Guest View: You May be Wrong; Stormy Daniels MAY BE A BRANDED NXIVM SLAVE!

Guest View
By Empty Wood
Greatly appreciate all your work on this cult.  You’ve done a great service.
I watched the video where these photos were taken in the highest resolution available on a 55 inch screen.  The markings, whatever they are, certainly are there in the spot identified in the photos on your website.  In the real video, they’re much more obvious, as the movement of her body reflected against lighting shows clearly that it is raised skin.
While I agree with your assertion that she was unlikely a NXIVM member back in 2010, the tweet being passed around does demonstrate a proclivity for such activity.
I’ve read about “sister” cults that perform branding, and please consider the possibility of rogue action by one of the DOS’s within NXIVM.  Trump represented a pretty substantial risk to human traffickers, and the circles around this cult were certainly connected to it.  It stands to reason they found someone they could connect to Trump and created this big dog and pony show around it.  DOS’d her, gave her a bunch of cash, who knows.
I just wanted to write you and tell you that quite a few people have seen the video in question, and I assure you, it’s not photoshopped images being circulated.  I can provide a link to it if you want to see for yourself.
Lastly, there are pre and post tattoo images being circulated now, the ‘tummy’ tuck is nowhere close to the markings in question.  There is room for the possibility she has some other surgery, obviously.
In general, as weird as all of this stuff is getting around this President, I would encourage you to leave the door a little more open to who she may be, and what she was into.

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  • can you explain why this is nxivm related if stormy daniels’ tattoo coverup was in 2014 and nxivm branding started in 2015?
    if this was a “rogue” nxivm member, are you saying he or she invented branding before raniere/nxivm themselves? doesn’t seem reasonable
    and who are these “sister cults”? and how exactly would trump know of them?
    some explaining to do here…

  • I respectfully agree, as i dont see Stormy Daniels in the Nxvim cult, doesnt say she hasnt been in one of the many that have plagued hollywood and elites.

    Stormy, as we all know is a paid prostitute/porn/stripper. Most women in that type life style start out just trying to make ends meat. Then things turn dark, Ms.Cliford is a pawn being used to harm POTUS, in any way.

    The evil doers do not want to see America succeed, they dont want to see patriots stand up and take our country back. For over 50yrs now the United States has been held hostage by rouge individuals. What they never expected was #GenerationX to put our feet down and say no more! We support potus and the fact he has went against everything to expose the human trafficking/ sex trafficking industry.

    Stephine or Ms. Cliford is still at this very moment stripping on a nation wide tour with Hustlers Club. Her picture is plastered on the interstate to advertise when she will be in my hometown. (Sick)

    Then also take her #60mins interview, if people could not see the gratification she is getting out of her name being used to have no self respect, then they are just as blind. The woman had no issue with being on national TV advertising her sex life.

    I ask, where is the outcry from the public when Bill Clinton and numerous others have helped allow this go on. Monica Lewinsky was protrayed as a national whore, yet Stormy Daniles is what little girls should look up to!!! Give me a break!

    I think personally she is in this for the money, where was her outcry in 2007 when the “affair” happened?

    I also think she enjoys the spotlight. She has been rode hard and put up wet, so she is trying to cash in, every dem or rhino helping is guilty!

  • Empty Wood, Let’s hear about your mother’s scar first. The one she got when you were born. Did it look like a K. Please send a video as proof it didn’t look like a K or that she didn’t have one, if that’s your claim.

    • Plenty of women including myself do not have scars from having babies. Then again, not an American, and you do have the fastest climbing rate in the developed world for infant and maternal mortality because of your moronic obstetrical practices.

  • Completely off topic, but why don’t we hear more about Scott Starr??

    Pictures of his wife and three children at vanguard week 2016 are on instagram.

    VP of Business Development at Dynamic Energy who show their address at dynamicenergy dot com as being in Pennsylvania, although he says he lives in Saratoga Springs, NY.

    • Completely out of nxivm. I am pretty sure it is a chapter of his life he and his family want to close the door on. We have mutual friends from the running and triathlon community although we have never met to the best of my knowledge.

      • Thanks for the reply, Laura.

        I thought someone had mentioned his children being in Rainbow Cultural Garden, so if they got out, that is good.

