense of others. I think it makes them wrongfully think they are less than they are or that they have problems that they don’t and so they doubt themselves in whatever negative issues or problems that were emphasized by this cult to keep them in and they become more withdrawn.

    • I just want to stick the the clinical context of your question. There are two potential disassociative disorders that you could be discussing there. The first would be disassociative identity disorder (split personality), the existence of two or more complete and independent personalities in a single individual. DID is extremely rare and many psychiatrists doubt that it exists. More specifically, evidence of DID would be conduct (i.e. personality) that varies within similar contexts rather than behavior that changes as the context changes (behind closed doors, with different people, etc.). Everything that has been shared to date suggested that Allison does not have DID. If you more interest in the social psychology approach to personality, just see Walter Mischel’s Persona-Situation research or the Stanford Prison experiment.

      The second type of disorder within this category would be a disassociative disorder: not otherwise specified. This disorder can be acting in way outside your standard personality construct on account of coercive measures or extreme situation. In everyday parlance, you could characterize it as a brainwashing, but in this case it would be more voluntary brainwashing rather than coercive (such as the Americans captured by the Chinese during the Korean war). If Allison has proven resistant to a plea deal (An obvious choice to anyone undertaking a cost benefits analysis), than this disorder could certainly be in play.

      Besides these two disorders, I recall another post that made some good observations on the similarity between Allison’s later writings and borderline personality disorder. It would be difficult to ascertain whether this has been her more general state since many disorders can be the product of stress and situation. Moreover, an environmental context might have activated a latent disorder (i.e. epigenetics) that a person has an inherited vulnerability to.

      Finally, one might think of divergent behavior as reflective of compartmentalization (a Freudian defense mechanism).

  • Is assuming this is Clare’s handiwork not over estimating Clare’s brainpower? I’ve heard her speak, and I know fifth graders with bigger vocabularies…

  • “Serial killers do, on a small scale, what governments do on a large one. They are products of our times and these are bloodthirsty times.”

    Richard Ramirez …AKA The NightStalker

  • Great article! Allie is looking more and more like a partner. It is rare, but a Psychopath can sometimes work with a submissive partner/student and bring them into the fold.

    With Keith’s background, it was only a matter of time before he ordered someone’s murder. Or perhaps he already has.

    In any event, the sex slaves would have escalated their activity until ordered to kill someone. That is the ultimate expression of control: state-sanctioned murder. Typically only reserved for governments and militaries…and Keith believes himself to be the new God of our modern age.

    • A very good article setting out the sequence of events.

      Over the past 12 years Allison Mack had numerous opportunities to change course and start doing the right thing.
      At every opportunity Allison Mack chose the wrong course.

      Was Ms. Mack’s permissive upbringing the cause of her immorality?
      Was her upbringing the cause of her cruelty towards other women?

      Numerous people have been brought up in permissive families and never turned to torture and slavery.

      Was Allison Mack’s jealousy over Kristin Kreuk’s higher status on the show “Smallville” the cause of Ms. Mack’s cruelty and insanity?
      I can tell you that the entertainment industry is filled with attractive and talented young women who don’t enjoy a tenth of the luck and success Allison Mack enjoyed.

      To ponder these and other philosophical questions I believe Allison Mack deserves at least 15 years in prison.
      Allison Mack needs at least 15 years in prison to discover the difference between right and wrong.

      Why is there so much concern over Allison Mack and so little concern over the women she abused?

      • Interesting that the article greatly played down Kreuk’s involvement, hardly mentioning her, and then attributed to Mack things this blog always put on Kreuk—that Mack was the cult’s “big catch” celeb; Mack was the one love bombed and flown to a quick audience with the Vanguard; and that Mack “was the Tom Cruise of Nxivm.”

        Of course, this article focused on Mack because of her arrest, but I still found this seemingly well-researched article’s downplaying of KK’s involvement to be both interesting and maybe enlightening.

        • The article did point out that she refused to speak about more than what she said in her official statement. While it is not evidence that she has something to hide, refusals to expound upon her comments is interesting.

