Possible conflict for lawyers for Allison Mack, if Bronfman pays them

Allison Mack is just dumb enough to be able to skate on this - providing she brings enough women for Keith.

Will Allison take the fall? ‘It’s the ethical thing to do’ –Raniere

By Frank Parlato

For many months, prior to his arrest, NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere urged his slave, former actress Allison Mack, to “do the ethical thing:” Admit the branding and blackmail scheme he named DOS [Dominus Obsequious Sororuim] was her idea.

Raniere even made a rare public statement on the NXIVM website that he had nothing to do with DOS but that it was a sorority of women [headed by Mack.]

Raniere, however, teaches it is ethical to lie to protect the mission. He uses the analogy: “If Nazis came to your home and you were hiding Jews in the basement, it is ethical to lie and tell the Nazis there are no Jews in your basement, and unethical to tell the truth which would lead to the death of the Jews!”

Based on the conditions of her release on $5 million bond, Mack is not permitted to make contact with NXVM members except through attorneys.  This raises a concern over who is paying Mack’s attorneys.

My sources – including one of Mack’s slaves – tell me Clare Bronfman paid the initial retainer for Mack’s attorney – $150,000.  When the prosecution raised the question of who is paying Mack’s attorneys in federal court during one of Mack’s appearances, her attorneys objected to the prosecution raising the question of the source of Mack’s funds paid to them. That is covered under attorney client privilege.

If Bronfman is paying Mack’s lawyers, however, it presents an interesting issue: Bronfman’s and Mack’s interests may be different.  Mack’s attorneys are supposed to advise Mack on her best interests, then follow their client Mack’s instructions in handling the case. If Bronfman is paying their fees, then Bronfman’s desires – however subtly – may influence the direction Mack takes.

Bronfman’s goal is, I believe, to help Keith first and foremost. Bronfman now heads NXIVM. She could be described as interim Vanguard.

It is not known if Allison is secretly communicating with Nazi Nxivm members, including Clare Bronfman, but stealth and secrecy are the hallmarks of DOS sex-slaving. Several sources said Bronfman and Mack are in communication. Whether this is through attorneys or directly is not clear.

If asked, Mack would be ‘ethical’ to lie about it if need be to protect the mission; lying to the court would be ethical if it helped Raniere. That should be taken as a given in every aspects of this case.

Whether Clare Bronfman has influence in the direction this case is going – or if she has Allison’s best interest at heart as she pays for her attorneys [if she is paying for them] -are matters which are hard to say conclusively.

Sources tell me Bronfman is also paying for Raniere’s team of lawyers. Her goal is likely to be Raniere’s acquittal since plea deals for Raniere are not likely going to be attractive. Oddly, Mack thanked Raniere’s attorneys at her appearance in court last Friday as she exited the courtroom. It is not clear why she would thank his attorneys.

Keith Raniere said he is working to build a ‘more noble civilization.’ He is now in federal custody.

If Bronfman is paying both Mack and Raniere’s attorneys [and it is certainly going to cost a lot more than an initial retainer of $150,000 to defend Mack at trial], Mack may become dependent on Bronfman’s continued investment in her defense, which may mean she may become dependent on Raniere’s decisions on the case.

Bronfman’s money, behind the scenes, may have a powerful effect on justice. It is unlikely that Bronfman money will do Allison Mack much good in the long run. She might be wise to reject it now.

But then again, it is hard to recall the last time Allison Mack made a wise decision. All of them seem to be disastrous from the date she joined the cult of Keith Raniere some 12 years ago.


Clare Bronfman (r) with one of her attorneys, William F. Savino (l).



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  • Yes its best to consider a lot of these things, however.

    So lets consider a few things that are truth

    Remember Before 2006, she had no criminal record ( yes keith did have that )

    How did he control lots of people? Read this from a 12 year insider of NXIVM


    It’s a somewhat like an abused women, and why they stay in abusive relationships

    There is even Barb Bouchey said in a recent video she believes that Allison was brainwashed into believing what he was doing was right.

    Now of course you will get those retards on here like shadowstate who will claim she is a monster and speculate but I can explain why that is. He pursued her on twitter back in 2016 after attending a few NXIVM sessions and she turned him down. Since then, he has fuelled his hate towards her into blog posts, forums and youtube videos. Even when articles are posted that are not about her he makes comments about her as he can’t stop himself.

