This marvelous portrait of Sir Keith Raniere should be inspiration enough to beckon his "friends' to come out of the shadow and support their liege. Where art thou friends of Raniere? Come forward and be counted.

Leaked photos of New Karner with handsome portrait of 57005-177 [AKA Vanguard]

455 New Karner Road is the headquarters for NXIVM.

reserved for lauren salzman

There have been a few cars there during the last few days.

new karner 2


But the offices have been nearly vacant lately.

new karner1


Someone leaked these picture of the inside of 455 New Karner. The sacred colored sashes – orange, green, blue and purple – so hard to obtain and so costly – hang abandoned without any one striving to obtain them. Hanging as they are, one can almost see their true value – about $5 each – and not the hundreds of thousands of dollars they cost to obtain in Raniere’s pyramid scheme called NXIVM.

new karner keith raniere

Ah, but if anyone could get a few of these – they will certainly be collectors’ items – much like Manson memorabilia is worth big money.

And now we come to the picture you all have been waiting for. How many of you have wondered what is in the sanctuary of 455 New Karner? Hidden  in the spot that only the most devoted and trusted can dare be is a portrait of Keith Raniere.

How quaint and charming both,

new karner keith raniere 2

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  • I don’t recall seeing pics here of Raniere with celebs like Mack, Kreuk, Hildreth, etc.
    Other than posed group shots and promo videos, there doesn’t seem to be many pics of two-shots of celebs with Raniere or other top-ranks like Saltzman and the Bronfmans.
    Were selfies discouraged?
    Did celebs not want pics of themselves with top-rank NXIVMs to be public?
    There are a couple shots of Branson at Necker…but where are pics of other celebs there and at V-weeks cheek-to-cheek with top-ranks?
    There are pics of celebs with other celebs or regular Espians…but not with top-ranks.
    Posed group shots are around…but candid or two-shots don’t seem to be around.
    Were phones confiscated at events?
    When Ken Burns does his doc on NXIVM he’ll need those pics.

  • LOL you mean those little sausages are accurate representations of VanDipshit’s fingers? That is hilarious. I can imagine him muttering to himself alone, “I wanted the Jesus look, not the Elephant Man look. Dammit!”

    • but he does have baby hands! not sure if one side of his face is approx. two inches wider than the other tho!

  • Seriously though, they leave the light on in the room with the Vanguard painting??

    Also, where TF is Nancy’s gold sash?? That one might be worth $6!

  • I doubt anyone sill remembers, and if they do, it will be in connection to Smallville.

    I doubt Smallville will be syndicated ever again, sadly.

  • Crazy sashes. People have to be very lost in their lives to buy into this crap he has sold to them.

  • That thin wooden cabinet next to Van-Gogh-guard’s painting looks like it’s for a dart board.
    If so, I wonder how many players had the urge to toss the dart a few feet to the right.

  • Speechless. Just speechless…

    How do you respond to something like that? And there are other ones…

    I remember the Dragonlady had a picture of VanGrifter on a calendar. On her refrigerator. I had to do a double-take, because it looked like Jesus. At first, I thought it was Jesus.

    Nope. Just VanTurd, being worshiped by his followers.


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About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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