Raniere to be arraigned Friday the 13th 2 pm in Brooklyn Federal Court!

Keith Alan Raniere [AKA 57005-177] will be arraigned in US District Court in the Eastern District of New York this Friday, the 13th day of April, at 2 pm (EDT).

With Magistrate Judge Loius Bloom on vacation; the presiding magistrate judge will be Magistrate Judge Steven L. Tiscione


Judge Tiscione

Here is some bio info on the man who will decided whether Keith Raniere gets bail:

The Honorable Steven L. Tiscione was appointed to be a U.S. Magistrate Judge for the Eastern District of New York on March 21, 2016.  He graduated from Yale Law School in 2002 and received his Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in History and English Literature from Hofstra University in 1999.  He served as a law clerk to then Chief District Judge Edward R. Korman, Eastern District of New York; and the Honorable Reena Raggi, United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.  Judge Tiscione also worked as a litigation associate for Proskauer Rose LLP and Solomon, Zauderer, Ellenhorn, Frischer & Sharp.

Immediately prior to his appointment, Judge Tiscione was an Assistant United States Attorney in the Eastern District of New York for more than 10 years, rising to the position of Chief of the International Narcotics and Money Laundering Section.  He was responsible for prosecuting many of the Office’s most complex and significant narcotics trafficking and money laundering cases.  Judge Tiscione is a three-time recipient of the Organized Crime & Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) Award of Excellence, the Federal Law Enforcement Foundation’s Prosecutor of the Year Award, the Federal Drug Agent Foundation’s “True American Hero Award” and the prestigious Attorney General’s Award for Exceptional Service.

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  • First of all, let’s be clear on one point: THERE IS ZERO CHANCE THAT RANIERE WILL BE GRANTED BAIL OR HOME CONFINEMENT WITH A BRACELET – OR RELEASED ON HIS OWN RECOGNIZANCE – TOMORROW. Instead, he’ll be remanded back to MDC, which is where he’ll remain until he pleads guilty or goes to trial. In the meantime, he’ll be charged with lots more crimes – which will further delay any trial for at least 18-24 months.

    As for Paul DerOhannesian, he’s most likely just a fill-in lawyer to get Raniere through tomorrow’s proceeding. And, given that he was NXIVM’s attorney in its ill-fated attempt to prevent Joe O’Hara and Toni Natalie from getting their computers back, he had already been retained by NXIVM several months ago and probably was still on retainer to the cult.

    Why DerOhannesian was even allowed to appear in the computer trespass case – let alone get court filings and correspondence from the NYS Police and the presiding judge – is another matter that will likely be looked at by the FBI. So, before all is done, DerOhannesian may need his own criminal defense attorney.

    One other thing of note about DerOhannesian. He’s another former Albany County District Attorney – just like so many other lawyers who have been involved in matters involving NXIVM and Raniere over the years. Like Steve Coffey, Mike McDermott, Holly Trexler, etc., etc., etc.

    • Thank you for coming back and commenting on this.
      I think it is difficult for many who have watched this for so many years, and never seen anyone from NXIVM called to account until recently.

      Hopefully, the conspiracy issues come to full light, and perhaps some exculpatory evidence is found in the process for John Tighe. Maybe this is some of the stall in the Parlato case.

  • “Additionally, I feel it is important to clarify the sorority is not part of NXIVM and that I am not associated with the group. I firmly support one’s right to freedom of expression, so what the sorority or any other social group chooses to do is not our business so long as there is no abuse. Our experts, a forensic psychiatrist of international repute, psychologists and ex-law enforcement, say members of the sorority are thriving, healthy, happy, better off, and haven’t been coerced. Furthermore, the sorority is proud of what they created and want to share their story. I am confident they will be addressing you very soon.”

    Ummm if the sorority is not part of NXSCUM, how did your experts determine members of a secret sorority where thriving, healthier, happy, better off, and haven’t been coerced?
    This idiot convicts himself.

    • Oooh. I really like that NXSCUM. Yes, when that was written most of us laughed at how he implicates himself. #notagenius

  • How does it feel, Keith, to be on the receiving end of the legal system? While the civil system is somewhat more benign than the criminal system, it is still painful. I am not a hater – I’m glad you’re in a U.S. prison, as opposed to the Mexican prison where you wanted Toni Natalie repeatedly raped. Monster. Maybe after your conviction you will be sent to a “nicer” facility where you can borrow books on whether or not sociopathy can be cured. I would read you cute “Keith Raniere Conversations” if I did not have to sign the stupid “confidentiality agreement” first. What were you hiding?

