How Catherine Oxenberg saved everyone but India [so far]

Kurir is a daily tabloid published in Belgrade.  I was asked for comment by one of their reporters.  As a Serbian newspaper, they would naturally be interested in India Oxenberg since her grandmother is Princess of Yugoslavia.  Here are their questions and my answers:
Q: If Alison Mack admits guilt in connection with NXIVM sex trafficking, does that mean India Oxenberg will do the same? Because of her pact with Allison and Nicki?


A: India has not been arrested yet; nor has she been charged. She may be arrested soon. Allison Mack was her slave master. Now, India is without her master.  Allison’s arrest may lead India to leave the cult. Without Allison – the courts have forbidden Allison to talk to India – India might decide to go back home.


Q: Do you hear with her (India) mother?

A: Yes. Her mother wants India to come home. To leave this deadly cult. Her mother, Catherine, has saved many women from this cult because she has spoken out against it. Catherine is the only parent who had the courage to speak out against this rich and deadly cult. She is the great heroine of this saga, but the tragic irony is that her daughter remains engulfed in the clutches of this wicked, death-dealing, destructive cult.
By Catherine working so hard and fearlessly to publicize the horrors of NXIVM, the worldwide media took up the cause; the FBI investigated. the US Attorney arrested the leader, Keith Raniere, and his assistant, Allison Mack.  Now, India remains under the evil control of the new cult leader, the heiress of the Seagram Liquor fortune, Clare Bronfman.
india oxenberg
India Oxenberg stands outside her workplace in NYC Courtesy Daily Mail.


Q: How is India now?

A: India is brainwashed. She believed a monster who lied at every turn. Her mother has tried to rescue her. Her grandmother, Princess Elizabeth came to New York  to try to talk sense into her.  Nothing worked. She believed in Allison Mack. Now, Allison was arrested and will likely turn on Raniere. Maybe Allison will turn on India too.
Then, perhaps India will realize she too must give evidence against Raniere and Clare Bronfman.  India may be arrested or maybe not. Much depends on whether India listens to her mother, her grandmother, and her heart.
Have you tried to explain to India how dangerous it is?
India has been told by many people how dangerous it is. She is defiant. But now, as the cult is falling down all around her, she may finally wake up and realize – before it is too late. If she acts quickly, she might be able to avoid arrest.
When was the last time you saw her?
I have not seen her except in photographs. I am told India thinks that I am her enemy because I have exposed the cult through my writings. Many in the cult blame me and India has said that everything I wrote – that the cult was evil  – that women were branded and blackmailed – was a lie.  Now the leaders have been arrested for blackmailing and branding women – charged with sex trafficking and forced labor.
The ironic thing is that India is not a criminal. She was used by leaders. She is a victim and she is brainwashed. Maybe now that her cult leaders cannot speak with her, and  Allison has, for all practical purposes, defected – maybe India will go home to her mother and her grandmother and find peace.
Will she really be arrested?
India may be arrested. She is listed in the criminal complaint against Raniere as a co-conspirator. While she helped the cult – and they used her because of her beauty and fame – she is not a true criminal in my opinion.
However, she may have committed conspiracy crimes.
If she is arrested, many millions of people in America will wonder if it is fair, for she truly is a victim, a true victim of brainwashing. Americans will also look at the horrible injustice for, in so many ways, it was the bravery of her mother, Catherine Oxenberg, who made the people and the government aware of this illegal, dangerous cult. She was trying to rescue her daughter. In so doing, she rescued other women, but not her own daughter.
Imagine a mother’s grief and the grief of all who follow this story, that a mother, trying to rescue her daughter, exposed the cult that brainwashed her daughter – but in the end – because India’s brainwashing is so deep – that she gets arrested and sent to jail!
If, in trying to save her daughter, India is put in jail. While others go free. It would be an outrage: that a mother’s love would lead to freedom for every victim but her own daughter.  It would be like a spiritual death to everyone – to the people who have tried to deliver justice and end this cult; for the daughter of the hero to be punished when she is, above all, a victim of one of the most ruthless cults perhaps in history.
Did she help her talk with her grandmother?
Throughout this entire, horrifying period, Princess Elizabeth has been the bridge between Catherine and India. Princess Elizabeth knows, I am sure, that India has been victimized by the brainwashing cult, but has been the hand to reach out to India to be accessible, to be the person who will listen to India’s side, while, at the same time,  without pandering to her ‘illness’.
India is sick, not physically so much, but mentally. Princess Elizabeth has tried to help her granddaughter get well without alienating her completely during the time of India’s “insanity.”  Slowly India may recover and recognize that her mother and grandmother have tried to save her.
Is it true that India has recruited new members?
All the slaves – and India is a slave – it is a new kind of slavery – not one with chains of the body but rather of the mind – recruited. But there is one difference between India and some of the other slaves. I don’t believe India was ever cruel. While many of the other slaves were ruthless and mean like their grandmaster Keith Raniere, India was a gentle soul. She did not – as far as I know – ever ascribe to the cruelties the others have done. She has instead been a force for gentleness. This made her more of a victim.
Did Keith and Allison sexually abuse India?
From what I know, they did abuse her. She has been branded on her pubic region with Keith Raniere and Allison Mack’s initials.  She was undoubtedly ordered by Allison to have sex with Keith Raniere.
What all she suffered?
The true suffering is that they brainwashed her. By brainwash, I mean Raniere used hypnosis, took blackmail material against India, branded her with a hot iron like cattle. And lied to her to tell her this is all for her own good.
Whether she will be able to testify and testify against K. Raniere and Alison Mack?
In the end, she is a victim. She will probably have to testify against Raniere – if he goes to trial. I do not think Allison Mack will go to trial. I think Allison will testify against Raniere to save herself. Allison might also testify against India.
If India is smart, she will agree to testify against Raniere and the Seagram’s heiress and cult leader Clare Bronfman. She will leave the cult today. Call her mother or her grandmother  and say, “I’m coming home.”
What do you think of all this as her friend?
Sometimes, a person is a friend, and that friend does not even know it. To India, I am not her friend, I am the enemy. But one day, her view may change.