    And now they can take over, especially shadowstate

  • I am cursing all of us by saying this. It is just so great to see normality in the comments again, so thanks to everybody for making contributions that promote ideas and thinking and conversations.

  • Can the prosecutors ask for AMs bail to be revoked if they feel she was disingenuous in working with them for a plea? If she was deceptive about her intent to negotiate can this be used as an argument for revocation? If not, has the prosecution set precedence for bail for Raniere by granting bail to Mack?

    • I guess that depends on how the prosecution looks at the bail situation. Mack may have been disingenuous, but her parents reportedly are taking serious measures to try to flip her for her own good. Since Mack is under house, she does not pose a threat in the New York City area.

      • I am confused by all of this and full of questions: If it’s true that AM was communicating with Clare, then I have to wonder just how stupid she is. Seriously, she has to know that the feds will be keeping an eye on her, even if she is living in CA–what the heck was she thinking? And then we have her lawyers asking for AM to not have to come to NY whenever there’s a hearing–if she’s still in contact with the cult, wouldn’t she want to see Raniere? I guess we won’t know the full truth until the trial stars in Oct.

        • The whole crew is so arrogant. I wouldn’t put it past them, at all, to think they are smarter than the Feds.

          So either Clare was telling slaves that she is in contact with Allyson to make it look like she has one up on the Feds and it was totally false, OR they have actually been communicating and the Feds weren’t paying close enough attention to catch them.

          Of course, the lawyers being paid by Clare may be passing messages. We shall see if those lawyers are willing to continue when they see the evidence that they aren’t supposed to pass on to Clare or her other lawyers.

          Remains to be seen.

          • If they think they can outsmart the feds (especially EDNY), they are complete idiots.

      • Why would the government revoke Allison Mack’s bail for allegedly communicating with another NXIVM member? Wouldn’t the FBI prefer that the little mice chatter away so that they can listen in, record them, and then play the tapes in court?

  • I find it interesting she is no longer trying to defend Allison on this forum. After nearly a month of her daughter being home, it’s probably clear to her now that Allison is delusional and responsible for the crimes for which she was indicted.

    • She just shows up at random times. Here and there, she has started using speculation in her wording instead of the name field.

      I find myself hoping she has gone away, and usually right when I catch myself thinking that, she posts something.

      We can expect some post about shadowstate in 3… 2… 1…

    • says SHADOWSTATE under another name (macks mom) he is so delusional he actually thinks she posts here LOL

  • Sorry for getting to the party so late – but thought I’d share my thoughts on why Allison seems to be wavering on cutting a deal

    Based on my experience dealing with federal prosecutors, I think the real problem may be that the deal they’re offering is simply much, much less than what Allison and her attorneys were expecting. Defendants often over-value the information and evidence they can bring to the table – especially in cases like this where the feds already have a ton of incriminating information and a lot of witnesses.

    For the feds, the real value of getting Allison to take a plea deal is that it would have sent a powerful message to the rest of the other cult members they’re going to be indicting. But they’re not going to overpay for Allison to become a cooperating witness because at the end of the day, they really don’t need her testimony.

    So, now, I think the feds will move on to look for another symbolic defendant to flip. And who might that be? Two names comes to mind: Nancy Salzman and Sara Bronfman.

    What say you, Frank Report readers?

    • Karen Unterreiner – kind of quiet, behind the scenes, gets overshadowed by the Salzman/Bronfman circus, but she’s been around the longest and probably knows pretty much everything. Has been the target of her Vanguard’s disrespect for years (don’t worry about homely Karen; I just keep her around out of pity) and I suspect losing a close long-term companion in Pam Cafritz

      • I do think there is a sort of resignation that takes place. I certainly saw it in JDN over a decade ago.
        They reach a point where they can’t survive outside of NXIVM. No discernible skills left.
        The rest of them weren’t able to amass cash piles like Nancy Salzman to be able to flee to warmer climates. I am guessing that Karen, like JDN, has to survive on whatever dribbles she can get living in a NXIVM property for low or no rent. It really is like a form of slavery.
        Striking similarity to the Sea Corps in Scientology. I don’t know about Karen, but JDN could still have gone to his family. They clearly still want him back given the letter to the judge.
        He could likely flip on some of the financial immigration aspects and get supervised release or very little time to serve in one of those minimum security prisons.
        Come on, Jim, there are still people who care about you.