    • Great tip on the Hollywood Reporter story. Thank you, It is a very informative and very interesting story that is well-researched and well-written. If we are going to see all of these sleazy NXIUM perpetrators behind bars, the Raniere cult will need to have even more exposure in the MSM. We, the ordinary people, can and are making a difference. It’s time to take this criminal network down in every country in which it operates. Clare Bronfman should go and hang her head in shame along with her dippity-do sister Sara. What a pair of New Age Nitwits (NANs). Calling on all media outlets; please report for duty, and give full coverage to the story of the Keith Raniere cult for clueless and narcissistic Luciferian losers.!

  • Cruella Bronfman believes everything is going to plan.
    Today’s report about Nicki Clyne hiring a criminal defense attorney, perhaps with Clare’s money, indicates that there are now three pimps to take the Fall for Raniere and Clare.
    Three Stooges to take all of the blame for the branding and the sexual slavery.

    As Chicago mobsters will tell you there must always be someone to “wear the jacket” and take all of the blame.
    And Allison, India and Nicki (Pimps 1,2 and 3) have all been perfectly fitted to wear jackets.

    And from Clare’s point of view all of the Three Stooges are guilty.
    Truthfully Allison, India and Nicki are all guilty.

    The brandings were held in Allison’s townhouse and conducted by the goofy Doctor Danielle Roberts.
    Presumably India and Nicki and other females would hold down the naked female victims while Doctor Roberts applied the hot branding iron.

    Allison would supervise the procedure while holding onto the victims’ breasts while chanting:
    “Feel the Pain”
    “Absorb the Pain”
    “Think of your Master”.
    Like something out of a very bad horror movie.

    And Allison was further tasked with recruiting new females to be tortured and enslaved using salacious materials to blackmail the women.

    To Cruella Bronfman everything is going exactly to plan.

    As they were being burned, Mack would place her hands on the women’s chests and tell them to “feel the pain” and to “think of [their] master.”

  • Yesterday was the new moon, and every new moon brings the energy of the Crone. Not at all about being thin and ugly, the crone is a wise, old woman. She is to be revered with her lifetime of knowledge, and listened to, and respected.

    Just funny to see people bashing the Crone, when I wouldn’t associate Clare with that energy (wisdom), at all.

    Not much different than watching people call each other idiots, though, when it is actually a compliment, and what they mean is moron.

    • Duh, Crone Goddess, word from your Mother Goddess: the new moon begins the virgin stage while the waning moon begins the crone stage. Try to get your facts straight before you shoot from the hip. I would suggest that you get your information from other than that inadequate site you recommended – it’s pure commercial kitschy quiche.

      “The crone is the glorious Hecate, the waning moon, who dwells in the land of death and instructs her disciple Medea in magic… Many cultures believed that by retaining the menstrual blood within, the crone claimed power over her magical energy and became an awesome figure…The Dark Goddess of the Dark moon is the mistress of transformation and she exists everywhere there is change… She destroys in order to renew!” (q.v., waning moon: crone-world history).The monthly cycle or lunation cycle of the Moon is from whence the ancient and primitive concept of the triple goddess comes. By the way, Wiccans did not invent this ancient concept. Wicca is a modern movement that is loosely based upon some ancient traditions.

      The lunar cycle appears to us on Earth as one of growth and decline. From the new phase, the Moon appears to grow in light and in size, while the Moon appears to change its overall shape. The Moon goes from the new phase to the waxing full phase and from there, it reverses this process in the gibbous phase, as the light and the size of the Moon diminish, while the Moon’s overall shape appears to change.

      There is really nothing at all magical about the physics of this. The Earth and the Moon rotate around a gravitational center, which is known as the barycenter. The barycenter is the center of mass of the these two physical bodies. Because of the Earth’s gravitational force on the Moon and something called the “tidal locking” of the Moon’s rotation, the Moon always shows the same face or side to those of us who reside on Earth. As it travels in tandem with the Earth, the Moon changes it position in space and thus reflects the light of our Sun from different angles. This is what cause the Moon to appear to go through its phases. Nothing actually changes except for the amount of sunlight that we experience the Moon receiving over the duration of its lunar cycle, as that cycle appears from the Earth. The dark side of the Moon also gets two weeks of sunshine that we unable to observe from Earth.