  • After Raniere is denied bail on Friday – and that’s pretty much guaranteed because of his flight to Mexico, his attempt to hide his whereabouts, his access to private jets, and the violent nature of his alleged crimes – he will be sent back to MDC. At that point, he’ll be assigned to a cell in the West Building (the East Building no longer houses prisoners) and he’ll start dealing with the reality that he’s going to be there for at least 18-24 months BEFORE he goes to trial. That’s because the Feds are going to be bringing more charges against him and his primary cohorts.

    Once his fellow inmates find out what he’s been charged with (and they WILL find that out within a few days because the guards are happy to provide that information), things will get really interesting. In general, guys who abuse young women don’t do well in prison. And given the composition of the MDC prisoner population, the fact that a large number of his branded women are Mexican is going to make things even worse.

    So, settle back folks because this little mini-drama is going to be going on for quite some time. And just enjoy that every day you wake up, you can start the day by thinking about the fact that Vanguard has just spent another night in prison locked up in his cell.

    BTW, I think it’s extremely likely that one way or another, Raniere will die in prison. That could be via suicide, homicide or just old age but, regardless of how it happens, justice will have been served.

    Oh, and one more thing, Raniere’s attorney, Paul DerOhanessian, is way out of his league in this case. Expect him to be replaced by a high-powered NYC criminal defense attorney within the next 90 days.

    • Do you think there is any possibility DerOhanessian is there to make sure Raniere keeps his mouth shut about who the corrupt parties were that were protecting NXIVM et al all of these years? More of a muzzle than a learned counsel.

      Also, if no high power attorney shows up (hoping not), it could be a sign the Bronfman $ has finally ended. Here’s to hoping.

      • Well, the problem is that the clients are adverse. It would be a major conflict-of-interest for Keith to pay for his Defense with the Bronfman Crime money, because the Bronfman sisters will each lawyer up and pay for their lawyers with their trusts.

        All these Defendants are adverse, because they will each claim it was the other’s fault. Vanturd will say it was Allie Whack and one of the Bronfmans. Clare will say it was Allie Whack and VanGrifter. Sarah Bronfman will say it was Vantard and Allie Whack. Everyone will point the finger at everyone else and give the Kristin Kook defense ‘I.HAD.NO.IDEA’ wtf was going on. I was just minding my own business (or lack thereof) in cultland. I didn’t see a thing.

        So, now each Defendant’s attorney will need to be paid with separate pots of money. Because the lawyer for Keith cannot be paid with the Bronfman’s money. Since, the lawyer for Keith would then have a financial incentive to throw Keith under the bus to save the soulless sisters.

        If the Gov’t seizes the money in Cafritz’s account, as illegally obtained proceeds, then those monies cannot be used for Keith’s defense. Gov’t will need to raise this issue to make sure Defendants won’t use it for appellate error.

        Should be interesting. We’re just getting started…as they say

        • Thank you!!! The money stuff is fascinating, especially that Keith’s usual sources of funding may not be available. So funding requires someone whose money has nothing to do with NXIVM.

          Do you think there’s enough self-interest on the part of cultists’ parents to fund a fancy lawyer? So they can consider their children “crazy, but well-intended” versus “crazy and criminal.”

          While Emiliano has distanced himself from Keith, his entire business is Keith-based. A “not guilty” verdict would look much better on him than Keith getting thrown in prison for life. Maybe Carlos Salinas will quietly fund a fancy defense team, the kind OJ Simpson had, to minimize damage to family reputation and business.

        • It is definitely going to be interesting. Aside from funding, wouldn’t the attorney situation depend on who gets charged with what? Raniere’s sex trafficking violations are a very much separate from Clare’s human right’s violations with regarding to human experimentation. Can’t a large firm claim chinese wall? Of course, it looks like everybody will end up with some sort of tax evasion and money laundering situation. Probably racketeering, too. Maybe not so good she made herself Operations for NXIVM, after all.

          I think everybody involved is seriously underestimating how much surveillance the FBI will have already obtained before Raniere ever got picked up, and I don’t think it will actually be that difficult for them to get burner phone numbers.

          I am guessing the e-mails from his yahoo account are just the tip of the iceberg. Everybody’s e-mails, cell phone history, text messages, social media history, all the dropbox data (easily found from internet history kept by internet provider), the communications that were as drafts on Google… Anybody who has downloaded their facebook or google info since these privacy issues have turned up discovered everything was still there. Even what they thought they had deleted (hello deleted drafts).

          I am still curious about the corruption angle, though. Maybe DerOhanessian really is just thirsty.

    • Thank you for this information. I was terribly worried about bail, and I feel better now. Question – who do you think will be funding Keith’s high powered NYC defense? I surely hope KR can’t use the $8M they found in the bank account. I think I read that it was a joint account with the late Pam Cafritz, but I thought K had nothing in his name. I’m sure there is nothing to prevent any supporter from funding his defense, but C. Bronfman may not be so eager if she’s facing the prospect of her own criminal charges.