        • Knox Woods was build in 1989. Karen and Keith purchased their unit shortly after construction. Whatever, mortgage, assuming it was a conventional 30 year on the property SHOULD be close to being paid off if we were talking about normal people.

          However, we have that sticky issue of her 1994 tax lien (probably from the CBI days) that one wonders if it was ever satisfied – https://frankreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/karne-tax-warrant.pdf. Are there other tax liens out there?

          If Karen has worked as an independent contractor/consultant for NXIVM as it appears she has done thru an LLC. She has no pension, profit sharing and it is unknown if she was even given a 1099 from NXIVM on which she would be required to pay into social security, medicare etc.(doubtful since they promote going off the grid)

          Was Karen smart enough to syphon off some funds to feather a retirement next egg to take care of herself in her golden years?. Will those golden years even be spent on the outside or will she too being wearing an orange jumpsuit?

          The next 4-6 weeks will prove interesting.

          • Thanks for the info – you clearly have much more recent knowledge than I do!

        • Pretty certain KU owns her property – she predates NXIVM by a good amount and she allowed KR to parasite off of her for a long time prior to that. May not seem like it, but she is pretty practical when it doesn’t involve slavish, unthinking devotion to KR. She might still be able to turn it around for herself.

          It does seem like after a time with this group, all hope is gone for turning your life in a new direction. I managed to leave KR a long, long time ago – didn’t get the help I needed to correct all the mental/emotional damage, and found myself with another abuser. Never again. I hope those who muster the courage and the will to leave find the help they need to recover (even if they must face some legal consequences). I hope JDN hears your support and heeds it.

          • I am so happy to hear you got away from Keith. I am a firm believer that one can start over at any point in their life. As long as you are not a malignant narcissist and sociopath like KR is. You just have to be honest with yourself, open-minded and willing to do the hard work (and if that sounds like it is out of a 12 step group it is) As I was told by a wise soul a long time ago, things happen in our lives for a reason and usually by choice. I have come to consider them growth opportunities not mistakes.

            I lost a couple of friends to a religious cult (Maranatha Campus Ministries) in the early 80s. They belonged to the sorority next door while mine was recolonizing on campus after folding in the 60s. We had room for boarders and their house was full. So they lived in my house while we were gaining membership. These two young ladies turned their backs on we outsiders and their Chi Omega sisters. And it happened quickly. There was no reasoning with them once they were converted.

            From a blurb in wikipedia : Maranatha’s members were told to work hard, get the best grades, and look as good as possible in order to rise in the economic and political ladders of success to be next to influence decision-makers —— Sounds familiar right ? Cults all to seem to have a common denominator. Control the wealth and become influential decision makers.

      • Good One!!

        Karen could bring so much more to the table than Sara Bronfman and probably on par with Nancy. Karen is probably the one who cooked the books and scrubbed the hard drives or ordered others to do so on Keith and Nancy’s behalf. Brilliant but socially awkward to the point of being possibly being on the high functioning end of the Spectrum (Asperger’s)

      • An excellent suggestion. I think Karen knows quite a lot and could save herself by making a deal. She was there when I spent the night at their house in 1990. When I got up the next morning, they were all out “running.” Little did I know KR was boffing a 12-year old at the time! Puke! The world – and the future – could use Karen’s help.

    • So glad to see my non-expert opinion affirmed. Way too much evidence.
      Nancy or Sara on the financial, illegal immigration, tax evasion, various other side of things. Not sure what Nancy could offer on the sex slave side of things outside of her having held the collateral.
      I don’t see why any of the top ringleaders of the sex slaves (those who recruited tears -left typo, meant to say tiers- under them) shuold need to get a plea deal.
      Their self-righteousness will be their downfall.
      The irony is that if they were actually using the critical thinking that NXIVM claims to promote, they would have already seen the reality of the situation.
      Thanks for your input, as always.