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  • She is definitely not the only parent, just the only one who’s been heard and not completely silenced. Likely due to her celebrity status. Our country tends to stop and listen to those representing fame and fortune far more than those on the front lines every waking day, sadly enough.

  • Great comment from Curious Squid on Jezebel regarding the upcoming TV series:

    “An opportunity to make a show depicting beautiful young women being degraded, brutalised, starved and generally treated creepily by an utter creep under the respectable veneer of “based on true events”? of course there’s going to be a TV series, was there ever any doubt?”

    • She had to have a mental / emotional crack to have gotten involved so deeply with this in the first place, and where did that likely come from? Childhood, perhaps? And where is she now ? Back in her hell, except this time, she doesn’t get to leave until she goes back to jail.
      No grandmother in her right mind could be happy about someone putting her grandchildren at risk the way she did.

      • You have to understand that what was pitched to her and others was a SELF-HELP program.

        And I believe it was BARB ( who was married to him previously before he went after her legally ) after she and 8 others ( long before Allison got involved ) confronted Keith over him trying to have sex with different women

        She said that she believed Allison and others were made to think it was okay. Natural.

        Basically Keith had different levels and the only way to get to those TOP levels of (SELF-HELP INFO ) was to hadn over collateral. ( this is very similiar to scientology )

        By the time she was in deep, she probably didn’t realize. It’s like one of those traps you put out for rats ( bowl with oil ) they smell what they want and think its safe but once they fall in they cant get out.

        Oh heres that video

    • I agree Allison is not smiling. She appears to be looking in the rear view mirror. That is a look of is anyone following us? in pictures one and two and in picture 3, I would say she looks pensive or contemplative or thinking about something her mother just said.

      • Gosh I give her parents a lot of credit… there wouldn’t be any hint of a smile if I had to bail my kid out of a mess like she’s in.

      • You and me both. I’m sure there would be some interesting conversations.

        Hopefully time inside over those 4 days solidified what she probably knew already that Keith doesn’t give a rats ass about her or anyone except himself and the best thing she can do is come completely clean and throw him and NXIVM under the bus and hope to god that the courts are merciful and give her either home arrest for 1 year or 2 to 3 years inside jail in california so she can be near family.

        • The Gov’t always takes the long view when it isn’t management. They will look at Allison as a victim 100% if she flips 100%. The cards are in her hands I would say. The Salzman’s and Bronfman’s need to be indicted. Then this moves off the entertainment page and onto the front and business page in every paper in the country.

          • I knew Allison for years. She is 20% victim. 80% perpetrator. She is cruel and self serving. If the government let’s her off this will be a sad day for humanity and her many many victims. I would be ashamed of the United States.

  • I think India will be saved and hope Nicki with her suitcase yesterday means she’s leaving the cult.

    And may Frank get an extra smart agent to negotiate any option/licensing contracts that come his way. Hollywood bookkeeping is more convoluted and secretive than NXIVM. “Points” and “backend” are important to understand in the creative and deceptive bookkeeping that occurs.

    • Hopefully. They seem like the two… least guilty I guess, Inner circle. Between them, Allison, the Brofmans, and the Salzmans, those two have had the fewest accusations leveled against them. I theorize India was dragged in for the reasons Frank mentions in this interview, that’s what got her so high up, and Nicki was probably a tag along to Allison’s formation of DOS, too brainwashed to realize things were going way too far. Favored minions. Hopefully, both come clean like Allison seems to be.

      • You know they each had their own slave pods. Ugh. And Nicki was apparently a top recruiter. More ugh. But, an important but, no one in their right mind would choose this cult slave life and their minds were slowly but surely destroyed and reshaped by Keith and his hate-filled teachings. May they all recover their minds and humanity! And get out of that cult now. Like this minute. (I’m so bummed Nicki was in Lauren’s car, that means she definitely wasn’t escaping, despite suitcase in hand.)