        Wonder what he can do to get them to take down that page, although it is already on

        • I would not know about his children being enrolled in RCG. Many of the Espians had kids enrolled in the Waldorf School over the years. John Tighe wrote about that in a Saratoga in Decline Post. That seemed to be the alternative educational choice for a lot of Espian members who could afford to send their kids there.

          FWIW many of those who left NXIVM who lived locally after the discovery of the branding left quietly and in fear of repercussions from Clare and the winged monkeys. You have to understand that most of you who read this blog do not live near or around cult central. You have not seen the winged monkeys in action. I have, and can understand why some ex-members feel it best to keep their mouths shut and their eyes open. It may seem cowardly to you all but you all did not sign an NDA, nor have been EM’d, nor have you belonged to an organization that has rewired your brain or attempted to.

          I fortunately was never in ESP, never took a course and as Lana would say,”I am not afraid of that fucking twat Clare Bronfman or her money”, nor do I fear the winged monkeys. It is more psychological stalking, constant text messages, phone calls or hovering behavior. And yeah, the have hired PI’s to stalk some ex-members recently. We had a car sitting around Knox Woods that a neighbor called the police on and that seemed to put an end to this particular vehicle sitting out on Independence Blvd. When they were asked what they were doing they said they were realtors whose potential clients were no shows. Realtors with out of state license plates sure 🙂

          • Take care Laura and Lana, I wouldn’t interpret any ex-members reluctance to speak as cowardice. Its an ugly organisation and its become clear it won’t go down without a fight. Come have a break in London! we’ve lots of room and live in a nice part of town, hell, theres even a RCG up the road, we could go and terrorise! – I mean it! Thanks for all your work – much appreciated.

          • I completely understand what your saying. Which i agree 100%, no one truly knows anything but the ones involved, and who have seen things with their own eyes.

            Take the idea of conspiracy theories, no one ever believes them until enough ppl have spoken up about whatever it may be. Just like Science, no take on any science is true until all theories are tested, then later on the ideas or information can change.

            Conspiracy Theories is = to Scientific Theories! A way to make millions believe in a cause or action

    • Are you or were you ever in ESP? If so, let’s hear more about you! Stop trying to throw others under the bug. Volunteer yourself first.

      • I have talked about my experiences plenty here. Ignorant to blindly attack people for just asking questions.

        • Well what’s your name then? Simply talking about your experiences while hiding behind anonymity and asking for others to come out and share their in public isn’t exactly brave. Mind you, I don’t really care for your name. If you are smart you’ll get my point, else you will keep arguing.

          • After my experiences with NXIVM.
            I warned everyone I could about them.
            Never once did I recruit a single soul to that organisation.
            Never once did I make any public statement or endorsement about them.
            Go to hell with your rubbernecking.

    • Glad u posted this. Your right unfortunately we have ppl here that are truly naive to the evil that has been going on for years. All it takes is truly doing some research and time. Coincidences are not so common…

      Potus has spoken about this for many years, in many interviews. Just sad ppl wont read the actual E.O. that are being placec to stop the abuse and free the ppl again

  • Yeah, it’s all a big anti-Trump plot! That’s the ticket! I think this guest post was written by Alex Jones after a night of drinking, or maybe David Miscavige. There is not one iota of actual data in this post — just thoughts strung together and dubious claims. Show your proof, as they say in school.

  • Since the Boy-King of NXIVM liked women who resembled 12 year old girls and insisted that adult women starve themselves until they resembled 12 year old girls, it seems Stormy Daniels is too well-endowed for his tastes.

    Indeed, Ms. Daniels added to her endowment.

    • Yeah right, Bo9, that is a hilarious comment, and it was obviously written by one of these nutty Trump fanatics who believein this stupid QANON nonsense.

      Im pretty sure the scars on Stormys hip are from some sort of surgery, most likely plastic surgery, like a tummy tuck.

      I have some weird shaped scars from from similar surgeries. I wonder if any other women who have had that type of surgery will have scars similar to Daniels scars?

      • While I’m not picking up what Bri is putting down, she is right about Trump, or more likely Sessions, going after human traffickers. In the first year after Trump took office there was more human trafficking arrests than all eight of Obama’s years combined. Its right in the 2017 FBI statistics.