  • The term crone has been used to manipulate and control women for a long time.
    It embodies the idea that if you don’t find a man to marry you then you will end up ugly and alone (with no value as a human because you’re an “ugly” woman over the age 35).
    One of the best ways to control people is to let them know they don’t have worth outside their physical attractiveness (a trait that is subjective and ultimately out of our control). Once you have aged out you are an ugly crone and deemed worthless by society. This belief, which is central to the structure of patriarchy, fosters competition and internalized misogyny that keeps women from supporting one another because they see each other as a threat to their own worth and security.
    Old Keith used this belief in his women followers to recruit new slaves. Now you are perpetuating it with your insults to Clare as a distraction from the fact that you provide no actual evidence that she is Monte Blu. (Sure, she probably is but assumptions are not facts.)
    This could have been an interesting thought piece on how Keith used women’s internalized misogyny to keep the cult going for so long. Nxivm is a microcosmic look into our dominant culture’s endoctrination of being the good girl (of worth). Be thin, be young, be pretty, be submissive and Daddy will love you the best.
    But instead it’s a seventh grade insult and only manages to make FrankReport look foolish.

    • A crone just means an old woman who is thin and ugly. That is all. All this talk about patriarchy, beauty, perpetuating misogyny, a woman having no value if she’s unwed and over 35, etc., is just feminazi bullshit.

    • This idea that beauty is only or primarily subjective is horse crap. Beauty is certainly out of our control – just like a lot of things are, such as who our parents are, where we’re born, or the color of our skin – but there are clear objective elements to beauty that span multiple cultures, peoples, and time periods. Symmetry and proportionality are such things. Otherwise, industries such as modeling, advertising, acting, etc., wouldn’t exist and wouldn’t bring in customers. This notion that concepts such as beauty are only or primarily subjective or relative is just a reflection of today’s society elevating Relativism to more than the self-defeating philosophical position that it is and applying it to everything. *Everything* is judged by a standard. There is no exception. Relativity only means something in the context of an absolute.

    • Dear whoever you are,

      I like to use my real name when I attack people, In that way, I can be held both personally accountable and personally responsible for that which I have written. I don’t hide behind an anonymous mask like you and Ms. Blu do. Your self-absorbed criticism of my piece is ill-informed and it smacks of whining in the face of reality. You have obviously fallen for the nonsense about a women’s value being equivalent to her physical beauty – grow up and get over the sleeping-beauty trap. Nobody with an ounce of intelligence and a modicum of maturity buys into that cosmetic nonsense anymore. So, why do you perpetuate this ridiculous myth with your 20th-century mindset?

      Obviously you missed the point of my piece. It was written with my tongue firmly placed in my cheek. It was a tactical exercise, madam, that was draw out old “Am I Blu” with satire. And, as satire, it is not meant to be taken seriously. I am truly sorry, if you unwittingly inflicted a minor injury upon your posterior, when you fell so hard for my joke. It was not my intention to harm anyone, least of all such a sensitive soul as yourself. A trillion pardons, madam, nay, a quintillion!

      As you probably know the mother goddess or lunar goddess has three forms that appear as a trinity; the virgin, the mother, and the crone. These three forms are based upon the lunation cycle itself – new moon (virgin), waxing full moon (mother), and waning moon (crone). It is simply part and parcel of the life cycle that all of us grow old. Some of us grow old with more grace than others. Clare Bronfman has prematurely aged-out because she has followed the advice of a deranged psychopath who fits the definition of an individual with all of the psychological traits of the dark tetrad. Please, remember that some of these young women in DOS reportedly have stopped menstruating and have experienced abnormal hair loss because of their absurdly low-nutrition diets, their sleep deprivation, and their over-exertion. That is what DOS does to the women who blindly follow their female slave mistresses or madams, such as the prime paddler of women’s exposed posteriors, Mack, “the knife.” (Mack is over 35 and unmarried [Nicki Clyne does not really count because it was a marriage of convenience], therefore; I guess that means that old Allison has croned-out too. Boo-hoo-hoo!).