        And may Raniere, the Bronfmans, and the Salzmans (minus Michelle) end up in prison for a nice long stay.

        • Like you said, they were slowly broken down and remodeled into something “useful” to Keith. They aren’t off the hook totally, but that is such an important mitigating factor. I didn’t know Nicki was a top recruiter, but I figured they both had their own pods, those were the “rules”. But from what I hear neither has been described as being as cruel and selfish as Clare and Lauren, or as in love with being a master as Allison was. Hopefully they can both see the light. I think that in depth write up recently mentioned Nicki was having doubts show through the brainwashing so maybe they can? Hopefully they can reinforce any desire to flee in each other. All of these women need their minds back. The destruction of free will infuriates me in this case more than the branding and sex, but the indoctrination, deception, and coercion used to to do them. If the women were totally willing and free to come and go as they wished, nd not totally brainwashed I’d just shrug and call them a bunch of weirdos.

          And I’ll raise a glass to that. Ultimately, if it weren’t for them dozens of woman wouldn’t have suffered from DOS and hundreds of both men and women would have been spared any of it.

  • There is very likely a sealed indictment against India, just as there already was with Allison Mack.

    I do home Anonymous is correct, and that Clare Bronfman is arrested quickly, and India goes home.

    Also, curious as to whether Nicki Clyne will, or has already, run back to Canada.

    • From the photos of her yesterday, it sure looked to me like she was about to hop on a plane. She had a suitcase and a book in her hand and then left her car with India.

      • Surely, Laura or somebody knows if that black BMW is actually Lauren Salzman’s.

        Licence plate NY GMV 7762

          • Not necessarily. They could be planning to bail, and borrowing her car because I doubt they could all bring along their cars to NYC.

            I’d guess Lauren is too terrified to be out in public so hers is the “communal” car.

            Not saying that’s the case but we have no idea what the internal politics are right now. Unless one of them was Frank’s source, we probably not going to find out either.

          • Neither I nor my primary partner in surveilliance were ever able to get Lauren’s plate as her car was always parked behind her house or backed into her garage and it would have required trespassing. However, I would put money on it being Lauren’s car as she most definitely would be the one parking her BMW up in the glamour spot at APROPOS.

            Lauren could very well be hiding out in Brooklyn with Nicky and India as it is highly unlikely she is with Clare.

            As Lana mentioned last night, Nicki Clyne is a Honda girl by her own words. It is unknown what car India drives with any regularity, we the committee, thought it might have been the black Jeep we always saw at Lauren’s but mom, Catherine didn’t know. Per mom, India totaled a vehicle shortly after arriving in Clifton Park and actually may have gone thru a few vehicles. Plus. India was pretty much broke having burned thru her inheritance on NXIVM courses. We still don’t know the actual owner of that particular black Jeep but we have seen it at APROPOS as well as Lauren’s driveway. I am pretty sure it is not the same black Jeep that Kamaraj was photographed with but again we could be wrong.

            We do not know what make or model Allison drove either. It could also have been a BMW, like Lauren’s as we would see one parked outside the condo on Grenadier on the road not in it’s numbered spot.

            Knowing the history India has had with vehicles and how tough it is to drive in NYC, whoever is letting her use the car may regret it.

    • See last paragraph of linked deadline post. Edmondson is making and staring in a documentary series and Oxenberg is making a documentary based upon her book

    • Some time ago, it was announced that Leah Remini, of Scientology debunking TV fame, would include some segments in her next season about NXIVM, made with Sarah Edmondson.

      The above story from Deadline announcing a documentary miniseries on NXIVM suggests that Remini lost Edmondson to a better offer.

      The Deadline article closes with a statement that Catherine Oxenberg has a deal to make a TV production out of the book she is said to be writing about NXIVM.

      In addition, there are leaks of a fictionalized version of the NXIVM slavery saga:

      “Annapurna Television has optioned the rights to reporter Barry Meier’s 2017 New York Times exposé “Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded” that explores the group fronted by Raniere.

      A writer for the untitled project has not yet been determined, but Annapurna Television’s hope is to adapt the investigative report as a one-hour fictionalized scripted series inspired by actual events. A network is not yet attached.”

    • Um! The Bronfmans rumored to have plotted to assassinate Rick Ross? from the Observer 2010:
      “But [the Bronfman sisters] continue to spend what one former NXIVM associate estimates is $2 million per month waging Mr. Raniere’s and NXIVM’s numerous legal and public relations battles with various enemies—skirmishes that have involved retaining the services of self-professed G.O.P. hit man Roger Stone and crisis communications firm Sitrick & Company, funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars to politicians from Hillary Clinton to Mike Huckabee and contracting a series of aggressive private investigators to carry out a bizarre array of schemes, like an (ultimately abandoned) attempt to assassinate the anti-cult activist and “deprogrammer” Rick Ross.”

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