Shivani: What Is the Most Likely Poison Raniere Might Have Used on Women — Lead or His STDs?

This photo of Keith Alan Raniere was used as an exhibit at his trial.

By Shivani

What would be the most obvious concept about possible metallic poisonings that Keith Raniere might’ve had in mind, say in or around 2005?  I would suggest Pb, or lead poisoning.

There is ample research about lead and its potential as a delivered toxin.

Lead isn’t the sole possibility.

But for those who have studied metallic toxicity and the potential means of lead’s delivery, (i.e., lead acetate given intraperitoneally, orally or cutaneaously) will see what some will have been watching here already.


MK10ART painting of the cancer himself, Keith Raniere, with those who contracted cancer being near him: Karen, Pam, Kristin, Barbara, and the cats.

Do the cancerous experiences of Barbara Jeske, Pam Cafritz, Karen Unterreiner and Kristin Keeffe match up at all with lead poisoning?

Let us say yes, yes, yes and to one perhaps yes, to a lesser degree.

The least likely, but nonetheless still possible, case is Kristin Keefe. Ironically, she might’ve been a little bit luckier. I’m not saying Kristin should feel lucky, but she might have been a little more fortunate by contrast.

Another possibility is that Raniere used insecticidal poison or toxins used against vermin, such as rats.

I don’t see those symptoms here, such as, for example, from the use of thallium poisoning. Thallium use, as the toxin, delivers very different symptoms than what is seen here, especially to the eyesight and to the mobility of the one who’s poisoned.

Raniere also could’ve used various toxins as he experimented and gathered information.

Brandon Porter

Enter Brandon Porter, an easy-to-dominate source of research and information.

Porter will probably never talk, not under any circumstances. He has had enough education to know how and when to obfuscate. It is way, way too late for him to take risks of any kind of disclosure.


Image result for lead poisoning


We also have to consider HPV and STDs.

This can be considered for everyone who had sex with Raniere. He might’ve been a virtual HPV fountain for a very long time. Trichinosis, etc.  There are many symptoms to note and observe.

Image result for hpv

Keith Raniere has been long rumored to have genital herpes. Some of the women of the harem also had herpes.


If he had it, Keith Raniere would not have been timid about sharing his herpes with his harem.


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Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
4 years ago

Thinking out of the box:

I’m curious to know if any NXIANs other than Toni Natalie had tattoos?

I understand that some of the top NXIVM brass were hanging out with Kat Von D and some popular tattoo artists for a time.

Tattoo ink can cross the blood-brain barrier carried by lymphnoids that collect at the site of the needle injury. They circulate in the bloodstream throughout the body and brain.

Someone on FR posted about NX arch-enemy John Tighe’s tattoos a time or two a few months ago. John has some serious medical issues on top of the food poisoning incident. And tattoos.

If I wanted to sneak some poison into someone that would get into their brain — be it heavy metals or otherwise — I’d put it in tatoo ink but maybe that’s just me.

Needless to say, I’ve never thought of poisoning or harming anyone but it’s occurred to me — knowing Keith and his ilk — that if I wanted to avoid being poisoned by them or anyone the intention to do so, I should make certain my tattoo artist never met, was paid by, had sex or received “hypnotherapy” from Keith Raniere, Nancy or any Sleazeman or Bronfman or Salinas. (Would the plural be Salinas or Salin-i?)

4 years ago


You should know Actaeon left the Frankreport because of the “Vanguard Bear in Bed” photo.

It’s not funny anymore. You are causing real people pain.

Frank Parlato
4 years ago
Reply to  NiceGuy

I understand their discomfiture, but the photo truly begs the question, ‘What did the women see in this repulsive monster?’ There is hardly a better picture available to ask that pertinent question. And it’s an important question. As fair warning, I do plan to use the picture again and soon.

4 years ago
Reply to  NiceGuy

WTF is the “Bear in Bed” picture? The one up top of Keith wearing his fur? Actaeon quit the team over that? How did Actaeon’s tender eyes last this long?

Uh, is that picture really causing people pain (other than poor Actaeon)? On another thread, I think Scott was saying that the picture made him want to rub his hands over the little teddy bear and give him a few gentle pinches.

Maybe we can fix this by being more specific when we ask Frank to share his nudes.

Dr. Gastone Porter
Dr. Gastone Porter
4 years ago

It’s more than possible Toni Natalie was poisoned and I don’t mean the poison pen of Frank Perlato. Keith probably tried the poison on her first. Brave woman.

4 years ago

Mr. Frank Parlato,

At the top of this article the candid photo of “Vanguard *Bear in Bed” is deeply disturbing; And I feel as though you have now passed outside the bounds of good taste with this photo’s 253rd showing. “Vanguard Bear” is like a tuna casserole vomiting.
When I gaze upon “Vanguard Bear”, I think of a gay lumberjack or Scott Johnson. The photo makes me want to take a pencil and stab both my eyes out. I believe you hold a silent contempt for us regular readers and enjoy making all of nauseous. You Frank Parlato are a fiend!

*Bear as defined by the Urban dictionary meaning.

PS. Honestly, please stop for the sanctity of the Frankreport.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

The lead poisoning picture doesn’t mention cancer.

4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson


“Lead Acetate” can cause cancer.

Here is link:

Your welcome! 😉

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  NiceGuy

Thank you for the source, which states, in part, “CONCLUSIONS: Overall, there is only weak evidence associating lead with cancer; the most likely candidates are lung cancer, stomach cancer, and gliomas.” Therefore, it is HIGHLY doubtful all of these women and cats had cancer from lead poisoning. QED LOL

Your [sic] welcome!!!

4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson


You are welcome!

You are a total asshole!

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  NiceGuy

Only with you, because you earned it. LOL

4 years ago

Very good analysis.
Here is my take on the issue of cancer and how Raniere could have caused many of his followers, particularly his female followers, to contract cancer.
Chemicals act too quickly for the slow-motion poisoning which many of these women appear to have suffered from.
I believe a more obvious answer lies in Raniere’s fondness for unprotected promiscuous sex.
Several viruses transmitted by sex including HIV and HPV and a number of Hepatitis viruses can cause cancer.

“7 viruses that cause cancer”

It is also very disturbing that NXIVM boasted the medical services of Quack Doctors like Brandon Porter and Danielle Roberts.
Doctors who are more like Dr. Mengele than Dr. Welby.

4 years ago

More likely a dioxin. Lead is looked for even in a routine autopsy. Heavy metals much more likely to result in organ toxicity than any type cancer.

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