        She’s also right about the executive order. The executive order is a financial enforcement tool that the Trump admin is using to go after human traffickers and slave owners around the world. They’ve already brought down some huge players in Asia.

        The Q Anon, Stormy in Nexium, 50 years of evil, that’s all a bunch hokey driven by people with large imaginations. But some of more mundane stuff, at least mundane compared to those fantastical evidence free claims, is true. If you are suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome you probably won’t believe it, but TDS is just as bad as those people ranting and raving about Q and 50 years of evil and all that other crap.

      • Originally Brainless Bri
        I’m not on any *dope*….haha.
        I wonder what kind of dope makes one believe that a lying, cheating, whoring , misogynistic jerk is going to save the world from a big, bad pedophile ring?
        Sounds like some wickedly strong stuff!

        • Its the dumb founded cheap talk like that is why this country is in the damn mess it is in!

          If you cant wake up and see the evil that has taken over this country 50+yrs deep, then you’re a lost cause.

          To read your comments remind me of hearing the dumb ass Clintions, Bushs, Schumers, Pelosi, all crying back in the 90s we have to do this for our kids future!
          Really, they all screwed the pooch! All are evil and corrupt!


          THERE AGAIN, IF U STUDIED THE LAW OR EVEN OPENED A BOOK THEN U MIGHT UNDERSTAND THE E.O. that have been put in place one by one, all strategically.

          This has been going on for years, you cant cut the head off mutiple snakes in one swoop! It takes many moves, which im very proud of playing my part in helping end human trafficking/ sex trafficking.

          The days r getting closer as more indictments r coming out and more heads being cut off!

          • Wow….that was UPROARIOUSLY HILARIOUS! I’m sure most Frank Report readers are having a good laugh at that comment😁
            Yes, Bri, keep doing your part to help your Cult leader, Donnie , save the world.

            I won’t be holding my breath while I wait for all these many THOUSANDS of indictments that you and your fellow nutcases believe will soon be unsealed.
            For How long have the trolls been pranking you idiots now, with this sealed indictments BS? And you keep on falling for it
            If anyone need’s to wake up and see the truth , it’s you Cult 45 nutjobs.

          • Oh BTW! Do you bother to read any other comments? A person not even a citizen of the United States, understands the recent E.O. created by POTUS better then you, who i think is a citizen.

            Knowledge is power, and it shows strength that people will take the time to look at the facts and laws to understand what is going on. When Americans, stop even paying attention to what is going on shows a major disconnect.


    • Lmao, here u are reading about a cult, with daily indicments coming out, yet u still deny it??

      R u reading the same reports? I guess not, since u dont believe the facts that r coming to light, contiune on living in the shadows. You are the one that is being truly laughed at. No, matter fact, i actually feel sorry for ppl like you, that cant see what is in front of yoir eyes. So quick to deny, bc u dont want to see the truth.

      When Frank, got involved in this, did u think he would uncover this? Ppl want to look at the world thru rose colored glasses bc they dont want to see the truth. I suggest u go to a Libaray, and start reading real history, go thru tons of media reports, start connecting the dots. One day hopefully you will see the light.

      Let me guess, u didnt even believe in the MKUltra? What did u have to wait for Bill Clinton to finally admit it in 94!

      All things done in darkness comes to light!

      No need to reply, im done with the braindead!

      Peace be with u!

      • Are you for real, Bri?
        Surely you must be a troll making fake comments intended to get a laugh …right?
        I hope that’s what’s going on.
        I hope you’re not really that stupid.

        • Looks like the only Troll here is you, stalking thru comments trying to dismiss others like your some Superior being.

          How dare you question my motives or comments, when i have only shared true thoughts, until needing to be sarcastic to some who think its great to hide behind a false name or account.

          I want the truth out there, no matter if good or bad, and the ones who want help to receive it. Now move along with your peanut gallery comments

      • Your posts are that of a raving lunatic.

        Correlation does not equal causation. It might be hard to wrap your mind around that simple truth because then all that other stuff your thinking becomes a figment of your imagination and nothing else.

        But a broken clock is right twice a day, I’ll grant you that. Human trafficking arrests are way, way, up under Trump and he did issue an executive order that makes it much easier to freeze the assets of traffickers and slave owners.

        Do yourself a favor and just stick to the facts. Its less interesting but the trade off is that more people might actually listen to what you have to say!

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