      The definition that I used for a crone is straight out of the dictionary.Perhaps your time would be better spent censoring and politically correcting all of the dictionaries of the English speaking world that carry this definition of crone, rather than wasting your time criticizing someone who actually knows something about the subject of which they have written.

      Furthermore, madam, if you actually understood the true meaning of the word crone, you would understand how an adult, Pamela Carfitz (who died as an old-maid and a crone), encouraged a twelve year old girl to become her dog walker and then encouraged this innocent child to hang out with her, Karen Unterreiner, and Keith Raniere, so that Keith could seduce this child and rape her 60 times.

      It was the crones in pre-Socratic Greece who encouraged the mothers and their virgin daughters to participate in the drug-induced wild and debauched Dionysiac rituals of unbridled sex and the killing of small animals with their bare hands. These women would then eat the raw flesh of these savagely rendered animals. My recommendation would be for you to get a good edition of the play, Bacchae, by Euripides. It was, after all, the crones who knew the entheogenic recipe for the psychoactive drink that would put the Maenads (female followers of Dyonysius) into their irrational, instinctual, and frenetic drug-induced trance state. (See: “Sacred mushrooms of the Goddess” by Carl A.P. Ruck). Raniere’s rational inquiry nonsense is a form of mind control that does virtually the same thing. Stop hugging the trees and take a good look at the forest for a change. There is actual life beyond the tip of your disjointed nose.

      CAUTION: You have entered a free speech zone that is protected by the 2nd amendment of the Constitution of the U.S.A. If you cannot withstand the blowback from your comments, then I suggest that you find a safe room and curl up in a fetal position or else watch some Seinfeld episodes until you are over your trauma. Thank you. It was a pleasure to correspond with you, whoever you may be!


      (Oops, allow me to first find out where my cheeky little tongue has gone)

      It’s OK,

      Larry Shea


      • Your arrogance is revolting. No one’s ever gonna join your cult, buddy.

        Frank, enough of giving this creep airtime. His “insights” are empty ramblings and he’s a self-aggrandizing jackwad. And he did absolutely nothing to illustrate why he believes Clare is Monte. He’s a windbag who thinks knowing how to use Wikipedia makes him a genius. You know what? I think Larry Shea is Keith Raniere. Why don’t you publish that as its own post?

        • No one can ever join my cult, Clare, because it is strictly for me, myself, and I. I am the only smugged-out cyclepath allowed to join it. Just like almost every other human being in the world, I have an ego, and my ego is more than enough of a cult for me to handle. Sometimes my ego can get a little out of hand, but then I look in the mirror and I have to laugh at what I see. I have to laugh at myself frequently because I can’t take myself too seriously. Who among us is perfect? Are you Clare? I noticed that you did not have the courage to use your real name, which is why I am taking the liberty of addressing you as Clare.

          You appear to have little or no sense of humor, Clare. But even if you do not find something funny to laugh about you can always laugh anyway. Once you do, you will feel much less mean-spirited. The Monte Blu piece was a satire; you can look up the meaning of that on Wikipedia too. It was a joke, Clare, and you fell pretty hard for it.

          I called Clare Bronfman out, as Monte Blu, on a hunch. Investigators sometimes have only their hunches to follow. On the island of Nadi, in the Fiji island chain, there is an international airport. The island od Denarau is very close to Nadi, and on the island of Denarau there is a resort hotel called the Radisson Blu. Clare’s jet would have to touch down where there is an international airport. I have a hunch that Nadi is that place. From Nadi the poor heiress would have to take a small plane or boat to the island of Wakaya, 80% of which she owns. Is my hunch correct? How the hell do I know. The comments were meant to ensnare Monte Blu into a sophisticated trap, but you went ahead and spoiled it. Just kidding. Lighten up and live longer, for Keith’s sake!