    • I am in concurrence with you. The Feds do not need Allison to flip, they have all they need to send her away. I guess the biggest parallel we can liken this too is the Manson Family Murders. Originally, Vincent Bugliosi wanted Susan Atkins to flip on Charlie there was talk of granting her immunity. However, she sabotaged herself, first by granting an interview where she pretty much confessed to being present for and participating in in the Sharon Tate Murders (as exaggerated as some of her story was ) and then when she was moved into the same jail as Charlie, they began communicating again and she refused to testify. The star witness became Linda Kasabian. That seems to be the case with Allison.

      So who is our Linda Kasabian? Ideally, it would be Nancy Salzman rather than Sara Bronfman. Nancy has more to offer the prosecutors than Sara. However, Sara has a young daughter to consider. But I don’t think Sara actually brings enough to the table and her crimes are not on the scale of Nancy’s or her sister Clare’s (at least we have not heard or know of them to be). The Feds do not need Sara either.

      Clare will not flip. Not if she is funding the lawyers. She is doing this because she no longer has any life outside of what NXIVM is. She gave up everything: her youth, her riding career, and most of her fortune for the mission. I do so hope her monies are depleted with all these legal fees she is racking up.

      • My opinion is that her trust funds were depleted before the inheritance, and that is so huge, she would have to work really hard to ever run out. Hence things like buying an island in Fiji. Islands have insane upkeep.
        People underestimate just how massive Edgar Bronfman Sr.’s fortune was. Even dividing it up amongst the 6 children (unsure if the sister who disowned the family, moved to India and changed her name received a portion or not, but likely since he included Clare and Sara in spite of their insanity with giving away almost the entirety of their trust funds to Raniere), it is more $$$ than the average bear can conceive, and could take a few generations to burn through.
        Now if it is held in trust, I would bet the trust is easily broken because Clare and Sara both would have been directing assets of the trust, which makes it a sham.
        The only real way for Sara or Clare’s wealth to disappear is for it to get seized because they are funding human rights violations.

    • Doesn’t the possibility of good behavior and commutation of sentence play into this calculation as well? Even a mediocre deal leaves much possibility here and would help Allison maintain the good will of those sympathetic to the brainwashed argument. The failure to cut a deal soon could mean more indictments and really, really long sentences. Common sense would say cut a deal. Maybe Allison is as pig-headed as reported.

  • Dominus Obsequious Sororuim [sic]

    And here is the proof that the smartest man walking Earth has nothing to do with DOS. Someone who is really educated would not be that bad at Latin. How hard can it be to build a sentence with 3 words in it without making three mistakes in them….

    For one, it is what a priest would call it, latinitas culinaria, but come on. Use an English word with an ending that might appear to look Latin, but with an ending, that would connect it with him, dominus. So he is the subordinate? Well done, Keith. How about finding a latin synonym that starts with an o and fix the name of your organization. But what would be even more important is to decline it correctly so that it is not the master, but the woman who obeys. Nonetheless, my suggestion for an adjective would be ‘vernilis’ as it means slavish. And Sororium is written slightly different.

    How can such a smart man make so many mistakes in such a short sentence. Allison should rethink her loyality as KR surely is not the person he tries to make the world believe he is.

  • 100% agree with that last part! I can’t really picture her doing anything all that intelligent now since she made it clear her loyalty was with nxivm in the 1st place

  • “Oddly, Mack thanked Raniere’s attorneys at her appearance in court last Friday as she exited the courtroom. It is not clear why she would thank his attorneys.”

    Allison Mack seems not to realize that Raniere’s attorneys are mainly concerned with Raniere.
    If necessary to defend Raniere, his attorneys will gleefully throw Allison Mack under the bus.

  • One of Allison Mack’s attorneys works with the white shoe law firm of Willkie, Farr and Gallagher.
    In New York the top corporate law firms are called white shoe law firm.
    The firm is international in scope.
    It is named after Wendell Willkie, the 1940 Republican candidate for President.

    Willkie, Farr and Gallagher is the kind of law firm Clare Bronfman would hire.

    Founded in 1888, Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP is an international law firm with nine offices in six countries (including offices in New York, Washington, D.C., Houston, London, Paris, Rome, Milan, Frankfurt and Brussels).
    After losing the Presidential election to the incumbent FDR, Willkie joined the firm and became a partner in 1941.

