Mack’s lawyers revealed

She supposedly gave them a $150,000 retiainer.

Allison Mack’s two lawyers are: William F. McGovern and Sean S. Buckley.  See below for details about the latest additions to what one judge describe3d as NXIVM’s “horde of attorneys”.

Meanwhile, despite the best efforts of her new lawyers, Allison will be spending the weekend  in federal custody. That’s because the judge found what she offered as “security” (I was tempted to call it “collateral’ but that would be too confusing) to be inadequate to ensure that she would show up for her criminal trial.

Allison offered her house in Clifton Park and her parents’ home as bail but the judge did not think it was enough.

And Assistant U.S. Attorney Moira Penza questioned how Mack,  who gave her annual income as $70,000, was able to afford $150,000 retainer.

The Feds smelled Bronfman money and it is rumored they will freeze all their assets.

In the meantime, they’ve asked the judge to require Allison to post a significant amount of cash that is not related in any way to NXIVM. Hmmm…Too bad the Feds took all that cash from Nancy Salzman’s house.





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  • What I don’t understand is how she’s entering into some sort of plea deal to testify against Raniere, guided by lawyers that were presumably paid for by Bronfman et al. ??

  • Someone who makes $70k per year before taxes has $150k in cash as a retainer for the lawyers. I smell BS. Either she makes way more money or she has some kind of sponsor in the background. Either way, this does not add up as the entire suit will likely cost a lot more than that.

    • Yeah. She will say she was a victim. I believe she was a victim turned perpetrator. It’s very sad. I don’t relish her demise but she needs to be held accountable for her role.

    • and don’t do that.
      It makes you look as cummy as anyone in NXIVM trying to put out victim’s names.

      • K.R. Boy Toy of Cell Block D, are you an insider of NXIVM scum? Bonnie was never involved with DOS or do you have proof that she was.

        • Her husband was a beta cuck SOP member. Let us not forget these are all C list celebs who saw NXIVM as a great way to network and boost their floundering careers. The fact that they were all stupid enough to fall for a guy who made a single claim, out of the menagerie of claims, Keith made about himself is hilarious. Karma served right up on a platter.

          Sarah Edmondson’s husband has a degree in History from Brown (or rather Daddy bought him his degree). The basic critical thinking skills required to read or write a basic history essay sorta preclude you from being duped by a hairy garden gnome redefining words (ya know those things rooted in HISTORY) into an Ad Hoc arguments about ethics.

          Mark Vincente & his wife left AFTER Forbes, Vanity Fair, New York Magazine and the Albany Times Union had already done cautionary articles. For a guy who makes his money from Film Directing, he sure liked to turn a blind eye to credible media outlets.

          Karma is a bitch, especially to those with ambition and avarice in their hearts.

          • None of these are likeable people. Bronfmans, Hildreth, Park, Kreuk, Vicente, Edmondson etc. They came across as righteous and superior. They also were selfish and self-obsessed and sought to package that as altrusim and goodness. But no one deserves branding and starvation and mental torture. If Keith had not been stopped at this point, there would definitely have been a death. He was pushing the boundaries of his malevolence more and more as he aged and gained power.

          • You could say that of anyone asshole. You sound as narcissistic or perhaps even more than that motherfucker Keith.

          • 1. Someone who says, “Brand me master it would be an honor” does deserve to get branded.
            2. Someone can just eat, any starvation was completely voluntary.

            Avarice and reckless ambition.

            Go read what Karma is, you get out what you put in.

            Or if that’s too spiritual for you, “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

    • She’s not jane doe 1. Maybe Jane doe 2? (If she’s a model, she might be 2.)

      They’re Jane Does for a reason. Lots of fun to uncover the mystery, individually, but please limit public chatter. Thank you, KR boy toy!

    • Totally uncool to out a victim of a sexual assault and also you are totally wrong.

    • They’re listed as Jane Doe for a reason, asshole. Don’t fucking identify any of them, or speculate openly.

      • Pretty sure the reason we were all able to read Keith’s arrest affidavit is the same reason K.R. Boy Toy can speculate on who is who. Have all of you forgotten it’s the gossip websites and tabloids that are covering this?

    • I don’t think so. In the affidavit for Raniere’s arrest Jane Doe 1 is alleged to have joined in 2015 and Bonnie was in NXIVM before that. It also mentions Jane Doe 1 as living in Brooklyn and I believe Bonnie lived in LA with her husband, Mark Vicente, at the time.