      Do you think he can cut a deal for turning others in? Because he would do that in a heartbeat, to save his own skin. I am hoping the 15-year minimum sentence is mandatory. Another niggling thought – can he plead guilty to lesser charges in exchange for a shorter sentence? Here’s hoping the evidence is rock solid against him, and the feds want a big feather in their caps.

      • Is that really a possibility with his ego?
        What’s the narrative then? He went to prison to test their loyalty?

        I think it is only her name. If it ends up being that was her $ and not the Bronfmans, it has to go to her heirs.

        “The defendant does not keep any money in his name and has no driver’s license. He makes purchases using a credit card in one of his dead lover’s names. In the past year and a half, the defendant and the mother of his child have accessed hundreds of thousands of dollars from a bank account in the same dead lover’s name, which contains over $8 million dollars.”


    • That’s so sweet. I can totally see Keith and Martin getting along. Two psychopaths stuck in prison become BFFs, it’s almost a sitcom. So Casa Vanguard is now “just a place to warehouse human beings,” Sounds about right for Keith and Martin. If you act inhumanely, you should be warehoused.

  • The Honorable Judge Tiscione parlayed a double major at Hofstra into a Yale Law degree, clerkships with Federal judges, a position at Proskauer Rose and finally a seat on the Federal bench.

    Keith Raniere parlayed a 2.26 GPA at RPI into a position as an Amway salesman, a leader of a cult bankrolled by brain dead heiresses, and a following consisting of starving B actresses.

    Raniere’s cross eyed gaze and endless helpings of word salad probably will not have much influence on Judge Tiscione.

    Here’s hoping that further indictments (Bronfman, Mack, Salzman, the good doctors Porter and Roberts) are forthcoming.

    • He won’t get bail. He’s already fled to Mexico, so he’s an obvious flight risk.

  • FRIDAY THE 13th…..Oh this doesn’t look good for old Vanguard ! Even the Pope is against you, putz!

    • Nah, that is BS. I looked through the calendar once for fun and Friday is the day that hits the 13th day of the month the most. There are 688 Friday the 13th in the 400 year cycle of the Gregorian Calendar but only 684 Thursdays the 13th. This is why more bad things happen on Fridays the 13th. They are the most common 13th.

  • Says that there was a light on in the NXIVM building when they were leaving that night. They took a couple of pictures through the window. It’s very creepy…hangers and hangers full of the various colored sashes, and a HUGE Van Gogh-style portrait of the vanguard himself. They think that whoever is still working in the New Karner Road office “left the light on intentionally”.

    Wish there was an option to post pictures here, would like to share these with other FR readers

  • Can we get someone to cover the arraignment and write a post? Keith’s appearance, demeanor, if attorney whines about conditions at MDC?

    Friday 13th arraignment … Not Good VanGrifter. Not Good

  • The Magistrate will not be the presiding judge at trial, but he’s been trained in prosecuting the relevant crimes: money laundering, racketeering, and organized crime.

    • Probably some harem wanna-bees.

      Allison and India (co-conspirators 1 and 2) probably not.

      Will the Brooklyn NXians still recruiting support him? Or distance themselves?

      Clare and Sara?

      Nancy and Lauren?

      • Toni Natalie will be there for the arrainment.

        Joe O’Hara? Rick Ross? Susan Dones? Jim Odato?

        • Salzman’s will hopefully be indicted as well, she has a lot more to answer for, but CC-2 is India;

          The Warrant states: In or about 2016, RANIERE co-founded “The Delegates” with CC-2, which is a business that provides a network of people who can perform tasks for people in the Nxivm community in exchange for a fee.

          From an earlier Frank Report:
          India Oxenberg: This 27 year old beauty spent more than $100,000 on trainings and expenses to live in Clifton Park. Started having sex with Keith. Got branded. Now she is in substantial debt to ESP for trainings. Much like Dawn Morrison did 20 years earlier, India started a business based on one of Keith’s ideas. Her business, Delegates, is a personal errand service for ESP students coming to Clifton Park to take ESP courses.

      • I think if the leaders of DOS and SOP summon them, then all the women and men will have to show up to court.

        At least for the DOS women, they may be punished if they don’t.
        And they all have the fear of their collateral being exposed.. which some of it has already..

  • Can’t imagine Vantard getting bail given he had to be deported from Mexico for US Law Enforcement to arrest him. Hiding out in Mexico the last 6 months, it is a forgone conclusion that he is a flight risk.

    • Yepyep. Plus, he has access to private jets, yachts, transportation courtesy of the Bronfman Crime family … Ummmm, I mean heiresses..

      • Crime family is not so far off as they made their first money smuggling alcohol during the Prohibition. But they are in accompanied by the Kennedys and Al Capone.

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