    • White-shoe firm is a slang term for the most prestigious firms in professions such as law, investment banking and management consulting. White-shoe firms typically have a blue-chip clientele, acquired over the several decades that they have been in existence.

      White-shoe firm is a phrase used to describe leading professional services firms in the United States, particularly firms that have been in existence for more than a century and represent Fortune 500 companies. It typically—but not always—refers to banking, accounting, law, and management consulting firms, especially those based in New York and Boston.
      Willkie Farr & Gallagher[36]

  • The thing that Allie needs to understand is that she’s looking at 25-30 years. Remember, there are enhancements in the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for number of victims and use of a weapon.

    I don’t think she understands how serious these charges are. Total denial. Totally brainwashed.

    • Her acting career is over.

      Unfortunately she does not realize that her life is potentially over.

      Allison Mack is a mentally ill sociopath on the verge of being turned into a patsy for others more sociopathic than she is.

  • Allison Mack can’t even convince lesbians and gays that her “marriage” to a woman was done out of so-called romantic love, and that it was a complete sham: https://www.advocate.com/crime/2018/5/08/smallvilles-allison-mack-exploited-marriage-equality-enslave-actress-nicki-clyne

    Does anyone really believe Mack’s acting skills are so spectacular that she can convince a jury that she’s a “lesbian”, if she is dumb enough to take the stand in her own defense?

  • This time Keith is not getting off; nor will Clare or Allison. There are more indictments coming. Clare has to be at the top of that list. The Feds would not be wasting their time on this if the evidence wasn’t rock solid. Remember they had to present a solid enough case in order to get the indictments.

    I do not care what any remaining DOS slave says. Keith called the shots. All the DOS slaves pledged themselves to him. It doesn’t matter that some may say it was consensual and they enjoy being caged, forced to drink from puddles, forced to run head first into trees, forced to eat only 500-800 calories a day, forced into early menopause. Keith is a danger to society as a whole and it is for the greater good that he be locked away for the rest of his miserable life.

    If Allison stands with Keith and Clare, she will spend the rest of her life in jail. These are serious charges, minimum 15 years. Jane Doe’s 1 and 2 testimony will be believable and unforgettable to the jurors who hear the atrocities they were subjected to, especially in the case of Jane Doe 1. If she is the young lady who couldn’t afford health care after leaving NXIVM who said Keith forced her to do horrible things to herself and body ( go back and read old posts if you do not know what I am talking about).

    There is no decent human being that has a wife, sister or daughter that will find Keith or Clare or Allison not guilty.

    • And don’t forget, the feds already have more slaves that have come forward. It isn’t only Jane Doe 1 & 2, just like it isn’t CC1 and 2 only. And all of their testimony already corroborated by evidence.

      IMO most of the average bears on the street are sick and tired of Hollywood. These days it is more likely to go against her than be in her favour.

      • You know what’s laughable about Hollywood? The entire #metoo movement. Hello? Your industry is famous for the casting couch. Your industry let the Ogre Weinstein fuck around for almost two decades and did nothing. Women whore themselves out for roles. Men whore themselves out for roles. When fellow actors, directors, producers, etc., saw or heard men like the Ogre do what they did, they turned a blind eye because they didn’t want to rock their million dollar boat. Now the industry wants to tell the less privileged, the ones they look down upon, how to morally behave when it comes to sexual harassment and respecting women? Fuck you all.

      • Well said Outsider thoughts..there will be no escaping retribution, or stopping the process of justice – it is gaining momentum every second of every day, irrespective of any of the victims’ particular preferences and intentions. Evidence is evidence.

  • Now that would be a good show.

    Because that is what she would end up with if Clare cuts her off on her legal expenses, which must already be well beyond the pitiful retainer.

  • Obviously you can’t fix stupid. She’ll realize how dumb she is as she settles in to prison and realizes her life is over. All for a con man and a billionaire. SMH

  • These lunatics may very well get away with their crimes with Mack taking the fall. 10–15 years might be right up her alley given she would have a large captive audience which she could recruit as more slaves albeit she will have to come up with a new branding methodology given no soldering irons are available in prison.

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