      I believe Bonnie found out about DOS (remember it was a secret), was shocked, and told her husband. Then Raniere’s flying monkeys went after Bonnie and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak.

  • Mack’s best chance would be to go for an insanity plea. She most certainly must have lost her marbles after joining that cult to get to this level of depravity.

    • Looking forward to cuffs on Lauren and Clare. Cc2 however is the founder of delegates, and that’s India.

    • It is extremely hard to prove the insanity defense. I did my honors thesis for psychology (many moons ago) on the Insanity Defense for my BA in psychology. Typically, you already have to have been diagnosed with a mental illness. Allison Mack to the best of anyone’s knowledge has not. And even if they try it as a defense, it is not very successful.

      This would be a good time for the Albany Defense Attorney with big ears to weigh in.

      • Could they use her own writings to diagnose her? Her blog posts from 2005-2009 are coherent; her 2011-2014 posts become more stream of consciousness, and jump around. The writing from 2017 is really fucking interesting–she uses “she” to refer to parts of herself, one known as the Allison-bot. She talks about hiding the real her. She seems fractured. It’s an interesting documentation of her spiral downward

      • Her attorneys will likely try several defenses – and insanity could be one of them. But I think they’ll most likely rely on some sort of variation of Patty Hearst’s defense (coercion plus Stockholm Syndrome) – which, of course, didn’t work then and probably won’t work now.

        Given that this case is being prosecuted by the Organized Crimes & Gangs Section of the U.S. Attorneys Office, it’s quite likely that they’ll pile up enough charges to put the ringleaders away for a minimum of 30-40 years if they’re convicted. Those kinds of numbers often lead to plea deals – in which case Raniere and Mack (and several others who are at the top end of the pyramid scheme) will likely end up going away for at least 20-years.

        The biggest problem for the defendants here is the “branding” and the “raping”. Those types of crimes are so repulsive to jurors that they often bring back guilty verdicts even if the prosecution’s evidence is less than conclusive.

  • Lauren? Clare? CC2?

    We already know what CC2 would be charged with, if she hasn’t already made a deal. Clare has indictments relating, at bare minimum, to money laundering, immigration fraud, and illegal human experiments. Lauren is top of the NXIVM food chain and privy to everything.

    • Jane Doe 2 deserves justice too. From the formal complaint:

      VII. Sex Trafficking of Jane Doe 2

      52. Jane Doe 2 is an actress and model who began taking Nxivm classes in or about 2016, during which time she became friendly with CC-2. When Jane Doe 2 was in Clifton Park for a Nxivm class in or about November 2016, CC-2 invited Jane Doe 2 on a walk. As they walked, CC-2 told Jane Doe 2 that she was part of a secret society that had transformed CC-2 ‘s life and enabled CC-2 to uphold CC-2 ‘s commitments. CC-2 told Jane Doe 2 that in order to learn more, Jane Doe 2 had to provide collateral, which Jane Doe 2 did in the form of a video in which Jane Doe 2 divulged a damaging secret. After providing this video, CC-2 told Jane Doe 2 about DOS and Jane Doe 2 agreed to become CC-2’s slave.

      53. Eventually CC-2 told Jane Doe 2 that CC-1 was CC-2’s master and thus Jane Doe 2’s grandmaster. When Jane Doe 2 was introduced to DOS, she was living in Los Angeles, California. After Jane Doe 2 joined DOS, CC-1 suggested that Jane Doe 2 temporarily move to Clifton Park, New York and spend more time with CC-1 and CC-2. Jane Doe 2 began spending more time in Clifton Park, but regularly traveled back to Los Angeles for jobs. When Jane Doe 2 would travel between Los Angeles and Clifton Park, she would regularly fly into John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, New York before taking the train or bus to Albany.

      54. Two of Jane Doe 2’s first acts of self-denial were to refrain from sex and masturbation.

      55. At one point when Jane Doe 2 was in Clifton Park, RANIERE sent Jane Doe 2 a message in the middle of the night asking her to go on a walk with him. During the walk, RANIERE told Jane Doe 2 sexual jokes. Over the course of several walks, Jane Doe 2 expressed to RANIERE that she wanted to open a T-shirt business. RANIERE expressed interest and told her he would partner with her. Jane Doe 2 left for Los Angeles for a job and while she was there RANIERE sent her a text message saying, “If you want to start this business with me then come back, the sooner the better.