        • Sometimes Larry is on point, but clearly he is running at the mouth with unadulterated pig vomit on this go-round.

          • Clare, I understand that it is very important for you to have the last word because it justifies your uncivil remarks and makes your bruised ego feel better. In order to maintain your fragile ego, you appear to find it necessary to hide behind numerous aliases,like a pusillanimous polecat or an infantile poltroon. With the cover of anonymity, you feel secure enough to hurl your caustic insults from the your padded little safe-room.

            Why don’t you use your real name? Cowards, like Keith Raniere and Nancy Saltzman hide behind aliases. Why do you, Clare?

            I did not start this ludicrous string of comments. it was started by the superfluous and irrelevant criticism of an individual using the alias of “crone’s just wanna have fun.” (CJWHF) And, one might add, fun at the expense of others – just like Keith and Allie. You, just as CJWHF and other unimaginative dilettantes, wittingly or unwittingly, intentionally or unintentionally are distracting this entire community from what is important – that all of the NXIUM criminals end up in prison for the horrendous crimes that they have committed.

            So, regardless of whether you are the same individual as “crone’s just wanna have fun”(CJWHF) or not, I shall assume that you are one and the same, because you are afraid to use your real name and because you are continuing to regurgitate a line of ignorant blather in the same vein as that of CJWHF.

            Once again, the point of the exercise is to put all of the NXIUM criminals behind bars for as long as possible. It is not about your or anybody else’s personal hang-ups. You, Clare, are behaving as a deliberate distraction from this goal. I do not really care whether you or anyone else thinks that I am on point or not on point, I call it like I see it, and if I am wrong, so be it. Someone’s opinion has never proven me or anyone else to to be wrong. Only substantiated facts, proof, and evidence can do that. Moreover, an opinion is only as good as the information or intelligence that informs it, therefore; some opinions are better informed and of higher value than others.

            Furthermore, everyone has the right to defend themselves against bullying, especially against bullying by those who are not even close to being their intellectual peers, i.e., bullying by mental midgets and intellectual Lilliputians. I did not start this nonsense. I was turned into a target by CJWHF with her irrelevant criticism, when the target should have been Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman, and NXIUM. Go back and read the last line of CJWHF’s ridiculous and whining post Therefore, my ignorant and benighted friend, if you don’t like how or when I choose to defend myself – Tough Shit!

    • I didn’t realize that women in general were so weak, stupid, and easily manipulatable that they could be controlled, held down, and be pitted against each other by one word for so long.

      Your description sounds just as misogynistic as what you’re claiming has been done by the “patriarchy”.

  • Just imagine a sitdown with Clare, Sara, and her husband Igtet, with their young daughter in the background.

    While neither Clare nor especially Sara are reported to be educated or bright, Igtet seems much more worldly aware, and is not reported to be under Raniere’s spell. He must realize that Clare is impossibly implicated in NXIVM and will have to spend millions in a failing attempt to avoid prison. Sara doesn’t seem to have much exposure except to Rainbow Cultural Gardens immigration amd tax-evasion issues, which she can dodge with legal bills which are in the noise for her.

    But will she let her sister go down? Or double down to try to save her?

    And what will Igtet do? Stick with his wife? Take his daughter and bail out?

  • “You know, just have a good time at the expense of the victim, who just gets effed over for the pleasure of the psychopathic sadist.“

    Yup. In a nutshell.

    My limited involvement has left me feeling this several times. I still do sometimes. It can be dibilitating. And although I can’t say for certain this is what has messed with me. It sure as hell feels like it.

    • I hope you get help to recover. I left KR long before any of this NXIVM nonsense started, but didn’t realize what a mess he had left in my spirit and mind – it led me straight into the next abuser. Get help to sort out what you truly need for your own emotional/mental health. Even now as I read the accounts here, I have moments of disbelief when I realize my experiences with him were a forerunner to this insanity.

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