      56. Jane Doe 2 returned to Clifton Park. She was soon given new assignments, including being kept on a regimented diet of 860-1000 calories per day. After several months, Jane Doe 2 received a text message from CC-1 stating that CC-1 wanted to speak to Jane Doe 2 about a “special assignment.” CC-1 and CC-2 then contacted Jane Doe 2 and told her the assignment was to “seduce Keith” and have him take a picture of Jane Doe 2 to prove she had done it. CC-1 told Jane Doe 2 that this assignment was a privilege that few women had the honor of experiencing, but that CC-1 and CC-2 both had. At the end of the call CC-1 told Jane Doe 2, “I give you permission to enjoy it,” which Jane Doe 2 interpreted to mean, “I give you permission to enjoy sex with RANIERE.” Not suspecting that RANIERE was involved with DOS until this call, Jane Doe 2 asked CC-1 on the call if RANIERE knew about DOS. CC-1 said that he did not.

      57. After the call, in an effort to avoid having sex with RANIERE, Jane Doe 2 made arrangements to leave DOS. Jane Doe 2 retrieved a car that she had loaned to CC-1 and her cat and possessions from Clifton Park. Before defecting, Jane Doe 2 also captured images of collateral belonging to other DOS members, including CC-2, from an online Drop box account, believing that she could protect the release of her own collateral by having other DOS members’ collateral as leverage. Jane Doe 2 officially left DOS in or about May 2016.

      • I’m 99% sure about Jane Doe 1’s identity. It’s right here on this blog in a old comment. She was recruited in LA by Mark Hildrerth. About Jane Doe 2, I tought I knew, but if Laura is right and the other witness who spoke in the New York Times along with Sarah is not her, then I have to guess again. Even if if I guess right, of course I will never put her name public.

    • I think CC2 is Lauren Salzman. She has way more power within NXIVM/DOS than anyone else. I will be LMFAO when Lauren is in cuffs. She is a witch and has done a lot of damage to people.

  • ….. and her parents house too. Dang. I highly recommend Sara Bronfmans Twitter for good reading. Her last couple of posts are interesting. Signs of realization finally? Google it lazy people.

    • She sounds as kooky as ever to me. What makes you think she’s finally turned on Vanguard? “Vanguard”- haha, it cracks me up just typing that. Hard to believe these people fell for his bs.

      • Hilarious part is VANGUARD comes from a video game Keith used to play back in the 80s. Its an arcade game.

    • sounds like sara’s trying to do some kind of damage control by overtly threatening… idk what she’s doing. I hate her, so everything I read from her or her sister is colored by that. I hope they both go to prison too. They deserve to.

    • same-same “I’m a serious teacher! watch me write words to other teachers! nothing to see here! just lovely good teachers! etc.” her output is so vague, so banal – guess it can be interpreted any old way.

  • Keith’s legal team was much fancier. And better suited for his current and future indictments.

    Read Allison’s indictment. Do you see anything to do with Asia (McGovern’s “particular emphasis”)? Or white-collar crimes (Buckley’s area of expertise)? There is nothing in their bios suggesting expertise with sex trafficking, forced labor, or cults.

    On the plus side, with less fancy counsel than Keith, Allison will have an extra long stay in prison to get deprogrammed.

    • It sounds like the prosecution is willing to give her home arrest. I wonder if they are hoping she will flip or just looking to see which members and slaves are visiting so they can better identify the scope of this? I’m surprised India wasn’t arrested as well. Any chance that she has flipped? That could be big.

      • I don’t think there is a chance in hell of her getting house arrest when she can intimidate witnesses and run the sex slave ring from home.

        I also don’t think there is a chance in hell of her coming up with $ unrelated to the Bronfmans. Clare must be really desperate to save KR if she is willing to help her prettier-than-her rival.

        Under the Executive Order that Trump signed in Dec 2017, all of their US assets can be seized because these are human rights crimes.

    • I hope all female clients of the firm these attorneys work for express their exasperation at that firm’s willingness to represent a woman who participated in the abuse and degradation of other women to please a psychopathic criminal.

      Yes, barristers, money is money, though sometimes the wise career move is to just say no.

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